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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Teachers Gone Wild: New York High-School teacher Annie Schmutz Seifullah Accused of Perversity

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Teachers Gone Wild: New York High-School teacher Annie Schmutz Seifullah Accused of dirty acts. She did not Distribute NAAS-sponsored New York High School Scholarships

Last year, the Scholarship Committee of National Academy of American Scholars reports that they sent to numerous principals, including Annie Schmutz Seifullah, a A New York City high school principal, a series of New York High School Senior scholarship applications to be distributed to students at her New York high-school. Students at Robert Wagner Secondary School of Arts and Technology, in Long Island City, Queens, had been regular scholarship applicants for scholarships, grants, and financial-aid sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars.

Despite her self-claimed religion, the New York City high school principal has been accused of dirty, aweful, filthy, and disgusting acts. What is even more appalling, she is accused of this dirty conduct with school employees, and even a desperate New York parent. Police also accused Annie Smut (sic) Seifullah of storing pictures of her dirty body on a school computer, which may have infected the computer with numerous computer viruses. It is unclear if HIV transmission or other sexual diseases were part of the package. Specifically, instead of concentrating on promoting and distributing New York High School Senior Scholarship applications to New York students, Annie Smut (sic) Seifullah was apparently sleeping around like a roving slut with an appetite impossible to satisfy. Even animals at the New York City Zoo have better self-control.

No Scholarship Applications Were Being Promoted by Annie Schmutz Seifullah Due to Alleged Sex Romps

Instead of focusing exclusively on New York Scholarships and grants for New York High-School Seniors, Annie Schmutz Seifullah was too busy satisfying her perverted desires, and sex romps, according to police reports. No time for boring and dull scholarship applications was probably her reasoning. Scholarship applications were apparently dumped on the floor, and condoms were picked up instead. According to police reports, her dirty laundry list of partners included a string of low-level school employees: a New York High-School school guard; an assistant principal; and a parent. The illicit conduct apparently took place on campus while classes were in session, and while students were no doubt wondering about the availability of New York City High School Senior Scholarship applications sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars. No New York High-School Senior Scholarship Applications were being promoted or shared by Annie Schmutz Seifullah. The only activity that Annie Schmutz Seifullah was apparently sharing was her over-used dirty body, and possibly sexual diseases. The local police claimed she had incriminating photos of the trysts on department computers. At no time were there evidence of N.Y. city senior scholarship literature.
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Unclaimed New York City Senior High-School Scholarship Applications: Principal Annie Schmutz Seifullah

Although the national media has fraudulently labeled some persons as a "financial-aid expert", and these persons claim there is no such thing as "unclaimed" scholarships, the case of Annie Schmutz Seifullah helps to rebuke that claim. Clever "financial-aid experts" promoted by the main stream media are essentially publicity-seeking, self-promotion artists who have never managed a multi-million dollar portfolio of scholarships, grants, and financial-aid. If teachers and guidance counselors are more interested in pursuing their perverted, unclean, and unnatural desires, then distributing New York Scholarship literature. New York  Scholarships

Annie Schmutz Seifullah and New York City guidance department personnel had an opportunity to aggressively promote, share, and distribute New York City scholarship literature. Millions of New York City scholarship dollars go unclaimed every year. Scholarship sponsors may distribute scholarship literature to schools, teachers, and guidance departments, but the same schools may not distribute the literature, or may do so sparingly. The reasons vary. Therefore, few eligible students are notified of scholarship awards if his/her guidance department or teacher fails to notify the student. The blunt fact of the matter is that unclaimed scholarships and allegations of teacher misconduct do exist; this fact contradicts the incompetent claims of self-claimed Financial-Aid Expert and media darling Mark Kantrowitz.

Annie Schmutz Seifullah Sex Scandal Affects
on New York Scholarships

Aside from their choice words, and Disneyland attempts to soften the alleged conduct of Annie Schmutz Seifullah, the blunt fact is that Annie Schmutz Seifullah is alleged to have had filthy, inappropriate, and dirty sex with humans on school property that is prohibited by ethical guidelines of the N.Y. Department of Edcuation. What the main-stream New York media does not discuss is the real prospect of persons being infected with HIV, Herpes, trichomoniasis, and other sexually-induced diseases. Every rape or sexual assault victim, adultery vitim should be tested for an STD. Civilized members of society simply cannot tolerate a teacher who:

  1. Fails or refuses to distribute valuable and informative New York Scholarship literature to New York students;
  2. Spends more time scheming to participate in filthy and perverted sex than administering the academic duties of her classroom.
  3. Engages in the rape, abuse, and/or sexual exploitation of young boys and/or young girls who are incapable of defending themselves against sophisticated adult perverts.

Fortunately, the Annie Schmutz Seifullah sex arrest has no affect on the New York city High School Senior Scholarships that are sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars, or on pending New York scholarship applications. However, this Scholarship Blog intends to continue to address affairs and news that have direct and indirect impacts on our mission to get the word out about the great New York scholarships that we sponsor. New York Teachers have an ethical duty to not only distribute New York scholarship literature to eligible students, but also to provide direct hyperlinks to the website of scholarship sponsors.

For New York Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, not distributed by Annie Schmutz Seifullah, please see this page:
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