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Friday, November 5, 2010

Idaho Citizens Re-Elect Unqualified Tom Luna

The business partner of The Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Tom Luna, beat longtime educator Stan Olson to keep Idaho's top elected education post. Despite concerns about his qualifications, weight, integrity, character, and intelligence, and educational experience, Idaho residents, and many Russian transplants voted for Tom Luna.

In fact, a substantial percentage of the vote for Tom Luna can be traced to Russian and immigrant transplants from Eastern Europe. Idaho voters would have voted for Timothy McVeigh as School Superintendent if it were not for his Oklahoma experiment, and eventual execution.

Regardless of the excuses, Idaho voters chose to elect Tom Luna to another four years to mange a public education system that used accreditation schemes to lure students.

Tom Luna has held the top educator position since January 2007 and won re-election despite public reports linking his aspirations and objectives to Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc., and a lousy budget for public education in Idaho.

Idaho lawmakers have rightfully cut about $128 million from the schools budget for the current fiscal year although the required amount should have been $250 million. The lawmakers have slashed total spending on public education although many Idaho educators are still feeding off budget fat, pork, and special privileges tied to private companies.

Of the $128 million slashed from the budget, not a penny was slashed on its business accrediation relationship with Northwest Association of Accredited Schools. Why? Russian influence and control.

The Idaho teachers union may have backed Olson and criticized Luna for his lack of experience in the classroom, but the Russian underground backed Tom Luna.

Tom Luna may have won, but Russia is the true victor.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

AKNASC.COM website Suspended

The Alaska division of the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools was stripped of its use of NAAS labels and logos by NAAS DEIA agents. In addition, the website AKNASC.COM was suspended a second time on December 29th, 2009. The Alaska division is headed by Chuck Fannin, a corrupt Principal, employed at South Anchorage High School.

Click on this link to verify.

According to public documents obtained from the website of phony NAAS imposter Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, and its criminal suspect President David Steadman, these persons are responsible for the Alaska division:
Dwight Probasco,Chuck Fannin, Helen Mehrkens,Daniel Walker.

It should be noted that Helen Mehrkens is an executive employed by the Alaska Dept. of Education. Like her hero Sarah Palin, Helen Mehrkens is a dirty woman willing to lie in the gutter for a few stinking dollars. The only thing that motivates the state of Alaska to continue ties with Northwest Association of Accredited Schools is greed and indifference for the quality of education of students in Alaska.

If an organization (Northwest Association of Accredited Schools/AKNASC.COM) can't properly manage adherence to a basic corporate code of ethics then how is it possible for it to ascertain the credit worthiness of others??

Despite numerous warnings commencing as early as March 2009, these trademark thieves and infringers did not abide by a CEASE AND DESIST letter, and did not deter their apparent leader David Steadman from engaging in deceptive acts and perjurious conduct that is alleged against him.

Instead of promptly complying with known U.S. federal laws, these utterly corrupt persons and apparent Red-square sympathizers and radical subversives sought guidance by laws and customs not from the United States of America. Their source of inspiration is certainly not from the U.S. Constitution, but most likely from the discredited policies and politics of Communist Russia. After-all, Russians routinely steal, and Russians routinely lie.

Indeed, the difference between an honest person and a criminal is that the honest person seeks to abide by the law, and promptly correct his/her behavior when notified of an alleged or possible wrong. The criminal, on the other hand, needs to be FORCED (by court order, arrest, conviction, embarassment, or suspension of services) to comply with the same set of laws.

It is my firm belied and opinion that Dwight Probasco,Chuck Fannin, Helen Mehrkens, and Daniel Walker are an absolute disgrace, and traitors of the United States of America. Either obey American laws OR enlist citizenship into Communist Russia, North Korea, or some other den of Marxism.