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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Teacher Lyntell Washington Killed by Lust, Karma, Adultery, and Perversity

Lusts, Karma, Perversity, Kills Adulterous subHuman Teacher Lyntell Washington.

Teacher Lyntell Washington Killed by Lust, Karma, Adultery, and Perversity

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Teacher Lyntell Washington Killed by Lust, Karma, Adultery, and Perversity. Police in Baton Rouge claim Assistant Principal Robert Marks eliminated his adulterous partner Lyntell Washington. The former Teacher-of-the-Year was a single mom who was allegedly impregnated by Assistant Principal Mr. Robert Marks. Assistant Principal Mr. Robert Marks was already married. Certainly, Teacher-of-the-Year Lyntell Washington knew that her partner was a married man, and that another woman had full legal rights over his body. Unfortunately, Lyntell Washington did not appear to respect herself, to respect her own child, to respect her authority as a teacher, or respect the victimized wife of Robert Marks, and she certainly did not respect the biblical verse that explicitly cites: "Thou shalt not commit Adultery." It was Karma and Lust, not Murder, that eliminated subHuman Lyntell Washington. What did Lyntell Washington respect and admire? Lyntell Washington respected a cheap penis over her own career, and over her own child. Are there no single men in Baton Rouge, LA? She repeatedly failed or was uninterested in promoting Mom and Women Scholarship opportunities

Human Police Officers Identify Deceased Tramp Lyntell Washington

Student Victim Fund

Human Police Officers claim that Lyntell Washington’s 3-year-old daughter was found abandoned and bloodied in a parking lot next to her mother’s car. They say the car was covered in blood and the child was bloodied. Lyntell Washington engaged in one two many adulteros affairs with a married man, and fate finally caught up with the subHuman. Investigators say statements from the child as well as cellphone data connected to her adulterous partner prove that Lyntell Washington was engaging in dirty acts with a married man. In fact, the media have reported that Lyntell Washington was pregnant with the child of the Assistant Principal. Was it really worth it? Is the penis that important to a filthy, dirty, stinking subHuman female? [Get ready for my upcoming e-book on Teacher Perversity, and America's subHuman population Follow this blog!].

subHuman Lyntell Washington should be Charged as an Accessory to her own Murder.

Robert Marks is alleged to have eliminated or silenced Lyntell Washington. In fact, he has been charged with her murder, kidnapping, and of murdering the baby that he allegedly had with Lyntell Washington. What the media does not report is how many other males did Lyntell Washington have a relationship with? If a woman is willing to engage in a relationship with a maried male, then she is willing to have multiple partners. What is apparently true, is that Lyntell Washington used her dirty, stinking, and filthy vagina to bait, tempt, and lure a married man to engage in acts that violated his marital vows. In fact, there are some of her Black woman friends who continue to extol certain characteristics of Mr. Mark's personality as if to justify the victim's adultery. Adultery is cruel. Adultery is evil. There is no justification for murder, and there is no justification for Adultery. At the every least, Lyntell Washington should be charged as being an Accessory to her own "murder". This is not a heartless statement. Teachers and adulterous need to take responsibility for their actions. There are millions, and millions, of educated, appealing, articulate, and available unmarried males available. They have no criminal records. Many of these men do not smoke, drink, curse, and would never engage in Adultery. Guess what, no subhuman female is attracted to such males. However, a tramp always prefers the taboo. Thank God, this and other SubHumans are finally exposed.

Amanda Caye Dreier + Lyntell Washington = SubHumans

Blonde-Haired, Amanda Caye Dreier and Lyntell Washington have a lot in common. They both are attracted to males they should not be attracted to. They both are teachers. They both engaged in Adultery. They both are subHumans. They both are representatives of the female species. They both think with their dirty vagina instead of their obviously worthless brain. Lyntell Washington kept opening up her big mouth right after she opened up her dirty, foul-odored, smelly vagina. For example, the media reports that Lyntell Washington threatened to "expose" the affair by talking to the wife of the Assistant Principal. It is clear that Lyntell Washington wanted to become pregnant because Lyntell Washington knew she was nothing more than a cheap, subHuman, and filthy tramp that is a disgrace to her culture. Birth control pills are prevalent today. Lyntell Washington deliberately sought to become pregnant in order to emotionally hurt the wife of Mr. Marks. She no doubt lied to Mr. Marks about taking birth control pills. Finally, Mr. Marks most likely became enraged. Mr. Marks viewed Lyntell Washington as a cheap whore who he never wanted to carry his "baby." However, the scheming Lyntell Washington acted like 'hood rat, and became pregnant anyways. Do whore lives matter? Depending upon your religious views, yes they do. (I guess).

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