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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

High-Paying Georgia Scholarships

Do high-paying Georgia scholarships really exist? Sure, they do. Simply visit the website of National Academy of American Scholars and you will find more than 100 high-paying Georgia scholarships in numerous categories. There is no fee required to apply for our high-paying Georgia scholarships, and neither is there any requirement to be a member of any third-party organization.

In March of 2013, Georgia School educators were indicted in the spring on charges of racketeering and corruption. Georgia now bears the infamous label as home of one of the largest cheating scandals to hit the United States public education system. At least 35 Atlanta Public Schools educators and administrators were indicted. Instead of being a model of scholarship excellence, Georgia has been described by prosecutors as a model for cheating. The Georgia scandal illustrates the need for transparent scholarship sponsors like National Academy of American Scholars that do not claim memberships in organizations like the National Scholarship Providers Association (NSPA), National Association of Student Financial-Aid Administrators (NASFAA), or National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), or the Better Business Bureau (BBB). If a school superintendent is willing to cheat, and is able to recruit hundreds of teachers in the process, then why should one believe the mission statements of third-party organizations that charge membership fees?

As a general rule, the more inter-related alphabet organizations that a scholarship sponsor or scholarship administrator is a member of, the greater the degree for possible fraud, corruption, and collusion.

Legitimate scholarship sponsors do no entrust bequeathed, donated, or private scholarship funds to third-party organizations because of the simple economic fact that compounding expenses deplete scholarship funds. Plain and simple.

Consequently, you may not find high-paying Georgia Scholarships in certain scholarship search services that claim "We're the Best & We're FREE" because such organizations are members of inter-related third-party alphabet organizations whose best intererests are not the students seeking Georgia scholarships, but the third-party scholarship organizations whose membership fees only drain scholarship funds. At the same time, some scholarship search services that claim to be "We're the Best & We're FREE" deliberately censor valuable scholarships, grants, and financial-aid information from Moms, mothers, and students that are seeking scholarships, and grants.

Neither will you find the best high-paying Georgia Scholarships in the database of the Georgia Department of Education, or in scholarship links listed on the Georgia Higher Education website. You may also not find the most valuable scholarships on the bulletin board of The Office for Student Financial Affairs of the financial aid office at the University of Georgia . Private scholarship sponsors work best without government influence, and without the government being a nuisance in the administration or sponsorship of Georgia Scholarships. An example of government waste is the United States Postal Service. Despite having an annual budget of over $50 billion dollars, the United States Postal Service is broke. I am sure there are plenty of moms, mothers, and women who can better manage even 1% of the U.S.P.S. budget.

Free Georgia Scholarship Searches
That do not require A Logon or Password

Georgia moms, mothers, and students interested in high-paying Georgia Scholarships simply need to know where to look for such Georgia Scholarships. Hint: you don't need to provide a username, password, or even divulge your personal details. The NAAS.ORG website has FREE Georgia Scholarships searches 24 hours per day. Repeat: Scholarship searches conducted on the NAAS.ORG website are entirely free, and do not need a login or password. We do not censor our sponsors or investors. We are not "Sworn" to censorship like scholarship search service companies that appear on government websites. We trust that Georgia moms, single mothers, women, grown adults, as well as students over the age of 18, can make their own decisions about Georgia scholarships, grants, and financial-aid and not be spoon-fed by college scholarship search companies that claim "We're the Best & We're FREE" while at the same time they are methodically deleting, blocking, and censoring Georgia scholarship information on their public facebook pages, and other social media channels when such information should really be shared with other Georgia residents.

If you are an Georgia resident, or person interested in attending an Georgia college, or university, then your search for high-paying Georgia scholarships should begin with NAAS.ORG. All Georgia scholarship searches on the NAAS.ORG website, for example, are free, and uncensored. Georgia scholarship searches on Google-plus are also free. Either way, if you look at the right sources and connect with the right college scholarship sponsor that has a history of delivering high-paying Georgia scholarships that are renewable then your odds of winning a high-paying Georgia scholarship should theoretically, and in all practicality increase. The odds are in your favor.

The best athlete or college scholarship search company does not run or hide. If a college scholarship database companies claims "We're the Best & We're FREE", but censors their college scholarship database or hides scholarship data from college scholarship applicants then they are not the best.

Investors and Sponsors Fund High-Paying Georgia Scholarships

If Georgia is the state where you want to dance in, play in, develop a love affair in, go to school in, and study in Georgia , then we have high-paying Georgia Scholarships that may be of interest to you. What do we mean by high-paying Georgia Scholarships? We consider a Georgia Scholarship that has a market value of $100,000 over 4 years, equally paid in $25,000 a year installments, a relatively High-Paying Georgia scholarship. Certainly, you are not going to earn that sum working at your local Walmart, or 7-11, or McDonalds as a teenage or mom weekend helper. National Academy of American Scholars uses a network of scholarship investors, and scholarship sponsors to ensure that over $1 million worth of Georgia scholarships, grants, and financial-aid are made available to eligible students seeking high-paying Georgia scholarships.

For a detailed continuation of this article, and numerous sources of renewable High-paying Georgia scholarships, official State of Georgia Pell Grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG), and various other official Georgia Grant programs, and private sources of Georgia scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, please visit our Georgia Scholarships page:
High-Paying Georgia   Scholarships

Georgia Teaching Scandal Indictments Proves Perils of being Associated with third-party scholarship groups

For a summary of Unclaimed Georgia Scholarships that may be suitable for moms, mothers, students, and working adults, please visit our Scholarship Programs page:
Unclaimed Georgia   Scholarships

For a summary of the Top 50 Georgia Scholarships that may be suitable for moms, mothers, students, and working adults, please visit our Scholarship Blog page:
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

NAAS Launches National Trademark Fraud Campaign

National Academy of American Scholars (NAAS), its attorneys, investigators, NAAS DEIA agents, are mounting an aggressive world-wide multi-media campaign to investigate and prosecute groups and persons who claim or imply affiliation, approval by, and/or accreditation by National Academy of American Scholars (NAAS). We are investigating the fraudulent misuse of the world famous 'NAAS' mark, counterfeiting of the famed 'NAAS' logo, and global piracy of 'NAAS' intellectual property.

We are investigating attorneys who aid, assist, abet, or provide material support to criminals in furtherance of violating U.S. federal laws, and who accept monies from blatant trademark infringers.

NAAS has teamed up with the global anti-piracy STOP initiative developed by the U.S. Patent & Trademark office, and other agencies that combat intellectual property theft.

We are pursuing the criminal prosecution of trademark infringers, the manufacturers of fake 'NAAS' logos, the manufacturers of counterfeit 'NAAS' t-shirts, companies and organizations that illegally use the 'NAAS' mark on their websites, and their co-conspirators.

Non-profit organizations, donors, web hosting companies, universities, data repository companies, and advertisers that sponsor, fund, or provide material support to offensive trademark infringers are also targets of scrutiny, and possible litigation.

The choice is simple: If you do not have an official NAAS License, cease and desist your use of the 'NAAS' mark or remove ALL references of the mark from your literature and website.

We intend to track down, locate, identify, and prosecute each and every person(s), group(s), and agencies who violate U.S. federal laws with regard to matters concerning NAAS. There is no person or agency that will be spared scrutiny if they are perceived as violating the intellectual property rights of National Academy of American Scholars (NAAS).

The known principal organizations and persons currently under both criminal and civil investigation with respect to matters concerning this topic are:

David G. Steadman, President
Northwest Association of Accredited Schools
1510 Robert St., Suite 103
Boise, ID 83705-5194
URL:; and, throughout their website.
#Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, encourages their respective State commitees, sub-groups, and alleged ‘NAAS’ accredited schools to engage in the same conduct that itself is under investigation for;

Joan Messer
American Junior Academy of Sciences
900 S. Court
Ellisville, MS 39467
#Joan Messer is a professor at Jones County Junior College. The American Junior Academy of Sciences is suspected of a wide variety of offenses, including trademark infringement, and defrauding donors by improperly inducing the same with fraudulent references to 'NAAS'.

Dr. Don Jordan
College of Arts & Sciences,
University of South Carolina
323 Sumwalt
Columbia, SC 29208
#Don Jordan is a professor at the University of South Carolina. He illegally and fraudulently implies that his organization is approved by and/or endorsed by NAAS. His colleagues have dropped use of the 'NAAS' mark, but he has thus far failed to respect U.S. Trademark laws.

Attn: Dr. James J. McCarthy
The American Association for the Advancement of Science
1200 New York Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20005
#This organization is staffed by persons who are employees of universities and colleges that are also members of National Association of Student Financial-Aid Administrators (NASFAA); the members of this organization has an extensive history of student-loan fraud, and crimes related to financial-aid.

Attn: Gary Kipp, Executive Director
Association of Washington School Principals
1021 8th Ave. S.E.,
Olympia, WA 98501-1500
This group is associated with Northwest Association of Accredited Schools. Collectively, they encourage their respective State commitees, sub-groups, employees, and illegally-named ‘NAAS’ accredited schools to engage in the same conduct that itself is under investigation for.

Many of the these persons and organizations have direct ties to National Association of Financial-Aid Administrators (NASFAA) or its counterpart National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC). NAAS Media Reports detail that these organization are typically a base or breeding ground for financial-aid criminals, student-loan fraudsters, and loan-steering. Both of these organizations have been repeated subjects of past NAAS NEWS Media reports.

As of the date of this posting, the groups named above appear to be the most blatant, offensive, deceitiful, and persistent violators and infringers of the 'NAAS' mark. None of there persons have been qualified or authorized to use the world-famous 'NAAS' mark in commerce. Their use of the 'NAAS' mark is illegal.

Honest and ethical persons need merely to be reminded of the need to follow the law, and they will comply; whereas, criminals need to be handcuffed, publicly embarrassed, and/or ordered by a court of law to comply with the same instructions