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Friday, February 12, 2010

NAAS Selection and Administrative schedule

The NAAS Selection and Administrative schedule is published in the Spring 2010 issue of Scholarship Watch.

An amendment to this post will follow in 24 to 72 hours.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

NAAS Award Deadline Clarification

As a reminder, the deadline to submit completed NAAS Applications is NOT February 15th, 2010.
The correct deadline is actually May 15th, 2010.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

NAAS Discount License link expired.

*EXPIRED: We are no longer offering any discount licenses to any falsely or illegal 'NAAS' accredited schools. That deadline expired December 31st. 2009. If you received a notice of any NAAS Discount License after that date, please disregard.

The deadline for ongoing infringers or past illegal users of the the NAAS label to update their accounts to take advantage of special promotional opportunities expired December 31st. 2009. If you or any person received a notice of any NAAS Discount License after that date, please disregard because it may have been sent in error or by mistake. If your school, program, or institution was falsely or illegal assigned an 'NAAS' Accreditation status by the education departments of Idaho, Utah, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Nevada, then please be advised that your accreditation status IS NOT accepted and WILL NOT be recognized by National Academy of American Scholars.

In fact, your school, program, or institution will be declared 'NAAS Unaccredited'

Monday, January 11, 2010

New NAAS Multi-Media Packet Forms Released; no-fees.

The NAAS 2010-2011 Multi-Media Packet Adobe PDF packet and forms have been released.
We are pleased to announced that the new mail-in forms have been stream-lined, and users are not assesssed any additional fee(s) for processsing.

The forms may also be re-produced by parents, educator, and students.

This modification has been made possible because of streamlined production methods, new technology, and increased use of online forms. Very few NAAS users are currently relying upon mail-in requests for literature.

As a reminder, we no do not accept personal or business checks for off-line transactions.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Idaho-based BBB Accused of Fraud and Deceit

Senior NAAS-NEWS Editors and Publishers return from an extended holiday vacation in time to take in key NFL playoff matches, and to re-investigate the operations of Better Business Bureau chapters in general, and the Idaho-based BBB chapter in particular.

The first ever BBB Report on a BBB chapter by any organization was National Academy of American Scholars in or about 1993. That NAAS template and report has been copied by numerous so-called consumer organizations, and led to an investigation of the Southland BBB by the local Orange-County based Orange County Register newspaper.

Numerous consumers and business owners aired their opinions and formed a common conclusion. Many felt that the BBB chapters were corrupt and served as shakedown enterprises that awarded dues-paying BBB members at the expense of providinh honest services to consumers. The issue is whether or not federal tax dollars should be used that allow federal agencies to provide hyperlinks (and thus implicit endorsement) of Better Business Bureau chapters.

What consumers must understand is the fact that National Academy of American Scholars is perhaps the only organization that, in the early 1990s, was willing to challenge the credibility, leadership structure, and integrity of the BBB in general.

At that time, no reporter in the U.S. of America had the courage or the will power initiate a sustained effort. NAAS Media teams amassed more information and details on key BBB employees, its structure, and business practices, and even the personal lives of key BBB employees. than any media organization in America.

The award-winning NAAS report led to several immediate changes within the BBB system, and pressure from federal agencies to adopt a uniform consumer-reporting system.

However, recent evidence seems to suggest that some certain BBB chapters appear to have a short memory, and have regressed back to their fraudulent ways.

The previous BBB report edited and drafted in 1993 is currently deposited in the NAAS Subscriber area. There is internal debate if this report should be uploaded to a public NAAS-NEWS channel to demonstrate the superior investigative ability and writing of NAAS reporters, while exposing the scam tactics of several BBB chapters .

At issue in 2010, however, is a sting operation against the BBB of Southwest Idaho & Eastern Oregon, and its ties to very suspicious, fraudulent, and corrupt Idaho-based businesses. BBB chapters in Idaho must bear in mind that their moral superior remains National Academy of American Scholars. Therefore, when decisions are made to serve as personal advocates of corrupt Idaho-based businesses rather than behave as indifferent intermediaries, a complaint of fraud is one of several possible allegations that can be raised against the BBB.

An NAAS Media report is about to be released that raises serious questions about the integrity,character, and honesty of Idaho-based BBB employees, and their ability to provide honest services to consumers who complain about BBB businesses that bought BBB memberships. This Publisher assigned a grade of 'F' to BBB Accredited member Fiberpipe, Inc. on the basis of detailed complaint filed with the BBB of Idaho.

However, instead of processing the complaint as an indifferent intermediary per its filed mission statements with the I.R.S., evidence suggests that the Better Business Bureau of Idaho instead serves as a personal advocate or counsel to Idaho-based businesses suspected of fraud.
This fact is not very surprising given the fact that fraud in Idaho is so rampant, and routinely permitted amongst state agencies.

If you have similar complaints against the BBB of Idaho, or BBB-accredited member Fiberpipe, Inc., and wish to share your complaints, or concerns with an NAAS Publisher or NAAS writer, please send email to If you have videos of BBB employees or persons mentioned in NAAS media reports, please submit videos to NAAS Youtube channel.

Please note the use of the BBB seal is for newsreporting purposes only. National Academy of American Scholars has already exposed the fact that a BBB accredited seal or 'A+' ranking by a typical BBB chapter is as worthless as grounded dirt at a dinner table.

of Southwest Idaho & Eastern Oregon
4355 Emerald St., Ste. 290
Boise, ID 83706

Phone: (208)342-4649
Fax: (208)342-5116

Thursday, December 31, 2009

AKNASC.COM website Suspended

The Alaska division of the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools was stripped of its use of NAAS labels and logos by NAAS DEIA agents. In addition, the website AKNASC.COM was suspended a second time on December 29th, 2009. The Alaska division is headed by Chuck Fannin, a corrupt Principal, employed at South Anchorage High School.

Click on this link to verify.

According to public documents obtained from the website of phony NAAS imposter Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, and its criminal suspect President David Steadman, these persons are responsible for the Alaska division:
Dwight Probasco,Chuck Fannin, Helen Mehrkens,Daniel Walker.

It should be noted that Helen Mehrkens is an executive employed by the Alaska Dept. of Education. Like her hero Sarah Palin, Helen Mehrkens is a dirty woman willing to lie in the gutter for a few stinking dollars. The only thing that motivates the state of Alaska to continue ties with Northwest Association of Accredited Schools is greed and indifference for the quality of education of students in Alaska.

If an organization (Northwest Association of Accredited Schools/AKNASC.COM) can't properly manage adherence to a basic corporate code of ethics then how is it possible for it to ascertain the credit worthiness of others??

Despite numerous warnings commencing as early as March 2009, these trademark thieves and infringers did not abide by a CEASE AND DESIST letter, and did not deter their apparent leader David Steadman from engaging in deceptive acts and perjurious conduct that is alleged against him.

Instead of promptly complying with known U.S. federal laws, these utterly corrupt persons and apparent Red-square sympathizers and radical subversives sought guidance by laws and customs not from the United States of America. Their source of inspiration is certainly not from the U.S. Constitution, but most likely from the discredited policies and politics of Communist Russia. After-all, Russians routinely steal, and Russians routinely lie.

Indeed, the difference between an honest person and a criminal is that the honest person seeks to abide by the law, and promptly correct his/her behavior when notified of an alleged or possible wrong. The criminal, on the other hand, needs to be FORCED (by court order, arrest, conviction, embarassment, or suspension of services) to comply with the same set of laws.

It is my firm belied and opinion that Dwight Probasco,Chuck Fannin, Helen Mehrkens, and Daniel Walker are an absolute disgrace, and traitors of the United States of America. Either obey American laws OR enlist citizenship into Communist Russia, North Korea, or some other den of Marxism.

Friday, December 25, 2009

NAAS Holiday Hours

Greetings! We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. From December 25th, 2009, to January 11TH, 2010, NAAS office staff will be on extended holiday break. Online staff will still be available to persons who complete NAAS EAS/N2 GEC Form 001, or NAAS EAS/N2 GEC Form 002.

NAAS tshirt apparel will be updated for the upcoming new year, along with the release of new and exciting NAAS products and services, and new content for the NAAS Subscriber area.

If you ordered an NAAS product or service online, and you did not receive it after 2 weeks you are entitled to a refund. This represents the new NAAS Assured Policy. Simply complete NAAS EAS/N2 Form GEC 001, and a refund will be provided to you subject to the condition that your claim is within 30 days of the initiation of your order.