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Saturday, June 18, 2016

subHuman Teacher Nicole S. Wilfinger Arrested on Perversity Allegations

subHuman CCSD Teacher Nicole S. Wilfinger Arrested on Perversity Allegations

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

A flurry of teachers within the Clark County School District have been charged with a variety of offenses in 2016. In fact, at this pace, the Clark County School District is on track to have the highest density of subHuman teachers in North America. One of the latest suspected perverts is 37-year-old Molasky Junior High School teacher Nicole Wilfinger. In April of 2016, this CCSD Math Teacher was booked on multiple counts of statutory sexual seduction by a person older than 21 and lewdness with a child older than 14. The name "Nicole" is commonly associated with female perversity. There is no bounds for female subHumans, and no title that indicates any recognition of respect and morality. Female subHumans that are so-called "Math Department Chairpersons" have about the same respect for decency and integerity as a felon male rapist. high-schools throughout Nevada that are represented by female Math Department heads, or heads of Special Education Departments, have a high probaility of female perversity. At no time did Ms. Perverted Nicole Wilfinger bother to promote meainingful Nevada Scholatship opportunities, or even refer teachers to this Scholarship Blog. Moreover, did dirty Nicole Wilfinger ever refer students to the Official Scholarship Directory?

Student Victim Fund a>

If students cannot trust the Math Department Chairpweson to behave himself then who can they respect? This title indicates she was most likely responsibile for reviewing and/or approving math lesson plans for other teachers. All perverts and subHumans are irrational like irrational numbers. Apparently, the 37 year-old suspected female pervert was fantasizing about a 5-inch pinkish penis from a little boy rather than looking forward to a 10-inch penis from a grown man. When she met with her little-boy "lover", it is doubtful she discussed Scholarships and Grant opportunities for Middle School students.

Dirty Fat Animal CCSD Teacher Nicole Wilfinger kept sex journal: "Can my (wilfinger) finger touch your penis?"

As a demonstration of the extent to which she allowed this perversity to take place, Clark County School District Teacher Nicole Wilfinger even kept a journal of her perverted interactions with the young boy. "Can my (Wilfinger) finger touch your penis" is a possible entry in her journal. The standards for Caucasion female sexuality are totally different than many other women. Female subHumans like Nicole Wilfinger, Laura Whitehurst,Rachel Respess, Jillian Lafave, and numerous other subHuman females from the Caucasoid species are setting an alarming pattern of subHuman conduct that requires legislative attention. My book addresses these fears. Despite being as old as 37 years, Nicole Wilfinger is alleged to have wrote these dirty passages: “First time talking and friendship changes forever,” Wilfinger allegedly documented her numerous acts of perversity. July 11 marked the “first time we had sex,” she reportedly wrote, while November 4 was the “first time having make-up sex.” My goodness. What a subHuman?!

Despite her vast girth, Nicole redused ro participate in Beverage Scholarship opportunities., The parents of the boy should have known about subHuman ways by reading this Blog. However, the parents the boy allowed Nicole Wilfinger intimate involvement with the family: Nicole Wilfinger was the boy's soccer coach at Molasky Middle School; Nicole Wilfinger babysat the family’s 7-year-old daughter; the boy’s family also reportedly babysat Nicole Wilfinger's 7-year-old daughter. Now, the parents are complainig about subHuman Nicole Wilfinger. Parents are upset that Nicole Wilfinger was using her dirty and stinking body as a weapon of perversity against a young boy. Despite her age, she is accused of forcing herself on a young boy because she apparently does not know how to attract an adult male.

Watch for the new Ron Thomas book on SubHuman Perversity: A guide for Every Parent, Guardian, Student, and Adult interesting in Stopping Adult-Teacher SubHumans

There is nothing unique or different about Nicole Wilfinger that does not follow a predictable pattern. A background check is not as precise as a mathematical analysis of the personality. As a mathematician, I use a series of complex Calculus models and geometric probability sequences to accurately predict if a teacher has a certain probability as a pervert. Names that suggest perversity are simply another compononent of this model, but are not provided the same probability weight of other factors. My secret formula is an accurate predictor of subHuman perversity. My new book will be available in e-book format, and it will detail that accused and arrested teachers all fit a predictable mathetimatical pattern.

Once again, every parent, guardian, student, and teacher in the U.S.A. is being given advance warning of my upcoming e-book which will document in detail ways to address and identify the subHuman species, perverts, and subHumans who have no respect for the student body population or their fellow colleagues. As a former teacher, I am able to identify and classify teachers based upon thousands of hours and years dealing with teachers and studying teacher-student relationships.

Racial and Gender Disparity in Nevada Judicial Sentencing Suggests that Nicole Wilfinger will be "Rewarded" for Raping Male Student

The Clark County School Disrict is being improperly blamed for a rise in teacher perversity. Let me get this straight: the Clark County School District IS NOT TO BLAME for its pool of teacher perversity. Teachers undergo training, seminars, and professional staff development meetings all the time. It is the weak, impotent, and toothless Nevada prosecutors, judges, and judiciary that can't seem to prosecute a vagina! Slap a female subHuman with a 50 year prison sentence and Female-Male teacher perversity will dissappear overnight. My new book offers suggestions how prosecutors can toughen up, and not be afraid of the female's most potent weapon: learn to ignore a dirty vagina, and treat female subHumans like the dirt that they are.

Nicole Wilfinger might as well laugh at Nevada inferior so-called "prosecutors." Ms. Pervert has no doubt done her research. When was the last time a female subHuamn in Nevada was actually "prosecuted"? Perhaps never.

Failed Prosecution of subHuman Tannika Queen Evidence of Impotent Nevada Prosecutors and Judicial Scam Based upon Race and Gender

Nevada prosecutors are no more capable of prosecuting a Vagina than a rapist is incapable of rape. Do you hear me now?! Infamous Negro subHuman Tannika Queen is a testament of how weak and pathetic male and female Nevada prosecutors are. The filthy, dirty, stinking, and disgusting 22-year-old Clark County School District substitute teacher Tannika Queen was arrested in March of 2014 on charges that she used her dirty vagina to sexually assault a 15-year-old little boy, A detailed 24 page police report produced at least 2,400 text messages, 108 phone calls, 38 sexually-explicit photographs that included her dirty body. Tannika Queen was having a perverted relationship with a little boy because she was genetically incapable of using her little brain to establish a relationship with an adult male. Listen to me preach the facts! Like all whores and tramps, Tannika Queen believed in her small brain that she was "in love." My question to low I.Q. Tannika Queen and her parents is this: When does a legitimate "love" relationship result in an arrest? Never! Lust and love are not the same. Subhumans lust. Tannika Queen was asked to promote important scholarships and grants, and she claimed "I am too busy in love with my student."

The Clark County School District police did their job. The local police department did their job. The Clark County School District did its job. The parents did their job. God certainly did His job. However, when the baton was passed to Nevada Prosecutors, and the male prosecutors formally met Tannika Queen, a Jungle Fever erupted immediately. Her bail was originally set to $100,000. After smiling at the male prosecutors in the Court room, they lowered the bail to a $0.00. Nevada prosecutors apparently were attracted to this whore-acting Negro tramp. Tanikka “Bella” Queen and the male prosecutors entered a Devil's Deal. She pleaded guilty to only two felonies. Impotent male prosecutors agreed to drop 43 other counts against Queen, and the subHuman avoided jail time altogether as is nothing never happened. Probation! The victim was exposed to Herpes, HIV, and other potential diseases that are commonly associated with the subHuman species. The victim suffered mental anguish, I suspect, and the embarrassment that an adult female ape raped him.

What type of aissy "sentence" is that? There is no doubt that the corrupt Las Vegas Municipal courts, and Nevada judicial system will have the same "reward" for Vagina Nicole Wilfinger. This blogger is willing to wage at least $100,000 that Nicole Wilfinger will not be sentenced like a Negro male under the same circumstances. Nevada prosecutions typically follow a racial and gender pattern that is as precise as a linear equation. It never varies.

Recommeded 40-year Prison Sentence for Nicole Wilfinger

Nicole Wilfinger could not force an adult male to be her lover, and therefore she sought to dolicit an under-age boy who was not strong enough to tell her the facts about herself. At a weight of over 200 lbs, Nicole Wilfinger should have known that her forced "torture" would not be tolerated by any normal or sane adult male. Besides the sexual assault charge, she should be charged with Inflicting Torture and Cruel Punishment on a minor. Having a woman of her unattractiveness must have been torture for the boy. Nicole Wilfinger knew her male student was under-age, knew he was incapable of rejecting her solicitations (after all, the boy did not want to upset his soccer coach, or math teacher), and Nicole Wilfinger knew that other subHuman females in Nevada who worked as teachers all laughed their way out of prison sentence. It is no secret that Nevada courts have a large appetite for female predators like Nicole Wilfinger. She is more acceptable than a minority gang-banger. However, minority gang bangers are not licensed teachers either, and neither do gang members have a record of being pedophile.

Nicole Wilfinger can count on this type of judicial spectacle as her case moves forward. Unlike the state of Alaska that put a female subHuman to Death for her perversity, and unlike the State of Utah which has a record of aggressively prosecuting female subHumans, Nevada is extremely weak with female subHuman prosecutios. Not a single female subHuman in the teaching profession has actually been "proecuted" by impotent Nevada prosecutors wth the same vigor that is reserved for minority males.

This blogger reommends that Nicole Wilfinger serve at least 40 years. She confessed to her acts, She deserves credit for confessing. However, a sentence of at least 25 years will be a detterent to other female subHumans who are still working for CCSD.

My question to Nevada prosecutors is this: If the only persons your office can get "tough" with are male Negro subjects then you are in the wrong occupation. When are you going to prosecute a Vagina like a minority Negro male? Can Ron Thomas serve as an honorary Prosecutor?

Nevada Judiciary Needs Over-Hauling to Prosecute SubHumans

Nicole Wilfinger can count on the same type of pathetic sentence awarded to dirty tramp and sleazy Tannika Queen, Jason Lofthouse, and all of the other professionl, non-minority male teachers. The pattern is this: charge a subHuman with multiple charges, issue a high bail, and then frizzle away ALL of the charges as public interest wanes. Reserve the hate and anger for minority male suspects, but be more sympathetic to all others. This type of judicial spectacle is the norm in Nevada. The Las Vegas Justice Courts, and the Las Vegas Municipal Courts are a complete and total judicial scam that are absolutely incapable of handing down a 40 year sentence to a subHuman that is not a minority male. When will licensed teachers who live in good neighborhoods, have a college education, and who resemble the prosecutorial staff, be prosecuted like persons who do not resemble the staff?

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Overweight Clark County School District Teacher Kristy Kay Yegge Arrested for Dirty Lesbian Sex Acts

Overweight Clark County School District Teacher Kristy Kay Yegge Arrested for Dirty Lesbian Sex Acts

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas. Overweight Clark County School District Teacher Kristy Kay Yegge Arrested for Dirty Lesbian Sex Acts. One of the biggest teachers employed by the Clark County School District, Kristy Kay Yegge, has finally been exposed. Kristy Kay Yegge, who tips the weight scales at over 250lbs., was accused by local Las Vegas Police of having a romantic relationship with a female student despite herself also being a female. How two females have "sex", I do not personally know. The Adult entertainment industry claim that it is possible for two persons of the same gender to have "sex", however the human anatomy is not structured for two persons of the same gender to engage in natural, free-flowing activity. Nonetheless, perverted persons are known to have a creative mind that seeks to subvert the human body to perform acts that it was not desiged to perform. According,y, the arrest report claims that the cake-eating, donut-loving female Ms. Kristy Kay Yegge wanted another treat: a young human female that was young enough to be her daughter. The rise in female teacher perversity is alarming. At the same time, Ms. Ms. Kristy Kay Yegge refused to promote Nevada financial-aid information sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars. Although she is a woman herself, Ms. Yegge has no record of directing women to Women Scholarships and Grants sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars or even requesting that students seek student loan help. In stead of targeting female students, as the arrest report alleges, why didn't Big Kristy invite her female students to visit financial-aid websites that would help them concentrate on their education instead of being smothered by the excess obesity of a sick teacher who apparently can't control her own perversity?

Kristy Kay Yegge vs. Ammar Harris, and Toothless Nevada Male Prosecutors: $5,000 Bail is Nothing!

Sadly, and unfortunately, Nevada students WILL CONTINUE TO BE RAPED, WILL CONTINUE TO BE MOLESTED, AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE ABUSED because Nevada male prosecutors can't get tough on a vagina. It's really that simple. Nevada male and female prosecutors are a disgrace to the legal profession. They have no problem invoking the Death Penalty on a hapless, uneducated, inarticulate, and slang-talking minority guy like Ammar Harris, but they refused to prosecute ANY of his attention-seeking female accomplices (e.g., Yesenia Alfonso was just as culpable in the murder of innocent persons on the Las Vegas strip as her boyfriend and pimp, but she was never charged or prosecuted). The Death Penalty against Ammar Harris was sought despite the fact the motivation of his crime was NOT financial-gain, and neither was he Lying In Wait (these are the two core components to justify a Death Penalty). Being angry at a person and losing your temper in an instant is typically not worthy of a death penalty case. Kenny Wayne Cherry, Michael Boldon and Sandra Sutton-Wasmund were killed and subhuman females Yesenia Alfonso,Courtney Harper, and Ashley Jones all aided, abetted, assisted or somehow participated in these murders either before or after the fact. Not a single Nevada prosecutor charged and prosecuted these attention-seeking, foul-language subhumans. Even at the Death Penalty phase, an African-American female was hired to read the Death Penalty Bill. The Relatives of Kenneth Cherry Jr and the other alleged "murder/accident" victims are a disgrace for not demanding that the subhuman females who participated in his "murder" also be equally prosecuted.

Ashley Jones, another subhuman female, also admitted to being in Harris' Range Rover at the time of the shooting of Kenneth Cherry Jr. Courtney Harper, yet another subhuman female associate of Ammar Harris testified driving Ammar Harris and his subhuman girlfriend Yenesis Alfonso to Los Angeles, where she harbored and assisted a criminal fugitive by deliberately housing the pimp and his girl-friend prostitute (Yenesis Alfonso) at an apartment. However, Nevada male prosecutors were too impressed by the physical features of Yenesis Alfonso, just as they have been with the over-weight vagina of Ms. Kristy Kay Yegge. A $5,000 bail, at 10%, is simply $500.00. Divide $500 over 24 months, which is the estimate time of her relationship with the female student, and you get approximately $21. Therefore, the economic component of student rape and molestation appears to justify why many perverted female teachers would rather opt for molestation. Ms. Kristy Kay Yegge WILL NOT BE PROSECUTED VIGORSOUSLY AND SHE WILL NOT FACE THE TYPE OF SUSTAINED PROSECUTION that Mr. Harris faced. Female teachers in Clark County understand the double standards, and understand how weak and how small the penises are of the male prosecutors. They might as well laugh at any police officer that arrests them. Simply tolerate a few days of having your pucture in the newspaper, and then forget. No female teacher who engages in an act of perversity in Nevada will be seriously prosecuted. No female teacher who engages in an act of perversity in Nevada will be ever be jailed over 1 year. Only disfavored males will be prosecuted.

Kristy Kay Yegge vs. Tannika Queen. Refusal to Prosecute Due to Jungle Fever.

Despite statistics citing their high prevalence for Herpes, and reputation to sleep with virtually any male Caucasion, many Nevada prosecutors are also attracted to African-females like Tannika Queen. Ms. Tanikka Queen, is the 22-year-old former long-term substitute teacher at Hyde Park Middle School, who was originally charged with at least 29 state criminal charges, including Kidnapping. Despite these serious charges, Nevada prosecutors eventually dropped all charges and she avoided jail. It is rumored that she had an affair with one of the male prosecutors or that she simply smiled at one of the male prosecutors. Nevada students WILL CONTINUE TO BE RAPED, WILL CONTINUE TO BE MOLESTED, AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE ABUSED because Nevada male prosecutors can't get tough on a vagina. Local Nevada Detectives were able to recover from a cellphone about 2,400 dirty text messages, 108 phone calls and 38 photographs sent between subhuman Tannika Queen and the boy which showed a sick relationship. Her UNLV degree was too weak to prevent her from engaging in an affair. No federal charges were ever filed. This is the same set of Nevada prosecutors who were "tough" on Ammar Harris, but can't seem to ever prosecute a vagina. Tannika Queen is a perverted SUBHUMAN who should have been sent to prison for at least 40 years, and forced to take a TV-televised Herpes/HIV test.

Kristy Kay Yegge vs. Kelly Gissendaner. State of Georgia and its Prosecutors Are the Role Model to Get Tough on Female Perverts

Kristy Kay Yegge vs. Kelly Gissendaner. Kristy Kay Yegge bears a striking resemblance to Kelly Gissendaner. With the liberalization of workplace rules, and the impetus of gender equality, many female teachers have taken on a new lower level of perversity. Instead of concentrating on the work they are paid to do, they concentrate on which male or female students to seduce. Over 70% of female teachers engage in Adultery at local schools. Most of these events never make the local news. They hug male students in hallways, and flirt with male students behind close doors. They even pursue female students. The husbands are clueless. Register your email address for my upcoming Report that will detail the techniques, ways, and methods why it is easier for a female teacher to engage in perversity with a student than a male, and how perverted female teachers win over the school administration.

We should all appaud Georgia for putting to rest subhuman Kelly Gissendaner. It was Feb. 20, 1997, when they found subhuman Kelly Gissendaner’s husband. He was slouched over his knees in the mud and the leaves. Kelly Gissendaner’s husband, was bludgeoned with a nightstick and stabbed repeatedly in the neck, had been left in the woods to die like an animal. His decaying carcus was picked over by wolves and wild dogs. Two weeks before he was found, Doug Gissendaner had been murdered by his wife’s boyfriend. Wife and female Kelly Gissendaner had engaged in Adultery, and betrayed her marriage. She was more interested in satisfying her sick perversity rather than simply trying to improve her marriage. The state of Georgia arrested subhuman Kelly Gissendaner and sought the Death Penalty for her despicable crimes. Unlike the Ammar Harris case, subhuman Kelly Gissendaner plotted, planned, and waited for the perfect opportunity to use her boyfriend to kill her husband. In addition, she’d reasoned that she’d reap the benefits of an insurance policy and be the outright owner of her house. Therefore, the crucual element of financial gain was a major factor in the seeking the death penalty against this despicable tramp.

Despite phony appeals from the Pope, and religious hypocrite "Reverend" Cathy Zappa, and countless others who have no idea of the wreckage and evil of Adultery, the State of Georgia held firm and EXECUTED this female pervert in October 2015. THOU SHALT NOT COMMITT ADULTERY: What part of this sentence is not understood by "Reverend" Cathy Zappa, perverts and subhumans? If subhuman pervert Kelly Gissendaner wanted a penis that bad, she should have went to the local Adult store and purchased a plastic one or contacted a manufacturer and had the manufacturer create a custom plastic penis to sooth her demented perversity. Or, Kelly Gissendaner should have simply carried a plastic penis around her neck and told everyone she came in contact with her desire for a penis. Not a single woman broadcaster who supported the worthless appeals waged by sick animal Kelly Gissendaner ever denounced Adultery!! We should all applaud the State of Georgia and its brave msle and female prosecutors for refusing to be soft on this pervert. "Reverend" Cathy Zappa does not look like she worships god, and certainly has not offered any words or phrases that clearly, and directly denounces acts of sin.

Get Tough on Kristy Kay Yegge: Bring back the Electric Chair for Executions. Eliminate her Donuts and Cakes, Raise her Bail to $5 Million

Nevada prosecutors must get tough on suspected female teachers like Kristy Kay Yegge. The Electric Chair deterred murderers for decades until weak policy deemd it unconstitutional. Revoke the bail of Kristy Kay Yegge or raise it to $5 Million dollars. While behind bars, eliminate her consumption of donuts, sweets, breads, cakes,pies, and hamburgers. Her diet should be restricted to carrots, apples, and water. She should be denied any female pornography. Her literature should consists of downloading the Scholarship Keys App. No plea baragain. If convicted of her offenses, she should receive at least 25 years. Both male and female perverts need to be deterred, not encouraged. In the case involving another CCSD teacher, Jason Lofthouse, he has used atttorneys to argue that if the acts were consensual, then the perversity is legitimate. In Georgia, they fight back against the perverts by having approved a law that makes it illegal for a person in a supervisory capacity to have relations with a minor, regardless of consent of the minor. Georgia is tough on Sex Offenders, and teachers. In their criminal code,Georgia has the CRIMES AND OFFENSES CHAPTER 6 - SEXUAL OFFENSES; Georgia Criminal Code. § 16-6-5.1 - Sexual assault by persons with supervisory or disciplinary authority. This section targets teachers and supervisors who try to justify their perversity by blaming the student.

In selecting a school district, make sure local prosecutors are tough on perverts. A legitimate wife endorses and promotes Scholarships for Moms, and Financial-aid For Women.

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