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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Best and worst Scholarship Search Engines

Scholarship Searches: Best and worst Scholarship Search Engines for scholarships and financial-aid

Scholarship Search EnginesWhat is the best way to rate Scholarship Search Engines? We rate scholarship search engines the same way we rate scholarship search services: We rate for scholarship search sngines by quality scholarship content. More than 95 percent of all scholarship applicants use scholarship search engines. The other 5% have parents that are extremely rich. This article is aimed at the 95% of Americans, and Europeans, who use scholarship search engines.

Best and worst Scholarship Search Engines (Table 1.0)
Google, Inc. (U.S. scholarship search engine)Best  Scholarship Search EnginesGrade: A-
Ask (U.S. scholarship search engine) Best  Scholarship Search EnginesGrade: C
Bing (U.S. scholarship search engine) Best  Scholarship Search EnginesGrade: D
Baidu (Chinese Scholarship Search engine)Best  Scholarship Search EnginesGrade: F
Yandex (Russian Scholarship Search engine)>Best  Scholarship Search EnginesGrade: F
Yahoo! (U.S. scholarship search engine)Best  Scholarship Search EnginesGrade: D
Lycos (U.S. scholarship search engine)Best  Scholarship Search EnginesGrade: D
Best and Worst Search engines for Scholarships, and Financial-Aid

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Monday, April 8, 2013

College Scholarships Search Engines

Best College Scholarships Search Engine: Why Avoid Bing?

Are you missing out on valuable scholarship opportunities when you use an inferior scholarship search engine or scholarship browser? Sure, you are. Our Scholarship Blog continues this brief report with a table of the best scholarship search engines that will yield the best scholarship results. We discuss Safari, Google Chrome, Bing, and all the major search engines and browsers. There is no need in wasting your time using scholarship search engines and scholarship browsers that are pathetic, unreliable, and that do not yield quality, up-to-date scholarship content and mobile content. Yes, we did say mobile content. In fact, we are going to say it twice: mobile scholarship content. Underline that statement.

As a general rule of thumb, if an NAAS Scholarship Blog, or NAAS.ORG scholarship link does not appear on page #1 of a search engine's search results, while another scholarship blog appears but has not been updated, re-touched, in years and still appears ahead of our Offical Scholarship Blog then you know the search engine that you used is inferior, broken, and a waste of your valuable time. There is no need in using a piece of equipmet or software that does not work. Right? The Official NAAS Scholarship Blog is the pre-eminent Scholarship Blog on the Internet with the freshest and the most sparkling content. Our Scholarship Blog writers are the real best in the business. When newspaper reporters read our Scholarship Blog about a particular topic then they re-adjust their stories accordingly.

Tests for Scholarship Search Engine Inferiority

How to test and verify that a scholarship search engine is inferior, leads to lack luster content, or is simply broken? Let's the Microsoft scholarship engine called Bing as test case. If you input the term "scholarship blog" into the Bing search engine while using Internet Explore. Surprisingly, a page called "The Scholarship Blog" appears on page#1 of the Bing search results, while the official NAAS Scholarship Blog does not even appear on the next three pages. The Official NAAS Scholarship Blog has had over 75 fresh original scholarship articles posted thus far in 2013, while the Scholarship Blog selected by Bing scholarship search engine algorithm has not made a single post in all of 2012, and has not made a single post or article about scholarships, grants, or financial-aid thus far in 2013.

The Bing Scholarship Search engine is so inferior, unreliable, and broken that it borders on being comical In fact, despite having uploaded hundreds of new content articles on scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, scholarship search engine Bing cannot locate these pages. It is as if the Bing employees are retarded that they, apparently, cannot find the same pages that Google has already indexed. In fact, a charge of fraud could be applied agasint the Bing scholarship search engine if Bing was charging fees to access its broken scholarship search engine. Therefore, in order to get the fresh, new, and original scholarship content that you are looking for, a person seeking scholarships, grants, and financial-aid really needs to continually look for the NAAS.ORG domain and use a different scholarship search engine other than Bing.

Recomendation: Avoid the Bing Scholarship Search Engine

Unless you are one of the few persons that enjoys using a product or service that does not work, or works at a low level of reliability, then you should consider avoiding the Bing Scholarship Search engine. Using Bing as a search engine device to seek out scholarships, grants, and financial-aid is like using a device designed by 5th-grade middle-school student. What legitimate scholarship search engine that actually WORKS dares to place a scholarship blog on page #1 of its index search results knowing full well that the page or blog has not been updated in nearly 2 years? Either Bing needs to hire employees that are smart enough to find fresh content produced by NAAS.ORG or make serious upgrades to its search engine algorithm. Until Bing makes a decision as to how serious it wants scholarship consumers to view or use the Bing service, then our advice is to avoid Bing until NAAS.ORG related scholarship links are appearing on page #1 of its search results or some organization with superior content. Only when NAAS.ORG-related scholarship links or links from this scholarship blog appear on page#1 of Bing scholarship search results then do we know that the Bing scholarship search engine is actually working properly. As of right now, as far as we are concerned and based upon consumer's general interest in fresh scholarship content, Bing is broken because of the facts cited herein. Very persons visit a grocery store, or media post and seek to purchase a newspaper more than 1 year old. So, why in the hell is Bing listing a scholarship blog on page #1 of its search results on page #1???

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