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Monday, December 30, 2013

11 Warning Signs that Your Teacher Could be a Child Molester

11 Warning Signs that Your Teacher Could be a Child Molester

Child Molesters hate me. Teachers who are pedophiles have threatened me. The friends of Laura Whitehurst have sent to me death threats. Pedophiles as far away as Texas have sent to me images of a burned man with racial epithets. Others have threatened to burn my house. Have I gone to the police? No. Free speech is more powerful than the Disneyland justice handed to Laura Whitehurst. Laura Whitehurst conceded to raping two boys, but received no hard-core prison sentence.

What about Ethan Couch, a wealthy young teen from the state of Texas? His mild offense: he killed 4 persons while drinking booze. The judge declared that he was so rich that he was incapable of rendering a proper decision. Ifyou have any doubts about double-standards then review this article.

So, excuse me when I don't report crimes of the privileged. I have doubts that certain police agencies and/or prosecutors can fairly prosecute persons who resemble their own mother, their own father, or their own relatives; this facade in turn prompts the privileged to disrespect the judicial system.

When I stare down their threats, they fall back on name-calling and attacking the merits and integrity of the scholarships, grants, and financial-aid sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars. Pretty weak, right? When molesters have to rely upon discredited statements to deflect attention away from their molester conduct, I consider it a victory. I am not an officer or agent of National Academy of American Scholars. I am simply a free-lance blogger that practices free-speech.

Founded in September of 1988, National Academy of American Scholars must be doing something right and legitimate to have survived thus far. Over 3,000 students have benefited from the scholarships, and grants sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars. The organization is featured in many books, magazines, and periodicals. Last year, the Dr. Pepper Scholarship winner from Las Vegas won the scholarship after it was featured on the website of National Academy of American Scholars. The typical start-up business or non-profit organization fails within the first three years, according to statistics by the Small Business Administration.

Facts and figures of great American accomplishment mean absolutely nothing to pedophiles,communists, atheists, and persons like Richard Sugerman. In fact, a public Facebook post by alleged California teacher Richard Sugerman termed such accomplishments as "dubious". Moreover, the same Richard Sugerman created public post on a Facebook timeline that revealed his "interest" in outrageous theories associated with discredited persons suspected of Communist beliefs. What is not certain is whether or not the post by Richard Sugerman was a ploy to recruit students to adopt the same Communist dogma referenced in the hyperlink referred to by Richard Sugerman.

The School on The Hill: A Suspicious Non-Profit Ran by Richard Sugerman

When you instigate, I investigate. The one thing about child molesters is that they appear to have a lot of time on their hands, and they typically make decisions that suggest a detachment from reality. Richard Sugerman posted a series of repetitive posts on the public timeline of the NAAS facebook account in late hours of the morning when most men are busy with their wives or girlfriends.

Richard Sugerman is the front-man for an organization called The School on The Hill, which purports to be a non-profit organization that helps pre-school kids. In looking at the website, it has a notice posted that it is closed. Why did it close? Common sense and business logic would conclude that apparently the business offered products and services that few people were interested in. Another possible explanation is that parents simply do not like Richard Sugerman. When reading the various public posts associated with Richard Sugerman, some persons may feel that he comes across as incredibly suspicious, evasive, and arrogant. Personally, I would not allow my children around this male creature if he personally paid me over $100,000. I would not want my children picking up or copying his traits, or attitude. I also consider many of his public Facebook posts to be in bad taste. I am a Scholarship Blogger, but I also write articles that comment on the growing surge of child molesters.

The closure notice of The School on The Hill was allegedly posted on July 29th, 2013, but the domain remains active. The School On The Hill claims to be a nonprofit, "play-based", child-centered large family home daycare located in Richmond California. The School on The Hill claims to serve Richmond, Albany, El Cerrito, Berkeley and the surrounding West Contra Costa County (WCCC) community, but Richard Sugerman claims to preside in Upland, California. This is impossible. The two California cities are hundreds of miles apart.

Given the inconsistent information posted on his public FaceBook profile, which he has since blocked from view, and given the suspicious content he posted, and the fact that a Facebook user referred to Richard Sugerman as a possible "child molester", I called the Richmond, California police department at (510) 233-1214 and asked if there was an open investigation of Richard Sugerman for any act(s) involving children or if he has a history of harassing the FaceBook pages of long-standing companies. The detective refused to confirm or deny any investigation. I am also in the process of initiating a Freedom of Informatio Act Request pursuant to federal law to ascertain the extent, if any, that Richard Sugerman has any association with members of the Communist Party.

When you try to attack an organization that has survived 25 years, you are either a fool or an idiot, or perhaps simply jealous. Then again, I never met a smart child molester, and I doubt if such a person exists. This is not to suggest or imply that Richard Sugarmen is a child molester. However, his since closed Facebook profile, and his behavior, certainly is suspicious. When you make public posts<1> on Facebook pages of esteemed organizations that publish information about child molesters then you open the door to further inquiry. If I could offer advice to a fool, I would suggest buy a brain or borrow one. Unfortunately, the commodity of common sense cannot be bought.

Hypocrite Richard Sugerman Begs Facebook, Inc. to Delete Child Molester Comment

On or about December 28th, 2013, while trolling the Internet, Richard Sugerman posted<1> several unsolicited comments on the NAAS timeline that invited further inquiry. After the Administrator of the account first politely responded to each of his awkward inquiries, and also posted a series of public links for further information, Richard Sugerman dug in his heels even further. Despite being a "teacher", and claiming to serve children, Richard Sugerman refused to acknowledge the factual articles or even educate himself on the facts provided by the Facebook administrator.

The public Facebook profile of Richard Sugerman, which he has since hidden from public view, seems to suggest that he is weird, obnoxious, and very suspicious. For example, he professed his affection of being an Atheist. He found amusing or interesting a website that espoused Communist-sounding theories. He did not shy away from attacking persons that believed in God. At the same time, he alternated by claiming he loved children.

Children are the result of God. Are parents paying money to this guy, or am I the only person on planet Earth that sees something very suspicious. What normal parent in their half-mind, would pay a single dime to a person who apparently has an extreme distaste for God.

Perhaps God tricked the self-claimed teacher/tutor Richard Sugerman into making a suspicious comment on the NAAS facebook account, and now God is using this Publisher to expose facts regarding Richard Sugerman. It is the responsibility of parents to determine their next step. I know my next step: Keep my chldren at least 5,000 miles away from anything related to Richard Sugerman and ban this person from all social media acounts that involve youth, and students.

Upon seeing his posts, and comparing his posts to his public profile, several Facebook users began calling or insinuating that Richard Sugerman was a child molester, an atheist (which his Facebook page admits), and suggested that he was Godless. One quote in particular was also posted by a Facebook user in a reply to the public comment first made by Richard Sugerman. Review this biting quote:

"I am going to ask my facebook friends to beware of this Godless devil. I read the articles that you referenced. I know why Richie Rapist refuses to read anything about his partners. Oh Christ, please forgive this poor J#w. Our Premium Membership is only $49.00. For Richard, he can join for 1 apology to Christ. I saw his profile. I would not be surprised if Richard Sugerman was a child molestor."---- Post by Facebook User in Reply to a Post made by Richard Sugerman. Post was deleted by Facebook, Inc:

Upon looking for the same quote today, I notice the quote was missing. I contacted the Facebook user who posted the comment and determined that Facebook deleted the comment upon request made by Richard Sugerman. FaceBook, Inc., the owners of the FaceBook social media page, claims the comment violated their community guidelines. However, I read the Community Guidelines and no where did I read where the comment could be construed as violating any standards. Child molesters thrive based upon privilege. Child Molesters are cunning at using their race or teacher status to receive special favors. When children are raped, people wonder how could the act take place from such a trusted person. Remember, the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Coach. Privileged white male. Many excuses. Many victims. Facebook Inc is a dream for child molesters.

Apparently, it is proper and alright for certain privileged persons to worship statements that attack God, or that publish negative attacks towards others, but when the tables are turned on these same persons, what do they do? They cry. They beg for help. They run for help! No 6 year-old can write this style of an article. The privileged run to Facebook, Inc. like little sissies when they get the same medicine they try to dish out. I believe in God. I do not accept Communist theories. I believe that God wants to punish and expose child molesters. Instead of accepting the reply-comments like a man (after-all, Richard Sugerman was the instigator), Richard Sugerman chose to run, and beg FaceBook Inc. for help in censorship. Facebook, being the Great Protector of Child Molesters, and the #1 promoter of the N-word, sided with Richard Sugerman and deleted the free-speech and satirical criticism. As a licensed teacher, who should be promoting free-speech, it smacks of being unethical. Perhaps the new hiring standards of California teachers are so low that the concept of ethics is a farce.

Why Pedophiles and Child Molesters Hate This Blog

I fully understand why pedophiles and child molesters hate me, and hate this blog. I also understand their anger at National Acadmy of American Scholars for helping to expose teacher molestation tactics,and reporting of teacher molestation cases.

Unlike Facebook, Inc., and the phony prosecutors of Laura Whitehurst, I do not provide child molesters any special favors or privileges based merely education, race, or gender, or social status. Whether you are a licensed teacher or a janitor, your status means nothing. If I were a prosecutor, crime would drop 70% in the jurisduction I was employed. Facebook Inc. may be a multi-billion corporation, but FaceBook, Inc. is bankrupt when it comes to ethics, fairness, and moral values. FaceBook Inc. strikes down mild comments made in reply to a suspicious comment, but chooses to maintain over 1,000 pages that attack and demean women, refer to homosexuals with slurs, and that use the N-Word, and that even allows persons to call the President of the United States with virtually any name there is.

At the same time, Facebook Inc. finds the time to personally answer a censorship request from a publicly outspoken teacher like Richard Sugerman who makes a fool of himself. This is clearly a double-standard of ethics and integrity. What is so special about a teacher that no American in the U.S.A. can make a critical comment about him in reply to his own conduct? Richard Sugerman chose to create a personal Facebook page. He chose to post a suspicious public comment on a public Facebook page and now he must deal with the result. I have far higher standards than Facebook Inc. Double-standards and privileges allow child molestation to flourish. Real or suspected child molesters or unethical teachers will not get any special treatment from me.

Part of this blog is to educate parents, and students regarding scholarships, grants, and financial-aid. However, we also review the Internet looking for signs of suspicious teachers. Many teachers ignore us, or browse our scholarships, grants, and financial-aid as they should, but a few respond awkwardly and invite suspicious inquiries. Some teachers/tutors take the bait or reveal facts that are suspicious. Many child molesters in public schools have a weird desire of always wanting to be around little kids. If a child molester operates a business that focuses upon children or youth then the child molester will simply open up another that ensures his involvement with children. Police reports will confirm that child molesters oftentimes create businesses, and excuses that ensure that children are the center piece.

All Pedophiles Claim to Love Children

To gain a parent's trust, child molesters always profess to love children. One of the most powerful methods in child molestation is to cultivate trust with parents. This is done by building a detailed resume that is centered around children. Male child molesters often profess undying love of children, tutor children, become a team counselor of children, constantly surround themselves with children, and some even attack organizations that publish stories about teacher molestation. Child molesters are very skilled at diverting attention away from their real objective.

Warning Signs For Parents About Child Molesters

As a a Scholarship Blogger, and reporter, I encourage parents to check out the facebook profile of teachers before hiring a teacher as a tutor. Also find out what websites are linked to the teacher. A big red-flag are male teachers who avoid prominent displays of their personal photos. Picture reluctance is a tactic that many male pedophiles practice to avoid public photos in the event of pending molestation arrests. Parents trust child molesters with their children before they know the facts. Every child molestoer is trusted by parents until the secrecy of their perverted actions is exposed. My Child Molester Warning Signs are as follows:

  1. Check out the facebook profile of teachers before hiring a teacher as a tutor.
  2. Use statitics regarding child molesters to develop a profile. Let's face the facts. Certain male instructors in a private or public school setting have developed over the years a track record of being involved in cases involving child molestation. Unfortunately, these guys could be a family friend, a coach, or even a police officer.
  3. Beware of vague quotes by the teacher that claim "I teach kids in a public school."
  4. Beware of vague claims made by a teacher that boast " I teach at a California Public School" without even identifying the school;
  5. Beware of teachers that secretly main multiple political-oriented Facebook pages. In reading their political views, you can get sense of their mindset;
  6. Beware of male and female teachers who have a facebook profile but who do not post their facial pictures.
  7. Beware of teachers and schools that attack websites that publish stories about pedophiles. The school website is often maintained by a pedophile. By agreeing to be the school webmaster, the pedophile is allowed to troll for kids and other potential victims during the day, as well as maintain 'friends' with students;
  8. Beware of teachers who loudly boast of loving kids and children, as this is only a tactic to divert attention from their sick lust of children. Normal adults love children, but we do not have to shout about it.
  9. Beware of teachers or tutors who maintain old, out-dated, references on their public Facebook or social media websites.
  10. Beware of teachers or tutors who deliberately post false and untrue references to their current place of residence.
  11. Beware of teachers who invite your child to events away from the school under the argument of Just for fun. What is fun for the child molester may not be fun for your child.
  12. Beware of female teachers who smile constantly at your children, but ignore all manner of politeness towards the parent.
  13. Beware of teachers suspected of engaging in extra-marital affairs since an affair is just as perverted as child molestation.
  14. Beware of married teachers who meet after hours at local Starbucks to meet persons of the opposite or same gender, but who are not their spouses. In Clark County, Nevada, this is a familiar technique of child molesters and teachers who have affairs.
  15. If your student or child attends a school district which has a high-index of convicted child molesters, or a high index of persons arrested on suspicion of child molestation (for example, the Clark County School District; this school district also participated in the rape, exploitation, and misappropriation of the NAAS trademark under Northwest Association of Accredited Schools), you should be extra cautious.
  16. Beware of teachers who infrequently date, or who are not married, or who rarely discuss or mention their spouse.

There are other technical warning signs, but I do not want to tip-off the molesters. I encourage everyone reading this Blog to make a Donation to our Anti-Bully Fund. Proceeds also help maintain this Blog. Child molestation is one of the worst forms of bullying. Sign-up for this Blog, and I will keep you posted.