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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

NAAS Male Athlete of the Year

National Academy of American Scholars announces its male athlete of the year award for 2008. Our choice is Usain Bolt. He is a Jamican sprinter. Bolt set world records in Track & Field at the 2008 Olympics held in China.

Although many performances in the most recent Olympics were tainted and corrupt, the success of Usain Bolt is not subject to debate or speculation. For example, th 8th Gold medal of Michael Phelps is certainly a topic still in discussion.

Although the Associated Press has selected Michael Phelps, citing his record-breaking 8 Gold Medals in the swimming events in the 2008 Olympics, for many reasons we do
not believe his selection is deserved. Only a few of those reasons will be cited herein.

For starters, swimming is purely a skill-intensity sport that does not merit the same respect as a true sport like Track & Field; which was the basis for the creation of the original Olympics.

By his record, Phelps turned pro by 16 years-old. What 16 year-old can compete in a true pro sport like football, baseball, or basketball, etc?? NONE!

Swimming is approximately 80% skill and 20% hard-work. A look at the torso of
Phelps reveals he is not nearly as fit as track star Usain Bolt.

We believe that Michael Phelps is a marketing hype, made to appear at
events he is uncomfortable with, made to associate with persons outside
of his normalcy, and that his post-Olympic personality is a fraud.

Unlike swimming, Track & Field does contain the essential elements of pure athleticism like power,speed, quickness, and agility.

The fact that Phelps has been rejected by his own natural father suggest that there is
something sinister about his character that the main-stream media has heretofore not
reported. Is Michael Phelps a great swimmer? Yes. Is he a great athlete that deserves special
distinction above all others? No.