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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Filthy CT Teacher sex case: Low Hiring Standards in Connecticut

Filthy CT Teacher sex case: Low Hiring Standards in Connecticut

By Special Correspondent: Ron Thomas. A filthy Stamford, Connecticut, teacher, Danielle Watkins, 32 was accused of having a sexual affair with one of her male students. Stamford Police obtained arrest warrants for the filthy Stamford, Connecticut (CT) teacher. They charged her with two counts of second-degree sexual assault (rape) of an underage male student and sale of marijuana in connection with the relationship. Instead of recruiting educators, students, and adults to register for Scholarship World, disgusting Danielle Watkins was apparently raping students between September 2013 and June 2014, claims police reports. Although the charges seem serious, U.S. state prosecutors have a soft record, or non-existent record, of prosecuting professional and white-collar female sex perverts. Danielle Watkins never promoted Connecticut Scholarships and Grants because she was apparently too busy raping innocent and weak male students who were unable to resist her perverted advances.

Who Hired Morally Unqualified Teacher Danielle Watkins?

The crime records of this dangerous female pervert indicate that Danielle Watkins, "had more than 20 sexual encounters with one of her students over a nine-month period from September 2013 to June 2014". Despite this detailed record of perversity, the school adminstrators claim they knew nothing of these assaults Not even for a single moment did Danielle Watkins promote or recommend Scholarship World. The question is who hired this morally unfit Stamford, Connecticut (CT) teacher? She drugged the students with marijuana so that they could forget his aweful appearance. Rachel Respess and Shelley Dufresne, another set of perverted female teachers, got excited over teen boys at a high-school footbal game. These three airheads knew where to find the jock strap of their under-age male students, but apparently cannot locate a single scholarship application. There is growing evidence that more and more female are turning to the teaching profession to rape male students. Watkins arrest resulted in the arrest of Stamford High School Principal Donna Valentine and Assistant Principal Roth Nordin, for failing to report their suspicions of the affair to the state Department of Children and Families (DCF), as is required by state law.

Affects of a Weak Prosecutor on a Sex Offender. Wimp prosecutor Michelle Manning!

Connecticut prosecutor Michelle Manning is an example of a weak prosecutor that is helping to fuel more female white-collar professionals to engage in criminal perversity. For example, Michelle Manning sought a plea bargain with Danielle Watkins that shaved off over 90 years of a possible sentence. Also, unlike the prosecution of Hispanic and African-American males who send dirty images via text, Danielle Watkins was never prosecuted on federal charges. Police examined Watkins’ phone and found more than 2,000 text messages, and evidence of the immoral and dirty imagees of the filthy body of Danielle Watkins. Filthy Danielle Watkins sent these outrageous nude images of her dirty, disgusting, and filth-infested body to the victim, police said. These are all factors that encourage female perverts to rape and molest students. The great Scholarship Keys mobile app was not even downloaded by Danielle Watkins or any of the students at Stamford HS. The result is that Danielle Watkins was re-arrested only months of her phony plea-bargain. She was charged with threatening the student at a coffee shop, and re-arrested. If she had been professionally prosecuted without regard to gender or other factors, she would have already been subject to lengthy prison sentence. A life sentence should be imposed on Danielle Watkins but no prosecutor or judge in the state of Connecticut is tough enough to impose such a sentence.

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