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Thursday, November 5, 2009

State-by-State Listing of Phony 'NAAS' Schools

There is considerable confusion as to what organizations are endorsed, approved, or accredited by National Academy of American Scholars (NAAS). Therefore, we have published a State-by-State Guide that features what schools ARE NOT accredited by National Academy of American Scholars (NAAS).

Monday, August 24, 2009

Special NAAS User Fees Accessed


In ref: per NAAS EAS/N2 Rule 749, etc. (Definition of a Diploma Mill)

Special NAAS User Fees are being assessed against unauthorized users of the NAAS trademark for the amount indicated in tabular sent to illegitimate 'NAAS' accredited schhols. Debtor schools have infringed upon the intellectual property rights of National Academy of American Scholars and are being required to pay for their unauthorized uses of the famed 'NAAS' trademark.

Pursuant to NAAS EA/N2 Rules, falsely accredited 'NAAS' schools, and science chapters, that refuse to legitimize their past and current use of the 'NAAS' trademark are being classified as Diploma mills, Degree Mills, and Criminal Mills, in a new NAAS publication that has not yet been publicly released.

The new NAAS publication will features ALL illegitimate 'NAAS' accredited schools in Utah, Nevada,Washington,Oregon, Alaska, and Montana,, and those found by use of the Google or Yahoo search engines.

Schools, businesses, and associations being affected by this matter are being given an opportunity to pay the amount indicated within 30 calendays days. A failure to pay the sum indicated may result in further legal collection procedures against either the company, its officers, or its students, and placement of the subject school, business, or the names of their respective students or clients in the NAAS Bad Check Registry, and subject the same to further NAAS EAS/N2 Rules.

Debtor schools also have the option of entering into a new licensee agreement and thus waiving past usage fees. Please note that federal evidence submitted by Northwest Association of Accredited Schools can and will be used against your firm, if necessary, to seek a legal redress of the claim herein.

For a limited time, the cost to enter into a new license agreement for those affected by this notice is just a $50.000 annual fee. This is substantially less than the cost of the wasted funds used by Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, and substantially less than the fees you will encounter in defending your current and past unauthorized usage with a licensed attorney.

If a debtor school or person elects the option to decline a new subscription/license, then past usage fees will apply at rates from $150 per impresson per day.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Special Invitation (NAAS Discount license)

We are currently offering institutions and online schools claiming to be accredited by Northwest Association of Accredited Schools the opportunity to purchase a renewable NAAS discount license of $50.00.

This fee allows the affected school or institution the ability to display the 'NAAS' mark on their respective website for a period of 12 months.
If the fee is not paid, then such school or institution will continue to be publicly defined subject to NAAS EAS/N2 Rules, including the option of labeling said institution as a Criminal Institution; its employees may be subject to additional public charges.

Moreover, any student attending such an illegal or unlicensed school that applies for an NAAS Award may not be viewed favorably by members of the NAAS Select Committee.

Rather than attempting to cheat the process, or continue to be publicly battered with allegations of U.S. Copyright/Trademark violations, we urge affiliates of Northwest Association of Accredited Schools to act ethically, and responsibly by purchasing an NAAS Discount license.

NAAS License (for companies and persons of good repute)

Is your school or intitution being run by a Bernie Madoff type character? Are you trusting your legal matters (Copyright/trademarks) to copy-cat persons? All persons or companies of good repute are urged to seek an official NAAS License.

We urge all persons and companies that believe themselves to be persons or companies of good repute, upstanding honor and integrity, to apply for and purchase an NAAS License; alternatively, the purchaser of an NAAS license need not be an active licensee, but may be a passive licensee, which means the company or person is not obligated to even display the NAAS mark on their respective website, or use the 'NAAS' mark on their company literature.

Assuming you have not yet been formally served with a civil suit, or a criminal complaint, this offer extends to all persons and companies currently depicted in any NAAS-NEWS report, or any person/company currently displaying the NAAS mark without valid authorization in violation of current U.S. Trademark/Copyright laws.

The application, approval, and purchase of an NAAS License may validate the good standing, and ethics of that person and/or company. Such facts will certainly be taken into account and reflected in our reporting, NAAS NEWS Videos, etc.