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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Pink Pervert Brian Theophil: Las Vegas HS Coach Admits to Perverted Acts with Teen Girl

Pink Pervert Brian Theophil: Las Vegas HS Coach Admits to Perverted Acts with Teen Girl

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Pink Pervert Brian Theophil: Las Vegas HS Coach Admits to Perverted Acts with Teen Girl. Pink Silverado Coach Brian Theophil Accused of one count of first-degree kidnapping and one count of sex act with a pupil. An innocent and naive teen girl accused Brian Theophil of having sexual relations with her. Authorities allege that the young girl is 100% innocent and was lured and manipulated by an older pervert attracted to kid girls.

According to media reports, Brian Theophil was a volunteer Volleyball Coach at Silverado High School. He may very well perceive himself as a privleged white male entitled to any girl regardless of age or status. Therefore, it is possible that the concept of rape or child molestation may be foreign terms to Mr. Brian Theophil. In other words, does Brian Theophil routinely rape or molest children believing that he is exempt from such crimes based upon race and gender? Many persons believe that The Clark County District Atorney Office will create, invent, and fabricate an excuse as to not to prosecute him, and thus supporting the thesis that Mr. Brian Theophil is indeed exempt from such crimes.


Pink Pervert Brian Theophil uses Pink Penis Against Teen Girl. Principal Jaime Ditto Should be Terminated.


Pink Pervert Brian Theophil uses Pink Penis Against Teen Girl. Pink Pervert Brian Theophil went trolling for school campuses, scouting for high-schools with young girls. He found Silverado High School. He offered to "Volunteer" to be a girls Volleyball coach. Really? The Principal at Silverado HS is Jaime Ditto, a woman. She considered Mr. Brian Theophil an attractive younng man. Are there any more questions why this male bimbo, with a low I.Q., pink penis,low morals, was hired? Jaime Ditto (Ditto Brain) should be terminated from her position of employment as well as every person involved in the hiring and placement of this apparently dangerous-looking male pervert. If Jaime Ditto does not have the morals or human intelligence to spot a child predator who has 10 red flags then whar is her value? The fact that she may be bi-lingual means nothing.

Will Nevada Prosecutors Prosecute Pink Pervert Brian Theophil?

African-American Willie Bell, who is suspected of engaging in appropriate contact with a female student, understands that he will be prosecuted and that his race and gender will provide motivation to accelerate his prosecution. However, Pink Pervert Brian Theophil has hope that his simple race and gender will spare him punishment. The recent incident with NFL player Michael Bennet is an example of how police can be aggressive with African-American males.

Pink Pervert Brian Theophil understands that he will most likely not be prosecuted, and will likely receive probation because of the general belief that the Clark County District Attorney Office prosecutes based upon race, gender, and social status. Why else would Mr. Brian Theophil engage in criminal acts? He knows that nothing will happen other than his perverted desires are aired in public, and his rejection by older women are now known.

Will Privileged White-male Brian Theophil be prosecutoed or will he receive the Stanford Treatment?

Will Privileged White-male Brian Theophil be prosecutoed or will he receive the Stanford Treatment? Brian Theophil may very well be liked, admired, or even privileged by his subHuman fans, and his legions of subHuman female admirers. However, this Publihser has no respect for perverts regardless of race, class, or gender. It is widely expected that the Clark County District Attorney Office will choke, retreat, and avoid any serious punishment of the youthful, and special pervert Brian Theophil. After all, the Clark County School District delayed the reporting of his arrest for several months while immediately reported the arrest of black-faced Mr. Gregory Beasley.

The much-heralded and outstanding Stanford swimmer Brock Turner was accused of sexually assaulting a drunken tramp who went to a frat party of privileged white guys. Mr. Turner should be congratulated on exposing an unpopular fact: too many Caucasion women are engaging in perverted behavior, and are developing a reputation as foul-mouthed perverts. The alleged rape victim claimed she was raped by Mr. Turner. However, it was disclosed that this same subHuman female consumed alcohol in the prsence of several males, AND she attended the party withoout a boyfriend or husband. She smiled at and even chatted with Mr. Turner, but she ignored the sdvances of all of the African-American males, and non-white guys.

On April 4th, 2017, Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson appeared in public and delivered a strong message warning CCSD school employees that his office would prosecute persons who engage in acts like those of Mr. Brian Theophil. Mr. Wolfosn did not clarify if race or gender or volunteer status was a factor in decidijg to seek stiff punishment.

Self-Hating Latina Women/Dark-skinned black girls Support Pink Pervert Brian Theophil

Next to dark-skinned African-American girls, a substantial percentage of Latina women are actually attracted to males with a pink penis. No style. No swag. Minimal I.Q. etc. Only a young girl with a poor selg-image of herself can possibly view an opaque, bland-looking, coler-less guy like Mr. Brian Theophil as attractive, but all of these lowself girls and women love color in their every day lives. Color smartphones. Color TV. Color cars. Color clothes. Etc. The media can make a monster like Brian Theophil appear attractive, and a dark Jesus look ugly.

In reviewing social meedia commentary, many Latina girls, or girls with Mexican-sounding names, and dark-skinned black girls who hate themselves, appear to support Brian Theophil.

Consider the comment of FaceBook User, Jacqueline Lopez Jones: "He's hot. I would have tryed to get w him in high school too." If your perception of FaceBook User Jacqueline Lopez Jones is a tramp or low-life slut, then I would not disagree with that perception.

Prosecute Pink Pervert Brian Theophil.

Brian Theophil deserves to be prosecuted based upon his actions, admissions, and the facts of the case. He took adavantage of a young girl that he knew had a low self-esteem. His teenage victim was 100% innocent, and she certainly did not know that Brian Theophil would use force his privileged culture upon her.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Bizarre Arrest of CCSD Teacher Gregory Beasley, and Bad Parenting

Bizarre Arrest of CCSD Teacher Gregory Beasley, Black Female Self-Esteem, and Bad Parenting

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

The Clark County School District, and school districts around the country have an enormous problem. The problem is not what you think. One of the most ignored topics in education today is the issue of Black female self-hatred in both the work place and the classroom, as well as Hispanic racism in schools.

What are the affects of how young black girls react when their Black male fathers abandon them? Black male teachers are not psychiatrists, and are not trained as such. Unattractive young black girls seek out each other in lesbian relationships rather than working to improve their self-esteem and manners. Parents often are not aware of these dirty relationships, and unclean female-to-female bonds.

Too many Black mothers outfit their young black daughters with phony hair, fake weaves, and feed them cheap fast food, but nothing is being done to address the students bad behavior and disrepect for the same colleged-educated, articuluate, and morally-clean Black male role models that were even disregarded by their own mothers. Breeding and mate selection does not require a college degree. The best beauty is always invisible.

Is Gregory Beasley Being Framed by Insubordnate Kids: CCSD Police claim complaints from students feeling uncomfortable led to arrest.

As a former teacher with first-hand knowledge of dealing with many teenage black girls, and their excessive loudness, disrespect, name-calling of teachers, and complete disregard of even the most school rules, black female self-hatred is a growing crisis and needs to be recognized for what it is."I will do anything to get him fired, expelled, or suspended" is what many black girl students say to one another, and many have no problem screaming these accusations to Black male teachers. This same statements are common amongst racist students. This article is not a defense of Mr. Beasley, or an attempt to advocate on his behalf. The facts regarding Mr. Beasley are bizarre for several reasons however, and clearly suggest that the students, and not the administration are running the school.

In the first report, CCSD Police Chief Ken Young claimed that students/victims at Thurman White Middle School, in Henderson, Nevada, felt “terrorized, threatened, intimidated or harassed. " About 48 hours later, that weird announcement was follwed by incredible claims that Gregory Beasley "touched all three students inappropriately while they were working on math problems at the white board." What teacher in their right mind is going to abuse any student in plain view of the entire classroom? Why not rob a police station instrd of the local dry-cleaners? Why not steal the baseball from the pitcher WHILE the game is in progress? Why not steal a NASCAR vehicle during a pit-stop while the race is being televised on TV? What are we talking about? Was a crime really committed or is someone trying to justify student deceit, or lies?

Students are SUPPOSED to feel uncomfortable when they disrespect school rules. The original statement by CCSD police can apply to virtually any insubordinate student when faced with a strict disciplinarian teacher.

A CCSD police report claims that while the alleged student victims were at the white board, Gregory Beasley "would approach from the victims' rear and intentionally place his stomach on their body. Even a serial child molester is intelligent enough not to molest his/her victim in the presense of others.

CCSD administrators need to recognize obvious signs of self-hatred and student disrespect for male authority figures because their fathers abandoned them or because the students are trained to be racists by their parents. A significant number of students atteding CCSD schools were abandoned by their fathers.

Unsubstantiated Allegations vs. Mutual Admission of Perversity. Better Parenting Needed.

Hispanic Parent Doone Fernandez appears to be part of the problem. A local paper claims this mother stated: "I have two daughters myself and if that was happening to my daughters, Don't let me catch this guy alone. Perhaps she should be asking why many accused white male teachers are first offered counseling when such accusations are made, or she should have asked why white male teachers are first reprimanded, but Black teachers are simply arrested as a first response. According to the U.S. Constitution, a person is innocent UNTIL proven guilty.

The suspicious police affidavit also details how Beasley put his hand in the back pocket of another student while she was at the white board. The victim told police "Mr. Beasley was smiling" as he was doing this. How did the alleged victim know that Beasely was smiling if she was in front of him? Why would the Henderson Police Department or the School administration take the mere words of a student versus the 10 year career of a teacher? Are there any texts involving the student, phone calls, video evidence (the same level of evidence used against Jason Lofthouse.)

In Henderson, Nevada, there is an element of racism that cannot be ignored. There is no way on Earth that perverted Jason Lofthouse would have been charged, let alone convicted, if evidence was entirely based upon his student victim(s). Clearly, CCSD Police have a different standard, a much lower standard, when the crime suspect is a Black man. This explains why the arrest of Gregory Beasley was reported immediately, but the arrest of white suspect Brian Theophil was delayed for several months and never even reported to the public until a local newspaper forced the evidence into the public domain.

Bad Youth. Bad Parenting. Clean up the Trash.

Too many 13 year-old and 14 or 15 year-old kids are using vulgar language, and casually using the F-word, the N-word, and the B-word, but when they make accusations against a Black male then they are treated like angels. Far too many Hispanic male students are using the N-word in a pathetic attempt to assimilate into urban black culture, attract the attention of females, and imitate Black male youth. Youth promiscuity is unacceptable!! Message to all Parents: SHINE YOUR DIAMONDS, BUT CLEAN UP YOUR TRASH!

Compare Evidence Against Prick-Faced Jason LoftHouse to Gregory Beasley