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Sunday, May 17, 2015

420-Friendly White Florida Principal Caught Half-Naked with Black Student

45 year-old White Florida Principal + Kunte-Kinta Look-a-like Black Student Busted in Perverted Sex Act and Drugs

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas. A case of another subhuman. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. proclaimed that "All men [women] are created equal." Being "created" equal, and "being" equal are two different concepts. Krista Morton may have the same body parts as other women she is physically "equal" to, however by no means is she "equal" to a moral woman, claims police reports. By now, a substantial number of Americans know that the married High School principal at Mavericks High School in North Palm Beach, 45 year-old Krista Morton was in a car smoking marijuana with her shirt unbuttoned and with a male student. Before she was arrested, she was questioned by police officers. When asked who was the kid young enough to be her grandson, Principal Krista Morton gave the same reply that every tramp/whore/slut/cheater/adulterer gives when caught with a person they should not be with: "We are just friends." She did not refer police officers to the website that featured Florida Scholarships and Grants for Florida students. She did not ask Maverick High-School students to call 1-888-504-2922 for more information to further their college aspirations. She did not distrubute any literature about low-coast Auto Insurance availavle to Florida residents and their families. According to the police report, the disgraced princiapal was partially unclothed, dressed like a filthy whore in heat, and appeared to be under drug intoxication.

Who Hired Unqualified Florida Principal Krista Morton?

According to the police report, North Palm Beach police reported receiving an emergency 911 call from someone who feared a crime was in progress. The caller saw two perverted adults that appeared to be engaging in perverted and disgusting acts. The unusual activity was taking place in a parked vehicle. Officers arrived a short time later at Lakeside Park and observed the vehicle in question. They tapped on the car glass to get the attention of the dirty occupants. Inside, was dirty Mavericks High School Principal, 45 year-old Krista Morton and her youthful, underachieving male. After talking to the man in the car, investigators learned he was a student from Mavericks High of Palm Springs, a tuition-free facility, according to its website. Police determined that the woman with the student was actually the school principal. Further investigation has determined that Krista Morton has a history of perverted conduct. According to the Palm Beach Post, years before the Mavericks principal was caught in a car with one of her students, she was the head of Richard Milburn Academy. Then, the school came under investigation by Manatee officials over allegations of widespread institutional failures and improprieties. The Bradenton Herald wrote this about the incident in 2011.

White Florida Principal + Underachieving Black Male Student

Previous arrest records show that the 18-year-old accused of smoking pot with the principal has been arrested before for possession of marijuana. Maverick High-School is over 65% minority, with the majority Black Americans. The school is a last resort for many students who have dropped outof school, or were too lazy to do their assignments in public school. The student involved with Krista Morton was an under-achieving, Black male student with skin blotches, and prior arrest records for doing the same thing: smoking weed. Despite being married, and despite having the financial-ability and wherewithal to file for divorce, Krista Moore claimed she was "lonely."

This is a familiar language when a woman simply wants to be a tramp. Krista Morton used her administrative position to seduce the student, according to police reports. Students at the low-performing school can range in age from 15 to 21 years of age. Theodore Samuda, a 19 year-old, angry-looking, and underachieving student at the school, and the airhead principal appear to make a great couple. Sadly, both the student and the principal appear to be two lonely and desperate creatures. The pictures of these two persons says it all. However, desperate their mutal desperation, both persons should be strong enough to overcome their animal impulses and think of the long-term consequences. Being a married woman, and a school administrator, is evidence that Krista Morton not only engaged in Adultery, but she also destroyed any vestige of respect as a professional. No self-respecting woman should have any problem dismissing Theodore Samuda as a potential suitor. If he asks a woman for her phone number, the woman should simply reply, "Here is the phone number to my dermatologist..."

Calfornia Personal Injury Attorney Hotline Phone Network Targets Perverted Teachers and All Injuries

Anyone that has been harmed by the conduct of either Krista Morton or weed breath Theodore Samuda, should immediately call the famous Calfornia Personal Injury Attorney Hotline Phone Network. The family of Theodore Samuda should call the California Personal Injury Attorney Hotline for two reasons: 1.) Was his face injured before he met Krista Morton, and if so, who injured him? Contact the California Personal Injury Attorney Hotline Telephone number at 1-213-437-3002; 2.) The family of Theodore Samuda should call the California Personal Injury Attorney Hotline for any emotional or physical injuries he may have received as a result of interacting with Krista Morton. Since Theodore Samuda is over 18 years of age, he should have known that the posession of a drug was illegal. Did he seduce the desperate cougar, or did the cougar seduce the desperate over-aged student? The Family and friends of Ktista Morton should contact the Thoride Samuda have a sexual disease hen both of them should call the Student Health Insurance Hotline at 1-213-437-3002. . Free Scholarship Searches

North Korean Prosecutors Needed to Prosecute U.S. Teacher Perverts

Where as American prosecutors can't seem to prosecute women who resemble their sisters or mothers, North Korean prosecutors have no problem in putting immoral persons away for a long time. In numerous cases, local U.S. prosecutors have demonstrated that they are two weak to prosecute white-collar, suburban women, who have engaged in rape or sexual assault of students. For example, the two blondes Rachel Respess and Shelley Dufresne were accused of having group sex with male students, but the local Louisiana prosecutors do not have the guts to prosecute these two blonde women. Assistant District Attorney Julie Cullen and District Attorney Joel Chaisson II are a disgrace to the law enforcement community, and should be disbarred for misfeasance, and moral turpitude; Shelley Dufresne is a sick female rapist, and Krista Morton is an immoral thug. Both Rachel Respess and Shelley Dufresne did not receive any jail time, and neither was required to register as a sex offender. Shelley Dufresne never promoted the NAAS.ORG website, never requested that students search for scholarships on the NAAS.ORG website, and never even distributed official Louisiana high-school scholarship literature. For Florida general Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid not dicussed by Krista Morton or her teenage admirer Theodore Samuda, please see this page:
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