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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dirty Wisconsin Teacher April Novak Accused of Doggy-Sex with Student

Dirty Wisconsin Teacher April Novak Accused of Doggy-Sex with Student

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

When will the perversity stop? When a tough prosecutor and judge delivers a 25-year prison term. Wisconsin Teacher April Novak April Novak, 30, is the latest in a long string of suspected perverted female teachers that have been accused of dirty acts with male students because they can't find a man their own age. Ugly April Novak was charged with 12 felony counts of sexual assault (rape) of a student. Her husband did not hesitate to file for divorce. Adultery is a dirty word that most tramps DO NOT want to hear. New-Age Feminists want this powerful word banned. Instead of supporting the right of every student to have access to financial-aid, and grants, Dirty April Novak wanted her male students to have access to her dirty, adulterous, and stinking vagina. In fact, she admitted to police officers that she pursued a male young enough to be her son. Hopefully, she will be punished judicially, morally, and ethically. Mrs. April Noval never promoted Wisconsin Scholarships and grants. Instead, she promoted, endorsed, and authorized a teenage male to have intercourse with her dirty and stinking vagina!

Wanted: A 25-Year Prison Sentence for Rapist Teacher April Novak

What do we want? A 25-year prison sentence in maximum security prison for rapist and Adulterer April Novak. When do we want it? NOW! Numerous media publications report that Rapist Teacher April Novak "admitted to cops that she'd engaged in sexual relations with her 16-year-old male student in her classroom at least a dozen times." Therefore, each act of these dirty and adulterous acts should count as one crime of rape. For a male suspect, these sort of crimes typically carry a twenty-year sentence. Having a dirty Vagina should not count as an excuse for a lenient sentence. She can be escorted to the neareast Wisconsin prison or re-located to an Island just for female and male perverts. It is clear that this despicable and dirty subHuman could not control her apparent subHuman thoughts and emotions DESPITE being a MARRIED WOMAN!

Rapist Teacher April Novak teaches Live Sex in the Classroom

Rapist Teacher April Novak teaches Live Sex in the Classroom. April Novak was not content with just having sex with a male student who was not her husband. This pervert wanted to teach this student Live Sex in the classroom. She arranged to have a couch, sofa, and bedding material for the explicit purpose to facilitate rape of a male student. All the while, Rapist Teacher April Novak REFUSED to promote access to urgent or emergency financial and grants to prepare her students for college education. Law enforcement alleges that Ugly April Novak searched for, prowled for, and desperately sought the zippers and underwear of teenage boys like a heroine addict. She claimed, like a Helium-head whore, that somehow she and the teen had "mutual strong emotions for each other." Translation: We lusted for each other regardless of the moral, ethical, and legal consequences. Every tramp and Adulterer on planet Earth uses this sorry-ass excuse. The question is this: What did her husband see in her?

Rapist Teacher April Novak was teaching, engaging, and promoting Live Sex in the Classroom. The extreme perversity in her mind was that she "wanted to be a slut in a class room." Only severe prison time will eliminate teacher rape of male students. A second suggestion for all adults in a supervisory capacity is castration; the permanent removal of the genitals. Even the Death Penalty should be considered. Only serious punishment would force female perverts to stop identifying young males as sex objects, and help then remove such words as "cute", "handsome", and "attractive" from their vocabulary. April Novak admitted to law enforcement that she in fact raped a male student. By her own admissions, she is a subHuman that deserves the most severe punishment. Subscribe to this Blog and be ready for my new upcoming book. I expose the methods, processes, and procedures of male and female perverts who teach in the classroom. I also expose how female perverts groom male administrators to throw them off track. I am former teacher within the Los Angeles Unified School District, and I know ALL of the methods used by corrupt female teachers and male teachers toward students and administrators.

Who Hired Teacher Rapist April Novak to be a Wisconsin Teacher?

Who Hired Teacher Rapist April Novak to be a Wisconsin Teacher? "Clearly, the days and weeks ahead will be very challenging for the student involved, and the family members directly impacted by this relationship," said Dr. Patricia Greco, superintendent of the Menomonee Falls School District. According to their website, the School District of Waukesha is "dedicated to the goal of building a culturally diverse faculty committed to teaching and working in a multicultural environment..." Women and minorities are encouraged to apply. April Novak submitted an application to be a teacher in Wisconsin despite her pedophile thoughts and primitive emotions.

Rapist April Novak was interviewed by other female school district employees instead of qualified, older, unattractive male psychiatrists. April Novak knew she was married. April Novak knew she had a legal and ethical obligation to respect both her marriage, and her teaching position. She ignored both. Rapist April Novak knew she was not qualified for any position around younger males because she knew that her perversity would surface. Rapist April Novak applied for a "teaching" position in the state of Wisconsin wherein the only subjects she would be "teaching" were: 1. Adultery; 2. Perversity; 3. Rape; and, 4. Theology of the subHuman. Hello April Novak! Married does not mean you intend to date several other persons. One of the essential ingredients for any subHuman is the inability to absorb facts involving moral values. My question to April Novak would be: "If you are a married person, then why are you pursuing an outside relationship?" My next question to this dirty female pervert would be: "If you are interested in a teenager male, then why didn't you marry a 17 year-old, and have him take care of you also, including buying you a home?"

Coward Waukesha County Court Commissioner Laura Florian Lau Reduces Bail to $10,000.00
First Sign of No Jail Time

By reducing her bail so early in the case, April Novak has nothing to be worried about. APRIL NOVAL WILL SERVE NO JAIL TIME BECAUSE WISCONSIN AUTHORITIES ARE COWARDS! Her original bail was too low at $100,000.00. Let's be honest. If this had been a Negro or Hispanic male raping a white female, the bail would be at least $1M (million) dollars, and there would be zero chance of it being reduced. Federal charges may also apply. White children are being raped, and the justice system is refusing to take action. It's really that simple. Waukesha County Court Commissioner Laura Florian Lau should be fired from her job or at least placed in the same jail cell as April Novak. What kind of example is Waukesha County Court Commissioner Laura Florian Lau setting for current rapists and prospective female rapists? The bail amount of April Novak should be set at the same amount if a minority male had done the crime. The fact of the matter is that emotional and sensitive Waukesha County Court Commissioner Laura Florian Lau is too weak for her job, and she needs to retire or simply quit. Stop pandering to Defense Attornenys. April Novak DOES NOT Have a mental health issue. She has an issue in controlling her lust for a "cute,handsome" male young enough to be her son. She is a subHuman that should be caged. Clearly, April Novak is a danger to herself, and other humans.

Rapist April Novak: "Who wants Sex in my Classroom today?"

April Novak: "Who wants Sex today in my Classroom today?" Rapist and Adulterer April M. Novak, 30, of Sussex, Wisconsin, reportedly admitted to law enforcement that she'd had intercourse and oral sex numerous times in her classroom with at least one male student, and possibly more. What is not clear is how many, and how often, and how dirty she was willing to get in the classroom. It is clear that her subHuman appetite was more important than nourishing the minds of her students with adacemic lessons. April Novak did not even bother to discuss condoms or Nursing potential STD outbreaks. Nursing Scholarships for Wisconsin students The most important thing for Rapist April Novak to do was to satisfy her primitive subHuman lusts.

Reporting of Teacher Misconduct can lead to Scholarships!

It is easy for male students to determine if their female teacher is a tramp. All it takes is a few choice words or phrases. Get my book, and I discuss all the choice words to 'open her up.' Every student, educator, and teacher needs to read my new book.

We thank God for Human teachers who report the conduct of their subHuman counter-parts, as well brave male students reporting the conduct of Rapist teachers like April Novak. The fact that she resigned and forfetited her teaching certificate, and even admitted to her numerous dirty acts verifies her guilt. However, that should not be the end of her punishment. Wisconsin authorities need to follow the lead of the State of Georgia. Rape or Adultery by adults in a supervisory capacity should be considered as a potential Death Sentence. Georgia death row inmate Kelly Gissendaner was executed in September 2015 for her subHuman role in the killing of her husband. What did Kelly Gissendaner want? She wanted the same thing that subHuman Rapist April Novak wanted: any male penis that was not her husbands.

What subHumans do not understand is that "sex" should not be the primary component of marriage. We, as official Humans, need to better police and control the behavior of our less developed subHumans, and follow the lead of Georgia. Male students are urged to discreetly track the behavior of perverted female perverts, and report their conduct to law enforcement or simply communicate your concerns to myself. I will maintain your privacy, and I will never report the name of student molested or victimized by an adult pervert. 70% of the revenue from book sales will fund scholarships for all students, regardless of gender, race, or nationality. It is a Win, Win situation for Humans.

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