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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Blonde-Haired Animal Sarah Madden Fowlkes Smiles for Mugshot

Blonde-Haired Animal Sarah Madden Fowlkes Smiles for Mugshot: Lockhart High School Teacher Dares Texas Prosecutors.

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Smiling Lockhart High School Teacher Sarah Madden Fowlkes poses and preps herself for her mugshot. The 26-year-old married anatomy teacher at Lockhart High School in Texas smiled in her booking photo after being arrested on suspicion of having an improper relationship with a 17-year-old student. Why should she not smile? All one needs to do is conduct a cursory examination of the weak and pathetic record of Texas so-called prosecutors when it comes to perverted blonde-haired rapists.

As predicted by this Publisher, Texas female rapists with blonde-hair understand by now that they can count on weak, ineffective, and morally inferior prosecutors like Bimbo Maureen Shelton. Maureen Shelton is the pink female prosecutor accused of approving a no-jail sentence of blonde-haired female monsters like Bobbie Streit. Mrs. Bobbie Streit claimed she was unable to resist a particular teenage male student while at the same time the two-legged animal with the dirty vagina has no trouble resisting other males. Bobbie Streit should have been put in prison along with other male rapists, but the weak blonde-haired female prosecutor gave Bobbie Streit a special deal reserved only for blone-haired perverted animals.

Smiling Sarah Madden Fowlkes Dares Inferior Texas Prosecutors to Put her in Prison

subHuman Sarah Madden Fowlkes has absolutely nothing to be concerned about. The disgraced, but happy Lockhart High School Teacher, knows she will never serve any jail time since all Texas prosecutors are impotent when in comes to prosecuting a vagina. Student and child rape in Texas might as well become a standard law. Impotent male proecutors and Clit-less female prosecutors like Maureen Shelton have no idea how to prosecute a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, female monster.

Sarah Madden Fowlkes not only engaged in Adultery, she defiled her marriage, and is alleged to have engaged in criminal conduct with a student. Texas male and female prosecutors know to act tough with minority male crime suspects, but prosecuting a blonde-haired Texas pervert like Sarah Madden Fowlkes is a challenge for the morally inferior Texas prosecutor. If you are a Texas prosecutor reading this article, there is no need to get upset reading this article: look at your pathetic, sick, and disgusting record of allowing sick female rapists to avoid prison for offenses that men routinely get imprisoned for.

Watch for the new Ron Thomas book on SubHuman Perversity: A guide for Every Parent, Guardian, Student, and Adult interesting in Stopping Adult-Teacher SubHumans

There is nothing unique or different about Sarah Madden Fowlkes that does not follow a predictable pattern. A background check is not as precise as a mathematical analysis of the personality. As a mathematician, I use a series of complex Calculus models and geometric probability sequences to accurately predict if a teacher has a certain probability as a pervert. Names that suggest perversity are simply another compononent of this model, but are not provided the same probability weight of other factors. My secret formula is an accurate predictor of subHuman perversity. My new book will be available in e-book format, and it will detail that accused and arrested teachers all fit a predictable mathetimatical pattern.

Once again, every parent, guardian, student, and teacher in the U.S.A. is being given advance warning of my upcoming e-book which will document in detail ways to address and identify the subHuman species, perverts, and subHumans who have no respect for the student body population or their fellow colleagues. As a former teacher, I am able to identify and classify teachers based upon thousands of hours and years dealing with teachers and studying teacher-student relationships.

High-School Anatomy Teacher Sarah Madden Fowlkes Taught Male Students Where to Place Penis

High-School Anatomy Teacher Sarah Madden Fowlkes Taught Male Students Where to Place Penis. The married Sarah Madden Fowlkes was anamoty teacher. This was no accident. She groomed her male victim and intructed her male students about penis placement. She used her dirty, corrupt, and sick mind to exchange sexally-related text messages that discussed obscene thougts, and adultery. The fact that Sarah Madden Fowlkes was married was immaterial. Sarah Madden Fowlkes had subHiman urges and had subHuman instincts that she clearly could not control. The gentically inferior blue-eyed, blonde-haired, two-legged, subHuman creature lusted for a teengager's pink penis.

Sarah Madden Fowlkes sought to become a high-school teacher for one purpose: to use her bimbo brain to lust after so-called cute high-school boys who would no doubt reject her once they became older and more sophisticated. The trick for older blonde-haired perverts is to pursue young males that are too young to reject perverts like Sarah Madden Fowlkes. The husband of Sarah Madden Fowlkes should be ashamed of himself for not demanding a divorce or forcing his deceitfl wife to live with her teenage object of affection.

Recommeded 40-year Prison Sentence for Lockhart High-School Teacher Sarah Madden Fowlkes

How to wipe the smile off of the face of Sarah Madden Fowlkes? A legitimate and real-life prosecutor prosecutes crimes, and skkes to punish the perpetrators of criminal conduct. Sarah Madden Fowlkes is smiling because she has no respect for the Texass judicial system. Sarah Madden Fowlkes understands that all she has to do is do a little research and find out that Texas is a state that allows blondes, brunettes, and perverted females to run wild.

Sarah Madden Fowlkes would not be smiling if she knew she faced a 40-year prison sentence. Yet, she deserves a lengthy sentence due to the magnitude of her conduct, and use of an arrogant smile. Tired of her weak husband,


Saturday, January 28, 2017

Alien-Faced Perverted Texas Teacher Thao Doan Challenges Weak Texas Prosecutors

Texas Teacher Thao Doan Challenges Weak Texas Prosecutors

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Alien-Faced Perverted Texas Teacher Thao Doan Latest Female Teacher to Challenge Weak Texas Prosecutors

Thao Doan is a stinking animal. Along with numerous other Texas female educators, she has no respect a Texas judicial system that rewards female perversity. Following the non-existent prosecution by bimbo Texas Prosecutor Maureen Shelton in the case of blonde-haired pervert Bobbie Streit and her friend Megan Shed, and many other similar cases, a surging number of female Texas teachers are more confident that Texas prosecutors are toothless cowards who are afraid to prosecute a vagina suspected of student rape. Weird-looking Middle school teacher Thao Doan, who teaches at Raul Quintanilla Sr. Middle School, in the southwest part of Dallas, knew that her involvement with a middle-school student was perverted, criminal, and evil. However, she also knew that Texas prosecutors have a weak record of prosecuting female rapists like her and other female child molesters.

After-all, blonde-haired and pathetic Maureen Shelton melted when she saw the baby-face of the same teen boy that stinking Bobbie Streit and her friend Megan Shed agreed to engage in perverted acts with. Expecting a blonde-haired female prosecutor to prosecute a blonde-haired female pervert is like expecting a KKK Grand Dragon to find innocent a Negro man accused of raping a white woman. Aint gonna happen!

Weak Texas prosecutors can't see past hair-color, skin color, physical appearance, and other superficial characteristics. Therefore, students in Texas should expect more abuse becase Texas prosecturs and judges are as weak as a vagina.

I prayed for the The Dallas Cowboys to lose to Green Bay in the first round of the 2017 NFL play-offs because this team refers to itself as America's team, but they refuse to demand Texas prosecutors get tough on female perverts like Mrs. Bobbie Streit and her friend Megan Shed.

College Board Urged to Put Asterisk on Texas Students' ACT Scores If Texas Prosecutors Continue Non-Prosecution Policy

College Board Urged to Put Asterisk on Texas Students' ACT Scores If Texas Prosecutors Continue Non-Prosecution Policy. There is a violent shooting carnage in Chicago, Il, says U.S. President Donald Trump. There is a teacher-student rape crisis going on in Texas. Texas prosecutors are an embarassment to the notion of protecting the rights of students and parents. No student should be preyed upon by any teacher. Female teachers like Thao Doan want equal pay, but are they willing to accept equal justice under the criminal justice system?

If Texas Prosecutors like Prosecutor Maureen Shelton continue the absurd policy of not prosecuting evil, disgusting, perverted, and demented perverts like Electra School District teacher Bobbie Streit, or Texas Math Teacher Haeli Noelle Wey, the College Board should begin to exercise its options to expose the possible inflated grades.

Texas trash should be required to enroll as a Sex Offender, and force these animals to lengthy prison terms, the College Board should begin to put an asrerisk besides student's Texas grades. The perception is that too many Texas students are benefitting from perverted and illicit relationships with adult perverts like Megan Shed, Thao Doan, and Meth-face Mrs. Bobbie Streit.

The Perverted Female Brain (Thao Doan): Physical Attraction to Baby-Faced Teens

Granted, Thao “Sandy” Doan, 27, is no beauty queen. The Vietnamese teacher has never won a beauty contest in either Vietnam, or any other country. Neither is she physically qualified to win such a contest. However, her lack of physical beauty, is no excuse to engage in perverted lusts for a middle-school boy. The Perverted Female Brain is attracted to "cute", "handsome", "attractive", baby-faced teens to the extent that their professional role as educaters and adults is immaterial.

Unable to control her animal urges, the inferior, low I.Q., and immoral Thao Doan therefore sought comfort in a teen boy who was old enought to reject her stinking vagina, or her inferior morals. To make matters worse, the strange-looking Thao Doan researched pathetic and weak so-called prosecutors like Maureen Shelton, and took notes of which court district she would be prosecuted in if she were ever caught.

Teacher Thao Doan Seeks to Prove that Texas is Safe for Rapists, and Child Molesters.

Texas is fast becoming the laughing stock of criminal prosecution in terms of teacher-student rape cases. Texas judges are punks, sissies, and cowards who are no more effective than a wet firecracker. Teacher Thao Doan Seeks to Prove that Texas Prosecutors are a Laughing Stock when it come to Teacher-to-Student Rape. If you are waiting the criminal sentencing of Thao Doan , you can stop waiting now. Thao Doan will not be punished. Thao Doan will not be required as Sex Offendeor. Thao Doan will not be sent to prison like minority males and poor white males. Thao Doan will be treaded just like perverted animla Mrs. Bobbie Streit and her friend Megan Shed. Even if Thao Doan receives any sort of jail sentence, she will only be required to serve 10% of the sentence due to her gender.

If you are an adult pervert interested in raping or abusing students, Texas is the state for you. Despite multiple acts of sexual intercourse with a young boy, the weak Texas prosecutor charged this female monster with only a single criminal act. In one of the acts, the boy claims the two even went to a public part because Thao Doan was such an extra-terrestrial animinal, that she could not even wait for a car, home, or hotel room.

If Thao “Sandy” Doan were minority male, she would face the full wrath of the criminal justice system.

30 year Prison Sentence Needed for Male/Female Teachers Convicted of Sex Assualts on Students

Giving a 30 year prison sentence to a Negro or Mexican male is pretty easy for most Texas judges. Hwoever, this confidence evaporates when the suspect has a vagina. After her Mickey Mouse criminal trial, and so-called "prosecution" by a weakling coward prosecutors, self-admitted Pervert Mrs. Bobbie Streit boasted on facebook that "life is great." Sure, if you are a blonde-haired rapist or sexual deviant in Texas. Only a privileged criminal can make that type of statement. The State of Texas is area 51 for rapists,molesters, deviants, perverts, adulterers, and pink prosecutors who accept their behavior.

To combat this perversity, this Blogger recommends a prison term of at least 30 years for each criminal count of a asexual natutre involving students. Mrs. Bobbie Streit would have thought twice before she opened up her stinking vagina, and exposed an innocent male youth to a possible sexual desiese.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Cowardly Texas Prosecutor Rewards Perverted Blonde-haired Sexual Predator Bobbie Streit with Probation

Cowardly Texas Prosecutor Rewards Perverted Blonde-haired Sexual Predators Megan Shed, and Bobbie Streit with Probation

Texas Prosecutors Approve Rape of Students. Two Female Teachers Awarded Probation and Clean Records

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Bimbo Prosecutor Maureen Shelton Faces Scrutinty for Allegedly Encouraging rape, and sexual assault of Students

Bimbo Prosecutor Maureen Shelton Faces Scrutinty for Allegedly Encouraging rape, and sexual assault of Students. Female child molestors, female sexual predators, male tanned rapists from Mexico, and all female sexual deviants attracted to "cute", "handsome", "attractive", little boys, or baby-faced teens, you are welcome to the Electra School District. You are welcome in Texas. You are welcome in the corrupt Wichita County, Texas region. The local Texas "Prosecutor" or the District Rape Attorney for Female Rapists, will accept your blonde-hair, cryin' eyes, fake sob stories, and high-heel shoes. Tanned male rapists, not minority ones, are especially welcome. Happy Bobbie Streit, and her friend Megan Shed can attest that life is great for female rapists in Wichita, Texas.

In fact, after her Mickey Mouse criminal trial, self-admitted Pervert Mrs. Bobbie Streit boasted on facebook that "life is great." Sure, if you are a blonde-haired rapist or sexual deviant in Wichita County, TX. Only a privileged criminal can make that type of statement. County, TX is area 51 for rapists,molesters, deviants, perverts, adulteres, and pink prosecutors who accept their behavior.

Suspicious Female Prosecutor Maureen Shelton Arranges Probation for 2 Female Perverts.

Imagine if a Negro male had assaulted the female version of the same male that disgusting, dirty-minded, and perverted Mrs. Bobbie Streit had targeted? Imagine he can up with the same defense: "I could not resist her sexual advances....." Let's be real! He would be facing at least 20 years. However, allegedled "prosecutor" Maureen Shelton was sympethetic to her bimbo female counterpart. Apparently, they were thinking the same thoughts about the same teen male. Women want equal rights, but apparently not equal punishment. Prosecutor Maureen Shelton had a public duty to enforce Texas rape laws, and laws that forbid the sort of outrageous conduct engaged in by Megan Shed, and Bobbie Streit. Wearing high-heel shoes to court, using fake tears, and having your hair tinted with Blonde high-lights, should not affect a sentence. What other conclusion can you draw about Female Prosecutor Maureen Shelton and her toothless staff for not strictly enforcing Texas laws against a blonde-haired privileged sexual predator that makes boasts on social media that her criminal prosecution was meaningless, and something to be ignored?

Blonde-haired, stinking, and perverted two-legged animal Mrs. Bobbie Streit was probably thrilled about the fact that her criminal "prosecution" for rape/improper sexual relations with a male student would be handled by a female who looks like her and shops at the same stores as her. It is rare for Asian women to be involved with this sick mess because the Asian Woman has raised with high morals, and is attracted to actual Men, not little boys or teen boys. Both Maureen Shelton and Mrs. Bobbie Streit more than likely share common friends, share the same hair-dresser, and perhaps share common relatives. Both of these females have stinking vaginas. Both are blondes, and more than likely judge males by the same standards as their little bimbo brain will allow. "Good-looking" is a favorite term that is repeated on the Facebook page of low I.Q. bimbo Bobbie Streit.

Wichita probably has a high incidence of Autism, Down's Syndrome, and other medical issues related to incest, rape, and sharing of males. The local inbreeding has resulted in the same votes and same people voting to elect a prosecutor who is unable and too weak to put a 20-year prison term on a blonde-haired female pervert. Blondes are unable to punish blondes.

Plea Deals for Self-Admitted Female Rapists

A local Texas television station reports that suspicious-looking female prosecutor Maureen Shelton and her rape-loving staff, engaged in a "hastily arranged" and highly unusual plea deal for two females accused of similar sexual-related crimes. When questioned about the unusual sentence, local media reported that the Wichita, TX prosecutor staff "declined to comment on camera, other than saying both defendants expressed remorse and embarrassment over the incidents." In other words, blondes and brunettes are allowed to use false tears, empty remorse, and be subject to mere embarrassment, but others must actually receive a prison sentence, and be prosecuted? There is no provision under Texas law for such defendants to have a prison sentence waived under such excuses.

Self-admitted adulterer, and dirty pervert Mrs. Bobbie Streit, and her Electra School District colleague, Megan Shed, received probation for their perverted, dirty, and stinking sexual interactions with underage males. Megan Shed's plea had been set for November 4th, but the extremely corrupt and/or unethical prosecution staff in Wichita, Texas, arranged for both two-legged perverts to receive probated sentences at the same time. What is the statistical likelihood of two Negro or African-American males, or unattractive Mexican males receiving probation at the same time for raping two white, blonde-haired, underage females in Texas? Maureen Shelton may perceive the actions of Mrs. Bobbie Streit and Megan Shed as being "cute", and harmless.

Brock Allen Turner vs. Bobbie Streit. Female Hypocrisy. Where are the Feminists protesting the sentence of Dirty Texas Teacher Bobbie Streit??

Brock Allen Turner vs. Bobbie Streit. Female Hypocrisy. Where are the Feminists protesting the sentence of Dirty Texas Teacher Bobbie Streit?? Republican Maureen Shelton is certainly free to offer probation to her favorite female perverts, and to female rapists who prey upon our young males. Young males do not have the religious stamina or mental strength to reject and denounce a stinking, foul-smelling, filthy, and dirty vagina. Did her teenage boy-friend ask Bobbie Streit when was the last time she had her dirty vagina tested for Herpes,chlamydia, genital herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea,hepatitis, syphilis, trichomoniasis or some other venereal diseases? No, he did not. Yet, both Megan Shed, and Bobbie Streit lured, tempted, and taunted their male victims with the foul stench of their dirty vagina. Two Female animals. Young innocent males were brainwashed to accept two older female perverts. The teen victim of the Mrs. Bobbie Streit case should not have been forced to perform actions upon Bobbie Striet that apparently the husband could not perform, or was unwilling to perform.

A case can be made that Men are free to applaud, worship, and idolize Brock Allen Turner who was unfairly demonized by millions of females, weak males, and politial activists for merely "20 minutes of action" (claimed the father of Brock Turner). The alleged female victim of Brock Turner was drinking alcolhol (Sin #1), admitted to past sexual relations (Sin #2), used profanity to describe a male body part (Sin #3), admitted to attending a predominantly male party of privileged males without a boyfriend or husband (Sin #4), and most likely she went to the party in provocative clothes that showed her skin or legs (Sin #5). Yet, the female victim of Brock Allen Turner was able to use a sour-grapes story similar to Bobbie Streit. The Brock Turner female, who is too cowardly to reveal her name, claimed she was "raped" when her non-verbal language was screaming "SOMEBODY , PLEASE, RAPE ME. I WANT TO BE RAPED TONIGHT. RAPE ME! RAPE ME!.."

Cowardly Brock Allen Turner Rape "Victim" vs. Arrogant Bobbie Streit Social Media Acounts.

The so-called Brock Turner rape victim does not even have the courage to publish her own photo, or name with the public because she knows very well she acted like dirty female tramp. What decent woman attends a Frat party where privileged male athletes are present drinking beer? What responsible adult woman attends a party with undergraduates? Really.?

Why didn't the so-called Brock Turner victim attend a party of mature and affluent businessmen? She deliberately sought out younger male athletes . She wanted a quick and dirty sexual relationship, but she did not expect Mr. Turner to treat her like the female trash she really is by dumping her behind a trash bin! She even smiled at Brock Turner during the so-called party, and spoke to him. Females who are not attracted to males typically evade all eye contact, and distance themselves from males whom do not have female-looking features.

There are some persons who feel that Mr. Turner was sentenced to a lengthy, and unnecessary 6 months in jail while his female counterpart, the perverted female animal, and adulterer, and filthy Bobbie Streit betrayed her marital oath, betrayed her teaching license ethics requirements, and received probation. At the same time, Brock Turner is not posting "Life is Great" on his social media account.

Arrogant Bobbie Streit uses her Social Media Acounts to broadcast her privileged status and arrogrance, instead of issuing a public apology to the teen victim. This is hypocrisy caused by a perverted proscution staff who apparently does not know what the term "prosecution" means when the hair-color is blonde, and when the eyes are blue. Prosecution means to punish, not reward someone for criminal behavior. Prosecution means to treat a person as if they were a minority male. Maureen Shelton knows very well how to prosecute minority males but she apparently lacks the ethics and moral strength to recommend a 20 year term for a blonde-haired female or brunette who could pass for her sister.

Sinful behavior incites criminal conduct. The student involved with Mrs. Bobbie Streit and Megan Shed was innocent because it was the responsibility of the adult female teachers to turn him away as they no doubt know how to do with males they find physically unattractive.

Why Wichita County Residents Need to Reject Soft-on-Crime, Soft-on-Sin, Republican Maureen Shelton.

The female prosecutor took one look at the teen male who was victimized, and mostly likely had the same perverted thoughts as those females she was charged with prosecuting. Affirmative Action has led to more perverted women in offices that were once the province of males. Why Wichita County Residents Need to Reject Soft-on-Crime, Soft-on-Sin, Republican Maureen Shelton. Acting like a female, Maureen Shelton has alternately colored her hair from brunette to blonde, and then back to blonde. These traits verify her weakness. Traditionally, a prosecutor has always been a male. Adding feminity, hair-care, high-heel shoes, female clothes, lip gloss, perfume, make-up, eye-liner, to this role has weakened the office. Real prosecutors are not supposed to be concerned with their appearance, hair, etc.

Why Report Rape and Sexual Assualt Cases in Wichita County, TX?

Why Report Rape and Sexual Assualt Cases in Wichita County, TX? According to local medial reports, both Bobbie Streit, and Megan Shed are receiving probation. As an extra reward for being attracted to the same males as the female prosecution staff, both of these perverts will have their records wiped clean after a few years. Maureen Shelton and her staff have set a dangerous precedent. Rape against students should not be awarded with probation. The fact that a teen is attractive should not be a justification for a female prosecutor to think with her vagina and dismiss her perverted female co-species of a crime. The false advertising on the website of the Wichita County prosecutor's website claims that: "It is our ethical duty to see that justice is done and not merely to seek a conviction. Our mission is to make Wichita County a safer place to live. Thank you for the opportunity to serve the people of Wichita County." [Translation: this statement does not apply to blonde-haired or brunette-haired females who rape, assault, or who abuse students. If the female prosecutor also lusts after the same male victim, it is guaranteed that the female predators will serve no jail time. ]

Megan Shed and Bobbie Street Deserved 20-year Prison Sentences.

Accrding to indepednent news sources, Texas is on pace for the highest number of teacher-student sex assault cases in the country. When you have a pink prosecutor who can't or who refuses to punish a like-minded female, there is no such thing as a ceiling. Both Bobbie Streit and Megan Shed should have been sentenced to at least 20 years, castrated, and required to register as sex offendors for the rest of their life. Texas is no more serious about ending student rape and abuse than the KKK is serious about admitting Negroes and into their membership. Wichita Texas is a place where Apes are protecting apes. If Texas were serious about wiping out all teacher abuse crime, criminals like Bobbie Streit would know the meaning of a real prosecution. A prosecution under Maureen Shelton, and her impotent male staff, and staff of female perverts, is nothing but a joke. Even Megan Shed could not hide her smiles.

If Kyle Streit were any type of real man, he would divorce his perverted wife, and force her to to be with the 19 year-old she prefers.

On the other hand, Ms. Republican Maureen Shelton may very well be the best prosecutor in the area if the residents are content with their youth being raped, and abused, and sexual deviation becoming the norm. That's my opinion. What's yours?

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Married Blonde-haired Texas Teacher Bobbie Streit Targets Teen for Adultery and Dirty Sex

Married Blonde-haired Texas Teacher Bobbie Streit Targets Teen for Adultery and Dirty Sex

Blonde-haired Texas Teacher Bobbie Shea Streit Admits to Filthy Relationship with Innocent male teen

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Meth Face Texas Teacher Bobbie Streit pretends to be Normal

The truth hurts. Facts are painful. Opinions can be harsh. Blonde-haired Texas Substitute Teacher Bobbie Streit likes to pretend that she is a normal person, a normal female. Perverts use facebook to target male teenagers young enough to be their son, and to create the illusion of being a human. These subHumans desire to mix in with the general human population, but secretly they have dirty thoughts of perversity. subHumans cannot resist temptation or resist perversity. What separates Superior Humans from our subHuman counterparts is the ability to resist evil and to resist physical temptations.

More and more men are seeking Asian females for lots of reasons. Asian women prefer men, while most blonde-haired women and brunettes prefer to molest children or teenagers. The booking photos of Bobbie Streit are certainly not "good-looking." Her sunken cheek bones, hollow-looking demeanor, color-less pale face resemble a female who has tried meth. She has a routine typical of female perverts. The number #1 red-flag of perverted teachers is having a social media page. Bobbie Streit has a facebook page where she talks of her family, boasts of "church activities", and constantly talks about or references "looking good." Typical whore talk. If her family were so important then why did she engage in Adultery? Apparently, the lure of a pink penis was more powerful than the attraction to her family.

It is typical for female perverts to try to lower men to the same standards of subHumans. Intellect, education, character, and the core building blocks of any civilized society are absent from the vocabulary of every female pervert. Men don't have to "look good", only bimbos have to "look good."

Arrest affidavit Exposes Texas Teacher Bobbie Streit As Perverted

Arrest affidavit Exposes Texas Teacher Bobbie Streit As Pervert. She pursued a physical relationship with a male while married to another man. The possibility of spreading or being infected with a sexual disease was apparently not worth the thought to a whore in heat. All the while, she uses Facebook to pretend to be normal. An arrest affidavit by Texas law enforcement, however, exposes her scam. According to the arrest affidavit, she was a substitute teacher for agriculture at Electra High School. Police claim that the married Bobbie Streit pursued or allowed a sexual relationship with a 19 year-old male student, and then tried to blame the boy for her own lust.

Use of Facebook by Female Perverts and subHumans: Bobbie Streit uses Facebook

Social media accounts should be banned for any person convicted of a crime involving indecency with minors or teens. By having a social media account, perverts pretend to be normal. The normal human who is burned once with fire recognizes the danger of fire. An ape or subHuman does not have that quality. Despite the fact that Facebook was an instrumental tool in her perversity, that she was apparently addicted to, and used to pursue the teen boy, Mrs. Bimbo, Bobbie Streit, apparently can't rid herself of social media. She has a facebook account, and even a Pinterest account. It is unclear if she is messaging other teenage boys. Perverts love to post pictures of themselves on social media, and perverts love to use social media for self-promotion, and to target teens.

Aware that this airhead, blonde-haired, female ape has a Facebook page (what a coincidence), the student simply messaged Bobbie Streit on her Facebook page. The student inquired about working for her and her husband on their farm for the summer. Filled with lust in her heart, a married Mrs. Bobbie Streit answered the teen instead of rejecting him. Married (yes, all female adulterers hate that term), Mrs. Bobbie Streit would later claim that the teen initiated the attraction, and that she "did not resist." This is what her passive husband SHOULD HAVE TOLD HER: "Ok. Mrs. Bobbie [using the teen's last name], you defiled your marriage. You engaged in Adultery. Get out of the house immediately before I throw you out head first. I do not want you. You are not the only woman on Earth. I can do better. You can get the 19 year-old boy to buy you a house, a car, and provide for you..." Instead, her pathetic husband even appeared in court with her. Bobbie Streit is attracted to Boys, not men. Superior men REJECT tramps just as Superior Females reject worthless males.

Is Texas Teacher Mrs. Bobbie Streit Getting Prepared to be a Texas Whore?

Is Texas Teacher Mrs. Bobbie Streit Getting Prepared to be a Texas Whore? The answer to that question can be found in her own conduct, and the police report. Read the police report regarding the married Mrs. Bobbie Shea Streit. Study the Facebook posts of this blonde-haired animal that dared to prey on one of our innocent young men. Young men deserve protection from female predators who use their dirty vagina and filthy mind to infect God's male children. Mrs. Bobbie Streit was so intrigued by the idea of having a "good looking teenager" working on her farm that she did not even first consult her own puppy husband. When the teenager contacted Bobbie Shea Streit, she was not a virgin. Bobbie Shea Streit was not even close to being a virgin when she sought to hire this teenage boy.

As if she has never seen a penis before, the arrest affidavit claims she received and requested pictures of the teen. The media does not address if those pictures were nude, but evidence strongly suggests that Bobbie Shea Streit has a dirty mind, and that she thinks dirty thoughts. It is typical for any whore to be attracted to "good-looking" males young enough to be their grandson or son. The Whore plans. The Whore plots. The Whore waits.

Forget about a back-ground check. Forget about character references. Forget about an official employment application. Being a "good-looking" male with a pale color-less -penis is all the requirements needed for an inferior subHuman female to reject the moral requirements of a teaching license. No where on the Facebook page of Bobbie Shea Streit does she directly address issue of adultery. Neither does this female monster publicly denounce the so-called teenager who she claims initiated his sex acts on her. Neither does Bobbie Shea Streit address the clear prohibitions of biblical adultery. Is the married Bobbie Streit Getting Prepared to be a Texas Whore when she texted the teen after hours and in secrecy? You be the judge!

Heroic Teenager Exposes Dirty Relationship with married Electra High School Teacher Bobbie Streit

According to media reports, Mrs. ("Tramps hate being called "Mrs.") Bobbie Streit made the fanciful claim to police that the student initiated a physical relationship. Mrs. Bobbie Streit further claimed that she "did not resist." Wow?! Ok. Let's investigate these claims with common sense. In all reality, Mrs. Bobbie Streit gave unmistakable non-verbal signals to the teen that clearly showed she was interested in him despite her marital pact with Kyle Streit. It is the height of moral hypocrisy to suggest that a clumsy, immature, teenage boy can initiate a romantic relationship with a 30 ear-old married woman, who is also a licensed teacher, and the woman "could not resist." Are Texas teachers that dumb? No! Dear Mrs. Bobbie Streit: stop being a liar! You can fool Kyle Streit 24 by 7, but you cannot fool any Superior Man or common sense person. You WANTED a sexual relationship with a little pink penis, and you pursued it with your dirty underwear!!!

Mrs. Bobbie Streit wants to have it both ways. She wants to excuse her own perversity and enjoy her dirty relationship at the same time without any punishment. She excuses her misconduct with a brainless claim of "not resisting." Every perverted subHuman female pretends to be unable to resist.

The thinking public understands and observes on a daily basis how tramps lure men. Bobbie Streit knows how to reject each and every man that is NOT "good-looking" to her primitive brain. When Mrs. Bobbie Streit wants to demonstrate a lack of interest in any male, she simply turns on her bimbo switch. She turns her head in an opposite direction or do everything to evade even accidental eye-contact. Another technique used by Blonde-haired apes is to smile often at some non-existent object. Thank God this teenager exposed Bobbie Streit before she could go after hundreds or thousands of other innocent males.

Undercover Male Teens Should be Used to Convict Female Predators

I encourage the use of under-age youthful males to test and prosecute female perverts in the classroom. We congratulate this "good-looking" teen victim for exposing the spiritually "ugly" side of Bobbie Streit. We thank this brave young boy for helping God expose another adult female pervert. The teen is completely innocent. All of the blame lies with the adult pervert Bobbie Streit. We need more intelligent, and moral young men who are willing to expose, report, and condemn adult female perverts like Bobbie Streit. Oral sex is perversity. Adultery is perversity. Violation of your teaching license is perversity. We encourage more male students to use their youth to test adult female teachers, and then report them to local authorities if they do anything that suggests they are seeking a physical relationship. If the sentence is at least 20 years or longer, the effort is worth it.

Can Texas Authorities Prosecute a female Blonde-Haired Pervert like Bobbie Streit?

The teenager told the principal at Electra High School that the two started sharing pictures of one another and sometime after spring break they had sex in the Ag building. Unable to control her animal lusts, the police affidavit further claims that when police spoke with the married Bobbie Streit, she "admitted to having oral sex and intercourse with the student."

The question now becomes: Can the Electra City Hall, and local Texas judiciary prosecute a female who probably looks like their wives, sisters, or mothers? Did Electra Police Chief Michael Dozier waste his time and police resources in investigating a blonde-haired, privileged pervert knowing she will never receive a 10 year prison term? Can City prosecutor Brett Hale prosecute a blonde-haired pervert who rapes or assaults teen boys? Can Texas treat Bobbie Streit like a minority male who did the same thing with a "good looking" white female? Can Presiding Judge Dianne Gribble send a message to blonde-haired teachers, and all other female perverts that your perversity will be punished? Can a female judge sentence a female pervert with harsh terms?

With her casual facebook posts, and daily effort of pretending to be a human, Blonde-Haired Pervert Bobbie Streit acts as if her arrests never occurred. She acts if her criminal case will go away, and that her criminal file will disappear without even a sentence or a trial. However, we will be watching!

It may be suitable in Electra to have female teachers rape students, and it may be suitable for the Electra School District to employ subHuman dirt like Bobbie Streit, but Superior Humans need not tolerate this sort of misconduct. Superior Humans should be prepared to make their voices known at the ballot box, or have the law license of the local prosecutor revoked if he/she does not seek severe penalties. Mrs. Bobbie Streit needs to be sent a clear message by Superior Humans that her hypocrisy and perversity will not be tolerated by civilized humans.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Are Blondes More Perverted? Teacher Elizabeth Dillett Pleads Guilty to Pursuing Teen Boy

Blonde-Haired Perverted Teacher Elizabeth Dillett Pleads Guilty to Pursuing Teen Boy

Trump Supporter Elizabeth Dillett Guilty Plea Puts Focus on Female Affirmative Action Quotas

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

St. Peter-Immanuel School employee Elizabeth Dillett was formally accused of sexually assaulting a student in April of 2016. Questions about her support of Donald Trump wer not returned? Mr. Trump was heard on tape using the similar language that perverted Donald Trump is suspected of using against teen boys. Clearly, she has not only groped teen boys, she has raped them. Eventually, the 31 year-old blonde-haired pervert Elizabeth Dillettt was charged with four counts of sexual assault of a child by a person who works with children, two counts of sexual intercourse with a child age 16 or older, and two counts of second degree sexual assault of a child. Authorities confiscated evidence that detail a filthy, perverted, and dirty relationship between specially-hired Elizabeth Dillett and a young boy who was forced to accept an older blonde-haired pervert. Elizabeth Dillett admitted to the student’s parents that she engaged in perverted relations with the kid.

Father of Student Rejects Offer by Rapist Elizabeth Dillett to Prop Open her Legs

Despite being an authority figure, a licensed teacher, a track and volleyball coach at the school, and even the Athletic Director, all of these titles meant nothing to blonde-haired Elizabeth Dillett. Elizabeth Dillett had only one thing on her dirty mind: find a cute teenage penis. The savage, stinking, barbaric, and primitive blonde-haired ape could not resist her own perverted emotions. According to the police complaint, Elizabeth Dillette allegedly begged the student’s parents not to report her to authorities. Blonde-haired ape Elizabeth Dillett begged and pleaded that she would do ANYTHING to avoid reporting her conduct to local authorities. In fact, she allegedly offered the father the same opportunities she offered the student: To prop open her dirty legs, and smell her dirty vagina. The Father rejected her overtures, declined her filthy offer, and went straight to the local police station.

Hiring and promotion of Rapist Elizabeth Dillett is a product of Affirmative Action Quotas.

There has been a growing surge of blonde-haired females involved in student assaults. Many of these blonde-haired females are encouraged to apply to positions that they are not qualified for. Blonde-haired high school teacher Sara Domres admitted to a relationship with a student. Affirmative action quotas were used. Blonde-haired Ankeny High-School Teacher Amanda Caye Dreier Accused of Using her Stinking Vagina to Attract a Teenage Boy. Ankeny High-School English teacher Amanda Caye Dreier is an example of how ineffective Affirmative Action policies benefit blonde-haired teachers who lack the qualifications, intelligence, and ability to function in a classroom environment around males they are attracted to.

subHuman Elizabeth Dillett Should be Tested for a Venereal disease!

Student Victim Fund

Biased media reports do not disclose if Elizabeth Dillett infected the innocent young boy with Herpes,chlamydia, genital herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea,hepatitis, syphilis, trichomoniasis or some other venereal diseases. We wish this innocent young boy victim all the best. We hope this child recovers from having to experience an act of pure evil, adult filth, and the germs of a stinking subHuman on his clean body. Unfortunately, the media has not disclosed if Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier is a drug user, or even prostituted herself by paying the teen boy money in exchange for a physical relationship.

Blonde-Haired subHuman Elizabeth Dillett used Dirty Language Like Donald Trump.

Blonde-Haired subHuman Elizabeth Dillett used Dirty Language Like Donald Trump. According to police reports, evidence and her own admission verify that Elizabeth Dillett had an illicit relation with an innocent teen boy who was apparently forced to suffer through a degrading act of sexual assault with an aged subHuman. Elizabeth Dillett is a subHuman animal that belongs in a cage like animals in a zoo. Public spectacles are the only deterrent to these sorts of perverted acts. A jail sentence served in private is no punishment. subHumans need to be publicly exposed! Elizabeth Dillett pursued teen boys to satisfy her own perversity. She texted a teen boy dirty text messages. Harassed a teen boy to touch her dirty body. Elizabeth Dillett used dirty, foul, Language just like her role model Donald Trump. Elizabeth Dillett also used vulgar crude, and and demeaning terms to describe male body parts.

One of the most important times in U.S. History was the Salem Witch Trials. Perhaps, we should study how effective those judicial proceedings were in dealing with female perversity at that time.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Wisconsin high school teacher Sara Domres admits Filthy Rape of Teen Boy

Wisconsin high school teacher Sara Domres, Admits Filthy Rape of Teen Boy

Wisconsin high school teacher Sara Domres, Admits Filthy Rape of Teen Boy

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Wisconsin high school teacher Sara Domres, Admits Filthy Rape of Teen Boy. subHuman pervert Sara Domres, 28, admitted in Court that she could not control her subHuman desires and outrageous carnal thoughts. The filthy, dirty, stinking, and painfully unattractive New Berlin West High-School teacher was even married at the time. What male teenager would allow her near his body is beyond the ability of this blogger to comprehend. Nonetheless,the main stram media reports that this monstrosity is even married. The dirty and desperate tramp reportedly sent the innocent young boy dirty text messages like "Baby Boo, I love you now & forever! Please be mine forever & ever. Always, your baby girl. P.S. Good luck on your quiz :)" Make no mistake about it, Sara Domres is a rapist, pervert, and disgusitng two-legged animal. She repeatedly failed or was uninterested in promoting Mom and Women Scholarship opportunities

Sara Domres: Should her Male Victim have Attacked her in Self-Defense?

Sara Domres did find the time to promote her dirty vagina to naive young boys who were not adult enough to call her a Stinking Dirty Whore to her face. The question is this: is it acceptable for a teenage male youth to defend himself by attacking a female teacher who seeks to assault him? Teenage boys are being assaulted on a near daily basis by adult perverted female teachers like Sara Domres who use their cheapest asset (their dirty vagina) to appeal to male youth. Teenage boys need to know that self-defense is an option just as females are allowed to use violence against male rape suspects. Putting a brick on the head of a female pervert will certainly get her attention and free the male youth from the domestic violence being caused by the adult female teacher pervert. Imagine the headlines: Teenage Rape victim defends himself by Attakcing Female Teacher Pervert. Such youth deserve recognition, and a full-tuition scholarship. Teenage boys or girls who are being pursued by adult female perverts need to take precaution. Sara Domres and other female perverts may carry viruses or infections like Herpes,chlamydia, genital herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea,hepatitis, syphilis, trichomoniasis or some other venereal diseases.

Wisconsin Judicial System is Corrupt, and Fails to Note Male Victim Claimed 15 Acts of Rape.

Adult female teachers are raping male youth because the judicial system is allowing it to happen. Mant male perverts even believe that this sort of crime is ok. It is not ok! Adult female perverts need to be prosecuted like all other criminsls. The Wisconsin Judicial system is encouraging rape by not taking into account that the male victim claimed at least 15 acts of rape occured. Ape Sara Domres is being charged with only two acts of rape, but the young victim claimed tat this animal assulted him at least 10 to 15 times, including once at a Motel 6 the night of Domres' husband's bachelor party. In other words, Sara Domres decided to rape another male while her husband was a naive idiot who was away having a bachelor party. Apparently, the husband wanted a whore, and that is precisely the type of wife he has. [Get ready for my upcoming e-book on Teacher Perversity, and America's subHuman population Follow this blog!].

Bloggers Asks for Donations to Prosecute Teachers, and for Students and Teachers to share Incidents of Teacher Abuse

Bloggers Asks for Donations to Prosecute Teachers, and for Students and Teachers to share Incidents of Teacher Abuse. Share with this Blogger your incidents of teacher abuse. Your information will not be released to the public. You can also do so anonymously. Please donate money to our Student Victim Fund. If you are featured in one of our stories, we will consider donations of at least $500 or more as counting towards rehabilitation. Your donations will be strongly considered when we update the story, and be considered favorably. All donations are confidential.

We need to donations to prosecute teachers who abuse students. The donation money will be used to write legislators, expand adveritising against lenient sentences, provide monies for scholarship funds for student victims, and to write governors, congressman, and assemblypersons for better laws to protect students. I will demand longer prison sentences, and firm prosecutions of adult female and male perverts. It is clear that the American judicial system is not equipped to students across the country are not being protected against females like Sara Domres.

Self-admitted perverts like Sara Domres will escape any serious punishment. Wisconsin authorities are too weak and pathetic to prosecute a vagina. Her husband is too weak to divorce her. AdulTery and rape are acts of choice. If this Blogger was the local prosecutor, you can rest assured that each and every allegation claimed by innocent young victims would result in criminal charges. There would be no plea bargaining. With your donations, we can work towards eliminating all teacher-rape cases.

Local Iowa Plumbers

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Teacher Lyntell Washington Killed by Lust, Karma, Adultery, and Perversity

Lusts, Karma, Perversity, Kills Adulterous subHuman Teacher Lyntell Washington.

Teacher Lyntell Washington Killed by Lust, Karma, Adultery, and Perversity

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Teacher Lyntell Washington Killed by Lust, Karma, Adultery, and Perversity. Police in Baton Rouge claim Assistant Principal Robert Marks eliminated his adulterous partner Lyntell Washington. The former Teacher-of-the-Year was a single mom who was allegedly impregnated by Assistant Principal Mr. Robert Marks. Assistant Principal Mr. Robert Marks was already married. Certainly, Teacher-of-the-Year Lyntell Washington knew that her partner was a married man, and that another woman had full legal rights over his body. Unfortunately, Lyntell Washington did not appear to respect herself, to respect her own child, to respect her authority as a teacher, or respect the victimized wife of Robert Marks, and she certainly did not respect the biblical verse that explicitly cites: "Thou shalt not commit Adultery." It was Karma and Lust, not Murder, that eliminated subHuman Lyntell Washington. What did Lyntell Washington respect and admire? Lyntell Washington respected a cheap penis over her own career, and over her own child. Are there no single men in Baton Rouge, LA? She repeatedly failed or was uninterested in promoting Mom and Women Scholarship opportunities

Human Police Officers Identify Deceased Tramp Lyntell Washington

Student Victim Fund

Human Police Officers claim that Lyntell Washington’s 3-year-old daughter was found abandoned and bloodied in a parking lot next to her mother’s car. They say the car was covered in blood and the child was bloodied. Lyntell Washington engaged in one two many adulteros affairs with a married man, and fate finally caught up with the subHuman. Investigators say statements from the child as well as cellphone data connected to her adulterous partner prove that Lyntell Washington was engaging in dirty acts with a married man. In fact, the media have reported that Lyntell Washington was pregnant with the child of the Assistant Principal. Was it really worth it? Is the penis that important to a filthy, dirty, stinking subHuman female? [Get ready for my upcoming e-book on Teacher Perversity, and America's subHuman population Follow this blog!].

subHuman Lyntell Washington should be Charged as an Accessory to her own Murder.

Robert Marks is alleged to have eliminated or silenced Lyntell Washington. In fact, he has been charged with her murder, kidnapping, and of murdering the baby that he allegedly had with Lyntell Washington. What the media does not report is how many other males did Lyntell Washington have a relationship with? If a woman is willing to engage in a relationship with a maried male, then she is willing to have multiple partners. What is apparently true, is that Lyntell Washington used her dirty, stinking, and filthy vagina to bait, tempt, and lure a married man to engage in acts that violated his marital vows. In fact, there are some of her Black woman friends who continue to extol certain characteristics of Mr. Mark's personality as if to justify the victim's adultery. Adultery is cruel. Adultery is evil. There is no justification for murder, and there is no justification for Adultery. At the every least, Lyntell Washington should be charged as being an Accessory to her own "murder". This is not a heartless statement. Teachers and adulterous need to take responsibility for their actions. There are millions, and millions, of educated, appealing, articulate, and available unmarried males available. They have no criminal records. Many of these men do not smoke, drink, curse, and would never engage in Adultery. Guess what, no subhuman female is attracted to such males. However, a tramp always prefers the taboo. Thank God, this and other SubHumans are finally exposed.

Amanda Caye Dreier + Lyntell Washington = SubHumans

Blonde-Haired, Amanda Caye Dreier and Lyntell Washington have a lot in common. They both are attracted to males they should not be attracted to. They both are teachers. They both engaged in Adultery. They both are subHumans. They both are representatives of the female species. They both think with their dirty vagina instead of their obviously worthless brain. Lyntell Washington kept opening up her big mouth right after she opened up her dirty, foul-odored, smelly vagina. For example, the media reports that Lyntell Washington threatened to "expose" the affair by talking to the wife of the Assistant Principal. It is clear that Lyntell Washington wanted to become pregnant because Lyntell Washington knew she was nothing more than a cheap, subHuman, and filthy tramp that is a disgrace to her culture. Birth control pills are prevalent today. Lyntell Washington deliberately sought to become pregnant in order to emotionally hurt the wife of Mr. Marks. She no doubt lied to Mr. Marks about taking birth control pills. Finally, Mr. Marks most likely became enraged. Mr. Marks viewed Lyntell Washington as a cheap whore who he never wanted to carry his "baby." However, the scheming Lyntell Washington acted like 'hood rat, and became pregnant anyways. Do whore lives matter? Depending upon your religious views, yes they do. (I guess).

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