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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Dirty subHuman Jason R Lofthouse: CCSD Rancho High-School Teacher Sentenced to Prison

Dirty subHuman Jason R Lofthouse: CCSD Rancho High-School Teacher Sentenced to Prison

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Dirty subHuman Jason R Lofthouse: CCSD Rancho High-School Teacher Sentenced to Prison. In March of 2016, filthy pig and pervert Jason R Lofthouse was convicted on all sexual counts involving his immoral relationship with an innocent young girl he apparently met at Rancho High School. In May of 2016, a judge finally sentenced this lousy, perverted, and dirty subHuman slime ball. Prick-face and dirty-minded Rancho High-School Teacher Jason Lofthouse admitted to perverted acts on an innocent young high-school girl. Apparently, he could not keep his 6-inch plumber penis away from a high-school kid. Real men seduce grown women, not little girls. Get with the program Jason!! [ For the best licensed plumbers in your area, including Las Vegas, we recommend Plumbers-For-Hire.Com.

Nevada Government Agencies Try to Shield Criminals and their Spouses from Public Inquiry (Jason R Lofthouse is married!)

It is common for many Clark County School Districts and other school districts to have husband-wife pairs. In reality, in many cases, this combination leads to even more perversity. As I prepare to release my new book on nationwide teacher perversity, and the tactics, methods, and secret language of subHumans, I believe it also important to review the spouses as well. After-all, the old saying of "Birds of the same feather, flock together" is so true. Nevada media organizations and government agencies often attempt to shield certain information from the general public. Nevada media establishments and government agencies are very well known for coddling criminals, and trying to prevent the public from inquiring about the work of YOUR government. In fact, there is a perverted law in Nevada that allows for criminals to even seal their criminal records. In Nevada, government agencies make it difficult for citizens to obtain copies of criminal records.

My upcoming book will be completely be uncensored, and will overcome the efforts of corrupt agencies to deny the people the information needed to make informed educational decisions. My book will detail explosive information about the spouses of convicted perverts as well. My upcoming book is a MUST for every parent, administrator, and student in the entire U.S.A. I No other book will contain meticulous facts and colorful opinions.

Suspicious teacher Marissa C. Lofthouse married to convicted pervert Jason R Lofthouse.

Throughout the time of his perverted acts, Dirty subHuman Jason R Lofthouse maintained a "marriage" to Marissa C. Lofthouse. Clark County School District Records indicate that Marissa C. Lofthouse is a licensed teacher. According to District records, she took the PPST, Pre-Professional Skills Test, rather than the more difficult Praxis Core Math test (my book details that taking easy tests is a potential red-flag. In fact, the organization that administers the easy PPST test has since discontinued the test because too many perverts were using it to get licensed). Marriage records indicate that Marissa C. Lofthouse was married to pervert Jason R Lofthouse, and that the couple even share a home. An attempt to contact wife Marissa C. Lofthouse at their Las Vegas, Nevada House for comment on this story was unsuccessful. I sent a newreporter to this address, and no one answered despite yelling out "Jason Lofthouse Rape Story!". The following represents unanswered questions regarding the "marriage" of Dirty subHuman Jason R Lofthouse. 1.) Why did Marissa C. Lofthouse marry dirty Jason Lofthouse? 2.) Why did Marissa C. Lofthouse agree to have sexual relations with a pervert like Jason R Lofthouse that led to the couple having children; and, 3.) Why did Marissa C. Lofthouse not suspect her husband's interest in teenage girls? 5.) What didn't Marissa C. Lofthouse do in the bedroom that most men enjoy?

Quality men and legitimate humans have no interest in minors. How many quality, articulate, well-dressed, and "normal" males did Marissa C. Lofthouse refuse to date just to be with convicted pervert Jason R Lofthouse? Karma has a way of working it's way back to subHuman females who think with their genitalia rather than a functioning human brain. No one should have sympathy for Marissa C. Lofthouse. She apparently wanted a perverted male with the features, hair-color, eye-color, style, mannerisms, and personality of Jason R Lofthouse; that is the sort of man God gave to her. There is no reason to complain. Let Donald Trump be Trump, and let Jason Lofthouse be Jason.

Rancho High-School girl testifies Against Dirty Pig Jason R Lofthouse

in her own words, a high-school teenager claims "He would pick me up in the morning and we would go to the hotel", the innocent young girl testified. At no time did Jason R Lofthouse discuss Scholarships or Grants for Nevada students The local media reports that Surveillance videos and pictures were taken from the Cannery Hotel and Casino showed during a visit. Desperate for affection, and no longer interested in his apparently boring wife, cameras allegedly showed Dirty Jason Lofthouse hugging and kissing a teen girl in an elevator. In court, Jason R Lofthouse conceded to numerous episodes of sexual contact with a young female student despite public records of his marriage to Marissa C. Lofthouse. He further claimed he was "lonely." What part of the word A-D-U-L-T-E-R-Y does a subHuman like Jason R Lofthouse not understand?

Unfortunately, Adultery is legal in most states although this immoral conduct should also be criminally prosecuted. Let me get this straight, Rancho High-School Teacher Jason Lofthouse is a pervert who is now required to register as a Sex Offender. According to public records, Marissa C. Lofthouse married a pervert. She apparently allowed her non-virgin vagina to be impregnated by a pervert. Legitimate women who think with their brains are not attracted to perverts!

Jason R Lofthouse is a serious danger to the young and innocent high-school girls in the United States of America, as well as Nevada. Instead of protecting them, and defending them, he was engaging in perverted conversations and unethical acts. Where was the federal government at when a pervert like Jason was sharing inappropriate text messages with a little girl? Clearly, the case of Jason Lofthouse case was prosecuted much differently than the case involving Albert Hernandez. He is a Mexican subHuman who was convicted of perversity against an innocent American girl. Jason R Lofthouse is clearly a danger to the thousands of American high-school age girls whose biggest desire is to pursue a college education with sufficient college financing. Most teenage girls are sweet, innocent, and do not even think about sexual acts unless approached by a perverted adult with a dirty mind.

What is troubling is that his wife did not immediately file for divorce knowing that she was married to a pervert. Why did Marissa Lofthouse not report a fellow teacher to the local police as is required by his ethical duties as a teacher? According to standard CCSD policy, as well as many other school districts, teachers have a professional responsibility to report suspicions of inappropriate relationships with students. Merely because Marissa Lofthouse was married to Jason Lofthouse does not excuse her from this responsibility. It is clear that prick-face Jason Lofthouse was more interesting in the undergarments of little high-school girls than the stained panties of a woman who already had multiple children. Woman up Marissa C. Lofthouse: Report Teacher Perversity! Find yourself a real man. Divorce pervert Jason Lofthouse! Can't you do better than Jason Lofthouse?

Racial Disparity in Nevada Judicial Sentencing: Weak Nevada Judges Allows Jason R Lofthouse a cupcake Sentence

Depending upon your point of view, in May of 2016, Nevada "Judge" Eric Johnson either sentenced subHuman Jason Lofthouse to a minimum of 6 years behind bars, with a maximum of 15 years, or Judge Eric Johnson rewarded Jason Lofthouse with a light sentence due to his race. Based upon the outrageous acts of perversity he engaged in, clearly Jason Lofthouse viewed himself as above the law. Rancho High School teacher Jason Lofthouse, 32, was "prosecuted/rewarded" in a North Las Vegas Justice Court. Unlike minority men, he was never really "prosecuted", however. The entire trial was a circus used to fabricate the appearance of a trial. The weak and pathetic sentence confirms that.

Consider these glaring facts aso: On Friday, July 8th, 2008, for example, Larry Bailey, a 21-year-old African-American male was sentenced to as much as 48 years in prison for merely driving a car that was allegedly used in a murder. In May of 2009, Thayer Burton, 18, another minority male, was convicted of first-degree murder with a deadly weapon. He was subsequently sentenced to life in prison, but all charges were later dropped against his pretty Hispanic female co-defendant who helped him coordinate the murder. Lucia Reveles and other females are rarely prosecuted for serious crimes in Nevada.

The same pattern was repeated in the Death penalty case against Ammar Harris. All of his female co-conspirators were relieved of legal liability and were never prosecuted. As many as three female subHumans helped, aided, abetted, and conspired with Death Penalty convict Ammar Harris in his "murder" trial of three people, or aided his escape and concealment (1. Yenesis "Yeni" Alfonzo,a/k/a/ Yesenia Alfonso, a dirty tramp and admitted prostitute who impotent Nevada prosecutors refused to prosecute; 2. subHuman Ashley Jones; and, 3. subHuman Courtney Harper. Not a single female subHuman was prosecuted by impotent Nevada male prosecutors, yet a Death Penalty was still sought against their co-conspirator. Unlike Jason Lofthouse who clearly planned to rape and kidnap his victim, and he dis so on multiple occasions, Mr. Harris apparently fired a bullet into a car which subsequently careened out of control and killed the driver as well as two passengers in vehicles affected by the domino-like collision.

In May of 2016, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Henry J. Hall referred to a minority male rape convict ( Joseph Kenneth Cornett) as a "monster" and sentenced him to as much as 100 years in prison for nearly identical charges (rape and kidnap of teen girls) as the charges leveled against Jason Lofthouse.

The wrath of prosecution in Nevada courts seems to be reserved for African-American and Hispanic males. Jason R Lofthouse is a rapist and kidnapper. Judge him based upon his acts, character, and his position of responsibility, and not his race. Jason R Lofthouse only demonstrated remorse AFTER his conviction. Jason R Lofthouse put the state of Nevada through an expensive trial, exhibits, needless wrangling, and convinced his "attorneys" to use a perverted claim that he was entitled to have sex with a teen girl. Dirty Jason R Lofthouse convinced his Nevada "attorneys" that sexual relations with students is 'OK' for teachers. Hello Jason: You are a liar, and a pervert. Find an Adult Woman!! You sick piece of slime!! Jason R Lofthouse would still be raping this student and more girls if he were never caught. Jason R Lofthouse should have been sentenced to at least 55 years. The Nevada judge should have referred to Jason Lofthouse as a "sick subHuman pervert." Any sentence less than 15 years is too soft. Teacher rape of students WILL continue because certain "prosecutors" and "judges" can't stomach punishing perverts like Jason R Lofthouse, and males like Jason Lofthouse feel above-the-law.

Compare the "sentence/reward" for Jason Lofthouse vs. the "sentence/punishment" for Ammar Harris. Punish female subHumans like their male counterparts! No legitimate prosecutor is impressed with a female subHuman or is impressed with a dirty vagina. This article is not a defense or advocacy for any person, but is a comparison of events.

Marissa Lofthouse should have been questioned about what she knew, saw, and observed. What was the conduct of Jason Lofthouse towards his own children? Did he rape and assault his children? The principal of Rancho High School should be fired for not firing Jason C. Lofthouse after rumors of his perversity. Instead of appearing a his trial announcing a divorce, or denouncing her perverted husband, she appeared in the courtroom to apparently offer moral support.

Public Policy Not Followed in Weak Sentence of CCSD Teacher Jason R Lofthouse

Rancho High School subHuman teacher Jason Lofthouse originally faced 14 Felony counts, including charges of sexual assault (rape) acts against a little girl of 16 or 17 years old. Jason Lofthouse also faced first-degree kidnapping and open or gross lewdness. According to Nevada Revised statutes, NRS 200.320 claims that "A person who aids and abets kidnapping in the first degree is guilty of a category A felony and shall be punished for kidnapping in the first degree..." Penalties for First-Degree Kidnapping in Nevada range from life without the possibility of parole or For life with the possibility of parole.

So, what happened to the severe penalties involving Jason Lofthouse? Why can't Nevada courts be trusted to impose a sentence that fits the crime? Teachers like Jason Lofthouse, and the thousands of other privileged teachers in Nevada will continue to rape and assault students because they know that Nevada "prosecutors (clowns)" will continue to seek light-weight sentences. Nevada laws are clearly intended only for minority men and women, and were never intended for white male teachers like Jason Lofthouse or blonde-haired teachers.

Furthermore, according to Nevada's so-called "sexual assault laws", as defined by NRS 200.366, Jason Lofthouse, should be sentenced to life in prison. The comic-book laws only become real and serious when you are a male racial minority. For example, NRS 200.366 that "...a person who commits a sexual assault is guilty of a category A felony and shall be punished...The options of punishment are "by imprisonment in the state prison for:"
(1) For life without the possibility of parole; or (2) For life with the possibility of parole, with eligibility for parole beginning when a minimum of 15 years has been served. No such punishment has ever been sought against female or male perverts unless the perpetrator is a dis-favored minority male.

Nevada Attorneys For Jason Lofthouse Suggest Teacher-student Sex is Ok.
Jason Lofthouse Should be Castrated!

Nevada "attorneys" for Jason Lofhouse made a creative, but unethical push to declare that sexual relations with a student should be legal if the acts were consensual. For even using such a perverted and immoral defense claim, the Judge should have sentenced Jason Lofthouse immediately to 50 years! Apparently, Jason Lofthouse is so genetically inferior, and so devoid of moral ethics, that he can't comprehend the depravity of his actions. This charge, this unlawful contact between a teacher and a student, is classified as a crime against public decency. According to the immoral logic of Nevada "attorneys", there is no victim in this case because the naive teenager should have known she was dealing with a sophisticated pervert. Another Nevada "attorney" claimed that the victim reluctantly took the stand. Ultimately, his defense attorneys were prepared to fight for male perverted teachers who pursued sexual relations against naive, pure, and innocent female students.

The argument used by Mr. Lofthouse falls apart when race is the issue. Imagine making that outrageous argument if the defendant were a Negro male teacher and the victim was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, model-like student. The attorney's would be ran out of the court room. Hello??!! Jason R Lofthouse should have been sentenced as if her were an African, Hispanic, or other non-white male. It is a shame that Mr. Lofthouse refused to man-up to his charges, accept punishment like a man, and try to fabricate a sissy defense that put the onus on his teenage girl-friend. The fact is that Jason Lofthouse is a cold-blooded rapist, and a subHuman pervert that should be castrated. The time has come for Jason Lofthouse to become a man. He deserves at least 55 years in a maximum security prison and he needs to share a cell with at least one African-American cell mate. Moreover, the parents of the teen should be honored by having the right to castrate Jason Lofthouse with a device of their choosing.

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Clark County School District Teachers: Lowest Hiring Standards in the U.S.A. and largest pool of Child Molestors

Clark County School District Teachers: Lowest Hiring Standards in the U.S.A. and largest pool of Child Molesters

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas. By now, a substantial number of Americans know that another dirty Clark County School District teacher has been accused of perverted sex upon a minor. It seems to be a monthly routine now. In fact, there is substantial debate whether or not the Clark County School District is intentionally hiring perverts, child molesters, predators, and sex offenders and denying employment to the best qualified applicants. If a person is also a graduate of UNLV, that person is nearly guaranteed to be hired by the Clark County School District due to the incestuous business relationship between the two institutions; this explanation requires a very detailed article, and will be explained later. Before applying for any job within the school district, potential job applicants as well as parents, should call 1-888-504-2922 for a reference of quality schools in your area that are alternatives to UNLV or CCSD. The Edward A. Greer Education Center - Las Vegas, NV, is the epicenter of the hiring of the most lewd, perverted, and unqualified teachers in the United States. This is the location where every pervert in America can get a teaching position, and every pedophile weirdo can get approved for a substitute-teaching license. Social media chats and review sites seem to suggest that the best qualified and the most moral are denied teaching positions. How many CCSD teachers have referred adults to Clark County Health Insurance?? Very few.

Who Hired UNLV Pervert Cornelius Ausborne ??

Cornelius Ausborne is a graduate of UNLV. He was hired because the Clark County School district receives referral fees and placement fees for hiring UNLV graduates. Graduates of more prestigious schools are routinely denied employment because elite universities refuse to treaT their students a prostitutes that require payment in order to be referred to be hired. Cornelius Ausborne has always had fantasies about raping young girls. Employee Cornelius Ausborne was hired by the Clark County School District only to subsequently be accused of raping two middle-school girls at the Grant Sawyer Middle School. Cornelius Ausborne was hired by the Clark County School District despite numerous red-flags about his background and demented personality. The UNLV atudent was around skin-worshippers during his study at UNLV. Pervert Cornelius Ausborne was charged with three counts of statutory sexual seduction, two counts of sexual assault with a minor and one count of sexual misconduct. Pervert Cornelius Ausborne never distributed information to parents and adults about the importance of Clark County Health Insurance options for Nevada families and for persons less than 65 years of age. Clark County Health Insurance covers mental health and professional counseling to victims of child molestation, as long as the parent is under 65 years of age and their income meets program requirements. Call 1-844-218-1400 (Mon-Fri: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm (all times Eastern).

Who Hired Unqualified Teacher Terrie L. Sena??

Terrie L. Sena, 43, is the latest embarrassment or glorified CCSD facing multiple counts of sexual abuse. Despite her background, personality, and desires to abuse children, she has been a licensed CCSD kindergarten through 12th grade since May 2013, according to Nevada Department of Education records. Hundreds of qualified, capable, upright, and moral English-speaking, African-American male teacher applicants complain of a double-standard that denies them the ability to become licensed teachers. Their telephone calls are ignored, emails are unanswered, and there is a deliberate attempt to intimidate such qualified applicants and steer them away from the Clark County School District. The result is a pool of skilled child molesters, predators, and others who who prey upon students. In fact, the the typical Clark County Substitute teacher is more than likely a child molester in-wait. The culture at a typical Clark County School invites and encourages student exploitation. Teachers are too friendly with students, and there are no universal rules that require teachers to avoid any an all friendships with students. It is common for students to be encouraged to have perverted relationships with CCSD teachers. Alleged pervert Terrie L. Sena refused to distribute Nevada Scholarship literature sponsored by National academy of American Scholars, and she refused to inform parents and adults about Clark County Health Insurance options for Nevada families and for persons less than 65 years of age. Clark County Health Insurance covers mental health and professional counseling to victims of child molestation, as long as the parent is under 65 years of age and their income meets program requirements. Call 1-844-218-1400 (Mon-Fri: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm (all times Eastern).

Low Clark County School District Hiring Standards.

The volume of Clark County School District teachers being arrested and charged for sexually deviant behavior is way out of proportion to the student body. This suggests that the hiring standards are a problem. It is common for CCSD employees to recruit their family members, friends, and relatives, and deny employment to the best qualified. The typical new teacher seeking employment within the Clark County School District all fit the same profile that seems to be more typical for the routine child molester. UNLV graduates are automatically hired, so are Caucasion females. If you are bi-lingual, the Clark County School District will hire and promote you even quicker. Qualified men and women who are not bi-lingual and who have strong moral backgrounds are routinely denied employment. These typical Clark County Teacher is self-absorbed for perversity. Students need counseling and teachers need counseling. Quality Health Insurance is what is needed. Race and gender are major factors in hiring by CCSD administrators.

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Controversial Hiring of Pat Skorkowsky by
the Clark County School Board

Controversial Hiring of Pat Skorkowsky by
the Clark County School Board

As we know, on March 5th, 2013, Clark County Superintendent Dwight Jones announced that he was "stepping down (i.e., quitting) his position as Clark County Superintendent. Dwight Jones reneged on his four-year contract to continue beyond April 2013 as the Clark County School District Superintendent. Lazy or not, Dwight Jones quit his contract early. Dwight Jones claimed he wanted to spend more time to care for his alleged ailing mother in Colorado, but his exit flight from Nevada was bound for Texas. Apparently, either the mom of Dwight Jones is not that important as we were led to believe, or her medical condition is not as severe as implied by Dwight Jones.

In addition, we have no evidence that Dwight Jones supplied any medical records of his mother, or sworn statements by her doctors validating her alleged ailment(s). Regardless of the true condition of the mother of Dwight Jones, Dwight Jones made it crystal clear that he was leaving his gig in Clark County in as little as two weeks. Dwight Jones also affirmed that he was not about to forfeit any of the big bonuses that he was paid despite the fact that he reneged on his contract. NFL contracts are structured in a such a way that if a player engages in certain acts, or reneges on his promises, then he has to automatically forfeit his bonuses. Obviously, big belly Dwight Jones of the Clark County School District is no NFL player, and neither does the Clark County School District have the standards, professionals, or ethics of the NFL.

Nevada Scholarships

Pat Skorkowsky praises Two Nevada Quitters
Quitter Jim Guthrie and Quitter Dwight Jones

On March 29th, 2013, the Nevada State Superintendent Jim Guthrie took wind of the example set by quitter Dwight Jones, and announced that he too would thumb his nose at Nevada students, and Nevada parents. In just weeks after the abrupt departure of quitter Dwight Jones, Jim Guthrie announced that he too would become a Nevada Quitter. Although his job was simply a ceremonial, easy, and no-brains required job that did not even require an official work schedule, and he never submitted an official job application or job interview, Nevada Quitter Jim Guthrie felt that this simple job was apparently worth less to him. Pat Skorkowsky has never publicly denounced the actions of either Jim Guthrie or Dwight Jones, and even has praised these two men.

Both Quitter Jim Guthrie and Quitter Dwight Jones are the two most influential Nevada quitters in the history of Nevada. Nevada parents and Nevada moms, women, and voting-age adults are disappointed with both of these donut-eating, out-of-shape, quitters. To remedy the situation, the Clark County School Board decided to perform a Quickie in the hiring of Pat Skorkowsky.

Why the selection of Patrick Skorkowsky stinks and is unfair
Pat Skorkowsky sidesteps traditional interview process

Without full public participation, and despite a legal requirement that the public be allowed to weigh in on such important matters such as selecting a new Superintendent, the seven-member Clark County School Board voted unanimously to appoint this relative nobody as the leader of the fifth-largest school system in America on Wednesday, May 22, 2013. The selection of Patrick Skorkowsky to become Superintendent of the Clark County School District stinks something aweful. No, I have never met Mr. Pat Skorkowsky. No, I have no personal ax to grind against Pat Skorkowsky. For all I know Pat, Patrick, or Patricia Skorkowsky may be a fine gentleman or fine woman. We all know that the same Clark County School Board approved the controversial selection of Triggs Elementary School Principal Dr. Salwa Zaki , an acknowledged lesbian who enjoys flaunting her lesbian life-style (ref: Gay Wedding Expo).

However, being a fine gentleman or a fine woman is not a sufficient criteria by itself to become a leader of a school district that is one of the largest in the U.S.A., and has such ongoing problems as a high teacher/student molestation rate,Nevada teacher cross-dressers, low teacher morale, over-paid teachers who mistakenly believe they deserve more pay, incompetent teachers, high student poverty, high adultery rate amongst teachers (students report that at least 10% of married Clark County teachers are having affairs with other teachers, or have had such affairs in the past year), low test scores, and a school district with a horribly low graduation rates compared to its peer school districts.

When asked about his selection as the new Clark County School Superintendent, and how he would combat these ongoing problems, the scheming Clark County School District offered the local Las Vegas Sun newspaper a mere 10-minute interview with Pat Skorkowsky when the interview should have been at least a full-hour. Really? In just 10 minutes, a local reporter is supposed to summarize why, how, and what Patrick Skorkowsky will be doing as he heads a multi-million dollar budget, and questions remain about his competency. The new Superintendent (Pat) Patrick Skorkowsky did not offer to extend the interview any longer. As I said, the selection of Patrick Skorkowsky stinks, and time will prove that the selection stinks.

Spear-headed by Carolyn Edwards, the President of the Clark County School Board, Patrick Skorkowsky was selected by a majority vote to become the replacement of quitter Dwight Jones. He was selected to become the leader of the nation's fifth-largest school district much the same way a disadvantaged youth would remark that a token blue-eyed, blond little boy may be selected the team captain ahead of his more talented, more hard-working minority youth peers. By any measure, Patrick Skorkowskyr was selected by using less stringent standards that were applied in the selection of Mr. Dwight Jones.

The local newspaper reports that some in the local Nevada community were disappointed that the Clark County School Board did not conduct a national superintendent search like that used in the selection of Dwight Jones. Instead, the Clark County School Board abandoned rigourous standards and criteria, abandoned strict protocols, ignored national hiring standards, rebuffed professionals trained in hiring national candidates, and simply handed the position to Patrick Skorkowsky after a one-hour, impromptu, speaking session that labeled as an interview. Even a fast-food restaurant has more stringent standards than the buffoons who make up the Clark County School Board. Michael Bluestein, a private citizen, filed a complaint against the board, arguing that Patrick (Pat) Skorkowsky's appointment was illegitimate because it lacked clear public notice. "The process was really shameful and violated the open-meeting law," Bluestein said.

The fact of the matter is that the selection of Patrick Skorkowsky without competition is unfair, undemocratic, un-American, and smacks of favoritism, or even socialism. A legitimate job demands a legitimate interview process. Period! The selection of Patrick Skorkowsky without public notice, and without even an official interview, and without even legitimate competing candidates, or a national search, is certainly either illegal, or extremely close to being illegal. However, in Nevada, the law is always a matter of personal opinion rather than an objective fact. The process of kingly appointing the privileged, suburban, blue-eyed, male Patrick Skorkowsky to a high-paid position of enormous influence absent a traditional interview process is simply a clarification that the Clark County School Board and its members are corrupt.

The state of Nevada will never rise above its dust unless super privileged persons like Patrick Skorkowsky stop accepting the privileged benefits and privileged favors they receive as a result of their social position. If Patrick Skorkowsky were an ethical man, he would in fact resign his position and demand that he receive no special favors, and that his selection be concluded ONLY after he has competed with qualified men and women. And, by the way, don't even bother to disagree with me unless and until Patrick Skorkowsky is put through the same interview ringer that 300, 000 unemployed Nevadans , and over 50 million unemployed Americans are put through. However, I have doubts about the quality of the integrity, or lack thereof, of Patrick Skorkowsky, and therefore I anticipate that Patrick Skorkowsky will follow in the same footsteps of Dwight Jones: collect as much money as possible, and then renege on his contract, and quickly get the hell out of town!!

Why Patrick Skorkowsky will Fail as the new Clark County School Superintendent

Patrick Skorkowsky will absolutely fail for many reasons. The failure of Patrick Skorkowsky will be because of the simple reasons that he IS NOT the best possible candidate, and neither can he legally claim to be the best possible candidate. Patrick Skorkowsky cannot claim to be the best possible candidate because of the legal fact that he did NOT compete against the best possible candidates in a national selection process. The reason for his smirking demeanor is the fact that he knows he is not the best, and he was still given a high-paid position with less work than a welfare mother is required to get a welfare card. If Nevadans who supported Patrick Skorkowsky cannot understand this logic then understand this comparison; he only competed against himself! His selection by his fellow peers was assured BEFORE the interview even began. For example, Olympic Champion Usain Bolt was forced to compete against a field of top candidates in his native Jamaica. Next, Usain Bolt complied with Olympic requirements that he compete against a field of fellow national champions in subsequent semi-finalist, and finalist sprints. Finally, he had to compete again in a Finalist event before emerging victorious for the Gold medal. As a direct result of this pure competition, the entire world benefitted from the fact of witnessing the awesome spectacle of Usain Bolt demonstrating his athletic supremacy. The same goes for Michael Phelps, and the rest of the champions.

Who has Patrick Skorkowsky competed against? No one! To the French, Russians, Europeans, and other non-Americans who read this Scholarship Blog, the selection of Patrick Skorkowsky as head of America's fifth-most populous school district without legitimate competition would qualify as fraud in some countries. The illicit selection of Patrick Skorkowsky is accepted in a slot-machine state like Nevada because education in Nevada is a gamble, and typically the children always lose. The illicit selection of Patrick Skorkowsky by the Clark County School Board without the formality of competition DID NOT produce the best possible candidate, and is an embarrassment to the country.

Although he has received support from many uneducated Nevada parents, and local Nevada teachers who graduated from trade schools, some of these same persons are so desperate that that they will hire virtually any man or woamn in a business suit that merely looks authoritative. Assuming that the story from the local Nevada newspaper is accurate, the selection of Patrick Skorkowsky simply means that neither students nor parents will receive the benefit of a process that ferrets out the best possible candidates. I believe that local parents are intelligent enought to figure out that competition typically produces the best possible choices.

Patrick Skorkowsky will fail because of the simple reasons that he lacks the complete skills, complete care, total intellect, passion, and the ability to achieve the goals that eluded Dwight Jones. Morevover, Patrick Skorkowsky has no proof whatsoever that his selection yielded the best possible candidate. Also, if the Clark County School Board members really had a high opinion of Patrick Skorkowsky then why didn't they choose him first BEFORE settling on Dwight Jones? The Clark County School Board members have consistently chosen to cut corners when it comes to the safety, health, and education of Clark County youth. Despite numerous episodes of child molesters, predatory educators, school shootings, etc., and the fact that over 80% of child molesters fit a certain profile, these facts and statistics mean nothing to the corrupt persons who make up the Clark County Board. At least 99.9% of school personnel problems can be prevented when 100% of the applicants are exempted from favoritism rules.

Patrick Skorkowsky Faced No Competition
Corrupt Clark County School Board

What does Mcdonald's Corporation have in common with the local mom n' pop grocer? Both companies interview the best possible candidates for the job, and do not attempt to make excuses after the fact as to why an interview process should not take place. Patrick Skorkowsky Faced No Competition! When you place a favored student on the varsity basketball team only because he is the son of the coach, the results are typically disastrous. Aside from his lack of qualification, and experience, Patrick Skorkowsky does not come across as a person with high standards of integrity nor intellect. For example, when asked by a local newspaper why he remained silent on the issue of his employer not using a national selection process of competing local and national choices, the response of the super-privileged Patrick Skorkowsky was not too dissimilar from a used car salesman. "I'm not going to go back and second-guess anything that happened in the past. It's time to work.", is what Patrick Skorkowsky said. What this dunce should have said was: "I would have preferred that the Clark County School Board use a national selection process because I would have demonstrated my ability to succeed amongst a field of the best possible candidates. I believe the results would have been the same." The actual words of Patrick Skorkowsky illustrate his lack of confidence in himself.

Table of
Clark County School Board Members
Grade Reports on
No-Competition selection of Patrick Skorkowsky
Carolyn Edwards
District F
Grade F
Vice President
Lorraine Alderman
District D
Grade F
Deanna L. Wright
District A
Grade F
Erin E. Cranor
District G
Grade F
Chris Garvey
District B
Grade F
Patrice Tew
District E
Grade F
Dr. Linda E. Young
District C
Grade F

Hiring Standards of Fortune 500 companies vs. Clark County School Board.

If the typical Fortune 500 company used the same hiring standards that were implemented by the Clark County School Board members in hiring Patrick Skorkowsky then the companies would certainly fail. The no-competition selection of the super-privileged Patrick Skorkowsky is not only disgraceful, but is an insult to the intellect of Nevada students, youth, and parents. The no-competition selection of Patrick Skorkowsky is unfair to Nevada moms, unfair to Nevada women, and even unfair to Patrick Skorkowsky himself. Everyone in the process deserves a candidate that is the best of the best, and not simply a status quo favorite who is presumed to be nothing more than a bureaucratic puppet.

Furthermore, the no-competition selection of Patrick Skorkowsky sends an inappropriate signal to others that hard-work, education, and talent in Nevada is simply unimportant because if you merely look like Patrick Skorkowsky and you simply worked around other educated persons then you will be provided a lucrative job regardless of your lack of skills and lack of experience.

The fact that Patrick Skorkowsky did not demand and insist that the Clark County School Board ensure that others would be allowed to compete for the Clark County Nevada Superintendent position and that the process would be identical to the same process used to select his immediate predecessor, Dwight Jones, sends a powerful message that the personal interests of Patrick Skorkowsky are more important than the interests of Nevada students, Nevada moms, and Nevada parents. What legitimate track athlete or superior student wants to win a competition only when no persons are competing? Check mate Patrick Skorkowsky! If you (Patrick Skorkowsky) are the superior candidate then compete against the best local and national candidates, and may the best person win. If you (Patrick Skorkowsky) are afraid to compete then you will eventually fail any way, and your inferiority will surface.

Summary: The Hiring of Patrick Skorkowsky

As in life, when something valuable is simply handed to a person on a silver platter without any competition, or work, the results usually take a harsh turn for the worse. I suspect that the no-competition selection of Patrick Skorkowsky will prove itself to be another embarasment for a school district with one of the lowest graduation rates in the U.S.A., and whose hiring standards apparently shift dependent upon the characteristics of the job candidate. As an African-American, Dwight Jones was put through the wringer and subjected to countless interviews, re-interviews, national and local background checks, pat-downs, FBI checks, and probably even had his penis measured. On the other hand, the selection of Patrick Skorkowsky was a breeze in the park; no background check; no FBI check; only a single interview; and, he certainly was not subjected to any personal indignities.

Apparently, the Clark County School Board has already forgotten the facts of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, or has decided the personal pleasure of his (Patrick Skorkowsky) employment is more important than the health and safety of Nevada children. Although the process worked great for Patrick Skorkowsky, the State of Nevada should rise above the ignorance of the Clark County School Board, and stop treating children like poker chips. Offer the residents of Nevada a superior Clark County School District Superintendent that is envied around the world. The inarticulate Patrick Skorkowsky has already demonstrated that his failure is imminent. After he has has received a few $300,000 checks, I would guess that the process will begin again and a new dunce will be approved by the Clark County School Board.