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Monday, August 17, 2015

Jason R Lofthouse: Prick-face Rancho High School teacher suspected of perversity; teen Rape, and Kidnapping

Jason R Lofthouse: Prick-face Rancho High School teacher suspected of perversity; teen rape, and Kidnapping

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Another CCSD teacher suspected of perverted acts on an innocent young girl. Rancho High-School teacher Jason R. Lofthouse is the latest in a long string of suspected perverted teachers.Jason R Lofthouse: Pervert or Teacher? Here we go on. Prick-face Jason R Lofthouse was arrested on the last day of school on June 4th 2015. According to the official police report, an innocent Nevada young girl reported to police that one of her female friends was seduced by 32 year-old Jason R Lofthouse. The suspected perverted relationship allegedly blossomed into a sexual encounter of filth, dirt, grime, sin,and fecal-smelling acts. Despite dozens of night-clubs in Las Vegas, Nevada, and hundreds of places and opportunities to meet adult women, and men, more and more perverted teachers with loser personalities are using their employment as a means to seduce naive, young, and immature little children. The consensus at Rancho High School among several students seems to be that Jason R. Lofthouse was a familiar pervert who was interested in teen girls. Often times adult men seek young ten girls because f their relatively small penis, and such men normally have personality flaws that adult women would not accept. Perverted women think the same as perverted men.

Jason R Lofthouse: Minimum Sentence of 50 years Recommended for All Teachers Suspected of Perversity on a Student

Jason R Lofthouse had an opportunity to promote Nevada Scholarships and grants to Rancho High-School students. Instead of using his position as a licensed teacher to discuss and promote legitimate Nevada scholarship opportunities and federal grants for Nevada students, he appeared to have been more interested in lifting up a young girl's skirt and taking her to area Las Vegas, Nevada hotels like a subhuman male pervert. Teen girls need to know about scholarship and grant opportunities in the Nursing and medical field, and not be exposed to potential STDs by a desperate male teacher that few adult women want. Adult teachers who are perverted, depraved, and desperate prey upon teens because they understand that their own personality flaws are not attractive to adults of the opposite gender. Mr. Jason R. Lofthouse remains jailed on $250,000.00 bound, although his bail amount should have been at least $16 million. Prosecutors should always set bail at $1 million per each each age of the victim in years. When he was hired by the School District, Jason R Lofthouse knew the cardinal rule for all teachers: Avoid all touching of students. Avoid friendships with students. Instead, this suspected, low-life, suspected male pervert allegedly went in the opposite direction, and is now suspected of raping an innocent teen girl who was not mature enough to know what a creep this guy probably is.

Nevada Prosecutors Urged to Keep Pressure on Jason R Lofthouse and Seek Federal charges.

Jason R Lofthouse claims he is innocent. If he is innocent, why was he arrested? Let's be honest. Did Jason R Lofthouse have an illicit relationship with a girl young enough to be his daughter? Did Jason R Lofthouse take a teen girl to a hotel? Did Jason R Lofthouse promote Nevada Medical Scholarships? Did Jason R Lofthouse promote Nevada Healthcare scholarships? The teenage girl claims that Jason R Lofthouse even had sex in the school classroom. She NEVER confirmed that Jason R Lofthouse discussed online colleges, online degrees, or even distant learning opportunities despite his requirement that part of his lesson plan include Blended Learning techniques. Surveillance images obtained by police showed Lofthouse kissing the teen in an elevator at the Cannery, according to an arrest report. The young girl was seduced to even skip class to meet this suspected male-trash subhuman pervert.

Nevada prosecutors need to keep the pressure on Jason R Lofthouse because his creative attorneys are trying to argue that the teenage girl consented to the perverted sex acts. Teen girls are innocent and are not capable of consenting to adult perverts. Louis Schneider, one of Lofthouse’s two suspicious attorneys, said the defense plans to ask the Nevada Supreme Court to deem unconstitutional part of the law making it illegal for school teachers, staff or volunteers to have sex with students over the age of consent. Ok. Any teacher employed in any school district that has an improper relationship with a students needs to permanently banned from any job related to students.

Therefore, it appears that Jason R Lofthouse actually admits to the perverted activity with the teen girl but he is arguing that the kid is not a victim, and that she should have known he was a pervert. Federal authorities charged Hispanic teacher Albert Silva Hernandez Jr., a former CCSD teacher, with numerous crimes after he pursued a young blonde girl. Federal prosecutors need to explore what possible charges are available to drop on Jason R Lofthouse since he now is questioning whether or not this kid girl is a victim or not. Clearly, Jason R Lofthouse is a danger to the community, and he should remain jailed until he apologies for attacking the credibility of this young girl. No 17 year-old child is old enough to consent to a perverted act with a 32 year-old male pervert.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Utah Judge Sentences Subhuman Utah Teacher Brianne Altice to Prison for Perverted Sex

Utah Judge Sentences Subhuman Utah Teacher Brianne Altice to Prison for Perverted Sex

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas. Utah Teacher Brianne Altice, 35, was charged with sexually abusing three male kids at Davis High School in Kaysville, Utah in March of 2013. She was first arrested in October 2013, after authorities learned she apparently could not control herself like a normal human. The police report details the allegation that Utah Teacher Brianne Altice could not resist a 15 year-old boy, and therefore decided to engage in feces-smelling, perverted sex, with a 15-year-old boy. At no time did Brianne Altice recommend, discuss, or even show marginal intetest in the various Utah Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid programs that are sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars,and other organizations. Convinced of the guilt of this two-legged, sex-ape, a Utah Judge sentenced her to prison. Unfortunately, she should have been sentenced to at least 50 years to serve as a reminder that female rape of male students is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

An argument that Utah Teacher Brianne Altice is a Subhuman

A legitimate argument can be made that Utah Teacher Brianne Altice is not a human, and instead is a subhuman in the disguise of a human. Let's consider the facts. She failed inform any of her students about the emerging use of online degrees to better their careers. A male victim testiied that he and his female animal had "sex" or some form of perverted stimulation immediately after blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Brianne Altice, bailed out of jail on sex abuse and rape charges in October 2013. Despite the gravity of her charges, the married Utah Teacher tramp apparently could not resist this young boy despite the oath of her mariage. She lied to and deceived the judge in 2013 by claiming that she was "harmless." Prosecutors claimed that the Utah Teacher Brianne Altice communicated with her male rape victims through filthy text messages, and sent at least one pornographic picture of her dirty breast. Clearly, Brianne Altice is an animal that should be sent to the nearest Zoo. She defiled her teaching oath, her marriage, and she apparently is too much of a subhuman to control her physical urges. One of her students claimed "She always wanted to be liked," Davis High School student Kylee Carroll said in 2013. "I just didn't think that she would ever do something like this."

Low I.Q. Level of Utah Teacher Brianne Altice Should have Prevented Her from Being Hired.

As evidenced by the criminal charges, and her eventual sentence, and the fact that repeatedly failed to endorse, or recommend popular Utah Scholarship Programs to her male OR female students, it is very clear that Utah Teacher Brianne Altice knows right from wrong, but she is also genetically inferior as a human. She thinks and acts with her vagina instead of her air-equipped, and Helium-filled brain. clear that of them photos of her breasts.status as a teacher, and her professional duty to abstain from even TOUCHING a student. Although Utah Prosecutors should be commended and applauded for prosecuting this female monster and depraved subhuman, it is too bad she was not referred to a Zoo instead of a prison. She disgraced her husband, her family, and her children simply to be with little boys with a half-sized penis. At some point, she will burn in Hell for her adultery.

Female Castration Recommended for Perverted Female Teachers like Brianne Altice

Utah Teacher Brianne Altice is a perfect candiDate for female castration. She defiled her marriage, and raped several boys who could not reject her pathetic advances. She used her worthless, dirty, and despicable vagina to entice young boys. She used her dirty mind to rape numerous teen males, and exposed each one to a possible sexual disease. She also exposed her faithful husband to a sexual disease. The fact that her worthless vagina was used outside of her marraige qualifies for castration. Prison doctors should be ordered to seal her vagina, remove the clitoris, and remove all nerves from this area to prevent this subhuman animal from further "urges" or animal-like tendencies. Female castration is the best recommended method to prevent the growing body of perverted female teachers from abusing young males.

Students Deserve a Right to an Education wihout Perverts

All Students Deserve a Right to an Education without Perverts. Adult perverts serving in the capacity of teachers are subjecting innocent teens to abuse, perversity, and interfering with their right to have a normal education. Utah Teacher Brianne Altice cried out loud that "I am a human." In fact, Utah Teacher Brianne Altice IS NOT A HUMAN. SHE DOES NOT ACT LIKE A HUMAN, DOES NOT THINK LIKE A HUMAN, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY SHE CANNOT CONTROL HER "URGES" LIKE NORMAL HUMANS CAN.

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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Scholarship Points: Win Scholarships, Earn Points, and Win Prizes

Scholarship Points: Win Scholarships, Earn Points, and Win Prizes

Scholarship Points: Win Scholarships, Earn Points, and Win Prizes. There is a new way to obtain financial-aid, scholarships, and win money for higher-education. Many scholarship sponsors are using a Scholarship Points system to attract a social-media savvy crowd. The system works by earning Scholarship Points by Sharing, Liking, Following, Re-Tweeting popular links. Making phone calls to sponsors is also a way to earn Bonus points. Scholarship applicants and grant seekers build Scholarship Points online and are credited for their actions. When a certain level of points are accumulated, they can 'cash" in the Scholarship Points for a chance to win a Scholarship, or Prize at the end of the month. Sound simple? It is simple.

How to Earn Scholarship Points through popular Scholarship Programs

How to Earn Scholarship Points through popular Scholarship Programs. Pardon the comparison, and we do not condone prison breakouts, however, If David Sweat and Richard Matt can demonstrate enough will-power to break out of a maximum security prison, and work tirelessly for seven months cutting through a 24 inch pipe undetected, we believe it is not asking too much for our scholarship applicants to do simple tasks like Re-tweeting, Sharing, Following, Liking, and Calling at least 3 of our sponsors, and referring friends or family members to do the same. How bad do you want to win $10,000, $1,000, or win $500? Scholarships require effort. Scholarships require meritorious intent, and a demonstration of intent to attend a college or university.

Can you Earn Scholarship Points by Killing a Google Executive?

Can you Earn Scholarship Points by Killing a Google Executive? Google executive Forrest Timothy Hayes was familiar with Scholarship Points. However, he referred to his points system as Whore-Points since he was secretly dating Alix Catherine Tichelman, and he used a significant amount of money on buying the affection of prostitutes. Alix Catherine Tichelman was a high-priced hooker that sold her services through a points system that was based upon wealth, and influence. The more money her 'Trick; made, the more money she would charge. She was accused of killing Mt. Hayes in sex-drug-scandal. Can you earn points for killing a Google executive? Absolutely not!!! We do not advocate, suggest, or imply to any person to engage in any criminal act(s). All it takes is old-fashioned sharing, re-tweeting, liking, following and placing a few phone calls if you have a genuine interest in a particular product or service. Notice the catch word IF. Yes. you can earn scholarship points for expressing an interest in something you are ALREADY interested in.

More ways to earn Scholarship Points: Sharing, Liking, Re-Tweeting, and Following

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Nursing is in Demand

Accelerated Nursing Degrees. More Nurses needed. 15-month program. Guaranteed employment. Nursing Scholarships/Grants, and Financial-Aid.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Two-Timing Google Executive Killed by Filthy Prostitute: Failed to index Google Scholarships and Grants

Two-Timing Google Executive Killed by Filthy Prostitute: Failed to index Google Scholarships and Grants

Alix Catherine Tichelman is the young woman at the center of the storm following the death of a married Google executive. She is an alleged high-price prostitute who is accused of injecting a married Google executive with 'Heroin' and then stood over him as he died, smiling, and drinking a glass of wine as her high-profile 'Trick' customer slowly drifted towards his death. —is officially going to prison. Alix Catherine Tichelman is decently attractive, but hardly looks like she is worth of demanding thousands of dollars. What does she have that is so valuable? She is not a sponsor or provider of scholarships and financial-aid. She markets herself to men who apparently have trouble meeting women. Her vagina is not worth thousands of dollars, and is not even worth $12.00. Despite this analysis, a married Google executive spent more time with a cunning, dirty, and filthy prostitute than ensuring all of the Google scholarships and grant pages were ranked on page #1. Alix Catherine Tichelman used her dirty vagina to entice a married Google executive to her wings. Too bad she sdid not also encourager him to rank our Google Scholarships page to a page #1 ranking.

Google Executive Failed to Index/Rank Key Google Scholarships, but had time for Dirty Prostitute

Google executive Forrest Timothy Hayes was married and had children. He also had a moral responsibility to index numerous Google Scholarship pages such that moral and clean men and women could apply for scholarships and grants they were eligible for. Instead of working hard to get these pages ranked higher, what was Forrest Timothy Hayes doing? Apparently, according to police records, he was being out-smarted by a dim-witted, street-smart, brunette prostitute that he was having an affair with. Alix Catherine Tichelman is a whore. A high-priced whore. She understands her role. Alix Catherine Tichelman viewed Forrest Timothy Hayes as just another easy 'Trick' who was snared in her deceit, beauty, and openly-ready vagina. She never respected him as a man, and therefore she had no problem with treating him as the desperate male 'Trick' he apparently was. Rule #1 for all men: Never pay any woman for something that God intended to be for free.

Google Executive Turns to Sugar Daddy Dating Site instead of Google Scholarships Site map to Rank Scholarships and Grants.

Instead of ensuring that millions of men and women locate, for example, our Nursing Scholarship pages, Google executive Forrest Timothy Hayes was browsing for Sugar Daddy-type websites looking for immoral women like Alix Catherine Tichelman who were willing to sell their dirty vagina to any man willing to spend hundreds of dollars. Instead of being a prostitute, Alix Catherine Tichelman can make more being a Nurse. Due to his lust and adultery, and refusal to even rank certain Google Scholarship pages, Google executive Forrest Timothy Hayes ws found dead of an overdose of drugs. He was with Alix Catherine Tichelman on his 50-foot yacht. As her 'Trick' died in front of her, she was drinking a glass. What she needed was not just a good spanking, but a man that would put her in her place. Unfortunately, Mr. Forrest Timothy Hayes was not that man. She could have called the California Persoal Injury Hotline number at 12-213-327-3002.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Louisiana Teacher Plea Deal Leads to Corruption Allegations Against Prosecutor Joel Chaisson

Louisiana Teacher Plea Deal Leads to Corruption Allegations Prosecutor Joel Chaisson II. Fails to Prosecute Blonde Female Perverts Shelley Dufresne, and Rachel Respess.

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

The story of two seemingly perverted Louisiana High-School teachers Rachel Respess and Shelley Dufresne having lesbian sex with each other, while also performing perversity with a 16 year-old boy in 2014, made national headlines. The two English teachers, Rachel Respess, 24, and Shelley Dufresne, 32, both from Destrehan High School in Louisiana, were arrested by police and suspended from their teaching jobs without pay after being accused of having a threesome with one of their 16-year-old students, who was also a scholarship applicant for Louisiana High School Senior Scholarships. The teen in question started bragging to other scholarship applicants and friends that he had slept with two tramp teachers, and that one of them was Rachel Respess, and the other was her perverted colleague Shelley Dufresne. Dufresne has already pleaded guilty in Saint Charles Parish to one felony count; the weak Louisiana prosecutors in the case allowed more serious charges to be dropped because they could not stomach the prosecution of a woman whose father is a Louisiana judge, or who may resemble their sister/daughter, wife, or relatives. It takes a strong-minded and dominant-type male who is not impressed with the features or services of a tramp to prosecute women like Rachel Respess and Shelley Dufresne. We know now that Prosecutor Joel Chaisson II is a tail-wagging puppy for young blonde-haired women.

Louisiana Prosecutors Embarrass the United States, and bring Shame to Louisiana

In October 2014, I posed this question: Can local Louisiana prosecutors prosecute two blondes Rachel Respess and Shelley Dufresne? Now, we know the resounding answer is 'NO!' What is the difficulty? Is it her hair-color, her eye-color, her gender, her dirty vagina, or some other feature that should be immaterial to her prosecution? Is Louisiana High-School teacher Shelley Dufresne receiving special treatment because her father is Louisiana Judge Emile St Pierre? Judge Emile St Pierre certainly appears to be pulling some strings for his tramp daughter. St. Charles Parish District Attorney, Joel T. Chaisson, II, who is a friend to Judge Emile St Pierre, authored a plea deal for his friend's daughter that included no jail time; no registration as a sex offender; he authorized his corrupt office to amend Dufresne's original charge to a mere misdemeanor; he authorized allowing an ad hoc judge to accept a fresh new guilty plea over the telephone so that she could avoid the cameras, and spend more time playing on Instagram/social media. District Attorney, Joel T. Chaisson, II routinely prosecutes cases before the corrupt Judge Emile St Pierre. He has disgraced the legal profession by allowing this dangerous,subversive, anti-normal, and perverted female monster to avoid a lengthy prison sentence with other felony convicts.

Louisiana Prosecutors Have not filed Charges against Rachel Respess or Group Sex Encounter

Neither Shelley Dufresne or Rachel Respess have been charged in relationship to a criminal act that allegedly took place in Jefferson Parish related to a three-way sexual encounter with the same 16-year-old student. Police say that encounter took place after a Destrehan High School football game in Jefferson. The two women were booked in Jefferson Parish, but the cowardly and pathetic district attorney's has not determined whether to file formal charges. He is hoping for the public to forget this episode. District Attorney, Joel T. Chaisson, II simply is doing everything possible to avoid prosecuting these two Helium airheads. In another case involving a perverted teacher in Louisiana, Ashley Dowden, the former Baton Rouge teacher who was found guilty of having sexual relationships with two male students, received a plea deal that will keep her out of prison, according to East Baton Rouge Parish court documents. Louisiana do not have the courage to subject these female monsters to prison time, but have no problem in pursuing full-blown jury trials for minority males accused of the same offenses. Tramp Ashley Dowden received seven years of probation and was ordered to register as a sex offender. She should have been ordered to register as an "Animal."

Civil Charges Possible against Louisiana Teachers

Call California Personal Injury Attorneys Hotline Ph# 1-213-437-3002. The California Injury Attorney Hotline deals with legal malpractice cases as well as cases involving teacher misconduct. Both Shelley Dufresne and Rachel Respess can be sued in a Louisiana courtroom by skilled California private attorneys. The Parish School district can also be sued for failing to supervise or properly train Shelley Dufresne or Rachel Respess. Call 1-213-437-3002 for a free consultation. Avoid Louisiana attorneys since it is clear that a Louisiana lawyer or prosecutor can't be trusted. Female Teacher perversity will continue because of the fact that too many weak male prosecutors can't seem to prosecute persons they are also attracted to or having something in common with. This prosecutorial weakness subjects the U.S. Education system to a serious security flaw. Female teachers understand that there is no criminal punishment for their perversity, and they understand that the older Caucasoid male (which they already view as weak), will not get tough on them. All of this is a reason to call 1-213-437-3002. Speak to a California Personal Injury attorney directly and he/she will provide professional advice.

Plea Deal Confirms Corruption by Louisiana Prosecutors and Sissy Louisiana "Law" Enforcement

A smiling and happy Shelley Dufresne posted a happy picture of herself on a social media account when her plea deal was announced. She knew that District Attorney, Joel T. Chaisson, II was her little puppy the whole time. Shelley Dufresne failed to direct students to Lousiana Scholarships and Grants, but she had no problem in directing male students to her dirty vagina.

The Metropolitan Crime Commission has also requested an investigation of the plea change by the state Attorney General. Hopefully, there is at last one honest and ethical law enforcement agency in the state of Louisiana. If not, Federal prosecutors need to pursue federal charges against both Rachel Respess, 24, and Shelley Dufresne, 32.

Louisiana Judge Emile St Pierre is a disgrace to the legal system. He should publicly DEMAND that his daughter receive the MAXIMUM prison term allowable such that there is no dispute where he stands on protecting children. Instead, he has remained silent while his tramp daughter soils the entire Louisiana legal system with the drippings from her dirty, disgusting, and adulterous vagina. She should be required to reveal whether or not she has any sexual diseases, and be subject to 24 hour monitoring, and be prohibited from using any computer devices to contact other potential teen victims. If you are a Louisiana Scholarship applicant or parent and you have been victimized by either Rachel Respess, 24, or Shelley Dufresne, call the California Injury Attorney Hotline. This organization is staffed with California-style litigators who will kick around the dirt present in Louisiana.

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Louisiana Scholarships

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Louisiana Scholarships

Sunday, May 17, 2015

420-Friendly White Florida Principal Caught Half-Naked with Black Student

45 year-old White Florida Principal + Kunte-Kinta Look-a-like Black Student Busted in Perverted Sex Act and Drugs

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas. A case of another subhuman. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. proclaimed that "All men [women] are created equal." Being "created" equal, and "being" equal are two different concepts. Krista Morton may have the same body parts as other women she is physically "equal" to, however by no means is she "equal" to a moral woman, claims police reports. By now, a substantial number of Americans know that the married High School principal at Mavericks High School in North Palm Beach, 45 year-old Krista Morton was in a car smoking marijuana with her shirt unbuttoned and with a male student. Before she was arrested, she was questioned by police officers. When asked who was the kid young enough to be her grandson, Principal Krista Morton gave the same reply that every tramp/whore/slut/cheater/adulterer gives when caught with a person they should not be with: "We are just friends." She did not refer police officers to the website that featured Florida Scholarships and Grants for Florida students. She did not ask Maverick High-School students to call 1-888-504-2922 for more information to further their college aspirations. She did not distrubute any literature about low-coast Auto Insurance availavle to Florida residents and their families. According to the police report, the disgraced princiapal was partially unclothed, dressed like a filthy whore in heat, and appeared to be under drug intoxication.

Who Hired Unqualified Florida Principal Krista Morton?

According to the police report, North Palm Beach police reported receiving an emergency 911 call from someone who feared a crime was in progress. The caller saw two perverted adults that appeared to be engaging in perverted and disgusting acts. The unusual activity was taking place in a parked vehicle. Officers arrived a short time later at Lakeside Park and observed the vehicle in question. They tapped on the car glass to get the attention of the dirty occupants. Inside, was dirty Mavericks High School Principal, 45 year-old Krista Morton and her youthful, underachieving male. After talking to the man in the car, investigators learned he was a student from Mavericks High of Palm Springs, a tuition-free facility, according to its website. Police determined that the woman with the student was actually the school principal. Further investigation has determined that Krista Morton has a history of perverted conduct. According to the Palm Beach Post, years before the Mavericks principal was caught in a car with one of her students, she was the head of Richard Milburn Academy. Then, the school came under investigation by Manatee officials over allegations of widespread institutional failures and improprieties. The Bradenton Herald wrote this about the incident in 2011.

White Florida Principal + Underachieving Black Male Student

Previous arrest records show that the 18-year-old accused of smoking pot with the principal has been arrested before for possession of marijuana. Maverick High-School is over 65% minority, with the majority Black Americans. The school is a last resort for many students who have dropped outof school, or were too lazy to do their assignments in public school. The student involved with Krista Morton was an under-achieving, Black male student with skin blotches, and prior arrest records for doing the same thing: smoking weed. Despite being married, and despite having the financial-ability and wherewithal to file for divorce, Krista Moore claimed she was "lonely."

This is a familiar language when a woman simply wants to be a tramp. Krista Morton used her administrative position to seduce the student, according to police reports. Students at the low-performing school can range in age from 15 to 21 years of age. Theodore Samuda, a 19 year-old, angry-looking, and underachieving student at the school, and the airhead principal appear to make a great couple. Sadly, both the student and the principal appear to be two lonely and desperate creatures. The pictures of these two persons says it all. However, desperate their mutal desperation, both persons should be strong enough to overcome their animal impulses and think of the long-term consequences. Being a married woman, and a school administrator, is evidence that Krista Morton not only engaged in Adultery, but she also destroyed any vestige of respect as a professional. No self-respecting woman should have any problem dismissing Theodore Samuda as a potential suitor. If he asks a woman for her phone number, the woman should simply reply, "Here is the phone number to my dermatologist..."

Calfornia Personal Injury Attorney Hotline Phone Network Targets Perverted Teachers and All Injuries

Anyone that has been harmed by the conduct of either Krista Morton or weed breath Theodore Samuda, should immediately call the famous Calfornia Personal Injury Attorney Hotline Phone Network. The family of Theodore Samuda should call the California Personal Injury Attorney Hotline for two reasons: 1.) Was his face injured before he met Krista Morton, and if so, who injured him? Contact the California Personal Injury Attorney Hotline Telephone number at 1-213-437-3002; 2.) The family of Theodore Samuda should call the California Personal Injury Attorney Hotline for any emotional or physical injuries he may have received as a result of interacting with Krista Morton. Since Theodore Samuda is over 18 years of age, he should have known that the posession of a drug was illegal. Did he seduce the desperate cougar, or did the cougar seduce the desperate over-aged student? The Family and friends of Ktista Morton should contact the Thoride Samuda have a sexual disease hen both of them should call the Student Health Insurance Hotline at 1-213-437-3002. . Free Scholarship Searches

North Korean Prosecutors Needed to Prosecute U.S. Teacher Perverts

Where as American prosecutors can't seem to prosecute women who resemble their sisters or mothers, North Korean prosecutors have no problem in putting immoral persons away for a long time. In numerous cases, local U.S. prosecutors have demonstrated that they are two weak to prosecute white-collar, suburban women, who have engaged in rape or sexual assault of students. For example, the two blondes Rachel Respess and Shelley Dufresne were accused of having group sex with male students, but the local Louisiana prosecutors do not have the guts to prosecute these two blonde women. Assistant District Attorney Julie Cullen and District Attorney Joel Chaisson II are a disgrace to the law enforcement community, and should be disbarred for misfeasance, and moral turpitude; Shelley Dufresne is a sick female rapist, and Krista Morton is an immoral thug. Both Rachel Respess and Shelley Dufresne did not receive any jail time, and neither was required to register as a sex offender. Shelley Dufresne never promoted the NAAS.ORG website, never requested that students search for scholarships on the NAAS.ORG website, and never even distributed official Louisiana high-school scholarship literature. For Florida general Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid not dicussed by Krista Morton or her teenage admirer Theodore Samuda, please see this page:
louisiana scholarships

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Florida Scholarships

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