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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Tougher Prosecution Needed to Thwart Clark County School District Teacher Predators

Tougher Prosecution, Not New Legislation, Needed to Thwart Clark County School District Teacher Predators

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

The Nevada Legislature just can't figure out the so-called crisis in teacher-student sexual misconduct. Assembly Bill 362, and Senate Bill 287 expands mandated reporting requirements regarding teacher misconduct by requiring districts to share and check all past employment records of applicants. Two Bimbo Nevada legislators have sponsored yet another series of meaningless bills that they believe will reduce the apparent surge in teacher perversity in the classroom. Assemblywoman Jill Tolles, R-Reno, and female Sen. Heidi Gansert, R-Reno, really believe that these two simple bills will make a meaningful impact on preventing teacher misconduct. These are probably the same two women who believe that the purchasing of make-up, eye-liner, nail manicures, and other feminine products help boost intelliegence.

Assembly Bill 362, and Senate Bill 287 Will Not Solve Teacher-Student Sexual Misconduct in Nevada Schools

As a former teacher with first-hand knowledge of classrooms, and working with teachers, and dealing with many teenagers, I can attest that the Assembly Bills proposed by these two female legislators is as worthless as the make-up they apply to their face everyday. One need only analyze the numerous criminal cases of failed prosecutions involving females, privileged teachers, and blonde-haired or fair-skinned sexual predators.

For example, consuder the case of perverted blonde-haired Texas Teacher Bobbie Shea Streit; creepy brunette-haired Megan Shed; St. Peter-Immanuel School employee Elizabeth Dillett; Wisconsin high school rapist Sara Domres; teacher and adulterer Lyntell Washington; Blonde-Haired,animal, Amanda Caye Dreier; Stinking Brunette-Haired Mary Beth Haglin; Immoral Ankeny High-School teacher Mandy Lynn Davenport; obese elephant CCSD Teacher Nicole S. Wilfinger; and, what about notorious Substitute teacher Tanikka “Bella” Queen of Las Vegas, Nevada?

Nevada Prosecutors Afraid to Prosecute Female Teacher Predators: Case of Tanikka “Bella” Queen.

Sympathy for Black women, and the historical mistreatment of Black women by white males, leads many white male Prosecutors to feel guilt when prosecuting black women sexual perverts. Tanikka “Bella” Queen of Las Vegas, Nevada oncd faced over 30 criminal charges elated to her perverted relationship with a male student. However, weak and impotent Clark County Prosecutores could not stomach the punishment required to send a message to Tanikka “Bella” Queen. One can surmise that Tanikka “Bella” Queen was raised to be a whore. Look at her face. Smell her stinking and dirty body. She is attracted to low I.Q., Special Education males or teens who lack the ability to identify a whore. Nevada whore Tanikka “Bella” Queen ultimatelt served no time once white male prosecutors saw her in person. O.J. Simpson, on the other hand, was sentenced to 33 years in prison for trying to retrieve his own merchandise from thieves. Which crime is more of a threat aainsst society? Rape or simple theft?

Mis-Use of Internet Searches Against Teachers: Case of Teacher Cory Schultz, a/k/a Ms. Schmidt.

Assemblywoman Jill Tolles, R-Reno, and female Sen. Heidi Gansert, R-Reno, need to study the pervasive issue of gender and racial disparity in the judical system before proposing new bills to combat alleged teacher abuses. There is an air of desperation for Clark County School District administrators. The problem DOES NOT LIE with CCSD, or administrators. CCSD is doing a fine job! Great administrators! Great training! Etc. The problem is with the staff of the Clark County Prosecutors.

Since Nevada prosecutors are afraid to prosecute a vagina, and with the rise in teacher-student cases, some administrators are openly considering using the Internet to investigate teachers. What a teacher-applicant does not need are administrators using the Internet searching for background information. Such searches may violate the due process rights of applicants. What better way to illustrate this issue than to implicate current CCSD teachers with the Internet.

Consider the case of a particular Las Vegas High School teacher named Mrs. Cory Shultz. According to sources, some students refer to her as Ms. Schmidt because of her bumblebee German nose and her use of vulgarities. Reliable sources have confirmed that she outfits her room in the weird color Purple. Some fellow teachers and Parents have complained that all of her lessons are not CCSD-compliant and she does not develop lesson-plans each day that meet CCSD requirements. Some students have remarked to their parents that this teacher has jokingly referred to using 'Crack-Cocaine' in front of her students on several occasions in her math class. Further stories claim that she uses less effort to teach struggling black students.

Older, intelligent, and moral Male teachers have noted that it appears Mrs. Cory Shultz favors certain Hispanic male students despite her very senior age, and the fact that most Hispanic male students imitate Black culture, and mimic black male students. Bimbos love copycats like cheaters love plagiarism.

According to teachers, and students, she has referred to certain Hispanic male students with the word 'babe', but has refused to use the same word with the same affection toward female students or black students. Indeed, students claim she disresepects certain teachers she considers physically unattractive while embracing the ones she considers physically suitable for whatever purpose. All Ms. Schmidt needs to do is look in the mirror and realize she is far from a beauty queen, and no woman has won a Ms. Universe with as many facial flaws and wrinkles as she has. Coincidentally, it should be no surprise that teacher Cory Shultz is a graying blonde. Is she qualified to be a teacher? Yes, according to CCSD regulations. Does this article qualify as an Internet article used in the background chack of a teacher? We hope not.

Warning Signs for Perverted Teachers

What Jill Tolles, R-Reno, and female Sen. Heidi Gansert, R-Reno do not seem to understand is that new bills are not the answer. Simply use old-facshioned common sense. All perverted teachers, male or female, think with their genitals, and they treat others likewise. REMOVE ALL TEACHERS FROM ALL SCHOOL DISTRICTS WHO THINK LIKE PERVERTS. ONCE, WE DO THAT, ALL PROBLEMS WILL BE SOLVED. There is no need for new bills.

In speaking with several substitute teachers, and others who have worked with perverted teachers in the CCSD school system, a pattern emerges. Every pervered teacher has a severe personality flaw. Some CCSD female teachers, for example, consider the vulgar word fuck as one their favorites word choices. Woukd a erverted blonde-haired CCSD female teacher refer to Gregory Beasley with the word 'babe' or is he is too black or too unatractive? Should these rumors disqualify teachers or should administrators only look at the fundamental background check?

New bills are not needed, better interview methods are required. Teachers that think with their genital parts should not be teaching in a class-room. A class-room should not be a breeding or dating center for subHumans. A skilled interviewer must know how to identify a subHuman.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Are Blondes More Perverted? Teacher Elizabeth Dillett Pleads Guilty to Pursuing Teen Boy

Blonde-Haired Perverted Teacher Elizabeth Dillett Pleads Guilty to Pursuing Teen Boy

Trump Supporter Elizabeth Dillett Guilty Plea Puts Focus on Female Affirmative Action Quotas

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

St. Peter-Immanuel School employee Elizabeth Dillett was formally accused of sexually assaulting a student in April of 2016. Questions about her support of Donald Trump wer not returned? Mr. Trump was heard on tape using the similar language that perverted Donald Trump is suspected of using against teen boys. Clearly, she has not only groped teen boys, she has raped them. Eventually, the 31 year-old blonde-haired pervert Elizabeth Dillettt was charged with four counts of sexual assault of a child by a person who works with children, two counts of sexual intercourse with a child age 16 or older, and two counts of second degree sexual assault of a child. Authorities confiscated evidence that detail a filthy, perverted, and dirty relationship between specially-hired Elizabeth Dillett and a young boy who was forced to accept an older blonde-haired pervert. Elizabeth Dillett admitted to the student’s parents that she engaged in perverted relations with the kid.

Father of Student Rejects Offer by Rapist Elizabeth Dillett to Prop Open her Legs

Despite being an authority figure, a licensed teacher, a track and volleyball coach at the school, and even the Athletic Director, all of these titles meant nothing to blonde-haired Elizabeth Dillett. Elizabeth Dillett had only one thing on her dirty mind: find a cute teenage penis. The savage, stinking, barbaric, and primitive blonde-haired ape could not resist her own perverted emotions. According to the police complaint, Elizabeth Dillette allegedly begged the student’s parents not to report her to authorities. Blonde-haired ape Elizabeth Dillett begged and pleaded that she would do ANYTHING to avoid reporting her conduct to local authorities. In fact, she allegedly offered the father the same opportunities she offered the student: To prop open her dirty legs, and smell her dirty vagina. The Father rejected her overtures, declined her filthy offer, and went straight to the local police station.

Hiring and promotion of Rapist Elizabeth Dillett is a product of Affirmative Action Quotas.

There has been a growing surge of blonde-haired females involved in student assaults. Many of these blonde-haired females are encouraged to apply to positions that they are not qualified for. Blonde-haired high school teacher Sara Domres admitted to a relationship with a student. Affirmative action quotas were used. Blonde-haired Ankeny High-School Teacher Amanda Caye Dreier Accused of Using her Stinking Vagina to Attract a Teenage Boy. Ankeny High-School English teacher Amanda Caye Dreier is an example of how ineffective Affirmative Action policies benefit blonde-haired teachers who lack the qualifications, intelligence, and ability to function in a classroom environment around males they are attracted to.

subHuman Elizabeth Dillett Should be Tested for a Venereal disease!

Student Victim Fund

Biased media reports do not disclose if Elizabeth Dillett infected the innocent young boy with Herpes,chlamydia, genital herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea,hepatitis, syphilis, trichomoniasis or some other venereal diseases. We wish this innocent young boy victim all the best. We hope this child recovers from having to experience an act of pure evil, adult filth, and the germs of a stinking subHuman on his clean body. Unfortunately, the media has not disclosed if Mrs. Amanda Caye Dreier is a drug user, or even prostituted herself by paying the teen boy money in exchange for a physical relationship.

Blonde-Haired subHuman Elizabeth Dillett used Dirty Language Like Donald Trump.

Blonde-Haired subHuman Elizabeth Dillett used Dirty Language Like Donald Trump. According to police reports, evidence and her own admission verify that Elizabeth Dillett had an illicit relation with an innocent teen boy who was apparently forced to suffer through a degrading act of sexual assault with an aged subHuman. Elizabeth Dillett is a subHuman animal that belongs in a cage like animals in a zoo. Public spectacles are the only deterrent to these sorts of perverted acts. A jail sentence served in private is no punishment. subHumans need to be publicly exposed! Elizabeth Dillett pursued teen boys to satisfy her own perversity. She texted a teen boy dirty text messages. Harassed a teen boy to touch her dirty body. Elizabeth Dillett used dirty, foul, Language just like her role model Donald Trump. Elizabeth Dillett also used vulgar crude, and and demeaning terms to describe male body parts.

One of the most important times in U.S. History was the Salem Witch Trials. Perhaps, we should study how effective those judicial proceedings were in dealing with female perversity at that time.