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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

NAAS Male Athlete of the Year

National Academy of American Scholars announces its male athlete of the year award for 2008. Our choice is Usain Bolt. He is a Jamican sprinter. Bolt set world records in Track & Field at the 2008 Olympics held in China.

Although many performances in the most recent Olympics were tainted and corrupt, the success of Usain Bolt is not subject to debate or speculation. For example, th 8th Gold medal of Michael Phelps is certainly a topic still in discussion.

Although the Associated Press has selected Michael Phelps, citing his record-breaking 8 Gold Medals in the swimming events in the 2008 Olympics, for many reasons we do
not believe his selection is deserved. Only a few of those reasons will be cited herein.

For starters, swimming is purely a skill-intensity sport that does not merit the same respect as a true sport like Track & Field; which was the basis for the creation of the original Olympics.

By his record, Phelps turned pro by 16 years-old. What 16 year-old can compete in a true pro sport like football, baseball, or basketball, etc?? NONE!

Swimming is approximately 80% skill and 20% hard-work. A look at the torso of
Phelps reveals he is not nearly as fit as track star Usain Bolt.

We believe that Michael Phelps is a marketing hype, made to appear at
events he is uncomfortable with, made to associate with persons outside
of his normalcy, and that his post-Olympic personality is a fraud.

Unlike swimming, Track & Field does contain the essential elements of pure athleticism like power,speed, quickness, and agility.

The fact that Phelps has been rejected by his own natural father suggest that there is
something sinister about his character that the main-stream media has heretofore not
reported. Is Michael Phelps a great swimmer? Yes. Is he a great athlete that deserves special
distinction above all others? No.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

NAAS Subscription Renewals

We know that a year seems a long time, which it is. Think about it. For a small fee, you get access to a wide range of outstanding NAAS products and services. The time goes by so fast, that many times a subscriber actually forgets that he/she purchased a subscription until they receive a renewal notice from Paypal.

Please note that these renewal notices are NOT generated by NAAS. We also do NOT access your credit-card information. Remember, we did NOT access your credit information to begin with, therefore it is impossible to access it afterwards. Paypal keeps a log of your subscriptions, and purchases. Your credit-card information is NEVER shared with the merchant when you use Paypal. Think about! Since this is a fact, then if you have a dispute with a Paypal payment, fee, or subscription, then remember These actions are taken by is *IMPOSSIBLE* for the merchant to take advantage of information that is unavailable. Understand??

For cancellations, you must enter into your PayPal account, and simply cancel your subscription. For renewals, your subscription is automatically renewed if no action is taken to cancel the subscription. An NAAS Subscription renews automatically every year unless it is cancelled prior to the expiration date.

NAAS Staff

Monday, December 15, 2008

Download Free NAAS Award Applications

NAAS Applications in the Beta form are available from the NAAS.ORG websites. Forms may be downloaded, obtained vie the U.S. mail, or completed online. Visit for details.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NAAS Access Card

Effective November 23rd, 2008, NAAS will be requiring certain visitors to the website to register for an NAAS Access Card. This Card is for frequent visitors to the NAAS website who do not make any product or service purchases but who repeatedly visit and browse the website.

NAAS EAS/N2 Rules prohibit electronic loitering.

The current NAAS Access Card fee is $5.00

Those requested to pay, but who do not will prohibited from accessing certain public areas of the NAAS.ORG website, as well as the NAAS-NEWS.INFO website.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

"Approval-Seal" Scams

Approval-Seal scams have proliferated over the Internet. Beware of any scholarship search service sponsored by and/ or promoted by National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), and National Scholarship Provider's Association., a/k/a/ NSPA

If an organization displays any sort of "approval seal" of these organizations, it is virtually guaranteed that their services are incomplete, heavily censored, and catered to "preferred listings" in the same way of the massive student-loan fraud investigated by the New York Attorney General.

Beware of any "approval seal" issued by a non-profit organization to a for-profit company. This sort of transaction is typically a back-handed way of paying a for-profit entity a fee to act in a manner that is otherwise and generally prohibited if the non-profit acted alone.

Such "Approval-Seals" often come with political overtones, and commercially-sponsored links to members of the non-profit. In various cases, such
"Approval-Seals" may be akin to paying a fee to a reporter to write certain articles, or paying a radio station to play certain records.

Both NACAC and N.S.P.A. have ties to National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (a/k/a/ NASFAA). The office of the N.Y. York Attorney General has tied many members of NASFAA and NACAC to deceitful acts, and fraudulent conduct involving student-loan fraud. Both organizations have ties to the massive student loan fraud amongst its many members, and have ties dating back to 1996 to notorious federal informant Mark Kantrowitz.

In their literature, NACAC makes the claim that their Seal of Approval is "designed to help our audience make choices about the growing number of available admission counseling resources as they consider options beyond secondary school." This is crap. In our opinion, the seal is a for-profit technique designed to circumvent standard moral and ethical customs that traditional non-profit organizations should abide by.

As proof, what State Bar association is going to allow an attorney to sale or barter a "Seal of Approval" to for-profit businesses or private persons??

The business of "Approval Seals" by non-profit organizations is the backbone that led to the under-reporting and non-detection of student-loan fraud.

There are numerous public documents, and documents that federal agencies (U.S. Department of Justice, United States Postal Service, FTC, Dept. of Education) WILL NOT release under the Freedom of Information Act that implicate informant Kantrowitz with certain officials associated with NACAC, N.S.P.A., and NASFAA.

Until and unless these documents are made public, we must assume that any organization bearing the "Approval Seal" associated with NASFAA, or NACAC or N.S.P.A., is prone to suspicions and perhaps even fraud!!

Thank you!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Some of you may have noticed that we have a secure SSL certificate the website inorder to better ensure that all e-commerce transactions are handled securely. We are currently integrating this feature throughout form-submitted pages throughout the website.

In Firefox, all pages are working fine. In IE, there are a couple areas we need to fix. Noneytheless, the transactions will work since they will ultimately go through Paypal.

Thank you for your patience. Please let us know of any problems or bugs.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Congratulations to Barack Obama/Joe Biden

Finally, the Election of 2008 is over. John McCain, the decorated former prisoner of war, and his running mate Sarah Palin were drubbed off the court.

What mistakes did John McCain make, many ask?? Well, many pundits believe the first mistake was his choice of Sarah Palin. Let's face it, this woman was never the most intelligent, most gifted, and most experienced woman of the GOP. Her family is dysfunctional, and her record is frayed.

In TrooperGate, the facts revealed suggest that this Brunette Barbie influenced government officials to fire a hard-working man who divorced the bratty sister of Sarah Palin.

The teenage daughter of Sarah Palin became pregnant or was raped. No charges were filed, and it is still unclear who the real father(s) is??

The choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate made a mockery of John McCain's claim to put country first. He put himself first, and his country third or fourth. He wanted a female puppet to control, and that is exactly what he got.

McCain and his bimbo incorrectly thought that the young generation would embrace the same race and divisive politics of George Bush/Ronald Reagan. RNC spinmasters were wrong. Sarah Palin use smear tactics, and Nazi methods to discredit a man who is her superior.

How this woman became a U.S. governor is shocking?? I sincerely doubt and hope that the people of Alaska are not as backward, unsophisticated, and lacking in intellect as Sarah Palin.