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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Ankeny High-School Teacher Amanda Caye Dreier Accused of Using her Stinking Vagina to Attract a Teenage Boy.

Ankeny High-School Teacher Amanda Caye Dreier Accused of Using her Stinking Vagina to Attract a Teenage Boy.

Ankeny High-School Teacher Amanda Caye Dreier Accused of Using her Stinking Vagina to Attract a Teenage Boy.

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Ankeny High-School Teacher Amanda Caye Dreier Accused of Using her Stinking Vagina to Attract a Teenage Boy. Ankeny High-School English teacher Amanda Caye Dreier is the latest blonde-haired teacher accused of using her dirty thoughts, dirty body, and dirty mind to entice a teenage student to be with her. Amanda Caye Dreier never supported legitimate Mom Scholarships. Amanda Caye Dreier never supported ethical Nursing Scholarships either. Reports indicate that Amanda Caye Dreier was even married! An adulterer + pervert = Hell!

Human Police Officers Identify Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier in Car with Teen Boy. Her legs Propped Open.

Human Police Officers Identify Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier in Car with Teen Boy. Her legs Propped Open. Human police officers claim they saw a female subHuman with a teen boy in a car. Her legs were propped open. By reading the police report, and judging from multiple mast encounters with this male students, it is very likely that Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier had her dirty, soiled, and smelly panties hanging in the back seat or somewhere else. The subHuman was identified as Amanda Caye Dreier. Ankeny police officers state they discovered 27-year-old Amanda Caye Dreier acting like a subHuman. Law enforcement officers further claim that Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier was using her dirty, stinking, dripping wet, and foul-smelling vagina to entice a naive, confused, and innocent young boy.

Her panties were soaked and soiled with sweat, semen, blonde-hair, and vagina drip. Officers could smell the scent of a whore in heat from afar. As officers approached the car, it was clear that the mood was full of lust, and the foul chemistry of adultery was in the air. Iowa whore! Iowa dirt! Iowa filth! Iowa trash! [Get ready for my upcoming e-book on Teacher Perversity, and America's subHuman population Follow this blog!]. The blonde-haired married Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier was allegedly putting out for local teen boys. Come and get it! I'm ready. All doors are open! A mother's worst nightmare: my little daughter grew up to be a cheap whore. A husband betrayed: My wife is a liar, and an adulterer. She destroyed the most important thing in any relationship: trust!

subHuman Amanda Caye Dreier Should be Tested for a Venereal disease!

Student Victim Fund

Biased media reports do not disclose if Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier infected the innocent young boy with Herpes,chlamydia, genital herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea,hepatitis, syphilis, trichomoniasis or some other venereal diseases. We wish this innocent young boy victim all the best. We hope this child recovers from having to experience an act of pure evil, adult filth, and the germs of a stinking subHuman on his clean body. Unfortunately, the media has not disclosed if Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier is a drug user, or even prostituted herself by paying the teen boy money in exchange for a physical relationship. Scholarship applications were sent to the Iowa High-School in care of Amanda Caye Dreier, and were ignored. Maybe she ignores scholarship applications, but pays attention to teenage male body parts.

subHuman Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier Couldn't Wait to be a subHuman

Where is the husband of Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier? Has he thrown her out of the house yet? Has he divorced her yet? Has he filed a lawsuit against her for marital fraud? What type of man tolerates a wife who engages in Adultery? In Muslim countries, Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier would be beheaded or stoned to death. While the criminal case is pending, the victimized husband needs to pursue a civil case. If these allegations are even partially true, this is a subHuman female that deserves the most pervasive form of punishment. Perhaps she can get her teen boyfriend to buy her a house. While her husband is working, she betrays him. While peaceful activists around the country are engaging in legitimate protests about the numerous police shootings around the United States, and while police officers are risking their lives to protect humans and subHumans, Ms. Amanda Caye Dreier clearly has had other thoughts on her dirty mind. Wake up Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier. End your dream of being Iowa's Ultimate Whore, and Ankeny High School's Disgrace.

Human Police officers claim that the suspected blonde-haired subHuman was engaging in an ongoing perverted and dirty relationship with a human teenage boy in a parked vehicle. Apparently, this suspected lower-than-dirt-tramp could NOT even wait until she found a comfortable meeting place. Hello Amanda? Could you at least find a suitable spot to play dirty and filthy, or is that asking too much? What is surprising is that Amanda Caye Dreier did not engage the youth on the sidewalk, at a bus stop, or even in the local grocery store, and in front of others. What about in the fruit section or the deli area of the store, Amanda?

Amanda Caye Dreier Follows Playbook of Convict subHuman MANDY DAVENPORT

Like a subHuman piece of slime, Amanda Caye Dreier timed her alleged perverted act to coincide with the graduation of her male target. This is exactly the strategy followed by former Ankeny High-School teacher Mandy Lynn Davenport. Iowa Sex Offender# 141297686, Mandy Lynn Davenport, is a brown-eyed, brown-haired former teacher from Ankeny High School. This It was also caught raping, or molesting, or using her dirty body to touch an innocent young boy immediately after his graduation.

In 2014, Mandy Davenport pleaded guilty to having perverted relations with a 17-year-old male student immediately after he graduated from Ankeny High School. Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier followed this playbook in the apparent hopes of also receiving probation.

Student Victim Fund

Weaklings: Polk County, Iowa Prosecutors Encourage Student Rape by Not Prosecuting Female Perverts and subHumans

Weaklings: Polk County, Iowa Prosecutors Encourage Student Rape by Not Prosecuting Female Perverts and subHumans. By refusing to put away Mandy Davenport for at least 10 to 15 years, Amanda Caye Dreier no doubt was encouraged that her rape fantasies and perversion would go unpunished too. Polk County, Iowa, prosecutors might as well either resign, or join the suspects that they "prosecute." Due to the impotent male prosecutors in Polk County, Iowa, their moral inferiority, their genetic inferiority that prevents them forcefully prosecuting a Vagina, and their indifference to privileged female rapists, Mandy Davenport was not sentenced to the prison term that she was eligible to receive. Why should Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier have anything to fear outside of this free-speech?

Get out of the prosecutor's office! If you can only prosecute poor, and minority suspects but not not privileged suspects like Amanda Caye Dreier or Mandy Davenport, then find another occupation. Polk County, Iowa Prosecutors allowed rapist Mandy Davenport ro be awarded with 2 years of wonderful probation. In a real prosecution, the It would have received 10 years at least. Amanda Caye Dreier may be a perverted subHuman, but she probably is not as stupid as her blonde-hair, blue-eyes, and face presents. As a female, she understands the genetic inferiority and weakness of Iowa male prosecutors. Amanda Caye Dreier understands that males who are genetically and morally inferior are too weak to enforce public policy against the female species. Amanda Caye Dreier may have been calculating her odds based upon fellow subHuman Mandy Davenport. It is no coincidence that her acts seem to parallel the acts of Mandy Davenport. It is amazing what a subHuman female teacher is willing to go through to use their dirty body. We can only hope that the prosecution team in Polk County, Iowa will toughen up, ignore the blonde-hair of Amanda Caye Dreier, and treat her like a minority male rape suspect, or disprove fears of their genetic, spiritual, and moral inferiority. A hand slap on the vagina of Amanda Caye Dreier is not real punishment.

Are Blonde Female Teachers Having a sexual crisis?

A flurry of blonde-haired and white female teachers around the United States have attracted International headlines for their perverted interest in the young male students they are assigned to teach. It is clear that many of these female subHumans drool over the 'cute', baby-faced, teen boys. Feminists wanted to work alongside males, and this is the result! Female rapists!

Statistically, the vast majority have been white women. Are these white female teachers having a sexual crisis or is there something not happening in their bedrooms? subHumans are consumed by sex, filth, and dirt. Read a book. Study math. Study Chemistry. There are lots of things to do besides being a tramp. Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier was married and a teacher. Many married men who choose to marry blonde-haired females do not understand that the rate of perversity among blonde-haired female teachers and administrators is especially high. It is doubtful they are having a crisis of any type, but rather these blonde-haired female teachers simply cannot be trusted around youthful students. Blonde-haired female teachers typically have little regard for morals, ethics, integrity, and too many lack general common sense.

Blonde-Haired subHuman Amanda Caye Dreier belongs in a Zoo Cage

According to police reports, evidence so far suggests that Amanda Caye Dreier is a subHuman animal that belongs in a cage like animals in a zoo. Public spectacles are the only deterrent to these sorts of perverted acts. A jail sentence served in private is no punishment. subHumans need to be publicly exposed! English teacher Amanda Caye Dreier is accused of not teaching real English. She is accused of teaching profanity with her dirty, filthy, and evil body. Some Religious Puritans would claim that she should burned in Hell! One of the most important times in U.S. History was the Salem Witch Trials. Perhaps, we should study how effective those judicial proceedings were in dealing with female perversity at that time. If these allegations are true, Amanda Caye Dreier is beneath a witch. She is an Adulterer. She was married at the time. Her husband has a moral duty to divorce her immediately, and put her on the streets without a home. She can use her teenage friend to buy her a replacement home.

Blogger writes Letter to Iowa Prosecutors Demanding 50 year Prison Term for Amanda Caye Dreier

Blogger writes Letter to Iowa Prosecutors Demanding 50 year Prison Term for Amanda Caye Dreier. Until female subHumans are properly punished, these acts will continue. Innocent young boys will continue to suffer. The parents of the boy are urged to file a lawsuit not only against the school district, but against both Amanda Caye Dreier and her husband. Certainly, the husband had to know or suspect that his blonde-haired wife may be a filthy pervert. Today, I penned a letter to the Polk County Attorney's Office, Polk County Justice Center, c/o Prosecution of Amanda Caye Dreier, 222 Fifth Avenue,Des Moines, IA 50309. I reminded the prosecution that they must treat Amanda Caye Dreier like the other male rape suspects in the county. I insisted that she do not receive special treatment because of her blonde-hair,fair-skin, and filthy-smelling vagina. If found guilty, she either needs a Cage in public or a 50 year prison sentence surrounded by only women.

One of the greatest pleasures in life is depriving a pervert of their enjoyment. Amanda Caye Dreier needs to be either surrounded by all women, or be placed in a cage, or be around men old enough to be her grandfather.

Polk County prosecutors have a challenge. Can they prosecute a blonde-haired subHuman pervert? Can they treat Amanda Caye Dreier like a minority crime suspect? Can they order her to obtain HIV, Herpes, tests? Polk County prosectors failed to prosecutie Mandy Davenport, and that failure is what led to Amanda Caye Dreier.

Can they expose her to the public in such a way that she understands that the perversity she is accused of is not acceptable? She needs to be examined by senior citizen adult males or minority females (or persons that she hates) from head to toe for evidence of perversity. Female sex offenders do not deserve the same rights as normal women.

Watch for the new Ron Thomas book on SubHuman Perversity: A guide for Every Parent, Guardian, Student, and Adult interesting in Stopping Adult-Teacher SubHumans

There is nothing unique or different about Amanda Caye Dreier that does not follow a predictable pattern. A background check is not as precise as a mathematical analysis of the personality. As a mathematician, I use a series of complex Calculus models and geometric probability sequences to accurately predict if a teacher has a certain probability as a pervert. Names that suggest perversity are simply another component of this model, but are not provided the same probability weight of other factors. My secret formula is an accurate predictor of subHuman perversity. My new book will be available in e-book format, and it will detail that accused and arrested teachers all fit a predictable mathematical pattern.

Once again, every parent, guardian, student, and teacher in the U.S.A. is being given advance warning of my upcoming e-book which will document in detail ways to address and identify the subHuman species, perverts, and subHumans who have no respect for the student body population or their fellow colleagues. As a former teacher, I am able to identify and classify teachers based upon thousands of hours and years dealing with teachers and studying teacher-student relationships.

Local Iowa Plumbers

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

subHuman Teacher Nicole S. Wilfinger Arrested on Perversity Allegations

subHuman CCSD Teacher Nicole S. Wilfinger Arrested on Perversity Allegations

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

A flurry of teachers within the Clark County School District have been charged with a variety of offenses in 2016. In fact, at this pace, the Clark County School District is on track to have the highest density of subHuman teachers in North America. One of the latest suspected perverts is 37-year-old Molasky Junior High School teacher Nicole Wilfinger. In April of 2016, this CCSD Math Teacher was booked on multiple counts of statutory sexual seduction by a person older than 21 and lewdness with a child older than 14. The name "Nicole" is commonly associated with female perversity. There is no bounds for female subHumans, and no title that indicates any recognition of respect and morality. Female subHumans that are so-called "Math Department Chairpersons" have about the same respect for decency and integerity as a felon male rapist. high-schools throughout Nevada that are represented by female Math Department heads, or heads of Special Education Departments, have a high probaility of female perversity. At no time did Ms. Perverted Nicole Wilfinger bother to promote meainingful Nevada Scholatship opportunities, or even refer teachers to this Scholarship Blog. Moreover, did dirty Nicole Wilfinger ever refer students to the Official Scholarship Directory?

Student Victim Fund a>

If students cannot trust the Math Department Chairpweson to behave himself then who can they respect? This title indicates she was most likely responsibile for reviewing and/or approving math lesson plans for other teachers. All perverts and subHumans are irrational like irrational numbers. Apparently, the 37 year-old suspected female pervert was fantasizing about a 5-inch pinkish penis from a little boy rather than looking forward to a 10-inch penis from a grown man. When she met with her little-boy "lover", it is doubtful she discussed Scholarships and Grant opportunities for Middle School students.

Dirty Fat Animal CCSD Teacher Nicole Wilfinger kept sex journal: "Can my (wilfinger) finger touch your penis?"

As a demonstration of the extent to which she allowed this perversity to take place, Clark County School District Teacher Nicole Wilfinger even kept a journal of her perverted interactions with the young boy. "Can my (Wilfinger) finger touch your penis" is a possible entry in her journal. The standards for Caucasion female sexuality are totally different than many other women. Female subHumans like Nicole Wilfinger, Laura Whitehurst,Rachel Respess, Jillian Lafave, and numerous other subHuman females from the Caucasoid species are setting an alarming pattern of subHuman conduct that requires legislative attention. My book addresses these fears. Despite being as old as 37 years, Nicole Wilfinger is alleged to have wrote these dirty passages: “First time talking and friendship changes forever,” Wilfinger allegedly documented her numerous acts of perversity. July 11 marked the “first time we had sex,” she reportedly wrote, while November 4 was the “first time having make-up sex.” My goodness. What a subHuman?!

Despite her vast girth, Nicole redused ro participate in Beverage Scholarship opportunities., The parents of the boy should have known about subHuman ways by reading this Blog. However, the parents the boy allowed Nicole Wilfinger intimate involvement with the family: Nicole Wilfinger was the boy's soccer coach at Molasky Middle School; Nicole Wilfinger babysat the family’s 7-year-old daughter; the boy’s family also reportedly babysat Nicole Wilfinger's 7-year-old daughter. Now, the parents are complainig about subHuman Nicole Wilfinger. Parents are upset that Nicole Wilfinger was using her dirty and stinking body as a weapon of perversity against a young boy. Despite her age, she is accused of forcing herself on a young boy because she apparently does not know how to attract an adult male.

Watch for the new Ron Thomas book on SubHuman Perversity: A guide for Every Parent, Guardian, Student, and Adult interesting in Stopping Adult-Teacher SubHumans

There is nothing unique or different about Nicole Wilfinger that does not follow a predictable pattern. A background check is not as precise as a mathematical analysis of the personality. As a mathematician, I use a series of complex Calculus models and geometric probability sequences to accurately predict if a teacher has a certain probability as a pervert. Names that suggest perversity are simply another compononent of this model, but are not provided the same probability weight of other factors. My secret formula is an accurate predictor of subHuman perversity. My new book will be available in e-book format, and it will detail that accused and arrested teachers all fit a predictable mathetimatical pattern.

Once again, every parent, guardian, student, and teacher in the U.S.A. is being given advance warning of my upcoming e-book which will document in detail ways to address and identify the subHuman species, perverts, and subHumans who have no respect for the student body population or their fellow colleagues. As a former teacher, I am able to identify and classify teachers based upon thousands of hours and years dealing with teachers and studying teacher-student relationships.

Racial and Gender Disparity in Nevada Judicial Sentencing Suggests that Nicole Wilfinger will be "Rewarded" for Raping Male Student

The Clark County School Disrict is being improperly blamed for a rise in teacher perversity. Let me get this straight: the Clark County School District IS NOT TO BLAME for its pool of teacher perversity. Teachers undergo training, seminars, and professional staff development meetings all the time. It is the weak, impotent, and toothless Nevada prosecutors, judges, and judiciary that can't seem to prosecute a vagina! Slap a female subHuman with a 50 year prison sentence and Female-Male teacher perversity will dissappear overnight. My new book offers suggestions how prosecutors can toughen up, and not be afraid of the female's most potent weapon: learn to ignore a dirty vagina, and treat female subHumans like the dirt that they are.

Nicole Wilfinger might as well laugh at Nevada inferior so-called "prosecutors." Ms. Pervert has no doubt done her research. When was the last time a female subHuamn in Nevada was actually "prosecuted"? Perhaps never.

Failed Prosecution of subHuman Tannika Queen Evidence of Impotent Nevada Prosecutors and Judicial Scam Based upon Race and Gender

Nevada prosecutors are no more capable of prosecuting a Vagina than a rapist is incapable of rape. Do you hear me now?! Infamous Negro subHuman Tannika Queen is a testament of how weak and pathetic male and female Nevada prosecutors are. The filthy, dirty, stinking, and disgusting 22-year-old Clark County School District substitute teacher Tannika Queen was arrested in March of 2014 on charges that she used her dirty vagina to sexually assault a 15-year-old little boy, A detailed 24 page police report produced at least 2,400 text messages, 108 phone calls, 38 sexually-explicit photographs that included her dirty body. Tannika Queen was having a perverted relationship with a little boy because she was genetically incapable of using her little brain to establish a relationship with an adult male. Listen to me preach the facts! Like all whores and tramps, Tannika Queen believed in her small brain that she was "in love." My question to low I.Q. Tannika Queen and her parents is this: When does a legitimate "love" relationship result in an arrest? Never! Lust and love are not the same. Subhumans lust. Tannika Queen was asked to promote important scholarships and grants, and she claimed "I am too busy in love with my student."

The Clark County School District police did their job. The local police department did their job. The Clark County School District did its job. The parents did their job. God certainly did His job. However, when the baton was passed to Nevada Prosecutors, and the male prosecutors formally met Tannika Queen, a Jungle Fever erupted immediately. Her bail was originally set to $100,000. After smiling at the male prosecutors in the Court room, they lowered the bail to a $0.00. Nevada prosecutors apparently were attracted to this whore-acting Negro tramp. Tanikka “Bella” Queen and the male prosecutors entered a Devil's Deal. She pleaded guilty to only two felonies. Impotent male prosecutors agreed to drop 43 other counts against Queen, and the subHuman avoided jail time altogether as is nothing never happened. Probation! The victim was exposed to Herpes, HIV, and other potential diseases that are commonly associated with the subHuman species. The victim suffered mental anguish, I suspect, and the embarrassment that an adult female ape raped him.

What type of aissy "sentence" is that? There is no doubt that the corrupt Las Vegas Municipal courts, and Nevada judicial system will have the same "reward" for Vagina Nicole Wilfinger. This blogger is willing to wage at least $100,000 that Nicole Wilfinger will not be sentenced like a Negro male under the same circumstances. Nevada prosecutions typically follow a racial and gender pattern that is as precise as a linear equation. It never varies.

Recommeded 40-year Prison Sentence for Nicole Wilfinger

Nicole Wilfinger could not force an adult male to be her lover, and therefore she sought to dolicit an under-age boy who was not strong enough to tell her the facts about herself. At a weight of over 200 lbs, Nicole Wilfinger should have known that her forced "torture" would not be tolerated by any normal or sane adult male. Besides the sexual assault charge, she should be charged with Inflicting Torture and Cruel Punishment on a minor. Having a woman of her unattractiveness must have been torture for the boy. Nicole Wilfinger knew her male student was under-age, knew he was incapable of rejecting her solicitations (after all, the boy did not want to upset his soccer coach, or math teacher), and Nicole Wilfinger knew that other subHuman females in Nevada who worked as teachers all laughed their way out of prison sentence. It is no secret that Nevada courts have a large appetite for female predators like Nicole Wilfinger. She is more acceptable than a minority gang-banger. However, minority gang bangers are not licensed teachers either, and neither do gang members have a record of being pedophile.

Nicole Wilfinger can count on this type of judicial spectacle as her case moves forward. Unlike the state of Alaska that put a female subHuman to Death for her perversity, and unlike the State of Utah which has a record of aggressively prosecuting female subHumans, Nevada is extremely weak with female subHuman prosecutios. Not a single female subHuman in the teaching profession has actually been "proecuted" by impotent Nevada prosecutors wth the same vigor that is reserved for minority males.

This blogger reommends that Nicole Wilfinger serve at least 40 years. She confessed to her acts, She deserves credit for confessing. However, a sentence of at least 25 years will be a detterent to other female subHumans who are still working for CCSD.

My question to Nevada prosecutors is this: If the only persons your office can get "tough" with are male Negro subjects then you are in the wrong occupation. When are you going to prosecute a Vagina like a minority Negro male? Can Ron Thomas serve as an honorary Prosecutor?

Nevada Judiciary Needs Over-Hauling to Prosecute SubHumans

Nicole Wilfinger can count on the same type of pathetic sentence awarded to dirty tramp and sleazy Tannika Queen, Jason Lofthouse, and all of the other professionl, non-minority male teachers. The pattern is this: charge a subHuman with multiple charges, issue a high bail, and then frizzle away ALL of the charges as public interest wanes. Reserve the hate and anger for minority male suspects, but be more sympathetic to all others. This type of judicial spectacle is the norm in Nevada. The Las Vegas Justice Courts, and the Las Vegas Municipal Courts are a complete and total judicial scam that are absolutely incapable of handing down a 40 year sentence to a subHuman that is not a minority male. When will licensed teachers who live in good neighborhoods, have a college education, and who resemble the prosecutorial staff, be prosecuted like persons who do not resemble the staff?

Local Nevada Plumbers

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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Congratulations to Class of 2016. Find new Class of 2016 Scholarships

Grant and Scholarship Link of the Hour and Graduation message:
Congratulations to ALL students in America, and around the world who are part of the great Class of 2016! Go forth and enlighten the world. Share your your skills and enthusiasm to help humanity! Please note this fantastic series of medical, film-school, and grant opportunities.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Dirty subHuman Jason R Lofthouse: CCSD Rancho High-School Teacher Sentenced to Prison

Dirty subHuman Jason R Lofthouse: CCSD Rancho High-School Teacher Sentenced to Prison

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Dirty subHuman Jason R Lofthouse: CCSD Rancho High-School Teacher Sentenced to Prison. In March of 2016, filthy pig and pervert Jason R Lofthouse was convicted on all sexual counts involving his immoral relationship with an innocent young girl he apparently met at Rancho High School. In May of 2016, a judge finally sentenced this lousy, perverted, and dirty subHuman slime ball. Prick-face and dirty-minded Rancho High-School Teacher Jason Lofthouse admitted to perverted acts on an innocent young high-school girl. Apparently, he could not keep his 6-inch plumber penis away from a high-school kid. Real men seduce grown women, not little girls. Get with the program Jason!! [ For the best licensed plumbers in your area, including Las Vegas, we recommend Plumbers-For-Hire.Com.

Nevada Government Agencies Try to Shield Criminals and their Spouses from Public Inquiry (Jason R Lofthouse is married!)

It is common for many Clark County School Districts and other school districts to have husband-wife pairs. In reality, in many cases, this combination leads to even more perversity. As I prepare to release my new book on nationwide teacher perversity, and the tactics, methods, and secret language of subHumans, I believe it also important to review the spouses as well. After-all, the old saying of "Birds of the same feather, flock together" is so true. Nevada media organizations and government agencies often attempt to shield certain information from the general public. Nevada media establishments and government agencies are very well known for coddling criminals, and trying to prevent the public from inquiring about the work of YOUR government. In fact, there is a perverted law in Nevada that allows for criminals to even seal their criminal records. In Nevada, government agencies make it difficult for citizens to obtain copies of criminal records.

My upcoming book will be completely be uncensored, and will overcome the efforts of corrupt agencies to deny the people the information needed to make informed educational decisions. My book will detail explosive information about the spouses of convicted perverts as well. My upcoming book is a MUST for every parent, administrator, and student in the entire U.S.A. I No other book will contain meticulous facts and colorful opinions.

Suspicious teacher Marissa C. Lofthouse married to convicted pervert Jason R Lofthouse.

Throughout the time of his perverted acts, Dirty subHuman Jason R Lofthouse maintained a "marriage" to Marissa C. Lofthouse. Clark County School District Records indicate that Marissa C. Lofthouse is a licensed teacher. According to District records, she took the PPST, Pre-Professional Skills Test, rather than the more difficult Praxis Core Math test (my book details that taking easy tests is a potential red-flag. In fact, the organization that administers the easy PPST test has since discontinued the test because too many perverts were using it to get licensed). Marriage records indicate that Marissa C. Lofthouse was married to pervert Jason R Lofthouse, and that the couple even share a home. An attempt to contact wife Marissa C. Lofthouse at their Las Vegas, Nevada House for comment on this story was unsuccessful. I sent a newreporter to this address, and no one answered despite yelling out "Jason Lofthouse Rape Story!". The following represents unanswered questions regarding the "marriage" of Dirty subHuman Jason R Lofthouse. 1.) Why did Marissa C. Lofthouse marry dirty Jason Lofthouse? 2.) Why did Marissa C. Lofthouse agree to have sexual relations with a pervert like Jason R Lofthouse that led to the couple having children; and, 3.) Why did Marissa C. Lofthouse not suspect her husband's interest in teenage girls? 5.) What didn't Marissa C. Lofthouse do in the bedroom that most men enjoy?

Quality men and legitimate humans have no interest in minors. How many quality, articulate, well-dressed, and "normal" males did Marissa C. Lofthouse refuse to date just to be with convicted pervert Jason R Lofthouse? Karma has a way of working it's way back to subHuman females who think with their genitalia rather than a functioning human brain. No one should have sympathy for Marissa C. Lofthouse. She apparently wanted a perverted male with the features, hair-color, eye-color, style, mannerisms, and personality of Jason R Lofthouse; that is the sort of man God gave to her. There is no reason to complain. Let Donald Trump be Trump, and let Jason Lofthouse be Jason.

Rancho High-School girl testifies Against Dirty Pig Jason R Lofthouse

in her own words, a high-school teenager claims "He would pick me up in the morning and we would go to the hotel", the innocent young girl testified. At no time did Jason R Lofthouse discuss Scholarships or Grants for Nevada students The local media reports that Surveillance videos and pictures were taken from the Cannery Hotel and Casino showed during a visit. Desperate for affection, and no longer interested in his apparently boring wife, cameras allegedly showed Dirty Jason Lofthouse hugging and kissing a teen girl in an elevator. In court, Jason R Lofthouse conceded to numerous episodes of sexual contact with a young female student despite public records of his marriage to Marissa C. Lofthouse. He further claimed he was "lonely." What part of the word A-D-U-L-T-E-R-Y does a subHuman like Jason R Lofthouse not understand?

Unfortunately, Adultery is legal in most states although this immoral conduct should also be criminally prosecuted. Let me get this straight, Rancho High-School Teacher Jason Lofthouse is a pervert who is now required to register as a Sex Offender. According to public records, Marissa C. Lofthouse married a pervert. She apparently allowed her non-virgin vagina to be impregnated by a pervert. Legitimate women who think with their brains are not attracted to perverts!

Jason R Lofthouse is a serious danger to the young and innocent high-school girls in the United States of America, as well as Nevada. Instead of protecting them, and defending them, he was engaging in perverted conversations and unethical acts. Where was the federal government at when a pervert like Jason was sharing inappropriate text messages with a little girl? Clearly, the case of Jason Lofthouse case was prosecuted much differently than the case involving Albert Hernandez. He is a Mexican subHuman who was convicted of perversity against an innocent American girl. Jason R Lofthouse is clearly a danger to the thousands of American high-school age girls whose biggest desire is to pursue a college education with sufficient college financing. Most teenage girls are sweet, innocent, and do not even think about sexual acts unless approached by a perverted adult with a dirty mind.

What is troubling is that his wife did not immediately file for divorce knowing that she was married to a pervert. Why did Marissa Lofthouse not report a fellow teacher to the local police as is required by his ethical duties as a teacher? According to standard CCSD policy, as well as many other school districts, teachers have a professional responsibility to report suspicions of inappropriate relationships with students. Merely because Marissa Lofthouse was married to Jason Lofthouse does not excuse her from this responsibility. It is clear that prick-face Jason Lofthouse was more interesting in the undergarments of little high-school girls than the stained panties of a woman who already had multiple children. Woman up Marissa C. Lofthouse: Report Teacher Perversity! Find yourself a real man. Divorce pervert Jason Lofthouse! Can't you do better than Jason Lofthouse?

Racial Disparity in Nevada Judicial Sentencing: Weak Nevada Judges Allows Jason R Lofthouse a cupcake Sentence

Depending upon your point of view, in May of 2016, Nevada "Judge" Eric Johnson either sentenced subHuman Jason Lofthouse to a minimum of 6 years behind bars, with a maximum of 15 years, or Judge Eric Johnson rewarded Jason Lofthouse with a light sentence due to his race. Based upon the outrageous acts of perversity he engaged in, clearly Jason Lofthouse viewed himself as above the law. Rancho High School teacher Jason Lofthouse, 32, was "prosecuted/rewarded" in a North Las Vegas Justice Court. Unlike minority men, he was never really "prosecuted", however. The entire trial was a circus used to fabricate the appearance of a trial. The weak and pathetic sentence confirms that.

Consider these glaring facts aso: On Friday, July 8th, 2008, for example, Larry Bailey, a 21-year-old African-American male was sentenced to as much as 48 years in prison for merely driving a car that was allegedly used in a murder. In May of 2009, Thayer Burton, 18, another minority male, was convicted of first-degree murder with a deadly weapon. He was subsequently sentenced to life in prison, but all charges were later dropped against his pretty Hispanic female co-defendant who helped him coordinate the murder. Lucia Reveles and other females are rarely prosecuted for serious crimes in Nevada.

The same pattern was repeated in the Death penalty case against Ammar Harris. All of his female co-conspirators were relieved of legal liability and were never prosecuted. As many as three female subHumans helped, aided, abetted, and conspired with Death Penalty convict Ammar Harris in his "murder" trial of three people, or aided his escape and concealment (1. Yenesis "Yeni" Alfonzo,a/k/a/ Yesenia Alfonso, a dirty tramp and admitted prostitute who impotent Nevada prosecutors refused to prosecute; 2. subHuman Ashley Jones; and, 3. subHuman Courtney Harper. Not a single female subHuman was prosecuted by impotent Nevada male prosecutors, yet a Death Penalty was still sought against their co-conspirator. Unlike Jason Lofthouse who clearly planned to rape and kidnap his victim, and he dis so on multiple occasions, Mr. Harris apparently fired a bullet into a car which subsequently careened out of control and killed the driver as well as two passengers in vehicles affected by the domino-like collision.

In May of 2016, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Henry J. Hall referred to a minority male rape convict ( Joseph Kenneth Cornett) as a "monster" and sentenced him to as much as 100 years in prison for nearly identical charges (rape and kidnap of teen girls) as the charges leveled against Jason Lofthouse.

The wrath of prosecution in Nevada courts seems to be reserved for African-American and Hispanic males. Jason R Lofthouse is a rapist and kidnapper. Judge him based upon his acts, character, and his position of responsibility, and not his race. Jason R Lofthouse only demonstrated remorse AFTER his conviction. Jason R Lofthouse put the state of Nevada through an expensive trial, exhibits, needless wrangling, and convinced his "attorneys" to use a perverted claim that he was entitled to have sex with a teen girl. Dirty Jason R Lofthouse convinced his Nevada "attorneys" that sexual relations with students is 'OK' for teachers. Hello Jason: You are a liar, and a pervert. Find an Adult Woman!! You sick piece of slime!! Jason R Lofthouse would still be raping this student and more girls if he were never caught. Jason R Lofthouse should have been sentenced to at least 55 years. The Nevada judge should have referred to Jason Lofthouse as a "sick subHuman pervert." Any sentence less than 15 years is too soft. Teacher rape of students WILL continue because certain "prosecutors" and "judges" can't stomach punishing perverts like Jason R Lofthouse, and males like Jason Lofthouse feel above-the-law.

Compare the "sentence/reward" for Jason Lofthouse vs. the "sentence/punishment" for Ammar Harris. Punish female subHumans like their male counterparts! No legitimate prosecutor is impressed with a female subHuman or is impressed with a dirty vagina. This article is not a defense or advocacy for any person, but is a comparison of events.

Marissa Lofthouse should have been questioned about what she knew, saw, and observed. What was the conduct of Jason Lofthouse towards his own children? Did he rape and assault his children? The principal of Rancho High School should be fired for not firing Jason C. Lofthouse after rumors of his perversity. Instead of appearing a his trial announcing a divorce, or denouncing her perverted husband, she appeared in the courtroom to apparently offer moral support.

Public Policy Not Followed in Weak Sentence of CCSD Teacher Jason R Lofthouse

Rancho High School subHuman teacher Jason Lofthouse originally faced 14 Felony counts, including charges of sexual assault (rape) acts against a little girl of 16 or 17 years old. Jason Lofthouse also faced first-degree kidnapping and open or gross lewdness. According to Nevada Revised statutes, NRS 200.320 claims that "A person who aids and abets kidnapping in the first degree is guilty of a category A felony and shall be punished for kidnapping in the first degree..." Penalties for First-Degree Kidnapping in Nevada range from life without the possibility of parole or For life with the possibility of parole.

So, what happened to the severe penalties involving Jason Lofthouse? Why can't Nevada courts be trusted to impose a sentence that fits the crime? Teachers like Jason Lofthouse, and the thousands of other privileged teachers in Nevada will continue to rape and assault students because they know that Nevada "prosecutors (clowns)" will continue to seek light-weight sentences. Nevada laws are clearly intended only for minority men and women, and were never intended for white male teachers like Jason Lofthouse or blonde-haired teachers.

Furthermore, according to Nevada's so-called "sexual assault laws", as defined by NRS 200.366, Jason Lofthouse, should be sentenced to life in prison. The comic-book laws only become real and serious when you are a male racial minority. For example, NRS 200.366 that "...a person who commits a sexual assault is guilty of a category A felony and shall be punished...The options of punishment are "by imprisonment in the state prison for:"
(1) For life without the possibility of parole; or (2) For life with the possibility of parole, with eligibility for parole beginning when a minimum of 15 years has been served. No such punishment has ever been sought against female or male perverts unless the perpetrator is a dis-favored minority male.

Nevada Attorneys For Jason Lofthouse Suggest Teacher-student Sex is Ok.
Jason Lofthouse Should be Castrated!

Nevada "attorneys" for Jason Lofhouse made a creative, but unethical push to declare that sexual relations with a student should be legal if the acts were consensual. For even using such a perverted and immoral defense claim, the Judge should have sentenced Jason Lofthouse immediately to 50 years! Apparently, Jason Lofthouse is so genetically inferior, and so devoid of moral ethics, that he can't comprehend the depravity of his actions. This charge, this unlawful contact between a teacher and a student, is classified as a crime against public decency. According to the immoral logic of Nevada "attorneys", there is no victim in this case because the naive teenager should have known she was dealing with a sophisticated pervert. Another Nevada "attorney" claimed that the victim reluctantly took the stand. Ultimately, his defense attorneys were prepared to fight for male perverted teachers who pursued sexual relations against naive, pure, and innocent female students.

The argument used by Mr. Lofthouse falls apart when race is the issue. Imagine making that outrageous argument if the defendant were a Negro male teacher and the victim was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, model-like student. The attorney's would be ran out of the court room. Hello??!! Jason R Lofthouse should have been sentenced as if her were an African, Hispanic, or other non-white male. It is a shame that Mr. Lofthouse refused to man-up to his charges, accept punishment like a man, and try to fabricate a sissy defense that put the onus on his teenage girl-friend. The fact is that Jason Lofthouse is a cold-blooded rapist, and a subHuman pervert that should be castrated. The time has come for Jason Lofthouse to become a man. He deserves at least 55 years in a maximum security prison and he needs to share a cell with at least one African-American cell mate. Moreover, the parents of the teen should be honored by having the right to castrate Jason Lofthouse with a device of their choosing.

Local Nevada Plumbers

For licensed and certified Nevada Plumbers NOT SUPPORTED BY PERVERT JASON LOFTHOUSE, that have a clean record, no arrests, and perform high-quality work, please see these pages:
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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Airhead Reporter Deborah Norville Talks up Vagina-Faced Convict Jeremy Meeks

By Special News Correspondent:Ron Thomas. The views and comments in this article are mine, and do not reflect the views or opinions of my sponsors or advertisers. For the record, I do not drink, smoke, eat pork, use any drugs, and neither do I need or wear a tatoo to get attention. I have no criminal record of any type. However, my background and education has allowed me to meet convicted criminals, police officers, gang specialists, prosecutors, U.S. Attorney Generals, and gang members , and even convicted murderers. I am a college graduate of a Division I school. Furthermore, I do believe in one Supreme Being. I welcome members of the media to contact me for quotations or information. My Speaking and Appearance fees are $1,000 per hour.

Airhead Reporter Deborah Norville Talks up Vagina-Faced Convict Jeremy Meeks

If you need further evidence about the existence of subHumans, the declining morals of U.S. citizens, and the degenerate thought-processes of subHuman females, and implicit and direct evidence that many subHumans think with their dirty genitalia, read this report. Bimbo Airhead reporter Deborah Norville, who is employed by Inside Edition, demonstrates that social status or education level does not necessarily exclude a person from being a subHuman. Female Washington Post reporter Caitlin Dewey wrote a long, uneducated, and flattering article about so-called "hot" Jeremy Meeks also. Adult Pedophiles reveal themselves in many ways; they are generally attracted to adult perverts. They ignore over $10M in scholarships, grants, and financial-aid for men and women seeking a college education.

Jeremy Meeks: A role model for female trash, subHumans, and inferior Cultures

Jeremy Meeks: A role model for female trash, subHumans, and inferior Cultures. One need only listen to Helium-head females like Deborah Norville ranting and raving about their de facto hero, and male role model: a simple-minded, vagina-faced, low I.Q., and sissy convict named Jeremy Meeks. Why did Jeremy Meeks end up in jail? There are many reasons. Cowardice. Low I.Q. level. subHuman inferiority. etc. His father should have spanked him harder and longer, or had him research scholarship opportunitis to pursue an education. Certainly, he lacked the intelligence to AVOID jail. My, oh my! The inferiority and immorality of the subHuman female brain!

At the same time, these same immoral-minded females want to be judged based upon their alleged "intelligence"? When they are denied a job promotion, they scream and complain about a so-called "Glass Ceiling." Give me a break! Hello, Deborah and Caitlin: Your "intelligence" and character are between your dirty, stinking, and filthy legs! There is no "Glass Ceiling" other than the ceiling created by the alleged victim.

To all female and male subHumans reading this article, listen and read very carefully! The so-called "Hunk" Jeremy Meeks that is being reported by the subHumans who control the liberal media is a convict! What part of the noun C-O-N-V-I-C-T does a subHuman not understand? Vagina-Faced sissy Jeremy Meeks victimized a teen, was involved in drugs, gangs, and violent crimes, etc. Sissy Jeremy Meeks: A role model for female subHuman trash, subHuman males, and inferior cultures. When is the Queen of England going to invite sissy Jeremy Meeks to her British castle? NEVER! NEVER! NEVER!

Vagina-Faced Convict Jeremy Meeks Cowardly Attacks a Teenager

A favorite tactic of criminal prosecutors is to remind a jury about UNCHARGED CRIMES, and past conduct. Let us not forget the crimes that vagina-faced sissy Jeremy Meeks WAS NOT CHARGED WITH, and the crimes he was never caught for. Sissy Jeremy Meeks joined a gang because he was too much of a sissy to fight for himself. He carried a gun because he had no faith in his weak and sissified fists. Keep reading this article and learn why some men emerge from a prison looking like a vagina-faced woman like Jeremy Meeks! Oh, how naive a subHuman is.

If only the subHuman brain had the power and wisdom of a Human. Airhead Deborah Norville and other subHumans from Inside Edition never bothered to contact or interview the victims of Jeremy Meeks, or the men who make "cute" guys their little "bitch" in prison. She never sought to contact the mother (Yes, Ms. Deborah Norville. The teenage victim of Jeremy Meeks did in fact have a mother! Duh?!) All that Airhead deborah norville and her legions of female and homo-erotic subhumans and other trans-perverts can see is a vagina-faced convict with "baby blue eyes".

Unanswered Questions about the Masculinity of Punk Sissy Jeremy Meeks

Unanswered Questions about the Masculinity of Punk Sissy Jeremy Meeks. Jeremy Meeks claims to be a "father." Ok. That occurred BEFORE he went to prison. There are several unanswered questions about the masculinity of Jeremy Meeks. How did Vagina-faced Jeremy Meeks emerge from a prison without any prison scars? Who protected him in prison and why? Was Jeremy Meeks Raped in Prison? Airhead Bimbo Deborah Norville never asked these tough questions. Was Jeremy Meeks sodomized by anyone in prison? Was he forced into prostitution or traded around by other prisoners.

It is common knowledge for "cellies" that when a man is released from the Big House, and looks like a woman after his release, then there is a good reason for it. Males that come from a prison without any marks, without scrapes, without broken bones, surely were not shot callers, and more than likely were the pet "bitch" of one or several other men. As a general rule, no "man" leaves a prison looking "better" than he came in unless he served at the pleasure of other men.

Jeremy Meeks looks like a woman without long hair. There is no doubt he is a sissy. Some men would step on his toes in public and see how he responds. Or some men would simply kiss his wife directly in front of his face. I am not suggesting or advocating either act. Everyone deserves respect when "earned." Jeremy Meeks has not earned that respect, quite yet.

subHuman Texas Math Teacher Haeli Noelle Wey Taught Dirty Math to Male Students. Haeli Noelle Wey used her stinking, evil, and dirty vagina to entice innocent male youth.

In a prison, there is nothing "free". Outside of prison, there is nothing "free." Protection in a prison comes from either being in a prison gang that "runs" the floor, or from being a "Shot Caller", which we know Jeremy Meeks was certainly not, or from a "made bitch", or protection can come via having lots of money. Wimp face sissy Jeremy Meeks never sought to promote any scholarships and grants from prison either. Vagina-faced sissy Jeremy Meeks never discusses how or if he avoided being gang-raped in prison, and how on Earth he emerged without any fight scars, battle marks, or cuts, or even scapes.

Jeremy Meeks has no college degree, and he is not intelligent enough to obtain a legitimate college degree from any degree-granting, top-ranked, Division I university. All that Mr. Jeremy Meeks can boast about is impressing the lowest class of subHuman females, the same type that Donald Trump has accurately described in the past. Furthermore, vagina-faced Jeremy is being employed by homo-erotic companies that are well known for quid pro quo homosexuality in return for employment. If Jeremy Meeks has not had a homosexual experience in prison, then rest assured that by receiving a "modeling contract" with a U.S. company owned and managed by homosexuals, he is well on his way to being treated like all the other male and female models of that type: There is nothing free in the modeling business, and there is nothing free in prison.

subHumans Are Attracted to subHumans: Boycott Jeremy Meeks Apparel, Advertisers, and Products.

subHumans Are Attracted to subHumans: Boycott Jeremy Meeks Apparel, Advertisers, and Products. We urge persons to create and circulate petition boycotting EACH AND EVERY ADVERTISER that attempts to promote a dirty ape-thug like Jeremy Meeks. But, Jeremy claims he is a "family man", and has wife and kids? He is no pretending to be a legitimate human, but his criminal record proves otherwise.

Did his wife also participate in or conceal his crimes? Only a pathetic and desperate woman or prostitute marries a convict with the record of a Jeremy Meeks. Michael Vicks, the tough football player, was accused of using dogs to fight. He faced an assortment of opposition. Females around the world protested and rallied against him. He was booed and reviled every where he went. His biggest enemies were females. However, the subHuman female response with Jeremy Meeks has been different although the crimes engaged by Jeremy Meeks are far more extensive. Where are the protests? Where are the rallies against Jeremy Meeks? subHuman females often complain about "sex discrimination" when in fact these subHumans are responsible for the treatment they receive from Superior Men and from Superior Women.

The reaction to Jeremy Meeks by thoudands of subHuman females is the most recent and best evidence why men and women in position of power and authority SHOULD NEVER TRUST OR DELEGATE AUTHORITY TO A SUBHUMAN FEMALE. SubHumans all think with the lower part of their body, while superior persons rely upon the upper part of their body. God created the Universe, and he provided Superior Men and Superior women with intelligence, character, and morals and the Devil provided the subHuman with flashly-looks.

Perverted Hollywood and Liberal Agents Help Sissy Jeremy. Why not give Boston Marathon Bomber a Second chance?

Jim Jordan of the White Cross Management , and Gina Rodriguez, are persons who are helping this convict. Thousands of dirty subHuman females are clamoring that this "blue-eyed" convict be given a second chance. Why not also give the Boston Marathon Bomber a second chance also. They should be ashamed of themselves. These two suspicious persons should also be investigated. Vagina-faced Jeremy is being referred to as a "California Gangbanger" as if this label is some type of honor. In reality, who "banged" sissy Jeremy in prison?? Blacks are being implicitly urged to kill other black youth, men, and women.

In speaking for all of the victims of California gange members, one wonders if a California Crip gang member killed a family member of punk Jim Jordan or dirty-minded Gina Rodriguez, and he was "hot", "cute", would they still be representing sissy Jeremy? The same liberal media portrayed Boston Marathon "suspect" Dzhokhar Anzorovich as also "hot" and handsome. We use the term "suspect" because, according to subHumans, we should judge persons based purely upon "looks", and based upon his "looks" the Boston Marathon killer should be freed.

The crimes of the Boston Marathon Bomber were apparently way too tough for Jeremy. Jeremy Meeks is a petty sissy in comparison to hard-core California gang members, or "handsome" killers like Dzhokhar Anzorovich.

Conclusion and Opportunity for Jeremy Meeks to issue a Rebuttal

Conclusion and Opportunity for Jeremy Meeks to issue a Rebuttal. If Mr. Jeremy Meeks wants to contradict any information in this report, or issue a rebuttal, he should personally contact me, and provide a rebuttal in his own words, not via an attorney or agent. He should provide contradictory evidence that meet these requirements: a). A copy of his complete prison record, names and contact phone numbers of males he encountered in prison, and declaration from each of them that affirm they never witnessed Jeremy Meeks being raped, sodomized, and sexually abused by non-female faced males; b.) He should provide a medical report from doctors including any or all sexual diseases he actually acquired or was exposed to in prison.

Alternatively, Jeremy Meeks can also 1.)Rip up all of his modeling and media contracts; 2.) Denounce his entire subHuman fan base, and reject their immoral attempts to teach youth that education, character, and integrity mean nothing.

Lastly, if Jeremy Meeks cannot meet any of these conditions, he can simply admit the following: "I am illiterate, and I cannot read or write", and he can mark his name with the letter "X."

All God-Fearing males and father figures should REJECT all apparel products and advertisers by Vagina-faced Jeremy Meeks just as subHuman females would certainly and surely protest any favorable treatment given to a male who does not look like or resemble a female. The same subHuman females would not even discuss, listen to, or even entertain a thought of considering lenient treatment or "second opportunities" for quality males and others. Mr. Jeremy Meeks is welcome to grace the covers of The Advocate, or publications marketed to dirty, disgusting, and tramp female subHumans where his large "fan" base is. Praise the Devil for the care of the subHumans. Praise God for the care of the Righteousness. The End.

Jeremy Meeks Never promoted these scholarships, grants, and financial-aid
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Saturday, April 9, 2016

subHuman New York Nurse Kristen Johnson used private Camera to photograph Male Penis

subHuman New York Nurse Kristen Johnson used private Camera to photograph Male Penis

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas. I ask this same question all the time: What is it about the 'cute' female brain that makes many so ineffective when it comes to moral values? Apparently, dirty New York Nurse Kristen Johnson gets excited looking at the photographs of the male penis just as perverted males get excited at pornography. The sick and perverted often do not understand their own depravity.

Too many American women are becoming more and more perverted. subHuman New York Nurse Kristen Johnson admitted using a camera to ilegally photograph a male penis. New York Nurse Kristen Johnson knew she should have been promoting New York Nursing Scholarship opportunities instead of promoting an illicit use of cameras. What is unclear is whether or not she performed other "services" on such males.

If you were a male patient of this dirty New York Nurse Kristen Johnson, and you believe she improperly touched you or allowed her dirty skin to touch you then you should file a police report immediately! Either contact this blog author or your local police.

Despite being a licensed Nurse, what was this dirty New York Nurse Kristen Johnson thinking about more than 50% of the time? She was consumed at the prospect of illegally taking pictures of naked men and their penises. Ok. Wow! My question to subHuman New York Nurse Kristen Johnson would be: Do you have a boyfriend? Why not take a photo of the 4-inch sized penis of your slimy boyfriend instead of infringin upon the privacy of innocent men?! We need tough new sentencing laws to police the new rise of female perversity in the class room, hospitals, and work-places.

New York Hospital Hired dirty blond Nurse Kristen Johnson.

What New York Hospital Hired dirty blonde nurse Kristen Johnson? According a New York police report, Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office obtained an arrest warrant against dirty New York nurse Kristen Johnson because her clean and moral colleagues reported that she had sent them inappropriate cellphone pictures multiple times. Despite obvious red-flags about her character, gender, temperment, private use of profane language, attraction to males, and moral fitness to be a nurse, Upstate University Hospital still hired dirty blond Kristen Johnson. Healthcare Scholarship opportunities ignored by dirty New York nurse Kristen Johnson. Dirty blond Kristen Johnson has had sexual relations with males and she has demonstrated an acute interest in a male penis of someone other than her lawful husband; this is evidence of her perversity. Dirty nurse Kristen Johnson incorrectly assumed that her colleages shared her amusement for dirty language, dirty thoughts, and dirty pictures. Tramp Kristen Johnson was asked tough questions by local law enforcement such as: 1.) Were you illegally snapping photos of male body parts without their permission; 2.) Are you a pervert interested in the photographs of male body parts; 3.) Were you sharing the dirty pictures that you took with your co-workers? 5.) Isn't it true that you are a subHuman incapable of having moral values?

Impotent, Cowardly, and Corrupt New York Prosecutors Afraid to Imprison subHuman Dirty New York Kristen Johnson

Impotent, Cowardly, and Corrupt New York Prosecutors Afraid to Imprison subHuman Dirty-Blonde Kristen Johnson. There is a national epidemic of older, insecure, blonde-haired, and brunette-haired Caucasoid female perverts, that are abusing male students, abusing female students, abusing children, and engaging in felony crimes without any sort of judicial deterrent. Oftentimes, the so-called "District Attorney" (District Joke) offers these female perverts either no prison time or simply "probation" while sentencing their "ugly" male counterparts to harsh prison sentences. Medical Scholarship opportunities ignored by dirty New York nurse Kristen Johnson. If the female pervert is a licensed professional, which is the case of dirty New York Nurse Kristen Johnson, the weak and impotent prosecutor will even reduce the felony charge, and instead simply have the female pervert be subjected to a license revocation. However, the criminal code does not specifically and clearly articulate that "licensed professionals are exempt from imprisonment, and instead their license should be revoked..."

New York Prosecutors Accused of Obstruction of Justice for Weak Probation and License Revocation "Sentence" Given to subHuman Dirty Blonde Kristen Johnson.

Dirty Blonde Kristen Johnson also ignored $ millions of dollars in Women Scholarships and grants.

New York Prosecutors Accused of Obstruction of Justice for Weak Probation and License Revocation "Sentence" Given to subHuman Dirty Blonde Kristen Johnson. What does it take for a U.S. male "prosecutor" to clearly, unequivocally, and aggressively punish a blonde-haired, blue-eyed female pervert? From 2014, to 2015, over 368 female perverts were arrested, charged, for crimes relating to perversity,lust, sexual assault, or some form of subHuman deviant conduct that normal Humans do not engage in. In 90% of these cases where the defendant was a blonde-brunette, or a red-headed Caucasion female, the male prosecutors did not seek prison time. In the New York case involving Dirty Blonde Kristen Johnson, this case also highlights a severe judicial imbalance of American jurisprudence.

Despite having a "valid" Nursing license, Dirty Blonde Kristen Johnson was arrested in May 2015 after authorities say she took photos of innoncent male patients at Upstate University Hospital, and then sent them to her female co-workers. She is alleged to have masturbated herself to the photos. Despite this clear-cut evidence, and her own admission in the form a guilty plea, and despite a clearly written public policy that requires the prosecution of such crimes, New York prosecutors were too impressed with her gender, race, and hair-color. Therefore, Upsate New York Hospital remains a very dangerous place for male and female patiencts because if the perpetrator is blonde or brunette, or red-hrad, then it is very likely that the crime will not be taken seriously. Unfortunetley, there is one set of laws for attractive female perverts, but another set of laws for male perverts. All the while, children and youth are being abused.

Dirty New York Kristen Johnson: "Weak men are afraid to prosecute blondes."

Dirty Blonde Kristen Johnson: "Weak men are afraid to prosecute blondes." Before writing this article, I reached out to Kristen Johnson. I wanted to talk to her about her "sentence." She conceded something that everyone knows: "Weak men are afraid to prosecute blondes..." Consider the case involving cowardly Louisiana "Prosecutor" Joel Chaisson, and his alleged "prosecution" of the perverted blonde-haired, two-legged subHuman daughter of so-called "Judge" Emile St. Pierre. Hello, Mr. Emile St. Pierre. Your daughter is a slut, a tramp, and a subHuman pervert. If she was prosecuted correctly, she would be serving a 30 year prison sentence alongside the Betty Mae Johnsons, and Emily Cortezs', and other minority and poorer suspects.

Our European allies view these cases as evidence that American males are weak, pathetic, sissies who can't seem to punish an immoral female. Judicially impotent Louisiana "Prosecutor" Joel Chaisson embarrassed the entire United States of America, and brought shame to Louisiana by not seeking a lengthy prison sentence against Rachel Respess, 24, and Shelley Dufresne, 32. Both of these scum-bag female perverts sexually raped, assualted, and forced their female dirt upon our innocent male youth. After her "sentence", the scum-bag female pervert who the impotent and coward Joel Chaisson was afraid to prosecute, highlighted her "victory" be posting a smiling selfie of her self on the Internet. Therefore, she knew she had not been "punished."

In New York and elsewhere, female perverts are not being prosecuted for raping and abusing our young men. It is the responsibility of humans and normal citizens to demand State Bar investigations, file Federal complaints, against civil suits against prosecutors, as well as a change in laws that requires MANDATORY SENTENCING, AND NO CHANGE IN ORIGINAL CHARGES-ONCE-FILED. We need new laws to prosecute "prosecutors" who are soft on female criminals to prevent these inferior, pathetic, and morally weak "prosecutors" from being overly influenced by female dirt. Male New York "prosecutors", as well as male prosecutors of numerous other districts, can't seem to separate justice vs. inconvenience. Simply "revoking" a license is a lousy and meaningless penalty that would have been taken by the licensing board regardless of incarceration. Dirty Blonde Kristen Johnson admitted taking immoral pictures of an unconscious male without his permission and consent. This subHuman creature of perversity knew that her Nursing license was predicated upon being moral and upright.

For New York general Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, please see this page:

New York scholarships New York general Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid

For New York Healthcare Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, please see this page:
New York Scholarships

For New York Medical Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, please see this page:
New York Scholarships

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Frog-Face Korean Prison Teacher Chong-Hwa Chang Arrested for Animal Sex with Convicted Murderer

Frog-Face Korean Prison Teacher Chong-Hwa Chang Arrested for Animal Sex with Convicted Murderer
subHuman Prison Teacher Bribed Black inmate for Sex.

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas. I ask this question every article: What is it about the female Teacher brain that can't compute common sense and moral values? Although I disagree with the belief of some who view "females" as the "Devil's Creation", I often question why are so many females in supervisory positions so weak mentally and morally? Alien-Face New Jersey Prison Teacher Chong-Hwa Chang had a salary of over $70,000/year, dental insurance, health insurance, and a pension for retirement. None of that mattered when it came to a slick-talking, thug-sounding Rashid Walker. Every year, numerous inmates around the country are actualy looking for financial-aid to better themselves. Instead of helping inmates help themselves to educational resources, what was Chong-Hwa Chang doing instead? Chong-Hwa Chang was and continues to be a subHuman. God put cock-roaches on Earth for the same reason He put subHumans on Earth. Cock-roaches are attracted to Trash, and so too are subHumans. subHuman Chong-Hwa Chang was assigned to be an instructor for New Jersey prison inmates.

Korean Teacher Chong-Hwa Chang Kept Journal of Filthy Sex Acts with dirty Convict Rashid Walker.

Korean Teacher Chong-Hwa Chang Kept Journal of Filthy Sex Acts with dirty Convict Rashid Walker. She provided oral, anal, and every imaginable dirty sex act that came to her subHuman mind. Police report that this despicable and odd-looking female instructor was apparently keeping a journal of her perverted animal acts on a locked-up prisoner who had no other choice but to pursue the only female within his grasp. Subscribe to this Blog and be ready for my new upcoming book. I expose the methods, processes, and procedures of male and female perverts who teach in the classroom. I also expose how female perverts groom male administrators to throw them off track. I am former teacher and I know ALL of the methods used by corrupt female teachers and male teachers toward students and administrators.

Who Hired Unqualified Teacher Chong-Hwa Chang to be a New Jersey Prison Teacher?

According to information from New Jersey prosecutors, subHuman Chong-Hwa Chang, 42, of Delran, confessed to having sex with an inmate more than 20 times while she was employed at New Jersey State Prison. There are no reports as to whether or not Chong-Hwa Chang infected the inmate with HIV, Herpes, or some other STD. Persons reading this article should consider a career in Nursing or the Medical profession. Numerous media records claim that the subHuman was born in Korea, but that she still a naturalized citizen. Japanese and Chinese history books paint a picture of Korean women as "immoral, lacking values, and lacking basic human intellect..." The Trentonian has learned that the unlucky victim of her perverted lust and foul-smelling, and dirty vagina was inmate Rashid Walker, 35, a Passaic man. Punk Rashid Walker was convicted in 2004 of fatally shooting a 23-year-old coin laundry manager during a robbery, according to published accounts. Rashid Walker is a "perfect" catch for another female subHuman. His qualifications are numerous: Rashid Walker is a convict; Rashid Walker is a thug; Rashid Walker is not articulate; Rashid Walker is a slang-talking, thug-sounding, male ape; Rashid Walker is apparently broke, and has no car, or home; Rashid Walker is a "young man." Mr. Rashid Walker has all the qualities required to impress any subHuman female. He is great "catch." New Jersey law enforcement were made aware of the allegations against the suspected subHuman pervert Chong-Hwa Chang when other New Jersey prison inmates began noticing foul odors when Chong-Hwa Chang would enter the teaching clasroom. Inmates were complaining about her bad breath, bad body odor, and the fact that she and Rashid Walker always seemed to be together at inappropriate times.

subHuman Chong-Hwa Chang Fails to Answer Letter sent by Blogger

When asked was her body odor naturally offensive to humans, she declined to answer. A letter that I addressed to New Jersey Dept. of Corrections,c/o subHuman Chong-Hwa Chang, requesting an answer about this article and her qualifications was not answered. The U.S. media claims that subHuman Chong-Hwa Chang obtained a master’s degree from Rutgers University. However, did she use her dirty Korean vagina to influence her grades or degree? There is now a suspicion that her Rutger's degree may have even been fraudulently obtained or sexually-influenced. If a subHuman is willing to have an intimate relationship with something as low as a convicted murderer than why not a college professor? Somehow, she tricked or bribed another male to produce two children from a prior relationship.

The media reports that her present job was obtained "through connections her father built as a retired corrections officer." i recommend that father be sued by the New Jersey Dept. of Corrections for providing false, incomplete, or deceptive information with respect to Chong-Hwa Chang's alleged qualifications.

Weak New Jersey Prosecutors Charge subHuman Chong-Hwa Chang with Single crime. State Bar Complaint Against Female "Prosecutor" Jennifer Downing

What the U.S. needs are muslim male prosecutors or tough-minded male prosecutors who are not impressed with the dirty, stinking, and evil vagina of a subHuman female. Judging from the fact that only a single count was assessed against subHuman Chong-Hwa Chang, one can surmise that Assistant New Jersey Prosecutor Jennifer Downing (another weak-minded female) may even be interested in Mr. Walker. subHuman Chong-Hwa Chang, "confessed to having sex with an inmate more than 20 times" Can alleged Prosecutor Jennifer Downing count or does she know that 20 is 19 times more than one (1)? Chong-Hwa Chang should be ORDERED to trial for EACH AND EVERY ANIMAL ACT THAT RASHID WALKER AND CHONG-HWA CHANG engaged in. I will be drafting a State Bar complaint against New Jersey "Prosecutor(powderpuff)" Jennifer Downing if sufficient evidence in the public domain suggest has engaged in unethical acts that do not advance the interests of justice. The general public wants subHuman Chong-Hwa Chang prosecuted. subHuman Chong-Hwa Chang should be charged with at least 20 criminal acts, and made an example for all other subHuman female correctional officers and instructors who may be thinking about endangering the safety of inmates and the public.

Bribery Charges Should be sought Against subHuman Chong-Hwa Chang. Order Monthly HIV tests for Chong-Hwa Chang

New Jersey Nursing Scholarships and Grants. New Jersey Prosecutors said it appeared subHuman Chong-Hwa Chang shared intimate photos with the inmate and was also close with his family, giving them gifts and attending the wedding of a relative. Using the money from her New Jersey instructor position, Chong-Hwa Chang also bought the family of Rashid Walker gifts, and so forth. The issue is this: Was this desperate, and low-class, Korean "thing" desperate for sex to the extent that these "gifts" were actually a form of bribery? As a prosecutor, I would be seeking charges of Bribery Agsinst a State Employee; and 20 counts of rape against subHuman Chong-Hwa Chang. The only plea-bargain that I would accept is a 20-year sentence, and a requirement that Chong-Hwa Chang be registered as a sex offender; and, she consent to monthly HIV tests and vaginal tests or she could accept female castration. I would effectively end all male/female perversity in the New Jersey prison system. Jennifer Downing is proposing a single count against subHuman Chong-Hwa Chang. Obviously, Jennifer Downing is too emotionally weak for her position as a prosecutor. The position of "prosecutor" means to prosecute crimes, not act as emotional cry-babys when the defendant also has a vagina.

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