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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

High-Paying Georgia Scholarships

Do high-paying Georgia scholarships really exist? Sure, they do. Simply visit the website of National Academy of American Scholars and you will find more than 100 high-paying Georgia scholarships in numerous categories. There is no fee required to apply for our high-paying Georgia scholarships, and neither is there any requirement to be a member of any third-party organization.

In March of 2013, Georgia School educators were indicted in the spring on charges of racketeering and corruption. Georgia now bears the infamous label as home of one of the largest cheating scandals to hit the United States public education system. At least 35 Atlanta Public Schools educators and administrators were indicted. Instead of being a model of scholarship excellence, Georgia has been described by prosecutors as a model for cheating. The Georgia scandal illustrates the need for transparent scholarship sponsors like National Academy of American Scholars that do not claim memberships in organizations like the National Scholarship Providers Association (NSPA), National Association of Student Financial-Aid Administrators (NASFAA), or National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), or the Better Business Bureau (BBB). If a school superintendent is willing to cheat, and is able to recruit hundreds of teachers in the process, then why should one believe the mission statements of third-party organizations that charge membership fees?

As a general rule, the more inter-related alphabet organizations that a scholarship sponsor or scholarship administrator is a member of, the greater the degree for possible fraud, corruption, and collusion.

Legitimate scholarship sponsors do no entrust bequeathed, donated, or private scholarship funds to third-party organizations because of the simple economic fact that compounding expenses deplete scholarship funds. Plain and simple.

Consequently, you may not find high-paying Georgia Scholarships in certain scholarship search services that claim "We're the Best & We're FREE" because such organizations are members of inter-related third-party alphabet organizations whose best intererests are not the students seeking Georgia scholarships, but the third-party scholarship organizations whose membership fees only drain scholarship funds. At the same time, some scholarship search services that claim to be "We're the Best & We're FREE" deliberately censor valuable scholarships, grants, and financial-aid information from Moms, mothers, and students that are seeking scholarships, and grants.

Neither will you find the best high-paying Georgia Scholarships in the database of the Georgia Department of Education, or in scholarship links listed on the Georgia Higher Education website. You may also not find the most valuable scholarships on the bulletin board of The Office for Student Financial Affairs of the financial aid office at the University of Georgia . Private scholarship sponsors work best without government influence, and without the government being a nuisance in the administration or sponsorship of Georgia Scholarships. An example of government waste is the United States Postal Service. Despite having an annual budget of over $50 billion dollars, the United States Postal Service is broke. I am sure there are plenty of moms, mothers, and women who can better manage even 1% of the U.S.P.S. budget.

Free Georgia Scholarship Searches
That do not require A Logon or Password

Georgia moms, mothers, and students interested in high-paying Georgia Scholarships simply need to know where to look for such Georgia Scholarships. Hint: you don't need to provide a username, password, or even divulge your personal details. The NAAS.ORG website has FREE Georgia Scholarships searches 24 hours per day. Repeat: Scholarship searches conducted on the NAAS.ORG website are entirely free, and do not need a login or password. We do not censor our sponsors or investors. We are not "Sworn" to censorship like scholarship search service companies that appear on government websites. We trust that Georgia moms, single mothers, women, grown adults, as well as students over the age of 18, can make their own decisions about Georgia scholarships, grants, and financial-aid and not be spoon-fed by college scholarship search companies that claim "We're the Best & We're FREE" while at the same time they are methodically deleting, blocking, and censoring Georgia scholarship information on their public facebook pages, and other social media channels when such information should really be shared with other Georgia residents.

If you are an Georgia resident, or person interested in attending an Georgia college, or university, then your search for high-paying Georgia scholarships should begin with NAAS.ORG. All Georgia scholarship searches on the NAAS.ORG website, for example, are free, and uncensored. Georgia scholarship searches on Google-plus are also free. Either way, if you look at the right sources and connect with the right college scholarship sponsor that has a history of delivering high-paying Georgia scholarships that are renewable then your odds of winning a high-paying Georgia scholarship should theoretically, and in all practicality increase. The odds are in your favor.

The best athlete or college scholarship search company does not run or hide. If a college scholarship database companies claims "We're the Best & We're FREE", but censors their college scholarship database or hides scholarship data from college scholarship applicants then they are not the best.

Investors and Sponsors Fund High-Paying Georgia Scholarships

If Georgia is the state where you want to dance in, play in, develop a love affair in, go to school in, and study in Georgia , then we have high-paying Georgia Scholarships that may be of interest to you. What do we mean by high-paying Georgia Scholarships? We consider a Georgia Scholarship that has a market value of $100,000 over 4 years, equally paid in $25,000 a year installments, a relatively High-Paying Georgia scholarship. Certainly, you are not going to earn that sum working at your local Walmart, or 7-11, or McDonalds as a teenage or mom weekend helper. National Academy of American Scholars uses a network of scholarship investors, and scholarship sponsors to ensure that over $1 million worth of Georgia scholarships, grants, and financial-aid are made available to eligible students seeking high-paying Georgia scholarships.

For a detailed continuation of this article, and numerous sources of renewable High-paying Georgia scholarships, official State of Georgia Pell Grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG), and various other official Georgia Grant programs, and private sources of Georgia scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, please visit our Georgia Scholarships page:
High-Paying Georgia   Scholarships

Georgia Teaching Scandal Indictments Proves Perils of being Associated with third-party scholarship groups

For a summary of Unclaimed Georgia Scholarships that may be suitable for moms, mothers, students, and working adults, please visit our Scholarship Programs page:
Unclaimed Georgia   Scholarships

For a summary of the Top 50 Georgia Scholarships that may be suitable for moms, mothers, students, and working adults, please visit our Scholarship Blog page:
Top 50 Georgia   Scholarships

Friday, April 19, 2013

Misleading Financial-Aid: Part I

Misleading Financial-Aid, Scholarship Points, and Mark Kantrowitz: Part I

An Internet source reports that the self-styled Financial-Aid Expert Mark Kantrowitz will be joining the Scholarship Points team. Amazing! Incredible! On April 9th, 2013, the company that owns Scholarship Points announced that Mark Kantrowitz will be joining the team as Senior Vice President and Publisher of the Edvisors Network. In this role, Kantrowitz will apparently be responsible for the expansion of quality content across the Edvisors network. Scholarship Points also announced that the self-styled Financial-Aid Expert Mark Kantrowitz will also continue to serve as a "thought leader within the financial aid community."

Scholarship Points claims that "with more than two decades of experience in financial aid, scholarships and student loans, Kantrowitz is an invaluable resource to those seeking information on higher education." This sort of statement is not surprising from a company that operates lottery-style financial-aid programs for students. The marriage of the controversial self-proclaimed "Financial-Aid" Expert Mark Kantrowitz, and the social-gaming scholarship points generator Scholarship Points is certainly an odd couple, and reveals the true character of Mark Kantrowitz.

“We are thrilled to have Mark Kantrowitz join the Edvisors team,” said Joe Kakaty, CEO of Edvisors. “I am extremely pleased to join the Edvisors team,” said Mark Kantrowitz. In 1995, and during the United State's governments' widely advertised "Scholar$$Scam" campaign, the same Mark Kantrowitz criticized hundreds of legitimate scholarship sponsors, including respected organizations like National Academy of American Scholars, and National Merit Scholarship programs, as running a "lottery-style" scholarship. According to Mark Kantrowitz, who was nothing more than a student living in the Squirrel Hill apartments just outside of the main Carnegie Mellon University campus, programs that had been established, licensed, and respected for decades were now "scams" based solely upon his deformed reasoning. For example, The National Merit® Scholarship Program is an academic competition for recognition and scholarships that began in 1955 and has always assessed an application fee. For example, National Academy of American Scholars required scholarship applicants to:

  1. Submit an actual written scholarship application;
  2. Submit a letter of recommendation for a scholarship;
  3. Submit three character references for your scholarship;
  4. Be subject to at least two interviews for a scholarship award;
  5. Etc.

I know of no lottery in the entire world that requires a lottery-applicant to be subject to these type of detailed extensive standards. However, according to the mainstream media's "Financial-Aid Expert", all of us apparently dumb Americans who cannot think for ourselves, and who are not allowed to question or critic the mainstream media's "Financial-Aid Expert", we must accept each and every statement made by this alleged "Financial-Aid" expert. We are not allowed to question any remark, theory, or any statement made by Mark Kantrowitz because the main-stream media has anointed Mark Kantrowitz (bald, homely, and uninspiring, as he may be), as America's unquestioned "Financial-Aid" expert. The picture posted above was taken in the mid 1990s. Since that time Mark Kantrowitz has lost a significant amount of hair.

Mark Kantrowitz: Skilled Self-Promotion Financial-Aid Artist

In 1988, the same year National Academy of American Scholars was founded by the academic superior to Mark Kantrowitz, Kantrowitz was still toiling for the MIT campus newspaper. America's "Financial-Aid Expert" was not even in the financial-aid industry when National Academy of American Scholars and many other scholarship sponsors were founded. Nonetheless, the main-stream medias' so-called "Financial-Aid Expert" seemingly claimed to know EVERYTHING about the whole financial-aid industry in 1995. Legal counsel I have spoken to concerning Mark Kantrowitz refer to him as nothing more than a clever "Financial-Aid" self-promotion artist. I know of no state-certification tests or government exams administered by any government authority that proclaims him to be a "Financial-Aid Expert." I know of no brokerage exams administered by the New York stock exchange, or the NASDAQ stock exchange stock markets, or from his friends at the U.S. Department of Education that Mark Kantrowitz has passed that officially certify him to be a "Financial-Aid" expert. I know of no judicial proceedings in which a court admnistrator has certified Mark Kantrowitz as a "Financial-Aid Expert". Heck, I even inquried at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University, and they have no records of Mark Kantrowitz as graduating as a "Financial-Aid" expert. In reality, I agree with the legal assessment that Mark Kantrowitz is nothing more than a skilled and cunning self-promotion "Financial-Aid" artist. Plain and simple. I further agree that the main-stream media's constant referral of Mark Kantrowitz as a "Financial-Aid Expert" is simply further evidence that the main-stream cannot be trusted. Mr. Kantrowitz has used his association with placed government sources and others to generate huge personal profits while deceptively promoting himself to be a "Financial-Aid" expert.

Information and public reports suggests that Kantrowitz has routinely twisted, tweaked, and re-fashioned his principles and theories to suit his competitor target(s) of "Financial-Aid." For example, if his target was in California, Kantrowitz would announce that scholarship sponsors in "California" could not e trusted. If his same target moved to "Nevada" then Kantrowitz would alter his script and announce that scholarship sponsors in "Nevada" could not be trusted. If his same target then moved to "Texas", then he would re-fashion his moving script to match the location of his financial-aid target.

Despite his comedy of "financial-aid" reviews, his extensive flaws, his numerous contradictions, and his lack of legitimate credentials as an actual "Financial-Expert", educated and intelligent Americans are being asked to support the main-stream media's false contention that Mark Kantrowitz is a legitimate "Financial-Aid" expert.

The N.Y. York Times or Bloomberg won't make that statement or question the credentials of their "Financial-Aid" expert. Neither will you find meaningful, objective, fair, high-standards, and accurate reporting in any of those publications.

In fact, Scholarship Points conceded in legal papers that its scholarship points system should be compared to social-gaming. Scholarship Points is the organization that operates a "lottery-style" scholarship points system that the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office concluded was little more than a social-gaming system of scholarship points. Thus, the United States Patent and Trademark Office correctly and properly denied the trademark application of Scholarship Points by the Scholarship Points company, Edvisors.

Hush!! Don't believe what the the United States Patent and Trademark Office says or does because they are not the personal flunky of Mark Kantrowitz like the N.Y. Times, Bloomberg, and the other media companies detailed below. Many of these main-stream media companies incorrectly reported the arrest of the Boston Marathon murder suspects. If these same main-stream media companies cannot even report accurately as to whether or not a brazen murder suspect is even in police custody then don't expect educated and intelligent Americans, moms, mothers, and women, to believe they are accurate in describing Mark Kantrowitz as a glorified, holy, "Financial-Aid" expert.

"Financial-Aid Expert" Mark Kantrowitz, O.J. Simpson Prosecutor Marcia Clark, and Scholarship Points.

The employment of Mark Kantrowitz with a company like Scholarship Points presents an opportunity to again reassess the credibility, integrity, and character of self-proclaimed "Financial-Aid" expert Mark Kantrowitz. Do you remember the prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson trial? Marcia Clark was hired to be a District Attorney by the county of Los Angeles. She appeared to be so tough as a prosecutor, so careful in her deliberations, so "judicial" and so "lawyer-like". However, when TV cameras began to roll, Marcia appeared to put in more effort for her mascara and make-up than her legal analysis. She wore her finest jewelry, her best dress shoes, and she made sure she smelled like a woman rather than a prosecutor.

Despite the verdict, Marcia did not even think to re-tool her prosecutorial skills to avoid another similar defeat in the future. No. No! When the O.J. Simpson trial ended, and when T.V. producers came calling with a seven-figure annual salary, Marcia Rachel Clark revealed that she is little different than the typical street-walking female prostitutes that Los Angeles County prosecutors prosecute on West Hollywood Boulevard. Yeah. The only difference is the title and the amount of the pay-off. Even as a prosecutor, Marcia Clark always had a price she was willing to accept: nobody met the price until high-rolling T.V. producers (i.e., media Johns) came calling. A true prosecutor is not persuaded when the TV cameras roll, and a true prosecutor will flatly reject each and every offer of the type presented to Marcia Clark.

Like Marcia Clark, Mark Kantrowitz apparently cannot resist the sums offered by Scholarship Points. For a price, prosecutor Marcia Clark was bought just like any typical prostitute strolling the avenues of West Hollywood and Vine. For a price, Mark Kantrowitz (the same person who presented a fiery speech before the U.S. Senate denouncing "lottery-style" scholarships) has demonstrated that he also has a price tag. So-called "Financial-Aid Expert" Mark Kantrowitz owes his financial-aid readers, and the public, an explanation of the financial details of his new arrangement with Scholarship Points, and why he has apparently switched his ethics.

What financial-aid dollars will Scholarship Points be paying to the so-called Financial-aid expert? Why is so-called "Financial-Aid Expert" Mark Kantrowitz now deciding to accept a salary from a "lottery-style" Scholarship sponsor when in fact there are detailed and extensive quotes from the same so-called "Financial-Aid" expert Mark Kantrowitz in the 1990s that denounce such companies? "Financial-Aid" expert Mark Kantrowitz claimed that companies that operate like Scholarship Points were "scams." Scholarshps sponsored by Scholarship Points require NO WRITTEN ESSAY; NO WRITTEN LETTER OF RECOMMENDATATION; and, NO REFERRAL LETTERS. Either Mark deliberately Kantrowitz lied in 1995 and 1996, or he really believed his own statements and is now simply selling out his ethics to the highest bidder. Perhaps a more accurate statement from Mark Kantrowitz should be: "The company is not a scam as long as Mark Kantrowitz gets paid."

Personally, I have never met either Marcia Clark, or the media's "Financial-Aid" expert Mark Kantrowitz. I have no desire to meet either of them just as I have no desire to associate with prostitutes or persons who lack strict standards of ethics and integrity.

Money can buy any prostitute, but money can't buy a man or woman with true integrity and principles.

Understandably, my comments may not be welcome by everyone. However, I do not feel that I need to apologize for my personal high standards or for pointing out the facts. Scholarship Points hired Mark Kantrowitz, and now the company must accept his past baggage of denouncing the precise business model of his new employer.

Now that Scholarship Points has linked itself to the hip, and groin, of so-called "Financial-Aid" expert Mark Kantrowitz, it is only fair to re-educate the public to the past statements made by Mark Kantrowitz regarding companies that operate so-called "lottery-style" scholarships like Scholarship Points; an opinion even agreed to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Naturally, we should not expect that a single main-stream media publication will report on their so-called "Financial-Aid" expert Mark Kantrowitz. The main-stream media is generally either inaccurate and/or deliberately misleading. Check-mate main-stream media! That's your so-called "Financial-Aid" expert.

In my next report, Part II, I will discuss Scholarship Points in a fashion that also highlights the history of FastWeb, Mark Kantrowitz, and FinAid, and how these entities and persons are inter-related in the Financial-Aid industry. I will discuss those facts in Part II, as well as the relationship of Mark Kantrowitz to advertisers that were later implicated in the student loan scandal, as well as the hype statements made by Financial-Aid artist Mark Kantrowitz that led to the passage of one of the worst, most wasteful, and the least effective pieces of government legislation in U.S. history. I will also discuss how the Kantrowitz-promoted legislation arguably led to the student-loan scandal, and higher college tuition for millions of college students. Stay tuned.

For more on this article, and a detailed comprehensive table of Financial-aid Scholarship Points, please visit the Scholarship Points Table link below. Act fast to earn Scholarships before your Scholarship Points expire!!

A comprehensive table of Financial-aid Scholarship Points:
Scholarship Points

Is Scholarship Points a Scam?
Is Scholarship Points a Scam

Degradation of National Scholarships
Degradation of National Scholarships

Thursday, May 21, 2009

NAAS Launches National Trademark Fraud Campaign

National Academy of American Scholars (NAAS), its attorneys, investigators, NAAS DEIA agents, are mounting an aggressive world-wide multi-media campaign to investigate and prosecute groups and persons who claim or imply affiliation, approval by, and/or accreditation by National Academy of American Scholars (NAAS). We are investigating the fraudulent misuse of the world famous 'NAAS' mark, counterfeiting of the famed 'NAAS' logo, and global piracy of 'NAAS' intellectual property.

We are investigating attorneys who aid, assist, abet, or provide material support to criminals in furtherance of violating U.S. federal laws, and who accept monies from blatant trademark infringers.

NAAS has teamed up with the global anti-piracy STOP initiative developed by the U.S. Patent & Trademark office, and other agencies that combat intellectual property theft.

We are pursuing the criminal prosecution of trademark infringers, the manufacturers of fake 'NAAS' logos, the manufacturers of counterfeit 'NAAS' t-shirts, companies and organizations that illegally use the 'NAAS' mark on their websites, and their co-conspirators.

Non-profit organizations, donors, web hosting companies, universities, data repository companies, and advertisers that sponsor, fund, or provide material support to offensive trademark infringers are also targets of scrutiny, and possible litigation.

The choice is simple: If you do not have an official NAAS License, cease and desist your use of the 'NAAS' mark or remove ALL references of the mark from your literature and website.

We intend to track down, locate, identify, and prosecute each and every person(s), group(s), and agencies who violate U.S. federal laws with regard to matters concerning NAAS. There is no person or agency that will be spared scrutiny if they are perceived as violating the intellectual property rights of National Academy of American Scholars (NAAS).

The known principal organizations and persons currently under both criminal and civil investigation with respect to matters concerning this topic are:

David G. Steadman, President
Northwest Association of Accredited Schools
1510 Robert St., Suite 103
Boise, ID 83705-5194
URL:; and, throughout their website.
#Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, encourages their respective State commitees, sub-groups, and alleged ‘NAAS’ accredited schools to engage in the same conduct that itself is under investigation for;

Joan Messer
American Junior Academy of Sciences
900 S. Court
Ellisville, MS 39467
#Joan Messer is a professor at Jones County Junior College. The American Junior Academy of Sciences is suspected of a wide variety of offenses, including trademark infringement, and defrauding donors by improperly inducing the same with fraudulent references to 'NAAS'.

Dr. Don Jordan
College of Arts & Sciences,
University of South Carolina
323 Sumwalt
Columbia, SC 29208
#Don Jordan is a professor at the University of South Carolina. He illegally and fraudulently implies that his organization is approved by and/or endorsed by NAAS. His colleagues have dropped use of the 'NAAS' mark, but he has thus far failed to respect U.S. Trademark laws.

Attn: Dr. James J. McCarthy
The American Association for the Advancement of Science
1200 New York Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20005
#This organization is staffed by persons who are employees of universities and colleges that are also members of National Association of Student Financial-Aid Administrators (NASFAA); the members of this organization has an extensive history of student-loan fraud, and crimes related to financial-aid.

Attn: Gary Kipp, Executive Director
Association of Washington School Principals
1021 8th Ave. S.E.,
Olympia, WA 98501-1500
This group is associated with Northwest Association of Accredited Schools. Collectively, they encourage their respective State commitees, sub-groups, employees, and illegally-named ‘NAAS’ accredited schools to engage in the same conduct that itself is under investigation for.

Many of the these persons and organizations have direct ties to National Association of Financial-Aid Administrators (NASFAA) or its counterpart National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC). NAAS Media Reports detail that these organization are typically a base or breeding ground for financial-aid criminals, student-loan fraudsters, and loan-steering. Both of these organizations have been repeated subjects of past NAAS NEWS Media reports.

As of the date of this posting, the groups named above appear to be the most blatant, offensive, deceitiful, and persistent violators and infringers of the 'NAAS' mark. None of there persons have been qualified or authorized to use the world-famous 'NAAS' mark in commerce. Their use of the 'NAAS' mark is illegal.

Honest and ethical persons need merely to be reminded of the need to follow the law, and they will comply; whereas, criminals need to be handcuffed, publicly embarrassed, and/or ordered by a court of law to comply with the same instructions

Sunday, November 16, 2008

"Approval-Seal" Scams

Approval-Seal scams have proliferated over the Internet. Beware of any scholarship search service sponsored by and/ or promoted by National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), and National Scholarship Provider's Association., a/k/a/ NSPA

If an organization displays any sort of "approval seal" of these organizations, it is virtually guaranteed that their services are incomplete, heavily censored, and catered to "preferred listings" in the same way of the massive student-loan fraud investigated by the New York Attorney General.

Beware of any "approval seal" issued by a non-profit organization to a for-profit company. This sort of transaction is typically a back-handed way of paying a for-profit entity a fee to act in a manner that is otherwise and generally prohibited if the non-profit acted alone.

Such "Approval-Seals" often come with political overtones, and commercially-sponsored links to members of the non-profit. In various cases, such
"Approval-Seals" may be akin to paying a fee to a reporter to write certain articles, or paying a radio station to play certain records.

Both NACAC and N.S.P.A. have ties to National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (a/k/a/ NASFAA). The office of the N.Y. York Attorney General has tied many members of NASFAA and NACAC to deceitful acts, and fraudulent conduct involving student-loan fraud. Both organizations have ties to the massive student loan fraud amongst its many members, and have ties dating back to 1996 to notorious federal informant Mark Kantrowitz.

In their literature, NACAC makes the claim that their Seal of Approval is "designed to help our audience make choices about the growing number of available admission counseling resources as they consider options beyond secondary school." This is crap. In our opinion, the seal is a for-profit technique designed to circumvent standard moral and ethical customs that traditional non-profit organizations should abide by.

As proof, what State Bar association is going to allow an attorney to sale or barter a "Seal of Approval" to for-profit businesses or private persons??

The business of "Approval Seals" by non-profit organizations is the backbone that led to the under-reporting and non-detection of student-loan fraud.

There are numerous public documents, and documents that federal agencies (U.S. Department of Justice, United States Postal Service, FTC, Dept. of Education) WILL NOT release under the Freedom of Information Act that implicate informant Kantrowitz with certain officials associated with NACAC, N.S.P.A., and NASFAA.

Until and unless these documents are made public, we must assume that any organization bearing the "Approval Seal" associated with NASFAA, or NACAC or N.S.P.A., is prone to suspicions and perhaps even fraud!!

Thank you!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fraud of the SAT Cottage Industry

Have any of you watched the new NAAS-NEWS video called "Fraud of the SAT Cottage Industry. ?

It is a great video. The video deals with the SAT cottage industry. Millions of dollars each year are being made by The College Board, and members of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA; their alphabet-related pet dog, NACAC, is run by Valerie Williams.

Experts, news media, and many persons, consider the SAT test to be an untrue indicator of potential success. In fact, the SAT test has been accused of being racist, unfair, and unnecessary. Yet, over many years, many member colleges and universities of NASFAA have required that students take the test. This collaboration of NASFAA/NACAC members has provided fertile ground for fraud, and immense profits.

Students and parents should not be forced to take the SAT test. Also, NASFAA and The College Board both have ties dating back to 1996 with federal informant Mark Kantrowitz. Kantrowitz fed bogus information to the DOJ, USPS, and the FTC. His business of deceit ("financial-aid expert", and false "Reliability Reports") and evasion was sponsored by NASFAA.

Several years later, the N.Y. Attorney General busted many members of NASFAA for the student-loan fraud crisis. This proves you cannot trust a counselor who is a member of NASFAA/NACAC. Many news-reporters continue to quote Kantrwitz but do not disclose his background and work as a federal informant.

NAAS-NEWS is an independent news division subsidiary of National Academy of American Scholars. The views and comments of subscribers do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of NAAS-NEWS or National Academy of American Scholars (NAAS). We welcome video content from paid subscribers or free videos from the YouTube community. NAAS is a private organization that features a subscription service for access to special news, and private merit-based awards for eligible high school seniors and college students.