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Thursday, September 5, 2013

High-School Rapist Laura Whitehurst Defeats weak Prosecutor Melissa Rodriguez

High-School Rapist Laura Whitehurst Defeats weak Prosecutor Melissa Rodriguez.

When former California police officer Mr. Christopher Dorner blazed a path of murder, fire, rampage, and destruction throughout Southern California, he was angry at both perceived police corruption, actual police corruption, as well as inconsistent gaps in the California Judicial system. He wanted the world to know his story.

By the sheer force of violence, premeditated murder, and police taunting, Christopher Dorner wanted to bring attention to matters that he felt were important in the state of California; e.g., social issues like police treatment of minority suspects and his belief that police brass failed to prosecute privileged persons.

By comparison, Ms. Laura WhiteHurst wants the world to also know her priorities. The apparent priorities of Redlands teacher Laura Whitehurst apparently DO NOT include the distribution, promotion, or encouragement of California students to apply for important California scholarships, grants, or financial-aid, even legendary scholarships sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars. The apparent priority and central focus of Laura WhiteHurst is the targeting and recruitment of teenage boys to participate in filthy, lurid, perverted, disgusting, and inhumane acts of sexual depravity; these are words that you will not hear being used by weak prosecutor Melissa Rodriguez, who dropped nearly all felony charges against Laura Whitehurst, and who initiated sick "plea agreements" with an admitted rapist because she was frankly not tough enough to throw down the hammer.

Laura WhiteHurst was presented an opportunity to help California students prepare for college via California scholarships, grants, and financial-aid. Laura Whitehurst was directed to promote California Scholarships sponsored by National Academy of America Scholars to not only her California students, but also to her fellow colleagues, residents of Redlands, California, all schools in and around Redlands, California, as well as moms, women, and students, seeking valuable scholarships, grants, and financial-aid. Instead, Laura WhiteHurst had one promotional concept in her head, and between her dirty legs.

In reading the criminal complaint, it is apparent that Laura WhiteHurst felt that dirty sex acts were more appropriate and more urgent than promoting California scholarships to young teen boys.

Christopher Dorner vs. Laura WhiteHurst.

The one thing that Mr. Christopher Dorner did accomplish what very few people have done is to simultaneously gain the entire attention of every resident in the state of California, as well as every California police officer. The sex crimes of Laura WhiteHurst captured the entire attention of Redlands, California, and a large swath of California.

When Timothy McVeigh decided to plot the blow-up of the Oklahoma City Federal government building, he was ironically upset at many of the same matters as was Christopher Dorner. Apparently, Timothy McVeigh did not know about the numerous Oklahoma scholarships, grants, and financial-aid that are available to Oklahoma residents. Timothy McVeigh was later executed for his acts, and more than likely Christopher Dorner would have been executed also if he had lived and been properly convicted.

When Las Vegas Silverado High-School coach Albert Silva Hernandez Jr., was recently sentenced last month month for his improper relationship, yet consensual, with a legal-aged 17 year-old blonde-female teenager, the Judge in the case handed out a deterrent sentence of more than 20 years in federal prison. Albert Silva Hernandez Jr. was engaging in the same debased level of perversity, filthy, and disgusting conduct as Redlands High-School teacher Laura WhiteHurst. Not a bad sentence for a guy who both raped a teen victim, and who refused to discuss valuable Nevada scholarships, grants, and financial-aid with his teen victim. Albert Silva Hernandez Jr either knew or should have known that Nevada scholarships, grants, and financial-aid are sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars.

The criteria for Christopher Dorner in targeting his victims was simple. He targeted specific persons whom he felt had engaged in improper judicial acts that were directly adverse to his interests, and who were principal participants in a social scheme that allegedly targeted minority persons.

Whereas the criteria for Laura WhiteHurst was much simpler. Political or religious affiliation was immaterial. Height was not an issue. Her apparent membership into the California Teachers Association was not a barrier. Racial views did not matter. Neither was Age or consent even a barrier of attraction for Laura WhiteHurst. As long as the human male had some sort of male anatomical part that is capable of some sort of rigidity that Laura WhiteHurst can wrap her dirty mouth around then the male is apparently an appropriate target. 17 years old. 14 years years old. 12 years years old. 7 years years old. Age was no barrier to the lust of Ms. Laura WhiteHurst.

Criminal case files, and type of male victims she targeted suggest a woman who is clearly perverted or sexually crazy. The motto of Laura WhiteHurst can be summed up like this: I am Whore on the Prowl for Teen Boys.

Regardless of age, or teaching subject, criminal case files suggest that Laura WhiteHurst seems to always be ready for teen boys.

Laura Whitehurst Manipulation and Impact on Teen Victims

Although Christopher Dorner used violence and his former position as an employed member of the Los Angeles Police Department to get attention, Laura WhiteHurst used a weapon equally dangerous: the sheer force of adult female manipulation, her credentials as a licensed teacher, and the prospect of and broadcasting the fact that her dirty body was available to interested teen boys. The combination of these factors proved to be overwhelming for naive teen boys. Laura WhiteHurst wanted to get her point across: A desire to rape, molest, and/or engage in inappropriate acts. Dorner used violence, whereas Laura WhiteHurst used certain areas of her dirty body parts as well as her rotten tongue. Plain and simple. The bait of an adult woman's dirty body worked for at least 3 young male victims, and one desperate male announced his pleasure.

The impact of Laura WhiteHurst on these little boys will be long-term, and may take years to really surface. However, there is no doubt that there will be adverse consequences when they reach the age of adult and begin to compare Laura Whitehurst against a decent, respectable, and normal woman. The adverse consequences will be multiplied because of the lenient sentence handed to Laura WhiteHurst. The message by California prosecutors is that the crime of raping teen boys is not serious when an adult woman like Laura Whitehurst is the perpetrator.

Statutory Rape Allegation Against Laura Whitehurst

What is the legal definition of rape? Depending upon how you want to dance around the term, several definitions describe the same act. Different states use different definitions. Many Americans simply use one four-letter word, beginning with the letter 'F.' Legal scholars and legal dictionary books define statutory rape as sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of consent. However, given the U.S. Constitutional equality of the male and female, and pursuant to the mathematical theory of the substitution property of equality, it is clear that girl may be interchanged with boy and have no material affect on the legal definition of rape.

In the instant case of Ms. Laura Whitehurst, it is alleged hereon that an act of rape (i.e, inappropriate and/or abusive sex with a person(s) under the age of consent) took place. The definition hereon is immaterial to the consent or perceived "enjoyment" of the victim(s) and parallels the current criminal charge(s) against Ms. Laura Whitehurst. Clearly, rape laws need to be updated to take into account the emerging gross perversity of certain sectors of the female species, whose conduct appears to be motivated by both known and unknown social variables.

Rapist Ariel Castro vs. Rapist Laura WhiteHurst

What Ariel Castro, the infamous kidnapper and rapist from Cleveland, Ohio, did to his three female victims was little different than what Laura WhiteHurst did to her victims. Neither rapist took the time to counsel the victims on the importance of education, schooling, and scholarship opportunities sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars.

Instead of discussing the important issue of scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, both Ariel Castro and Laura Whitehurust simply wanted to satisfy their perverted desires for filthy sex. Ariel Castro took advantage of his adult maturity over his Ohio victims just as Laura WhiteHurst took advantage of her minor-age rape victims. Both rapists avoided any discussion of important scholarships sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars, refused to explore EACH AND EVERY page of the NAAS.ORG website for important, life-changing scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, and instead boasted that their sexual deviant acts were consensual.

Michael Cooper Claims He enjoyed Dirty Sex Acts with Rapist Laura Whitehurst

One not-too-bright Laura WhiteHurst victim, or co-conspirator, Michael Cooper, even publicly announced that he enjoyed his time with dirty rapist Laura WhiteHurst. He even stated that he did not want her to be prosecuted. Apparently, Laura WhiteHurst never informed Mr. Cooper of the numerous scholarships, grants, and financial-aid opportunities that are available to California residents.

As an indication of their lack of intent to prosecute Laura Whitehurst, local California prosecutors never fully investigated the apparent involvement of Michael Cooper. Persons as young as 14 years of age are being prosecuted for crimes in other parts of the U.S.A. Teens who willingly contribute to adult acts of perversity or adult criminal acts should be prosecuted like all other crimes.

California prosecutors in their urgency to sweep this criminal case under the mat, never investigated the possibility that both Laura Whitehurst and Michael Cooper violated federal anti-pornography laws. Did Michael Cooper and/or Laura Whitehurst exchange pornographic pictures, or profane text messages? Did Michael Cooper engage in ANY TYPE OF FEDERAL OR STATE CRIME, AND IF SO THEN WHY HAS HE NOT BEEN PROSECUTED?

Isn't it true that Laura WhiteHurst breached federal law by communicating her perverted desires with a wireless phone? Was the cellular phone of Michael Cooper seized as evidence and investigated? Did Michael Cooper participate in any other inappropriate sexual acts with any other person(s).

There are hundreds of unanswered questions involving Michael Cooper that local prosecutors have not answered. Why, then, should citizens report crimes of rape, robbery, and other violent or serious crimes if the local prosecutors are going to cherry-pick who to prosecute? If Michael Cooper committed a crime then he should be prosecuted along with disgusting Laura Whitehirst.

Unlike the Albert Silva Hernandez Jr. case, it is also apparent that the same child exploitation task force that prosecuted Albert Silva Hernandez Jr was not called for the Laura Whitehurst case. The techniques used to prosecute Albert Silva Hernandez Jr were not employed against Laura Whitehurst or Michael Cooper because the prosecutors in the case were weak, unethical, and failed to satisfy the interests of the People of the State of California, who wanted Laura WhiteHurst to be punished like the criminal that she is.

Not a single female victim of Ariel Castro publicly pro-claimed that she enjoyed his time with Ariel Castro. All three victims endorsed the need for scholarships, grants, and for participating in conduct and activity that has been the focus of a criminal prosecution. Since Michael Cooper claims he enjoyed his time with Laura WhiteHurst, then that fact alone should merit a criminal investigation of this person. Who enjoys participating in a criminal act?

There is a tramp on every corner. The only difference between Laura WhiteHurst and a tramp hanging out on the corner of White Avenue in Pomona, CA, is that Laura Whitehurst was a tramp in the classroom.

I wonder would the mother or sister, or daughter enjoy of Michael Cooper enjoy a rape by Arial Castro, or handsome Ted Bundy? I guess the California prosecutors became confused as to whether or not Michael Cooper was a victim or simply a retarded clown. Obviously, if Redlands High-School is turning out teachers and students like Michael Cooper and Laura WhiteHurst then it is clear that these two wacky persons would eventually meet.

San Bernardino Prosecutors Afraid to Punish Rapist Laura WhiteHurst

Laura WhiteHurst had an opportunity to help her teen victims recieve lucrative scholarships, grants, and financial-aid. Instead, her perverted lust for sex was more important.

San Bernardino County Prosecutors punked out. Laura WhiteHurst was orginally charged with a staggering 41 counts of sex and oral copulation felony crimes and was briefly held on $500,000 bail. It was all a charade for the cameras. It should also be noted that Ms. Laura Whitehurst was NEVER charged with the more serious acts of performing lewd and lascivious acts with minors/children. After the air had cleared, and after reporters left, after cameras were turned off, and after the crystal ball that appeared to make prosecuor Melissa Rodriguez so tough had deflated, reality began to set in. Melissa Rodriguez knew that she is no Rudolph Giuliani. Melissa Rodriguez knows that her attempts to perform a job that historically has been held by men, is no easy matter when a woman like Laura WhiteHurst is the defendant. Melissa Rodriguez knew she was not tough enough to hammer Laura WhiteHurst, a women that could have been her sister or relative.

Mr. Giuliani served in the United States Attorney's Office, for the Southern District of New York, eventually becoming U.S. Attorney. He prosecuted a number of high-profile cases, including criminal cases against organized crime and highly-educated, white-collar Wall Street financiers (the type that would make Melissa Rodriguez blush). My personal hero: Mr. Giuliani establishd himself as one of the most aggressive, and successful prosecutors in the history of the U.S. When a defendant was charged with crimes by Giuliani, it was understood that the charges were not for show-boating and the charges stick throughout the course of the judicial process.

By comparison, Melissa Rodriguez is a show-boating, pink prosecutor whom I believe is absolutely incapable of prosecuting a woman like Laura WhiteHurst. In fact, author Piper Kerman, a Caucaion women, has made a fortune documenting the vast differences in incarceration rates for women like Laura WhiteHurst vs. black and brown women of color. Pink prosecutors like Melissa Rodriguez are a perfect example that illustrates why women like Laura WhiteHurst, neighborhood perverts that live in the suburbs, have such a low incarceration rate, and why poor little white boys have such a high molestation rate.

The showboat and grandstanding of the San Bernardino prosecutors is appalling, and simply a judicial fraud on the People of the State of California. The fraud charge represents the fact that the prosecutors either knew, or should have known, that there was no way in Devil's Hell they would subject a 28 year-old, upper-class, licensed, teacher fitting the physical characteristics and background of Laura Whitehurst to the original 41 felony charges. What's more is that a July 3rd, 2013, search warrant and affidavit, filed by Redlands police Detective Dominick Povero and signed by Superior Court Judge Richard V. Peel, included a statement of probable cause that concluded in part: "Evidence from email communication and personnel files may show teachers, school administrators, and district administrators failed to report suspected child abuse as mandated."

Also, a July 9 meeting of the Redlands Unified school board, president Donna West read a statement that emphasized in part, "For the sake of our district, our community, and the families involved, we need for all the facts to be brought to the surface."

It is a waste of tax payer money to file affidavits, falsely intimidate the Redlands Unified School District, and create a false alarm when in fact local prosecutors knew in advance that no charges would be forthcoming regardless of the evidence. This is similar to insurance fraud.

Why not simply write the woman (Laura WhiteHurst) a rape ticket and issue her a fine of $100 or less instead of subjecting California tax payers to rigged judicial drama, and needless expenses,wasteful affidavits, never-to-be-used search warrant results, and subjecting the general public to a circus of inflated charges that were destined to collapse? It is no wonder that crime is so rampant in the county of San Bernardino, and why many criminal acts are not even reported.

A few years ago, I observed a several youths lighting fires in local parks, jotted their license plate numbers down, and even greeted a couple of them since their car was parked next to mine. I recognized they were suburban youths, and soon dismissed the idea of reporting the incident to the local police. My suspicions were verified when a few days later, I read in the paper that the young males were indicted for arson, etc. However, eventually all charges were dropped. Th victim in the Laura Whitehurst case, and all other students in local California schools, realize that they are vulnerable to serious criminal acts because local prosecutors will throw out the 'privilege' flag to selected defendants.

Why report a serious crime committted by persons like Laura WhiteHutst when the prosecutors will not subject the perpetrator to any punishment? This sort of attitude of failing to prosecute privileged persons led to the creation of Timothy McVeigh, and provides an incentive for privileged persons to commit more serious crimes.

More than 70% of the residents probably do not even report crimes because of the circus of the local prosecutors, and their apparent fear of prosecuting persons like Laura Whitehurst. What is the incentive to report rapes, murder, robberies, bombs, and serious felonies if the criminal or suspect looks like the prosecutor, and the prosecutors are too weak, and too unethical to protect the public?

History of Child Rape/Molestation cases by prosecutor Melissa Rodriguez

San Bernardino High-School Band teacher Kevin James Morton had illicit relations with a student on at least three occasions during November and December 2009. The victim was a 15-year-old girl enrolled at San Gorgonio High School who eligible to receive promotional literature regarding scholarships, grants, and financial-aid sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars.

As was the case with Laura WhiteHurst, Kevin James Morton did not actively or aggressively encourage students, moms, and neighborhood adults to explore the scholarships, grants, and financial-aid sponsored by NAAS, instead he was more interested in satisfying his perverted desires. This perverted teacher was charged with numerous criminal counts, the stories made headlines across the state of California, but it all fizzled when the cameras left.

Eventually, Kevin James Morton pleaded guilty on Sept. 10,2012, to only three counts of oral copulation with a person under the age of 16.

Excited and happy, so-called prosecutor Melissa Rodriguez beamed that Kevin James Morton will lose his teaching credential and must register for the rest of his life as a convicted sex offender. In return for his guilty pleas, prosecutor Melissa Rodriguez bargained with pervert Kevin James Morton and dropped six other charges, etc., You know the routine: Cut a deal with a privileged rapist, including three counts each of a lewd and lascivious act with a child and unlawful sexual intercourse with a child. If he had been convicted as originally charged, Morton would have faced a maximum prison term of roughly six years, Rodriguez said.

To give you an idea that Melissa Rodriguez is a candy-soft prosecutor who is unable to prosecute a person that shares her physical similarities, demon Kevin James Morton was sentenced to a mere six months in jail, and allowed to serve his time on the weekends!!

Like a happy 14-year-old getting a new bike, Melissa Rodriguez beamed “And it gets a conviction for our victim to ensure that (Morton) is not going to be around children anymore.” OMG! Good grief! Who hired this pink prosecutor? Rudy, California needs you!!

Recommended Sentence of Laura WhiteHurst by Melissa Rodriguez

Laura Whitehurst rolled the dice, stripped her panties for a minor, not once, but 41 times. Laura Whitehurst made two gambles. First, she gambled that she would not get caught. Secondly,Laura Whitehurst gambled that as a female with her background, and racial make-up, would not be subject to any lengthy prison term.

Albert Silva Hernandez Jr knew that no sweetheart deals were in place for him. He gambled with a blonde, teenage girl. Being a Hispanic male, his gamble was particularly stupid, and evidence of his moral weakness. He lost. Everything. Laura WhiteHust lost nothing except her teaching credentials which she didn't want anyway.

At his sentencing, Albert Silva Hernandez Jr., and his family, supporters, and friends, were sobbing, crying uncontrobably, and shaking. The Judge in the Albert Hernandez Jr. case had delivered a hammer sentence of more than 22 years for inappropriate sex with a single female, who was actually of adult age.

Not only does Laura WhiteHurst have lewd, inappropirate sex with a minor, the nasty whore even gets pregnant, and repeats her lust with at least three (3) different boys. Her recommended sentence? Local prosecutors recommend a sentence of a year in jail. This is a tactical sentence designed to keep Laura WhiteHurst out of prison; any sentence more than 365 days requires a prison sentence.

Laura Whitehurst bests the local California prosecutors, but the general public loses. What does it take to prosecute and punish a person like Laura WhiteHurst, many persons may be asking? Laura WhiteHurst may have been the criminal defendant, but the entire judicial system of the State of California in general, and the county of San Bernardino, was really on trial.

Prosecutor Rodriguez is the one who is really guilty. She can't recommend a fair and impartial sentence that is consistenent with the facts of the criminal case and she is too weak to ignore the gender and racial make-up of defedant, but feels an urgency to get tough with other persons. "The goal of our criminal justice system is both punishment and rehabilitation, so this is that opportunity for her," alleged prosecutor Melissa Rodriguez claimed in an attempt to justify the unjustifiable. The fact that Laura WhiteHurst was seen smiling and joking with other defendants before her recommended sentencing to the judge is a clear proof that she received no real punishment.

Laura WhiteHurst was spared a harsh sentence and a federal investigation because the pink prosecutor in the case lacked the ethics, the toughness and integrity to judge Laura WhiteHurst solely on the crime itself. Judicial cases of simlar cases support this allegation. When the prosecutor, and defendant both share the same gender and race, my research of more than 1000 similar crimnial cases indicate that there is a statistical probability that the defendant will reduce his/her imprisonment by as much as 33.7%. If a female prosecutor is involved, the reduction is higher.

In summary, Laura WhiteHurst origianlly faced a staggering 41 counts of felony crimes, and a possible sentence of nearly 30 years. With her pink hand, and feminine touch, local pink Prosecutor Melissa Rodriguez wiped it all away, and prostituted the integrity of every law enforcement officer in the state of California. However, the Judge in the case could have objected to the Disneyland sentence. In fact, a relative of one of the victims called Whitehurst a “child predator” and saying her son has been bullied and teased as a result of the case.

As unfortunate of these incidents may be, the relative of John Doe can't have it both ways. Either protest too lenient sentencing for ALL persons like Laura WhiteHurst, or protest NONE. You know what I mean. Don't object to a sentence like Laura WhiteHurst when you most likely did not object to the sentence given to Kevin James Morton, and hudrededs of others. Accept the facts, or protest accordingly.

Judge Arthur Harrison played the game, while Melissa Rodriguez played the pimp. Spare our 'All-American girl' from the hordes women of color prisoners that over-crowd the California penal system. Mr. Harrison repeatedly emphasized that Laura Whitehurst would no longer be a teacher, as if she concerned about that. He refused to punish Laura WhiteHurst and in fact gave her an incentive to commit more rapes.

Harrison attempted to justify his lenient sentencing by claiming if Laura Whitehurst did this, or did that then she would go to jail for as long as six years, blah, blah, blah. No legitimate prosecution case is reduced from 30 years and 41 felonies to less than a year in jail. Laura WhiteHurst admitted to her crimes. So, why wasn't she punished? Laura Whitehurst knows. So does Timothy McVeigh.

Before his big blast in Oklahoma, Timothy McVeigh was treated with the same respect as Laura WhiteHurst. He committed numerous petty crimes, and weak judges like Harrison approved Mickey Mouse sentences. If these judges and prosecutors had sentenced Timothy McVeigh according to the crime instead of his race and gender then the Oklahoma City bombing would never had been committed. If Melissa Rodriguez had prosecuted pervert Kevin James Morton based upon the crime that he committed instead of his gender and privilege, then it is unlikely that Laura WhiteHurst would have been raping teenage boys.

Laura Whitehurst knew she had a patsy for a prosecutor because of the facts involving Kevin James Morton, and similar suspects that fit her racial and gender profile who also received child-like punishment. These facts proved to be more influential than an entire volume of criminal case statutes. Congratulations, Laura WhiteHurst! You bested the entire prosecution team of San Bernardino County, California with nothing more than a DNA strand. Keep smiling! Now you have a home, Rapeland, California.

For California Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, NOT distributed by Laura Whitehurst, please see this page:
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