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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Ankeny High-School Teacher Amanda Caye Dreier Accused of Using her Stinking Vagina to Attract a Teenage Boy.

Ankeny High-School Teacher Amanda Caye Dreier Accused of Using her Stinking Vagina to Attract a Teenage Boy.

Ankeny High-School Teacher Amanda Caye Dreier Accused of Using her Stinking Vagina to Attract a Teenage Boy.

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Ankeny High-School Teacher Amanda Caye Dreier Accused of Using her Stinking Vagina to Attract a Teenage Boy. Ankeny High-School English teacher Amanda Caye Dreier is the latest blonde-haired teacher accused of using her dirty thoughts, dirty body, and dirty mind to entice a teenage student to be with her. Amanda Caye Dreier never supported legitimate Mom Scholarships. Amanda Caye Dreier never supported ethical Nursing Scholarships either. Reports indicate that Amanda Caye Dreier was even married! An adulterer + pervert = Hell!

Human Police Officers Identify Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier in Car with Teen Boy. Her legs Propped Open.

Human Police Officers Identify Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier in Car with Teen Boy. Her legs Propped Open. Human police officers claim they saw a female subHuman with a teen boy in a car. Her legs were propped open. By reading the police report, and judging from multiple mast encounters with this male students, it is very likely that Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier had her dirty, soiled, and smelly panties hanging in the back seat or somewhere else. The subHuman was identified as Amanda Caye Dreier. Ankeny police officers state they discovered 27-year-old Amanda Caye Dreier acting like a subHuman. Law enforcement officers further claim that Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier was using her dirty, stinking, dripping wet, and foul-smelling vagina to entice a naive, confused, and innocent young boy.

Her panties were soaked and soiled with sweat, semen, blonde-hair, and vagina drip. Officers could smell the scent of a whore in heat from afar. As officers approached the car, it was clear that the mood was full of lust, and the foul chemistry of adultery was in the air. Iowa whore! Iowa dirt! Iowa filth! Iowa trash! [Get ready for my upcoming e-book on Teacher Perversity, and America's subHuman population Follow this blog!]. The blonde-haired married Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier was allegedly putting out for local teen boys. Come and get it! I'm ready. All doors are open! A mother's worst nightmare: my little daughter grew up to be a cheap whore. A husband betrayed: My wife is a liar, and an adulterer. She destroyed the most important thing in any relationship: trust!

subHuman Amanda Caye Dreier Should be Tested for a Venereal disease!

Student Victim Fund

Biased media reports do not disclose if Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier infected the innocent young boy with Herpes,chlamydia, genital herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea,hepatitis, syphilis, trichomoniasis or some other venereal diseases. We wish this innocent young boy victim all the best. We hope this child recovers from having to experience an act of pure evil, adult filth, and the germs of a stinking subHuman on his clean body. Unfortunately, the media has not disclosed if Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier is a drug user, or even prostituted herself by paying the teen boy money in exchange for a physical relationship. Scholarship applications were sent to the Iowa High-School in care of Amanda Caye Dreier, and were ignored. Maybe she ignores scholarship applications, but pays attention to teenage male body parts.

subHuman Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier Couldn't Wait to be a subHuman

Where is the husband of Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier? Has he thrown her out of the house yet? Has he divorced her yet? Has he filed a lawsuit against her for marital fraud? What type of man tolerates a wife who engages in Adultery? In Muslim countries, Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier would be beheaded or stoned to death. While the criminal case is pending, the victimized husband needs to pursue a civil case. If these allegations are even partially true, this is a subHuman female that deserves the most pervasive form of punishment. Perhaps she can get her teen boyfriend to buy her a house. While her husband is working, she betrays him. While peaceful activists around the country are engaging in legitimate protests about the numerous police shootings around the United States, and while police officers are risking their lives to protect humans and subHumans, Ms. Amanda Caye Dreier clearly has had other thoughts on her dirty mind. Wake up Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier. End your dream of being Iowa's Ultimate Whore, and Ankeny High School's Disgrace.

Human Police officers claim that the suspected blonde-haired subHuman was engaging in an ongoing perverted and dirty relationship with a human teenage boy in a parked vehicle. Apparently, this suspected lower-than-dirt-tramp could NOT even wait until she found a comfortable meeting place. Hello Amanda? Could you at least find a suitable spot to play dirty and filthy, or is that asking too much? What is surprising is that Amanda Caye Dreier did not engage the youth on the sidewalk, at a bus stop, or even in the local grocery store, and in front of others. What about in the fruit section or the deli area of the store, Amanda?

Amanda Caye Dreier Follows Playbook of Convict subHuman MANDY DAVENPORT

Like a subHuman piece of slime, Amanda Caye Dreier timed her alleged perverted act to coincide with the graduation of her male target. This is exactly the strategy followed by former Ankeny High-School teacher Mandy Lynn Davenport. Iowa Sex Offender# 141297686, Mandy Lynn Davenport, is a brown-eyed, brown-haired former teacher from Ankeny High School. This It was also caught raping, or molesting, or using her dirty body to touch an innocent young boy immediately after his graduation.

In 2014, Mandy Davenport pleaded guilty to having perverted relations with a 17-year-old male student immediately after he graduated from Ankeny High School. Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier followed this playbook in the apparent hopes of also receiving probation.

Student Victim Fund

Weaklings: Polk County, Iowa Prosecutors Encourage Student Rape by Not Prosecuting Female Perverts and subHumans

Weaklings: Polk County, Iowa Prosecutors Encourage Student Rape by Not Prosecuting Female Perverts and subHumans. By refusing to put away Mandy Davenport for at least 10 to 15 years, Amanda Caye Dreier no doubt was encouraged that her rape fantasies and perversion would go unpunished too. Polk County, Iowa, prosecutors might as well either resign, or join the suspects that they "prosecute." Due to the impotent male prosecutors in Polk County, Iowa, their moral inferiority, their genetic inferiority that prevents them forcefully prosecuting a Vagina, and their indifference to privileged female rapists, Mandy Davenport was not sentenced to the prison term that she was eligible to receive. Why should Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier have anything to fear outside of this free-speech?

Get out of the prosecutor's office! If you can only prosecute poor, and minority suspects but not not privileged suspects like Amanda Caye Dreier or Mandy Davenport, then find another occupation. Polk County, Iowa Prosecutors allowed rapist Mandy Davenport ro be awarded with 2 years of wonderful probation. In a real prosecution, the It would have received 10 years at least. Amanda Caye Dreier may be a perverted subHuman, but she probably is not as stupid as her blonde-hair, blue-eyes, and face presents. As a female, she understands the genetic inferiority and weakness of Iowa male prosecutors. Amanda Caye Dreier understands that males who are genetically and morally inferior are too weak to enforce public policy against the female species. Amanda Caye Dreier may have been calculating her odds based upon fellow subHuman Mandy Davenport. It is no coincidence that her acts seem to parallel the acts of Mandy Davenport. It is amazing what a subHuman female teacher is willing to go through to use their dirty body. We can only hope that the prosecution team in Polk County, Iowa will toughen up, ignore the blonde-hair of Amanda Caye Dreier, and treat her like a minority male rape suspect, or disprove fears of their genetic, spiritual, and moral inferiority. A hand slap on the vagina of Amanda Caye Dreier is not real punishment.

Are Blonde Female Teachers Having a sexual crisis?

A flurry of blonde-haired and white female teachers around the United States have attracted International headlines for their perverted interest in the young male students they are assigned to teach. It is clear that many of these female subHumans drool over the 'cute', baby-faced, teen boys. Feminists wanted to work alongside males, and this is the result! Female rapists!

Statistically, the vast majority have been white women. Are these white female teachers having a sexual crisis or is there something not happening in their bedrooms? subHumans are consumed by sex, filth, and dirt. Read a book. Study math. Study Chemistry. There are lots of things to do besides being a tramp. Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier was married and a teacher. Many married men who choose to marry blonde-haired females do not understand that the rate of perversity among blonde-haired female teachers and administrators is especially high. It is doubtful they are having a crisis of any type, but rather these blonde-haired female teachers simply cannot be trusted around youthful students. Blonde-haired female teachers typically have little regard for morals, ethics, integrity, and too many lack general common sense.

Blonde-Haired subHuman Amanda Caye Dreier belongs in a Zoo Cage

According to police reports, evidence so far suggests that Amanda Caye Dreier is a subHuman animal that belongs in a cage like animals in a zoo. Public spectacles are the only deterrent to these sorts of perverted acts. A jail sentence served in private is no punishment. subHumans need to be publicly exposed! English teacher Amanda Caye Dreier is accused of not teaching real English. She is accused of teaching profanity with her dirty, filthy, and evil body. Some Religious Puritans would claim that she should burned in Hell! One of the most important times in U.S. History was the Salem Witch Trials. Perhaps, we should study how effective those judicial proceedings were in dealing with female perversity at that time. If these allegations are true, Amanda Caye Dreier is beneath a witch. She is an Adulterer. She was married at the time. Her husband has a moral duty to divorce her immediately, and put her on the streets without a home. She can use her teenage friend to buy her a replacement home.

Blogger writes Letter to Iowa Prosecutors Demanding 50 year Prison Term for Amanda Caye Dreier

Blogger writes Letter to Iowa Prosecutors Demanding 50 year Prison Term for Amanda Caye Dreier. Until female subHumans are properly punished, these acts will continue. Innocent young boys will continue to suffer. The parents of the boy are urged to file a lawsuit not only against the school district, but against both Amanda Caye Dreier and her husband. Certainly, the husband had to know or suspect that his blonde-haired wife may be a filthy pervert. Today, I penned a letter to the Polk County Attorney's Office, Polk County Justice Center, c/o Prosecution of Amanda Caye Dreier, 222 Fifth Avenue,Des Moines, IA 50309. I reminded the prosecution that they must treat Amanda Caye Dreier like the other male rape suspects in the county. I insisted that she do not receive special treatment because of her blonde-hair,fair-skin, and filthy-smelling vagina. If found guilty, she either needs a Cage in public or a 50 year prison sentence surrounded by only women.

One of the greatest pleasures in life is depriving a pervert of their enjoyment. Amanda Caye Dreier needs to be either surrounded by all women, or be placed in a cage, or be around men old enough to be her grandfather.

Polk County prosecutors have a challenge. Can they prosecute a blonde-haired subHuman pervert? Can they treat Amanda Caye Dreier like a minority crime suspect? Can they order her to obtain HIV, Herpes, tests? Polk County prosectors failed to prosecutie Mandy Davenport, and that failure is what led to Amanda Caye Dreier.

Can they expose her to the public in such a way that she understands that the perversity she is accused of is not acceptable? She needs to be examined by senior citizen adult males or minority females (or persons that she hates) from head to toe for evidence of perversity. Female sex offenders do not deserve the same rights as normal women.

Watch for the new Ron Thomas book on SubHuman Perversity: A guide for Every Parent, Guardian, Student, and Adult interesting in Stopping Adult-Teacher SubHumans

There is nothing unique or different about Amanda Caye Dreier that does not follow a predictable pattern. A background check is not as precise as a mathematical analysis of the personality. As a mathematician, I use a series of complex Calculus models and geometric probability sequences to accurately predict if a teacher has a certain probability as a pervert. Names that suggest perversity are simply another component of this model, but are not provided the same probability weight of other factors. My secret formula is an accurate predictor of subHuman perversity. My new book will be available in e-book format, and it will detail that accused and arrested teachers all fit a predictable mathematical pattern.

Once again, every parent, guardian, student, and teacher in the U.S.A. is being given advance warning of my upcoming e-book which will document in detail ways to address and identify the subHuman species, perverts, and subHumans who have no respect for the student body population or their fellow colleagues. As a former teacher, I am able to identify and classify teachers based upon thousands of hours and years dealing with teachers and studying teacher-student relationships.

Local Iowa Plumbers

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