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Friday, September 13, 2013

Scholarships for Accredited Schools in Texas

Scholarships for Accredited Schools in Texas

Scholarships for Accredited Schools in Texas

Scholarships for accredited schools, and accredited degree programs in Texas certainly exist. In fact, traditional Texas scholarship sponsors require that scholarship recipients must attend or anticipate on attending an accredited school, college, or university in Texas. Another qualification by some scholarship sponsors is that students seeking Texas scholarships should know something about the history of Texas. As a general rule of thumb, the greater the value the Texas scholarship then more is expected of the Texas scholarship recipient.

Scholarship Quiz Questions for Texas Scholarships destined for accredited Texas Schools

The obvious question for persons seeking scholarships, grants, and financial-aid to attend one of the many accredited schools in the state of Texas is: What must I know to qualify for a scholarship, grant, or financial-aid?

Persons seeking scholarships for the purposes of attending an accredited school or college in Texas should know that many scholarship sponsors have different requirements, and altogether different scholarship applications. However, if a scholarship applicant is seeking scholarships, grants, or financial-aid sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars then the scholarship applicant should know at least the basic historical and founding facts surrounding Texas.

For example, Houston is the largest city in Texas and the fourth-largest in the United States, while San Antonio is the second largest in the state and seventh largest in the United States. Dallas–Fort Worth and Greater Houston are the fourth and fifth largest United States metropolitan areas, respectively. Other major cities include El Paso and Austin—the state capital. Texas is nicknamed the Lone Star State to signify Texas as a former independent republic and as a reminder of the state’s struggle for independence from Mexico. The “Lone Star” can be found on the Texas state flag and on the Texas state seal today.

Why are scholarships for accredited schools in Texas needed?

Texas scholarships are needed for accredited schools and universities in Texas because the Texas Department of Education is focused on education, and students should be rewarded for attending an accredited vs. a non-accredited school. By sponsoring scholarships, and grants for students attending accredited schools in Texas, we support the belief that every student matters. Also, a high-proportion of Texas moms, Texas , mothers, Texas women, and high-school graduates, as well as a large proportion of Texas working adults pursue some form of higher education.

We sponsor Texas scholarships for Texas moms, women, working adults, and students. Nearly all of these moms, women, working adults, and students rely upon accredited Texas scholarships, grants, and financial-aid. Texas colleges and universities have experienced consistent year-over-year growth in enrollment, as well as a notorious habit of raising tuition each year. Unlike some states with lower educational standards, and a high proportion of students who drop out of schools, Texas is a state with stringent educational standards, and high expectations. Also, Texas has many quality school districts. Students whom plan on attending any of the quality universities in Texas like Texas University, or Texas State University, will need scholarships to attend such accredited schools or programs.

One of the best possible resources for moms, women, single moms, and adults seeking scholarships, grants, and financial-aid for accredited colleges or accredited universities is the website of National Academy of American Scholarships. We encourage adult students, moms, women, and single mothers to explore these financial-aid options for scholarships, as well other Texas scholarships that are not listed but may be accessed by visiting our Texas Scholarships pages:

For a detailed continuation of this article, and numerous sources of renewable High-paying Texas scholarships, official State of Texas Pell Grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG), and various other official Texas Grant programs, and private sources of Texas scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, please visit our Texas Scholarships page:
Scholarships for Accredited Schools in Texas

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Texas High-School teacher Brooke Lynn Domel Accused of filthy sex

Teachers Gone Wild: Texas High-School teacher Brooke Lynn Domel Accused of filthy sex

Last year, the Scholarship Committee of National Academy of American Scholars reports that they sent to numerous teachers, including Brooke Lynn Domel, a teacher at Wharton High-School, in Wharton,TX, a series of scholarship applications to be distributed to students at her high-school. The 32 year-old, married, mother of two small children, allegedly never responded to their written requests that eligible Texas High-School students be notified of important Texas Scholarship opportunities. It is also entirely possible that Brooke Lynn Domel never received the Texas Scholarship literature.

Regardless as to whether or not Brooke Lynn Domel did in fact receive and/or fail to distribute important Texas Scholarship literature, we do know why Brooke Lynn Domel may have been too busy to fiddle around with Texas Scholarship literature. In or about June of 2013, local and national media report that high-school teacher Brooke Lynn Domel was arrested on suspicion of having perverted, inappropriate, and unlawful sex with a student. The male student has since graduated. The Wharton Police Department, and the Wharton County sheriff's department Sgt. Raymond Jansky and Sgt. Wally Rodriguez confirmed the arrest of high-school teacher Brooke Lynn Domel. It is unclear at the time of this report if Brooke Lynn Domel is pregnant with the student's child, or whether or not she previously aborted a child.

Unfortunately, it also unclear as to whether or not Texas Law enforcement authorities have ordered a complete medical report of Brooke Lynn Domel to ascertain whether or not she has a history of sexual diseases, prior pregnancies, or the presence of animal semen in her body that would indicate prior sexual contact with a beast of nature. As a reporter, or prosecutor, I would want to know the full extent of her sexual contacts with both humans and animals.

Is Texas Tough Enough to Prosecute a Blonde-Female Rape Suspect?

What is the legal definition of rape? "The Sheriff's Office and Landy Williams (Police Chief of the Wharton ISD) are working the investigation and presenting evidence to our office and we're planning on prosecuting," said District Attorney, Ross Kurtz. Oh, sure. We'll be watching. Texas, which has a reputation for being extremely tough on minorities, and poor working-class white Americans, and delivering lengthy prison terms to less-privileged persons, may have met their match in the case of high-school teacher Brooke Lynn Domel. With her streaks of blonde-hair, athletic fitness, and reasonably attractive appearance, Brooke Lynn Domel will help us figure out whether or not the Wharton Police Department, including Landy Williams, and the local prosecutors are patsies, punks, sissies, or professional law enforcement that respect the rule of law regardless of the alleged perpetrator.

Brooke Lynn Domel will also challenge the statements of Wharton ISD Superintendent Kay Shoppa, who claimed that The district takes these allegations very seriously and does not tolerate the type of conduct alleged. In reality, as of July 14th, 2013, the name of Brooke Lynn Domel still appeared on the website of Wharton High-School. From the moment of her arrest, till July 14th, 2013, the only additional facts that this Publisher is aware of, and the only events that have since transpired, is that the blonde-hair of Brooke Lynn Domel is even more blonde, and she has boosted her tan. I am not aware of any new legal events that have affected Brooke Lynn Domel, and neither am I aware of a change in her employment status with the Wharton ISD.

Unlike the California teacher rape case of Teachers Gone Wild: Laura Whitehurst, I am not aware of additional victims being sought by local Texas prosecutors, and I am not aware that any additional charges are being sought against this suspected female pervert. In traditional crime cases of a sexual nature, and pursuant to prosecutorial crime manuals, it is routine to seek additional victims in a case of this nature, and to advertise that fact on the website of the prosecuting District Attorney's Office. In the matter of Brooke Lynn Domel, it appears that local prosecutors have already punked out, and are simply not even looking for additional victims. It is amazing how Blonde-hair streaks can influence a criminal investigation!

Rape Allegation Against Brooke Lynn Domel

The actual charge against Brooke Lynn Domel reads as improper relationship between an educator and a student. What type of kindergarten charge is that? What about aggravated sexual assault? What about forcible rape with a minor? What about sexual deviant behavior? What about lewdness with a minor? An improper relationship between an educator and a student can mean having alcohol with the student, smoking, etc. Texas prosecutors must have the courage to charge this woman with a charge that provides a disincentive for other persons and desperate women not to engage in adultery, rape, and sexual harassment of teen boys.

I have serious suspicions on the ability of local Texas prosecutors to prosecute the case of Brooke Lynn Domel. A combination of having levied a weak charge, granting a low bail, and the resulting failure or refusal to actively seek out additional victims (ref: Laura WhiteHurst case), a failure to order a Medical History Report suggests that the local Texas prosecutors are simply too weak, have a low or non-existent testosterone. If this Publisher had a meeting with local Texas prosecutors, I would scream at them and say: Prosecute Brooke Lynn Domel as if she were a man that raped a young girl! Prosecute Brooke Lynn Domel as is she were a vile monster that preyed on teen boys to rob them of their youth for her demented sexual pleasure. Prosecute Brooke Lynn Domel as if she attacked your own son or daughter. If local Texas prosecutors cannot or refuse to properly prosecute a suspect fitting the description of Brooke Lynn Domel then they are unfit for the job.

In the instant case of Mrs. Brooke Lynn Domel, it is alleged hereon that an act of rape (i.e, inappropriate and/or abusive sex with a person(s) under the age of consent) took place. The definition hereon is immaterial to the consent or perceived "enjoyment" of the victim(s) and parallels the current criminal charge(s) against Mrs. Brooke Lynn Domel. Clearly, rape laws need to be updated to take into account the emerging gross perversity of certain sectors of the female species, whose conduct appears to be motivated by both known and unknown social variables. Adding insult to the alleged conduct of Mrs. Brooke Lynn Domel is the fact that this person is married.

Brooke Lynn Domel Refuses to Distribute Texas Scholarship Applications

Mark Kantrowitz, whom the national media has fraudulently labeled as a "financial-aid expert", claims there is no such thing as "unclaimed" scholarships. Given the fact that this purported "financial-aid expert", and clever, publicity-seeking, self-promotion artist, has never managed a multi-million dollar portfolio of scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, it is easy for him to speculate, to guess, and to create the illusion of him having "expert" knowledge on a topic he is ill-qualified to address.

Teachers like Brooke Lynn Domel and guidance department personnel have their own personal or political agenda. Contrary to the statements of self-purported "financial-aid experts", unclaimed scholarships are a huge problem, and do in fact exist just like unclaimed assets in state coffers. It is more common than you think. National Academy of American Scholars reports correctly that millions of scholarship dollars go unclaimed every year. Scholarship sponsors may distribute scholarship literature to schools, teachers, and guidance departments, but the same schools may not distribute the literature, or may do so sparingly. The reasons vary. Therefore, few eligible students are notified of scholarship awards if his/her guidance department or teacher fails to notify the student. The blunt fact of the matter is that unclaimed scholarships and allegations of teacher molestations do exist; this fact contradicts the incompetent claims of media pet Mark Kantrowitz.

Brooke Lynn Domel Sex Scandal Affects on Texas Scholarships

Aside from their choice words, and Disneyland attempts to soften the alleged conduct of Brooke Lynn Domel, the blunt fact is that Brooke Lynn Domel is alleged to have had filthy, inappropriate, and dirty sex with an under-age minor that is prohibited by Texas law. Unlike Texas police in Wharton, this Publisher does not Kiss Up to rape suspects. It is unclear, at this time, as to whether or not Brooke Lynn Domel, or if the male student impregnated her dirty (non-virgin) body. What the main-stream Texas media does not discuss is the real prospect of the teen being infected with HIV, Herpes, trichomoniasis, and other sexually-induced diseases. Every rape or sexual assault victim should be tested for an STD.

The alleged conduct of Brooke Lynn Domel is disgusting, appalling, unethical, and extremely perverted. If true, Brooke Lynn Domel needs to be prosecuted for aggravated sexual assault, not the simple kindergarten charge of unlawful intercourse. Unfortunately, the weak male prosecutors of the case and the crime-friendly judge most likely will not have the guts to treat this suspect like a real crime suspect involved in a brutal rape, abuse, and child endangerment. Civilized members of society simply cannot tolerate a teacher who:

  1. Fails or refuses to distribute valuable and informative Texas Scholarship literature to Texas students;
  2. Spends more time scheming to participate in filthy and perverted sex than administering the academic duties of her classroom.
  3. Engages in the rape, abuse, and/or sexual exploitation of young boys and/or young girls who are incapable of defending themselves against sophisticated adult perverts.

Fortunately, the Brooke Lynn Domel sex arrest has no affect on the Texas Scholarships that are sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars, or on pending Texas scholarship applications. However, this Scholarship Blog intends to continue to address affairs and news that have direct and indirect impacts on our mission to get the word out about the great scholarships that we sponsor. Texas Teachers have an ethical duty to not only distribute Texas scholarship literature to eligible students, but also to provide direct hyperlinks to the website of scholarship sponsors.

Why Women Molest, Fondle, and Rape Teen Boys

I saw a picture of the husband of Brooke Lynn DomeL. I have to admit that the guy probably will not spark a lot of interest amongst women. Look at him. The poor chap. What a feeling it must be to have your wife arrested at her work place and be told by the police that she was having a sexual relationship with a teen boy.

The husband of Mrs. Brooke Lynn Domel has little or no hair. He appears to be chubby. He is not athletically fit, and the list goes on and on. If the charges against Brooke Lynn Domel are true, what does this say about her husband? Why is your wife seeking comfort and attention from teen boys? As an older guy, why can't you perform better than a mere teen boy who hasn't even graduated from high-school? It is highly unlikely that any teen boy has the experience to last 3 or 4 hours without an orgasm. What type of man or chump is the husband of Brooke Lynn Domel? A teengage boy should be no match for any masculine man, a man that Brooke Lynn Domel apparently has never met in her whole life.

It is easy to call women who seek out teen boys as whores, sluts, and tramps. However, one needs to examine their psychological state of mind as well. Women seek out teen boys primarily because of their own perversity, and sexual depravity. Another factor is that many, if not all, have never had a real man before and the teen youth illustrates a component of youth and naivety that the desperate woman seeks knowing full well that the teen will overlook her numerous flaws, and her own failure as a woman. A seasoned man may not have youth but his experience and fitness should easily trump anything a mere teen boy can do; having said that, a women suffering from sexual perversity will not be motivated by any positive influences.

Message to Brooke Lynn Domel, Teen Predators, and persons whom fail to distribute Texas Scholarship Literature

I understand that the judicial system in all U.S. cities, counties, and towns may not be completely fair. I understand that the accused is considered innocent until or unless proven guilty. I assume that Brooke Lynn Domel is innocent. I understand that the inability of the American Judicial system to consistently and fairly prosecute and punish certain persons due to their hair-color, social-status, celebrity-status, or eye-color or other characteristics makes it difficult to prosecute real criminals.

I understand that an unfair judicial system encourages suspected and convicted criminals like James Holmes, Tim McVeigh, Casey Anthony, Lindsey Lohan, rappers, Adam Laza, Christopher Dorner, etc to demonstrate disrespect for the same judicial or law enforcement system they have benefitted from.

However, the ability to "beat" the system and win a low bail, receive a reduced charge, befriend a crime-friendly judge, or be sent to a cupcake camp rather than being incarcerated into a hard-core prison where minorities and poor whites are sent to, will only inflate this Free-Speech post. Brooke Lynn Domel, if in fact, you committed the horrendous crimes alleged, and if you in fact raped a single teenage boy, or used your dirty (non-virgin) body to seduce them to engage in a perverted act, gross sins, and/or high crimes, then please confess.

If any person knows of any other teacher(s) or educator currently engaging in any improper act(s) with any teenage boy or girl, then please refer the facts to your local law enforcement branch.

For Texas Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, not distributed by Brooke Lynn Domel, please see this page:
Texas Scholarships