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Monday, September 30, 2013

Failure of Pat Skorkowsky to Prevent Nevada Teacher Molestations

Financial Rape of Nevada Students, and the Failure of Pat Skorkowsky to Prevent Nevada Teacher Molestations

Nevada teachers need to do a better job of promoting and distributing information about the numerous scholarships, grants, and financial-aid that are available to Nevada students, Nevada moms, and Nevada adults. Nevada teachers, and Nevada educators must do a better job of assisting Nevada students to secure valuable scholarships, grants, and financial-aid. One suggestion is providing hyperlinks to important organizations that sponsor FREE scholarships, grants, and financial-aid.

The #1 task that Nevada teachers MUST, however, improve upon, is keeping their hands, bodies, and physical selves off of Nevada youth. Nevada teacher molestations lead the U.S.A. Secondly, Nevada teachers MUST ALWAYS focus on matters important to Nevada students, instead of looking for ways to prostitute the system for their own personal gain or self-indulgence.

For example, on March 5th, 2013, Clark County Superintendent Dwight Jones announced that he was "stepping down" (i.e., quitting) his position as Clark County Superintendent due to his self-claimed personal reasons. Clark County School District employee Dwight Jones reneged on his four-year contract to continue beyond April 2013 as the Clark County School District Superintendent. On January 30, 1933, Adolf Hitler was appointed as the chancellor of Germany by President Paul Von Hindenburg. This appointment was made in an effort to keep Hitler and the Nazi Party at ease. Pat Skorkowsky successfully urged and fought for his own appointment to become the undisputed leader of the 5th largest school district in America without even an interview! OMG! Without full public participation, and despite a legal requirement that the public be allowed to weigh in on such important matters such as selecting a new Superintendent, the seven-member Clark County School Board appeased the wishes of Pat Skorkowsky just as Paul Von Hindenburg appeased the wishes of the Adolf Hitler camp. The seven-member Clark County School Board voted unanimously to appoint a suspicious Pat Skorkowsky as the successor to Dwight Jones and pay him the same high-rate as Dwight Jones had been paid.

According to the website of, Dwight Jones was paid a staggering annual salary of $386,787.00 per year, and this figure does not even include thousands of additional dollars in special perks such as free gasoline, housing, travel allowances, and much more. His successor, Pat Skorkowsky will receive the same outrageous salary for a school district that ranks last in the entire United States of America in virtually every quantifiable category. What have these two men accomplished for the betterment of Nevada youth, either jointly or severally, that qualifies either of them to paid such outrageous sums? I know of no accomplishment(s).

International pundits from abroad have labeled the state of Nevada a laughing stock in terms of education and have belittled Nevada education leaders as simple-minded American buffoons who can't even grasp the importance of instructing Nevada students to consider the numerous free scholarships, grants, and financial-aid sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars.

All the while, students in Clark County Nevada classrooms were and continue to be financially-raped for miscellaneous expenses such as dance outfits for young girls, jerseys for football players, having to do without personal text books, fees for outfits for Physical Education, fees for Agenda calendars, payment for their own Art supplies, fees for basic computer classes, fees for class electives, and numerous other fees that are traditionally the province of for-profit institutions. In virtually every way possible, the Clark County School District and its superintendents are forcing Nevada youth to strip their wallets and purses;in some cases, as noted below, the clothes soon follow.

Under the threat of expulsion, cash-strapped students reluctantly pay these enormous fees while top education officials in Nevada sit around practically all day and collect massive salaries, serve Krispy Kreme donuts in the back office, joke about UNLV sports and entertainment news, and attend meaningless public events.

Salary History of Pat Skorkowsky and his role Against Nevada Students

As the table below indicates, Pat Skorkowsky has been riding the Nevada Department of Education welfare roll of excessive salaries for several years. Despite Nevada's failing grades under the federal No Child Left Behind Act, the salary of Pat Skorkowsky increased 23.5% from 2009 to 2011. From 2009 until 2011, his salary increased roughly 30%, while Nevada continued to receive failing grades under federal guidelines.

While the salary of Pat Skorkowsky, and teachers employed by the Clark County School District, were continually increasing each and every year, Nevada students have noticed that items that traditionally and historically were free were all of a sudden costing the students and their parents. For example, although the state of Nevada is required per the Constitution of Nevada to provide public education to each and every resident in the State of Nevada, the Clark County School District, and its superintendents have instead reversed that principle and began charging students fees for material and instructional guides that are supposed to be provided per the state education budget.

From 2009 and ongoing, students attending Nevada public schools have seen their fees increase, services decrease, teacher molestations increase, and the number of elective classes dwindle. Despite this ongoing algorithm of perversity, Pat Skorkowsky can lay claim to being one of the highest paid state superintendents in America.

The Nevada Department of Education and the Clark County School District, and Pat Skorkowsky, are subjecting cash-strapped Nevada students, and their parents to excessive fees,high taxes, and mandatory expenses under the threat of expulsion while he was hand-delivered a $400,000 per year job without even being subjected to interviews from city leaders or the formailty of semi-finalist candidates.

Case of Clark County School District Teacher John Mannion and Pat Skorkowsky

In March of 2009, Clark County School District, Coronado's head varsity football coach, John Mannion, was investigated for theft of school funds. More than $20,000 generated by hard-working, and honest, Nevada student athletes via at the Henderson school was unaccounted for, sources within the Clark County School District admitted publicly.

Coronado's freshmen football coach said he gave Mannion about $11,000 raised by his football players that same month the larger amount went missing. Although John Mannion claimed a lesser amount, the freshman football coach said he doubted Mannion's account of what took place and contended that Mannion failed to turn in a large amount of student-generated money as early as January of that year to the school banker.

The Las Vegas Review Journal went on to report, "If the money was stolen, why didn't he (John Mannion) report it right away?" the freshmen coach asked. "This wasn't the school's money, it was the kids' money. It makes me sick."

What was even sicker was the response and the inaction taken by Pat Skorkowsky, the Clark County School District, and the failure of Nevada law enforcement to take any serious action against the blonde-haired, tanned, John Mannion. At that time, Pat Skorkowsky was the Southeast Region Assistant Superintendent. A local newspaper requested preliminary audit results, but the paper was denied.

When Clark County School District officials confirmed the funds were missing, the Coronado school sent a letter to the parents of varsity football players asking these ill-informed Nevada parents to pay $77 each for homecoming jerseys! Instead of informing the parents about the honest truth that a Clark County School District employee embezzled funds, stole funds, or commingled funds, or converted funds for his/her private gain, the Clark County School District, and Pat Skorkowsky jointly agreed that the parents should foot the bill and be kept in the dark. Either Pat Skorkowsky approved this letter, or he should have demonstrated the leadership to refuse it.


John Mannion was never fired from his job, and was never prosecuted of course. Instead, he became involved in more serious lapses of judgement later on. In or about July of 2012, John Mannion was arrested after he allegedly sold Oxycontin to an undercover detective on three separate occasions. He was back teaching at Bonanza High School as if nothing had happened. No big deal. Crime by privileged teachers is never taken seriously by the Clark County School District or the Nevada police department. Judging by the lack of outspokeness, and the lack of public outrage, parents of Nevada students appear to enjoy that their children are victims of 'privileged' crime or crime by privileged persons compared to crimes by persons like Arial Castro, Willie Horton, Sammy Lee Brown, or Albert Hernandez, Jr.

The Clark County School District is full of privileged teachers like John Mannion who can commit virtually any offense short of murder or a mass bombimg, or mass shooting, and still retain his job at the Clark County School District. Only the most sensational of crimes that are well publicized on national TV can result in a Clark County School District employee being terminiated from his/her job. Committing a crime against a child enrolled in the Clark County School District is treated like an inmate crime (Nevada kids are the inmates, and the teacher predators are the protected criminals).

New Molestation Case of Clark County School District Employee. Alfphonso Washington Accused of open and gross lewdness

In Augustof 2013, a new case of teacher perversity was filed against a Clark County School District employeee. This should not be a suprise because virtually no teacher or employee of the Clark County School District that has been arrested, and charged with such crimes has been aggressively prosecuted at the state level.

Las Vegas Metro police announced the arrest of Alfphonso Washington, 47, in connection to allegations of a Lied Middle School teacher committing the acts at the campus.

The fact that these incidents of Clark County School District teachers acting out their barbaric perversity continue to occur on a near monthly basis indicates that Pat Skorkowsky is not doing enough to protect Nevada students.

Since his appointment, Pat Skorkowsky has not developed a comprehensive policy to combat sexual assault crimes by perverted employees of the Clark County School District. Even the facebook page of the Clark County School District fails to even mention the arrest Alfphonso Washington at the time it occured.

Nevada business leaders have not put any pressure on the Mayor or the Clark County School Board to prosecute teacher perversity cases and to develop a formidable policy that will deter these despicable teachers.

When asked about his selection as the new Clark County School Superintendent, and how he would combat these ongoing problems, the scheming Clark County School District offered the local Las Vegas Sun newspaper a mere 10-minute interview. It should be no surprise that rapes are occuring in the Clark County School District. What is shocking is that Nevada parents have a lethargic attitude about the matter, and only respond when their own son or daughter is personally affected.

Perhaps we should either laugh or praise these crimes and then maybe that would spur the Nevada parents to take the safety and security of their children more seriously. Despite this financial-rape, the attitude of many Nevada parents is to do anything to support the teachers even if it leads to cases like John Mannion and other Nevada teacher molestation cases.

Many of the unsophisticated blue-collar parents do not understand that many of the fees being assessed by the Clark County School District are supposed to be accounted for by the state education budget, and not by cash-strapped students.

In a nutshell, not enough is being done to protect the interests of Nevada students, Nevada moms, and to stop the Financial and physical Rape of Nevada Students, and demand that Pat Skorkowsky prevent future Nevada teacher molestations.