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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Airhead Reporter Deborah Norville Talks up Vagina-Faced Convict Jeremy Meeks

By Special News Correspondent:Ron Thomas. The views and comments in this article are mine, and do not reflect the views or opinions of my sponsors or advertisers. For the record, I do not drink, smoke, eat pork, use any drugs, and neither do I need or wear a tatoo to get attention. I have no criminal record of any type. However, my background and education has allowed me to meet convicted criminals, police officers, gang specialists, prosecutors, U.S. Attorney Generals, and gang members , and even convicted murderers. I am a college graduate of a Division I school. Furthermore, I do believe in one Supreme Being. I welcome members of the media to contact me for quotations or information. My Speaking and Appearance fees are $1,000 per hour.

Airhead Reporter Deborah Norville Talks up Vagina-Faced Convict Jeremy Meeks

If you need further evidence about the existence of subHumans, the declining morals of U.S. citizens, and the degenerate thought-processes of subHuman females, and implicit and direct evidence that many subHumans think with their dirty genitalia, read this report. Bimbo Airhead reporter Deborah Norville, who is employed by Inside Edition, demonstrates that social status or education level does not necessarily exclude a person from being a subHuman. Female Washington Post reporter Caitlin Dewey wrote a long, uneducated, and flattering article about so-called "hot" Jeremy Meeks also. Adult Pedophiles reveal themselves in many ways; they are generally attracted to adult perverts. They ignore over $10M in scholarships, grants, and financial-aid for men and women seeking a college education.

Jeremy Meeks: A role model for female trash, subHumans, and inferior Cultures

Jeremy Meeks: A role model for female trash, subHumans, and inferior Cultures. One need only listen to Helium-head females like Deborah Norville ranting and raving about their de facto hero, and male role model: a simple-minded, vagina-faced, low I.Q., and sissy convict named Jeremy Meeks. Why did Jeremy Meeks end up in jail? There are many reasons. Cowardice. Low I.Q. level. subHuman inferiority. etc. His father should have spanked him harder and longer, or had him research scholarship opportunitis to pursue an education. Certainly, he lacked the intelligence to AVOID jail. My, oh my! The inferiority and immorality of the subHuman female brain!

At the same time, these same immoral-minded females want to be judged based upon their alleged "intelligence"? When they are denied a job promotion, they scream and complain about a so-called "Glass Ceiling." Give me a break! Hello, Deborah and Caitlin: Your "intelligence" and character are between your dirty, stinking, and filthy legs! There is no "Glass Ceiling" other than the ceiling created by the alleged victim.

To all female and male subHumans reading this article, listen and read very carefully! The so-called "Hunk" Jeremy Meeks that is being reported by the subHumans who control the liberal media is a convict! What part of the noun C-O-N-V-I-C-T does a subHuman not understand? Vagina-Faced sissy Jeremy Meeks victimized a teen, was involved in drugs, gangs, and violent crimes, etc. Sissy Jeremy Meeks: A role model for female subHuman trash, subHuman males, and inferior cultures. When is the Queen of England going to invite sissy Jeremy Meeks to her British castle? NEVER! NEVER! NEVER!

Vagina-Faced Convict Jeremy Meeks Cowardly Attacks a Teenager

A favorite tactic of criminal prosecutors is to remind a jury about UNCHARGED CRIMES, and past conduct. Let us not forget the crimes that vagina-faced sissy Jeremy Meeks WAS NOT CHARGED WITH, and the crimes he was never caught for. Sissy Jeremy Meeks joined a gang because he was too much of a sissy to fight for himself. He carried a gun because he had no faith in his weak and sissified fists. Keep reading this article and learn why some men emerge from a prison looking like a vagina-faced woman like Jeremy Meeks! Oh, how naive a subHuman is.

If only the subHuman brain had the power and wisdom of a Human. Airhead Deborah Norville and other subHumans from Inside Edition never bothered to contact or interview the victims of Jeremy Meeks, or the men who make "cute" guys their little "bitch" in prison. She never sought to contact the mother (Yes, Ms. Deborah Norville. The teenage victim of Jeremy Meeks did in fact have a mother! Duh?!) All that Airhead deborah norville and her legions of female and homo-erotic subhumans and other trans-perverts can see is a vagina-faced convict with "baby blue eyes".

Unanswered Questions about the Masculinity of Punk Sissy Jeremy Meeks

Unanswered Questions about the Masculinity of Punk Sissy Jeremy Meeks. Jeremy Meeks claims to be a "father." Ok. That occurred BEFORE he went to prison. There are several unanswered questions about the masculinity of Jeremy Meeks. How did Vagina-faced Jeremy Meeks emerge from a prison without any prison scars? Who protected him in prison and why? Was Jeremy Meeks Raped in Prison? Airhead Bimbo Deborah Norville never asked these tough questions. Was Jeremy Meeks sodomized by anyone in prison? Was he forced into prostitution or traded around by other prisoners.

It is common knowledge for "cellies" that when a man is released from the Big House, and looks like a woman after his release, then there is a good reason for it. Males that come from a prison without any marks, without scrapes, without broken bones, surely were not shot callers, and more than likely were the pet "bitch" of one or several other men. As a general rule, no "man" leaves a prison looking "better" than he came in unless he served at the pleasure of other men.

Jeremy Meeks looks like a woman without long hair. There is no doubt he is a sissy. Some men would step on his toes in public and see how he responds. Or some men would simply kiss his wife directly in front of his face. I am not suggesting or advocating either act. Everyone deserves respect when "earned." Jeremy Meeks has not earned that respect, quite yet.

subHuman Texas Math Teacher Haeli Noelle Wey Taught Dirty Math to Male Students. Haeli Noelle Wey used her stinking, evil, and dirty vagina to entice innocent male youth.

In a prison, there is nothing "free". Outside of prison, there is nothing "free." Protection in a prison comes from either being in a prison gang that "runs" the floor, or from being a "Shot Caller", which we know Jeremy Meeks was certainly not, or from a "made bitch", or protection can come via having lots of money. Wimp face sissy Jeremy Meeks never sought to promote any scholarships and grants from prison either. Vagina-faced sissy Jeremy Meeks never discusses how or if he avoided being gang-raped in prison, and how on Earth he emerged without any fight scars, battle marks, or cuts, or even scapes.

Jeremy Meeks has no college degree, and he is not intelligent enough to obtain a legitimate college degree from any degree-granting, top-ranked, Division I university. All that Mr. Jeremy Meeks can boast about is impressing the lowest class of subHuman females, the same type that Donald Trump has accurately described in the past. Furthermore, vagina-faced Jeremy is being employed by homo-erotic companies that are well known for quid pro quo homosexuality in return for employment. If Jeremy Meeks has not had a homosexual experience in prison, then rest assured that by receiving a "modeling contract" with a U.S. company owned and managed by homosexuals, he is well on his way to being treated like all the other male and female models of that type: There is nothing free in the modeling business, and there is nothing free in prison.

subHumans Are Attracted to subHumans: Boycott Jeremy Meeks Apparel, Advertisers, and Products.

subHumans Are Attracted to subHumans: Boycott Jeremy Meeks Apparel, Advertisers, and Products. We urge persons to create and circulate petition boycotting EACH AND EVERY ADVERTISER that attempts to promote a dirty ape-thug like Jeremy Meeks. But, Jeremy claims he is a "family man", and has wife and kids? He is no pretending to be a legitimate human, but his criminal record proves otherwise.

Did his wife also participate in or conceal his crimes? Only a pathetic and desperate woman or prostitute marries a convict with the record of a Jeremy Meeks. Michael Vicks, the tough football player, was accused of using dogs to fight. He faced an assortment of opposition. Females around the world protested and rallied against him. He was booed and reviled every where he went. His biggest enemies were females. However, the subHuman female response with Jeremy Meeks has been different although the crimes engaged by Jeremy Meeks are far more extensive. Where are the protests? Where are the rallies against Jeremy Meeks? subHuman females often complain about "sex discrimination" when in fact these subHumans are responsible for the treatment they receive from Superior Men and from Superior Women.

The reaction to Jeremy Meeks by thoudands of subHuman females is the most recent and best evidence why men and women in position of power and authority SHOULD NEVER TRUST OR DELEGATE AUTHORITY TO A SUBHUMAN FEMALE. SubHumans all think with the lower part of their body, while superior persons rely upon the upper part of their body. God created the Universe, and he provided Superior Men and Superior women with intelligence, character, and morals and the Devil provided the subHuman with flashly-looks.

Perverted Hollywood and Liberal Agents Help Sissy Jeremy. Why not give Boston Marathon Bomber a Second chance?

Jim Jordan of the White Cross Management , and Gina Rodriguez, are persons who are helping this convict. Thousands of dirty subHuman females are clamoring that this "blue-eyed" convict be given a second chance. Why not also give the Boston Marathon Bomber a second chance also. They should be ashamed of themselves. These two suspicious persons should also be investigated. Vagina-faced Jeremy is being referred to as a "California Gangbanger" as if this label is some type of honor. In reality, who "banged" sissy Jeremy in prison?? Blacks are being implicitly urged to kill other black youth, men, and women.

In speaking for all of the victims of California gange members, one wonders if a California Crip gang member killed a family member of punk Jim Jordan or dirty-minded Gina Rodriguez, and he was "hot", "cute", would they still be representing sissy Jeremy? The same liberal media portrayed Boston Marathon "suspect" Dzhokhar Anzorovich as also "hot" and handsome. We use the term "suspect" because, according to subHumans, we should judge persons based purely upon "looks", and based upon his "looks" the Boston Marathon killer should be freed.

The crimes of the Boston Marathon Bomber were apparently way too tough for Jeremy. Jeremy Meeks is a petty sissy in comparison to hard-core California gang members, or "handsome" killers like Dzhokhar Anzorovich.

Conclusion and Opportunity for Jeremy Meeks to issue a Rebuttal

Conclusion and Opportunity for Jeremy Meeks to issue a Rebuttal. If Mr. Jeremy Meeks wants to contradict any information in this report, or issue a rebuttal, he should personally contact me, and provide a rebuttal in his own words, not via an attorney or agent. He should provide contradictory evidence that meet these requirements: a). A copy of his complete prison record, names and contact phone numbers of males he encountered in prison, and declaration from each of them that affirm they never witnessed Jeremy Meeks being raped, sodomized, and sexually abused by non-female faced males; b.) He should provide a medical report from doctors including any or all sexual diseases he actually acquired or was exposed to in prison.

Alternatively, Jeremy Meeks can also 1.)Rip up all of his modeling and media contracts; 2.) Denounce his entire subHuman fan base, and reject their immoral attempts to teach youth that education, character, and integrity mean nothing.

Lastly, if Jeremy Meeks cannot meet any of these conditions, he can simply admit the following: "I am illiterate, and I cannot read or write", and he can mark his name with the letter "X."

All God-Fearing males and father figures should REJECT all apparel products and advertisers by Vagina-faced Jeremy Meeks just as subHuman females would certainly and surely protest any favorable treatment given to a male who does not look like or resemble a female. The same subHuman females would not even discuss, listen to, or even entertain a thought of considering lenient treatment or "second opportunities" for quality males and others. Mr. Jeremy Meeks is welcome to grace the covers of The Advocate, or publications marketed to dirty, disgusting, and tramp female subHumans where his large "fan" base is. Praise the Devil for the care of the subHumans. Praise God for the care of the Righteousness. The End.

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