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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

NAAS Website Back up

We apologize for the technical glitch that led to the downtime of the NAAS.ORG website on Sunday evening through the better part of the day of Monday. We apologize. The errors have been fixed.

Monday, July 5, 2010

NAAS Mobile 2.0 Press Release

We have developed another series of fantastic features for NAAS Subscribers. The latest is NAAS Mobile 2.0. With this new service, mobile phone users will have access to essentially the same information as desktop and laptop users upon paid subscription.

NAAS Mobile 2.0 is cross-platform compatiblw with a wide variety of cellular devices and the mobile computing platform.

More information will be released on this blog.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

NAAS U.S. Postal Service Bulletin; Proxy Servers

NAAS Postal Service Bulletin

Pursuant to NAAS EAS/N2 Rules, this bulletin pertains to the use of proxy servers by the United States Postal Inspection Service through a hub originating from the Department of Veteran Affairs.

It is a violation of the NAAS Legal Disclaimer to use proxy devices or other means to shield or conceal the identity of the user while accessing the NAAS.ORG channel, or related NAAS websites.

We are well aware that representatives of the United States Postal Service, and other agencies have taken an interest in the free-speech articles appearing in NAAS Media Reports, and other channels that promote Free Speech. We are also aware of the connection of certain persons and agencies with corrupt organizations like Cyveillance Incorporated, Inc. who secretly monitor, wiretap, and index web pages on behalf of U.S. government agences controlled or directed by persons with ties or interests to Russians. Thus, the recent spying ring; this was predicted months ago by this Publisher.

For the record:
1. NAAS EAS/N2 Rules prohibit the use of proxy servers to access the NAAS channels;

2. Please review again the same disclaimer you have repeatedly accessed, namely Section VI of the NAAS Legal Disclaimer as relates to the Disbursement of Awards;

3. We are aware of your interests in and associations with persons also featured in NAAS Media Reports, and that you have accessed the same.

4. We are aware that Cyviellance has used a variety of equipment and software to corrupt machines and cellular devices of Americans, as well as persons believed to be related to NAAS Agents; such equipment has been replaced or destroyed pursuant to NAAS EAS/N2 Rules to prevent access to confidential media sources, and tradesecrets protected by U.S. federal laws.;

5. NAAS EAS/N2 Rule 604-c, provides, in part: "The entity NAAS-USA Fund does not assume, accept, or claim responsibility for any act(s) of errors, omissions, mistakes, negligence, committed or engaged in by the United States Postal Service, including any and all computer programmers, advertisers, and webmasters, information technology analysts, and others, employed by or associated therewith. Nor does NAAS-USA Fund assume, accept, or claim responsibility for any ancillary or tangential affects associated with any act(s) of errors, omissions, mistakes, committed or engaged in by the United States Postal Service, etc, et al. It is the legal responsibility of the webmaster or agents of USPS, not NAAS-USA Fund, to competently and clearly notify each and every person and business affected by and/or who relied upon, or who continues to rely upon such errors, omissions, mistakes, or confusing, and contradictory statements."

It is recommended that your agency investigate the practices and conduct of the Idaho State Department of Education and Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc., or make clear that said agencies or persons are exempt from U.S. federal laws by publicly proclaiming the exemption on the official website of the United States Postal Service.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

NAAS Media Reports (*Fixed)

NAAS Media Reports are now back up and are accessible.

Thank you foe your interest in NAAS Media Reports. The three recent articles cover Cyveillance, Inc., Clark County Collections, Nevada State Bank, and a sophisticated Steven Worth phishing scam.

Steven Worth is a fictitious person that Clark County Collections, and Nevada State Bank, and a few other suspicious Nevada-based entities claim to exist. In reality, we have found no credible or independent evidence verifying the existence of the person.

The objective of the scam appears to be an attempt to harass, annoy, and to solicit personal information.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Clark County Collection Services Media report

'Steven Worth" Phishing Scam:

Clark County Collection Service, LLC. represents itself as a collections agency. Clark County Collection Service, LLC purports to have been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of America's top 500 fastest growing companies. This is hard to believe given their unprofessional looking website, a YouTube video that has only garnered less than 400 views in over two years, and the fact that the company has very incompetent employees with questionable IQ levels. Moreover, Entrepreneur Magazine is not recognized by National Academy of American Scholars as an authentic magazine that accurately analyzes businesses.

Clark County Collection Service, LLC. has repeatedly used telecommunications equipment to contact alleged and fictitous persons that the company has yet to prove even exists.

According to intercepted NAAS Agent phone logs, persons or companies claiming to represent Nevada State Bank have made multiple phone calls to NAAS offices. Each phone call purports to be an effort to contact a Steven Worth. However, no evidence has been located that verifies the existence of this person, nor his claimed ties to NAAS offices.

Each phone call to an NAAS office by commercial agents or persons must be preceded by the completion of eNAAS EAS/N2 Form GEC 002; this is an an NAAS requirement designed to ensure that calls are legitimate, and comply with federal telecommunications laws. A failure to complete said form represents an explicit violation of important NAAS EAS/N2 Rules that prohibit such conduct.

It is entirely possible that the alleged person of 'Steven Worth' is associated with the State Education Departments of Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Utah, or Nevada. These are the only states whose Boards of Education, and State Superintendents are openly operating, promoting, and endorsing 'NAAS' Accreditation scams.

Perhaps the person of 'Steven Worth' is associated with the State Education Departments of Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Utah, or Nevada. These are the only states whose Boards of Education, and State Superintendents are openly operating, promoting, and endorsing 'NAAS' Accreditation scams.

Clark County Collection Service, LLC. claims to be licensed in twelve states, including Arizona, California, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Virginia. Clark County Collection Service, LLC. also claims to have offices in Las Vegas, NV and Sioux Falls, SD. It is unclear whether this company boasts 'NAAS' accreditation by corrupt Idaho government officials.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Austin Ventures: Links up with Trademark Infringer

Are you tired of hearing about corruption in Texas? Well, read this.
Austin Ventures, a Texas-based venture capital firm provided in excess of $5million to The American LLC. NAAS Media Reports reveal that The American Academy LLC is a Utah-based outfit that is also a staunch collective member of Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc.

In fact, in November of 2009, barely a month had passed before some idiot at Austin Ventures decided to formalize its agreement with The American Academy, that company was served with a legal CEASE AND DESIST NOTICE to stop infringing upon the NAAS label. In addition, public notices of this infringement were posted throughout the Internet, and even on multiple media channels. Eventually, NAAS Agents forcefully stripped The American Academy LLC of its illegal use of the NAAS label because the company would not voluntarily comply with a CEASE AND DESIST letter to stop molesting the NAAS label. What can you expect from a Utah-based company??

Besides, many contend that child molestation is part of the culture of many parts of Utah.
Would you invest millions of dollars in a company that can't even police itself from infringing upon other company's tradeamarks?

As of June 2nd of 2010, The YouTube channel of the American Academy had less than 700 channel views. Apparently, their clients do not think much of their YouTube channel and neither does management; YouTube claims management has not logged into the account in over 2 months. With $5 million dollars in their pockets, where has the money been spent? Who are the investors of Austin Ventures? Do the investors know how their money is being spent?

According to their propaganda literature, Austin Ventures (AV) claims to have worked with talented entrepreneurs to build valuable companies for nearly twenty-five years.

Apparently, Austin Ventures (AV) is itching to waste millions of dollars. They boast $3.9 billion under management. Sounds impressive, but Bernie Madoff had over $100 billion. AV is the most active venture capital and growth equity firm in Texas. So what!

The moral and ethical credibility of Austin Ventures and its ability to evaluate investment prospects is a matter that its investor base should consider.

The American Academy owes a debt to National Academy of American Scholars for its unethical use and profiteering of the famous and respected NAAS label, and its false claims to students that its operations were christened 'NAAS' Accredited. In fact, The American Academy LLC was not, never has, and is currently unfit to be NAAS Accredited.

When is Austin Ventures going to clear the name of The American Academy?? Any investment in this company will be contested until its debts are cleared.

Monday, June 7, 2010

NAAS Media Notice on Cyveillance, Inc.


Designed to provide ammunition against suspicious companies like Cyveillance, Inc. According to NAAS DEIA Agents, Cyveillance, Inc. has systematically attempted to thwart NAAS SPAM efforts and has attempted to crawl, and index NAAS.ORG web pages without authorization.

Cyveillance, Inc. claims "The majority of the Fortune 50, including leading security and services providers, such as AOL and Microsoft, rely on Cyveillance to protect their organizations and customers from online threats." If this true, these U.S. companies have adopted inferior standards, that have failed.

It is no secret who the real customers of Cyveillance, Inc. are and their interests in chilling free-speech. A new NAAS EAS/N2 Rules modeled after U.S.C. 47, 223, has been adopted to charge the executives of Cyveillance, Inc. with a crime for illegitimately accessing NAAS servers for no meaningful purpose other than to serve the interests of third parties not in partnership or affiliated with the NAAS brand; such conduct is now illegal per NAAS EAS/N2 Rules.

[this story will continue]

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