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Saturday, June 18, 2016

subHuman Teacher Nicole S. Wilfinger Arrested on Perversity Allegations

subHuman CCSD Teacher Nicole S. Wilfinger Arrested on Perversity Allegations

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

A flurry of teachers within the Clark County School District have been charged with a variety of offenses in 2016. In fact, at this pace, the Clark County School District is on track to have the highest density of subHuman teachers in North America. One of the latest suspected perverts is 37-year-old Molasky Junior High School teacher Nicole Wilfinger. In April of 2016, this CCSD Math Teacher was booked on multiple counts of statutory sexual seduction by a person older than 21 and lewdness with a child older than 14. The name "Nicole" is commonly associated with female perversity. There is no bounds for female subHumans, and no title that indicates any recognition of respect and morality. Female subHumans that are so-called "Math Department Chairpersons" have about the same respect for decency and integerity as a felon male rapist. high-schools throughout Nevada that are represented by female Math Department heads, or heads of Special Education Departments, have a high probaility of female perversity. At no time did Ms. Perverted Nicole Wilfinger bother to promote meainingful Nevada Scholatship opportunities, or even refer teachers to this Scholarship Blog. Moreover, did dirty Nicole Wilfinger ever refer students to the Official Scholarship Directory?

Student Victim Fund a>

If students cannot trust the Math Department Chairpweson to behave himself then who can they respect? This title indicates she was most likely responsibile for reviewing and/or approving math lesson plans for other teachers. All perverts and subHumans are irrational like irrational numbers. Apparently, the 37 year-old suspected female pervert was fantasizing about a 5-inch pinkish penis from a little boy rather than looking forward to a 10-inch penis from a grown man. When she met with her little-boy "lover", it is doubtful she discussed Scholarships and Grant opportunities for Middle School students.

Dirty Fat Animal CCSD Teacher Nicole Wilfinger kept sex journal: "Can my (wilfinger) finger touch your penis?"

As a demonstration of the extent to which she allowed this perversity to take place, Clark County School District Teacher Nicole Wilfinger even kept a journal of her perverted interactions with the young boy. "Can my (Wilfinger) finger touch your penis" is a possible entry in her journal. The standards for Caucasion female sexuality are totally different than many other women. Female subHumans like Nicole Wilfinger, Laura Whitehurst,Rachel Respess, Jillian Lafave, and numerous other subHuman females from the Caucasoid species are setting an alarming pattern of subHuman conduct that requires legislative attention. My book addresses these fears. Despite being as old as 37 years, Nicole Wilfinger is alleged to have wrote these dirty passages: “First time talking and friendship changes forever,” Wilfinger allegedly documented her numerous acts of perversity. July 11 marked the “first time we had sex,” she reportedly wrote, while November 4 was the “first time having make-up sex.” My goodness. What a subHuman?!

Despite her vast girth, Nicole redused ro participate in Beverage Scholarship opportunities., The parents of the boy should have known about subHuman ways by reading this Blog. However, the parents the boy allowed Nicole Wilfinger intimate involvement with the family: Nicole Wilfinger was the boy's soccer coach at Molasky Middle School; Nicole Wilfinger babysat the family’s 7-year-old daughter; the boy’s family also reportedly babysat Nicole Wilfinger's 7-year-old daughter. Now, the parents are complainig about subHuman Nicole Wilfinger. Parents are upset that Nicole Wilfinger was using her dirty and stinking body as a weapon of perversity against a young boy. Despite her age, she is accused of forcing herself on a young boy because she apparently does not know how to attract an adult male.

Watch for the new Ron Thomas book on SubHuman Perversity: A guide for Every Parent, Guardian, Student, and Adult interesting in Stopping Adult-Teacher SubHumans

There is nothing unique or different about Nicole Wilfinger that does not follow a predictable pattern. A background check is not as precise as a mathematical analysis of the personality. As a mathematician, I use a series of complex Calculus models and geometric probability sequences to accurately predict if a teacher has a certain probability as a pervert. Names that suggest perversity are simply another compononent of this model, but are not provided the same probability weight of other factors. My secret formula is an accurate predictor of subHuman perversity. My new book will be available in e-book format, and it will detail that accused and arrested teachers all fit a predictable mathetimatical pattern.

Once again, every parent, guardian, student, and teacher in the U.S.A. is being given advance warning of my upcoming e-book which will document in detail ways to address and identify the subHuman species, perverts, and subHumans who have no respect for the student body population or their fellow colleagues. As a former teacher, I am able to identify and classify teachers based upon thousands of hours and years dealing with teachers and studying teacher-student relationships.

Racial and Gender Disparity in Nevada Judicial Sentencing Suggests that Nicole Wilfinger will be "Rewarded" for Raping Male Student

The Clark County School Disrict is being improperly blamed for a rise in teacher perversity. Let me get this straight: the Clark County School District IS NOT TO BLAME for its pool of teacher perversity. Teachers undergo training, seminars, and professional staff development meetings all the time. It is the weak, impotent, and toothless Nevada prosecutors, judges, and judiciary that can't seem to prosecute a vagina! Slap a female subHuman with a 50 year prison sentence and Female-Male teacher perversity will dissappear overnight. My new book offers suggestions how prosecutors can toughen up, and not be afraid of the female's most potent weapon: learn to ignore a dirty vagina, and treat female subHumans like the dirt that they are.

Nicole Wilfinger might as well laugh at Nevada inferior so-called "prosecutors." Ms. Pervert has no doubt done her research. When was the last time a female subHuamn in Nevada was actually "prosecuted"? Perhaps never.

Failed Prosecution of subHuman Tannika Queen Evidence of Impotent Nevada Prosecutors and Judicial Scam Based upon Race and Gender

Nevada prosecutors are no more capable of prosecuting a Vagina than a rapist is incapable of rape. Do you hear me now?! Infamous Negro subHuman Tannika Queen is a testament of how weak and pathetic male and female Nevada prosecutors are. The filthy, dirty, stinking, and disgusting 22-year-old Clark County School District substitute teacher Tannika Queen was arrested in March of 2014 on charges that she used her dirty vagina to sexually assault a 15-year-old little boy, A detailed 24 page police report produced at least 2,400 text messages, 108 phone calls, 38 sexually-explicit photographs that included her dirty body. Tannika Queen was having a perverted relationship with a little boy because she was genetically incapable of using her little brain to establish a relationship with an adult male. Listen to me preach the facts! Like all whores and tramps, Tannika Queen believed in her small brain that she was "in love." My question to low I.Q. Tannika Queen and her parents is this: When does a legitimate "love" relationship result in an arrest? Never! Lust and love are not the same. Subhumans lust. Tannika Queen was asked to promote important scholarships and grants, and she claimed "I am too busy in love with my student."

The Clark County School District police did their job. The local police department did their job. The Clark County School District did its job. The parents did their job. God certainly did His job. However, when the baton was passed to Nevada Prosecutors, and the male prosecutors formally met Tannika Queen, a Jungle Fever erupted immediately. Her bail was originally set to $100,000. After smiling at the male prosecutors in the Court room, they lowered the bail to a $0.00. Nevada prosecutors apparently were attracted to this whore-acting Negro tramp. Tanikka “Bella” Queen and the male prosecutors entered a Devil's Deal. She pleaded guilty to only two felonies. Impotent male prosecutors agreed to drop 43 other counts against Queen, and the subHuman avoided jail time altogether as is nothing never happened. Probation! The victim was exposed to Herpes, HIV, and other potential diseases that are commonly associated with the subHuman species. The victim suffered mental anguish, I suspect, and the embarrassment that an adult female ape raped him.

What type of aissy "sentence" is that? There is no doubt that the corrupt Las Vegas Municipal courts, and Nevada judicial system will have the same "reward" for Vagina Nicole Wilfinger. This blogger is willing to wage at least $100,000 that Nicole Wilfinger will not be sentenced like a Negro male under the same circumstances. Nevada prosecutions typically follow a racial and gender pattern that is as precise as a linear equation. It never varies.

Recommeded 40-year Prison Sentence for Nicole Wilfinger

Nicole Wilfinger could not force an adult male to be her lover, and therefore she sought to dolicit an under-age boy who was not strong enough to tell her the facts about herself. At a weight of over 200 lbs, Nicole Wilfinger should have known that her forced "torture" would not be tolerated by any normal or sane adult male. Besides the sexual assault charge, she should be charged with Inflicting Torture and Cruel Punishment on a minor. Having a woman of her unattractiveness must have been torture for the boy. Nicole Wilfinger knew her male student was under-age, knew he was incapable of rejecting her solicitations (after all, the boy did not want to upset his soccer coach, or math teacher), and Nicole Wilfinger knew that other subHuman females in Nevada who worked as teachers all laughed their way out of prison sentence. It is no secret that Nevada courts have a large appetite for female predators like Nicole Wilfinger. She is more acceptable than a minority gang-banger. However, minority gang bangers are not licensed teachers either, and neither do gang members have a record of being pedophile.

Nicole Wilfinger can count on this type of judicial spectacle as her case moves forward. Unlike the state of Alaska that put a female subHuman to Death for her perversity, and unlike the State of Utah which has a record of aggressively prosecuting female subHumans, Nevada is extremely weak with female subHuman prosecutios. Not a single female subHuman in the teaching profession has actually been "proecuted" by impotent Nevada prosecutors wth the same vigor that is reserved for minority males.

This blogger reommends that Nicole Wilfinger serve at least 40 years. She confessed to her acts, She deserves credit for confessing. However, a sentence of at least 25 years will be a detterent to other female subHumans who are still working for CCSD.

My question to Nevada prosecutors is this: If the only persons your office can get "tough" with are male Negro subjects then you are in the wrong occupation. When are you going to prosecute a Vagina like a minority Negro male? Can Ron Thomas serve as an honorary Prosecutor?

Nevada Judiciary Needs Over-Hauling to Prosecute SubHumans

Nicole Wilfinger can count on the same type of pathetic sentence awarded to dirty tramp and sleazy Tannika Queen, Jason Lofthouse, and all of the other professionl, non-minority male teachers. The pattern is this: charge a subHuman with multiple charges, issue a high bail, and then frizzle away ALL of the charges as public interest wanes. Reserve the hate and anger for minority male suspects, but be more sympathetic to all others. This type of judicial spectacle is the norm in Nevada. The Las Vegas Justice Courts, and the Las Vegas Municipal Courts are a complete and total judicial scam that are absolutely incapable of handing down a 40 year sentence to a subHuman that is not a minority male. When will licensed teachers who live in good neighborhoods, have a college education, and who resemble the prosecutorial staff, be prosecuted like persons who do not resemble the staff?

Local Nevada Plumbers

For licensed and certified Nevada Plumbers NOT SUPPORTED BY NICOLE WILFINGER, that have a clean record, no arrests, and perform high-quality work, please see these pages:
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Saturday, April 9, 2016

subHuman New York Nurse Kristen Johnson used private Camera to photograph Male Penis

subHuman New York Nurse Kristen Johnson used private Camera to photograph Male Penis

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas. I ask this same question all the time: What is it about the 'cute' female brain that makes many so ineffective when it comes to moral values? Apparently, dirty New York Nurse Kristen Johnson gets excited looking at the photographs of the male penis just as perverted males get excited at pornography. The sick and perverted often do not understand their own depravity.

Too many American women are becoming more and more perverted. subHuman New York Nurse Kristen Johnson admitted using a camera to ilegally photograph a male penis. New York Nurse Kristen Johnson knew she should have been promoting New York Nursing Scholarship opportunities instead of promoting an illicit use of cameras. What is unclear is whether or not she performed other "services" on such males.

If you were a male patient of this dirty New York Nurse Kristen Johnson, and you believe she improperly touched you or allowed her dirty skin to touch you then you should file a police report immediately! Either contact this blog author or your local police.

Despite being a licensed Nurse, what was this dirty New York Nurse Kristen Johnson thinking about more than 50% of the time? She was consumed at the prospect of illegally taking pictures of naked men and their penises. Ok. Wow! My question to subHuman New York Nurse Kristen Johnson would be: Do you have a boyfriend? Why not take a photo of the 4-inch sized penis of your slimy boyfriend instead of infringin upon the privacy of innocent men?! We need tough new sentencing laws to police the new rise of female perversity in the class room, hospitals, and work-places.

New York Hospital Hired dirty blond Nurse Kristen Johnson.

What New York Hospital Hired dirty blonde nurse Kristen Johnson? According a New York police report, Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office obtained an arrest warrant against dirty New York nurse Kristen Johnson because her clean and moral colleagues reported that she had sent them inappropriate cellphone pictures multiple times. Despite obvious red-flags about her character, gender, temperment, private use of profane language, attraction to males, and moral fitness to be a nurse, Upstate University Hospital still hired dirty blond Kristen Johnson. Healthcare Scholarship opportunities ignored by dirty New York nurse Kristen Johnson. Dirty blond Kristen Johnson has had sexual relations with males and she has demonstrated an acute interest in a male penis of someone other than her lawful husband; this is evidence of her perversity. Dirty nurse Kristen Johnson incorrectly assumed that her colleages shared her amusement for dirty language, dirty thoughts, and dirty pictures. Tramp Kristen Johnson was asked tough questions by local law enforcement such as: 1.) Were you illegally snapping photos of male body parts without their permission; 2.) Are you a pervert interested in the photographs of male body parts; 3.) Were you sharing the dirty pictures that you took with your co-workers? 5.) Isn't it true that you are a subHuman incapable of having moral values?

Impotent, Cowardly, and Corrupt New York Prosecutors Afraid to Imprison subHuman Dirty New York Kristen Johnson

Impotent, Cowardly, and Corrupt New York Prosecutors Afraid to Imprison subHuman Dirty-Blonde Kristen Johnson. There is a national epidemic of older, insecure, blonde-haired, and brunette-haired Caucasoid female perverts, that are abusing male students, abusing female students, abusing children, and engaging in felony crimes without any sort of judicial deterrent. Oftentimes, the so-called "District Attorney" (District Joke) offers these female perverts either no prison time or simply "probation" while sentencing their "ugly" male counterparts to harsh prison sentences. Medical Scholarship opportunities ignored by dirty New York nurse Kristen Johnson. If the female pervert is a licensed professional, which is the case of dirty New York Nurse Kristen Johnson, the weak and impotent prosecutor will even reduce the felony charge, and instead simply have the female pervert be subjected to a license revocation. However, the criminal code does not specifically and clearly articulate that "licensed professionals are exempt from imprisonment, and instead their license should be revoked..."

New York Prosecutors Accused of Obstruction of Justice for Weak Probation and License Revocation "Sentence" Given to subHuman Dirty Blonde Kristen Johnson.

Dirty Blonde Kristen Johnson also ignored $ millions of dollars in Women Scholarships and grants.

New York Prosecutors Accused of Obstruction of Justice for Weak Probation and License Revocation "Sentence" Given to subHuman Dirty Blonde Kristen Johnson. What does it take for a U.S. male "prosecutor" to clearly, unequivocally, and aggressively punish a blonde-haired, blue-eyed female pervert? From 2014, to 2015, over 368 female perverts were arrested, charged, for crimes relating to perversity,lust, sexual assault, or some form of subHuman deviant conduct that normal Humans do not engage in. In 90% of these cases where the defendant was a blonde-brunette, or a red-headed Caucasion female, the male prosecutors did not seek prison time. In the New York case involving Dirty Blonde Kristen Johnson, this case also highlights a severe judicial imbalance of American jurisprudence.

Despite having a "valid" Nursing license, Dirty Blonde Kristen Johnson was arrested in May 2015 after authorities say she took photos of innoncent male patients at Upstate University Hospital, and then sent them to her female co-workers. She is alleged to have masturbated herself to the photos. Despite this clear-cut evidence, and her own admission in the form a guilty plea, and despite a clearly written public policy that requires the prosecution of such crimes, New York prosecutors were too impressed with her gender, race, and hair-color. Therefore, Upsate New York Hospital remains a very dangerous place for male and female patiencts because if the perpetrator is blonde or brunette, or red-hrad, then it is very likely that the crime will not be taken seriously. Unfortunetley, there is one set of laws for attractive female perverts, but another set of laws for male perverts. All the while, children and youth are being abused.

Dirty New York Kristen Johnson: "Weak men are afraid to prosecute blondes."

Dirty Blonde Kristen Johnson: "Weak men are afraid to prosecute blondes." Before writing this article, I reached out to Kristen Johnson. I wanted to talk to her about her "sentence." She conceded something that everyone knows: "Weak men are afraid to prosecute blondes..." Consider the case involving cowardly Louisiana "Prosecutor" Joel Chaisson, and his alleged "prosecution" of the perverted blonde-haired, two-legged subHuman daughter of so-called "Judge" Emile St. Pierre. Hello, Mr. Emile St. Pierre. Your daughter is a slut, a tramp, and a subHuman pervert. If she was prosecuted correctly, she would be serving a 30 year prison sentence alongside the Betty Mae Johnsons, and Emily Cortezs', and other minority and poorer suspects.

Our European allies view these cases as evidence that American males are weak, pathetic, sissies who can't seem to punish an immoral female. Judicially impotent Louisiana "Prosecutor" Joel Chaisson embarrassed the entire United States of America, and brought shame to Louisiana by not seeking a lengthy prison sentence against Rachel Respess, 24, and Shelley Dufresne, 32. Both of these scum-bag female perverts sexually raped, assualted, and forced their female dirt upon our innocent male youth. After her "sentence", the scum-bag female pervert who the impotent and coward Joel Chaisson was afraid to prosecute, highlighted her "victory" be posting a smiling selfie of her self on the Internet. Therefore, she knew she had not been "punished."

In New York and elsewhere, female perverts are not being prosecuted for raping and abusing our young men. It is the responsibility of humans and normal citizens to demand State Bar investigations, file Federal complaints, against civil suits against prosecutors, as well as a change in laws that requires MANDATORY SENTENCING, AND NO CHANGE IN ORIGINAL CHARGES-ONCE-FILED. We need new laws to prosecute "prosecutors" who are soft on female criminals to prevent these inferior, pathetic, and morally weak "prosecutors" from being overly influenced by female dirt. Male New York "prosecutors", as well as male prosecutors of numerous other districts, can't seem to separate justice vs. inconvenience. Simply "revoking" a license is a lousy and meaningless penalty that would have been taken by the licensing board regardless of incarceration. Dirty Blonde Kristen Johnson admitted taking immoral pictures of an unconscious male without his permission and consent. This subHuman creature of perversity knew that her Nursing license was predicated upon being moral and upright.

For New York general Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, please see this page:

New York scholarships New York general Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid

For New York Healthcare Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, please see this page:
New York Scholarships

For New York Medical Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, please see this page:
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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Louisiana Teacher Plea Deal Leads to Corruption Allegations Against Prosecutor Joel Chaisson

Louisiana Teacher Plea Deal Leads to Corruption Allegations Prosecutor Joel Chaisson II. Fails to Prosecute Blonde Female Perverts Shelley Dufresne, and Rachel Respess.

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

The story of two seemingly perverted Louisiana High-School teachers Rachel Respess and Shelley Dufresne having lesbian sex with each other, while also performing perversity with a 16 year-old boy in 2014, made national headlines. The two English teachers, Rachel Respess, 24, and Shelley Dufresne, 32, both from Destrehan High School in Louisiana, were arrested by police and suspended from their teaching jobs without pay after being accused of having a threesome with one of their 16-year-old students, who was also a scholarship applicant for Louisiana High School Senior Scholarships. The teen in question started bragging to other scholarship applicants and friends that he had slept with two tramp teachers, and that one of them was Rachel Respess, and the other was her perverted colleague Shelley Dufresne. Dufresne has already pleaded guilty in Saint Charles Parish to one felony count; the weak Louisiana prosecutors in the case allowed more serious charges to be dropped because they could not stomach the prosecution of a woman whose father is a Louisiana judge, or who may resemble their sister/daughter, wife, or relatives. It takes a strong-minded and dominant-type male who is not impressed with the features or services of a tramp to prosecute women like Rachel Respess and Shelley Dufresne. We know now that Prosecutor Joel Chaisson II is a tail-wagging puppy for young blonde-haired women.

Louisiana Prosecutors Embarrass the United States, and bring Shame to Louisiana

In October 2014, I posed this question: Can local Louisiana prosecutors prosecute two blondes Rachel Respess and Shelley Dufresne? Now, we know the resounding answer is 'NO!' What is the difficulty? Is it her hair-color, her eye-color, her gender, her dirty vagina, or some other feature that should be immaterial to her prosecution? Is Louisiana High-School teacher Shelley Dufresne receiving special treatment because her father is Louisiana Judge Emile St Pierre? Judge Emile St Pierre certainly appears to be pulling some strings for his tramp daughter. St. Charles Parish District Attorney, Joel T. Chaisson, II, who is a friend to Judge Emile St Pierre, authored a plea deal for his friend's daughter that included no jail time; no registration as a sex offender; he authorized his corrupt office to amend Dufresne's original charge to a mere misdemeanor; he authorized allowing an ad hoc judge to accept a fresh new guilty plea over the telephone so that she could avoid the cameras, and spend more time playing on Instagram/social media. District Attorney, Joel T. Chaisson, II routinely prosecutes cases before the corrupt Judge Emile St Pierre. He has disgraced the legal profession by allowing this dangerous,subversive, anti-normal, and perverted female monster to avoid a lengthy prison sentence with other felony convicts.

Louisiana Prosecutors Have not filed Charges against Rachel Respess or Group Sex Encounter

Neither Shelley Dufresne or Rachel Respess have been charged in relationship to a criminal act that allegedly took place in Jefferson Parish related to a three-way sexual encounter with the same 16-year-old student. Police say that encounter took place after a Destrehan High School football game in Jefferson. The two women were booked in Jefferson Parish, but the cowardly and pathetic district attorney's has not determined whether to file formal charges. He is hoping for the public to forget this episode. District Attorney, Joel T. Chaisson, II simply is doing everything possible to avoid prosecuting these two Helium airheads. In another case involving a perverted teacher in Louisiana, Ashley Dowden, the former Baton Rouge teacher who was found guilty of having sexual relationships with two male students, received a plea deal that will keep her out of prison, according to East Baton Rouge Parish court documents. Louisiana do not have the courage to subject these female monsters to prison time, but have no problem in pursuing full-blown jury trials for minority males accused of the same offenses. Tramp Ashley Dowden received seven years of probation and was ordered to register as a sex offender. She should have been ordered to register as an "Animal."

Civil Charges Possible against Louisiana Teachers

Call California Personal Injury Attorneys Hotline Ph# 1-213-437-3002. The California Injury Attorney Hotline deals with legal malpractice cases as well as cases involving teacher misconduct. Both Shelley Dufresne and Rachel Respess can be sued in a Louisiana courtroom by skilled California private attorneys. The Parish School district can also be sued for failing to supervise or properly train Shelley Dufresne or Rachel Respess. Call 1-213-437-3002 for a free consultation. Avoid Louisiana attorneys since it is clear that a Louisiana lawyer or prosecutor can't be trusted. Female Teacher perversity will continue because of the fact that too many weak male prosecutors can't seem to prosecute persons they are also attracted to or having something in common with. This prosecutorial weakness subjects the U.S. Education system to a serious security flaw. Female teachers understand that there is no criminal punishment for their perversity, and they understand that the older Caucasoid male (which they already view as weak), will not get tough on them. All of this is a reason to call 1-213-437-3002. Speak to a California Personal Injury attorney directly and he/she will provide professional advice.

Plea Deal Confirms Corruption by Louisiana Prosecutors and Sissy Louisiana "Law" Enforcement

A smiling and happy Shelley Dufresne posted a happy picture of herself on a social media account when her plea deal was announced. She knew that District Attorney, Joel T. Chaisson, II was her little puppy the whole time. Shelley Dufresne failed to direct students to Lousiana Scholarships and Grants, but she had no problem in directing male students to her dirty vagina.

The Metropolitan Crime Commission has also requested an investigation of the plea change by the state Attorney General. Hopefully, there is at last one honest and ethical law enforcement agency in the state of Louisiana. If not, Federal prosecutors need to pursue federal charges against both Rachel Respess, 24, and Shelley Dufresne, 32.

Louisiana Judge Emile St Pierre is a disgrace to the legal system. He should publicly DEMAND that his daughter receive the MAXIMUM prison term allowable such that there is no dispute where he stands on protecting children. Instead, he has remained silent while his tramp daughter soils the entire Louisiana legal system with the drippings from her dirty, disgusting, and adulterous vagina. She should be required to reveal whether or not she has any sexual diseases, and be subject to 24 hour monitoring, and be prohibited from using any computer devices to contact other potential teen victims. If you are a Louisiana Scholarship applicant or parent and you have been victimized by either Rachel Respess, 24, or Shelley Dufresne, call the California Injury Attorney Hotline. This organization is staffed with California-style litigators who will kick around the dirt present in Louisiana.

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Louisiana Scholarships

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Extra-Curricular Sex Demon: New Jersey teacher Nicole DuFault

A look at Single Mom New Jersey teacher Nicole DuFault, and the low Hiring Standards in New Jersey

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

By now, a substantial number of Americans know that New Jersey teacher Nicole DuFault was apparently videotaped performing oral sex on a student. Nicole DuFault had an opportunity to be sponsoring New Jersey Scholarships for New Jersey students,but instead she was apparently behaving like a thug on sex hormones. Hello Nicole. Did you know that we sponsor Single Mom scholarships and grants? This New Jersey High-School teacher is the latest in a string of outrageous and perverted female animal teachers (e.g., Rachel Respess, Shelley Dufresne, Laura Whitehurst, etc., etc) that have been arrested on suspicion of perversity and having sinful sex with under-age male minors. Nicole DuFault never discussed applying for a single New Jersey High-School award, scholarship, or grant sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars. Nicole DuFault never discussed downloading our Scholarship Keys App on Google Play. Nicole DuFault seemed more interested in performing fecal-smelling sex or oral sex on an under-developed teenage male rather than promoting certain New Jersey scholarship opportunities for New Jew Jersey High-School students and women.

Who Hired Unqualified Nicole DuFault as a New Jersey Teacher?

According to their police report, Nicole DuFault is suspected of being a female demon that has terrorized young males with her dirty, disgusting, horrible, and despicable body. Specifically, this suspected female monster is accused of aggravated rape, and endangering the welfare of not one child but a whole series of male children. Algebraically, she is suspected of engaging in so much perversity that a polynomial equation to the nth degree is necessary to quantify the extent of her perversity. The police report claims that she could not control her animal urges and that she seduced male students like a prowling rapist in her automobile. The State of New Jersey Department of Education details very specific requirements to become a New Jersey Teacher: Pass the Praxis, background check; references; teaching credentials, etc. Despite these basic and fundamental requirements, somehow the unqualified administrators in New Jersey allowed this outrageous, two-legged, sex demon dog to be around naive male minors. Nicole DuFault knew of the famous Scholarship Keys app for New Jersey students, but ignored the app only to focus on her apparently perverted desires for New Jersey High School students.

Recommendations for School Districts to Police Female Teacher Perversity

Teacher abuse of students by female teachers has reached a crisis in the U.S.A. The female species that are employed as secondary teachers in U.S. schools are out of control. New Jersey officials hired a female monster and certainly there are others working in New Jersey classrooms. The standards in New Jersey are apparently not high enough to prevent perverted and lonely female teachers from being hired. Here are a few of the new rules we propose:

  1. Female teachers should have a Hall Monitor in their classrooms;
  2. Female teachers should be escorted to and from their cars to the classrom;
  3. Female teachers must be asked numerous sexually-related questions BEFORE they are hired.

All teachers should be briefed on scholarships, grants, and financial-aid sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars. By concentrating on scholarships vs. illicit physical activity, this helps the students and teachers focus on education. Teachers should use their Smart Boards to refer students to the link. For New Jersey general Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, please see this page:
New Jersey scholarships

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sex Case of Louisiana Teachers: Low Hiring Standards in Lousiana

A look at Alleged Adulterer Shelley Dufresne and the low Hiring Standards in Louisiana

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas. By now, a substantial number of Americans know that Louisiana teachers Rachel Respess and Shelley Dufresne have been arrested on suspicion of perversity and having lesbian sex with each other, while also performing perversity with a 16 year-old boy. The boy is eligible for high-school scholarship awards sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars, and the teachers alleged misconduct may affect his ability to secure an award. According to the police report, Destrehan High School English teacher Shelley Dufresne, 32, enticed and transported the student to the apartment of Rachel Respess. When at the apartment, the adult teachers never discussed the importance of downloading the Scholarship Keys App, never discussed applying for a single Louisiana High-School award, scholarship, or grant sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars. Both blonde-haired teachers Rachel Respess and Shelley Dufresne seemed more interested in fecal-smelling sex than promoting scholarship awards to Louisiana High-School students.

Who Hired Unqualified Blonde Teachers Rachel Respess and Shelley St.Pierre Dufresne?

According to their police report, Rachel Respess and Shelley Dufresne got excited over a high-school footbal game. The two airheads were watching little high-school boys play high-school football. Despite being a married mother of three small children, and married to Wesley Dufresne, a Site Manager at Clariant Oil Services, AND despite the fact that her father is a judge in the 29th Judicial District for St. Charles Parish, a police report suggests all of this meant nothing to her. One of the essential ingrediants for any airhead is the inability to absorb facts. No amount of facts could force Shelley Dufresne to control her primitive or whore instinctive urges. Like an animal that belongs in a caged zoo without any sense of civility, Shelley Dufresne (assuming the allegations are true), disgraced her family, her husband, Judge Emile St. Pierre, the senior judge of the 29th Judicial District Court, and fellow Judge Lauren Lemmon, and her own children for a cheap sex act with a boy that has a half-grown penis. Is this Shelley Dufresne dumb or dumber or the dumbest blonde on the planet? My God! First, Shelley Dufresne apparently has not figured what the concept of marraige means. Secondly, she apparently was hired not because of her integrity or qualifications, but because of the position of her father. Thirdly, we all know by now that Shelley Dufresne apparently couldn't figure out where the books, pens, paper supplies, scholarship applications, and erasers were but she was real good at locating the zippers and the little penis of an under-age high-school boy. The hiring standards in Louisiana schools obviously are so low that any airhead can get hired. Free Scholarship Searches

Recommended 20-Year Prison Sentence for Shelley Dufresne

Can local prosecutors prosecute two blondes Rachel Respess and Shelley Dufresne? They have to, but do they want to? Wesley Dufresne should immediately divorce Shelley Dufresne for disgracing the family, and for tarnishing whatever respect the Dufresne name had in the area. It is clear that the police had sufficient evidence to arrest the two teachers. Shelley Dufresne never promoted the NAAS.ORG website, never requested that students search for scholarships on the NAAS.ORG website, and never even distributed official Louisiana high-school scholarship literature. The trend in female teacher perversity will continue until prosecutors get tough. We are well aware of the punk response in the failed prosecution of Laura WhiteHurst; the California tramp who prostituted the California District Attorney with a cheap smile for a lenient sentence. Given the fact that Shelley Dufresne was married at the time, adds more weight to her responsibility. If these allegations are true, as the police report suggests, a sentence of at least 20 years will provide a powerful deterrent to any other teacher who is remotely thinking of engaging in the same acts. It would dramatically decrease these incidents, and demonstrate to Shelley Dufresne that her days of being a whore are officially over, and that her failure to promote scholarships, grants, and financial-aid sponsored by NAAS is a critical mistake. Moreover, the Louisiana Supreme Court should even suspend the father of Shelley Dufresne regardless of his involvement. Any criminal suspect appearing before Judge Emile St. Pierre should ask the question: Who are you to sentence me when your daughter was arrested and charged with a felony?

Bogus Mental Health Treatment for Shelley Dufresne

As part of her bond release, and special privileges, Shelley Dufresne was allowed by the local police to be on house arrest and is permitted to leave only to attend intensive mental health treatment, doctor's appointments and church, authorities said. What complete joke?! Where was the so-called intensive mental health treatment BEFORE Shelley Dufresne was caught? Where was the CHURCH at before Shelley Dufresne was caught? This is a set-up for jurors to believe Shelley Dufresne has some sort of mental problem. Shelley Dufresne knew for a fact she was searching for lesbian sex, and Shelley Dufresne knew she was seeking a little penis to apparenyl fondle. Shelley Dufresne also knew she was married, and Shelley Dufresne what she was thinking about. The bail amount should have been at $10 Million dollars, at least.

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