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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dirty Lamar Odom Caught at Nevada Brothel with Multiple Stinking Prostitutes

Dirty Lamar Odom Caught at Nevada Brothel with Multiple Stinking Prostitutes

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas. Dirty Lamar Odom Caught at Nevada Brothel with Multiple Stinking Prostitutes. News reports claim that the former NBA, and Los Angeles Laker star basketball player Lamar Odom was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel following a drug overdose. One of the worst-looking men on Earth, it is not surprising that Mr. Lamar Odom feels compelled to "purchase" affection. Despite his significant character flaws, poor grooming habits, and his history of drug use, and solicitation of prostitutes, T.V. celebrity Khloe Kardashian can't seem to extricate herself from this type of male. It is common for many uneducated women, regardless or their socio-economic status, to be attracted to thuggish-males Lamar Odom has no demonstrated record of directing students to complete scholarship or grant applications sponsored by leading scholarship sponsors or even requesting that students seek Emergency Loan help. The central question for Lamar Odom is this: Why didn't Lamar Odom invite his mother, children, or wife Khloe Kardashian to meet the same prostitutes that he selected?

What Brothel Owner Dennis Hof Said About Dirty Lamar Odom

Dennis Hof, the owner of the Love Ranch in Crystal spoke to the American media, and confirmed what Lamar Odom was doing at this glorified house of prostitution and sin. Dennis Hof confirmed that Lamar Odon sought cheap and filthy sex, much like an animal. Despite being familiar with National Academy of American Scholars in Los Angeles, and its mission of helping youth and adults since September of 1988, Lamar Odom was NOT discussing, distributing, or promoting ANY scholarships, grants, or financial-aid for American youth or adults. Amazing?! What Lamer Odom was willing to discuss, apparently, was something dirty, despicable, and evil with immoral females who sell their filthy bodies to desperate men. Lamar Odom is wealthy, but appears to be desperate for cheap female affection. His is not a scholar by any means. He probably can't even write an articulate response to this article without hiring some professional person or attorney to assist him. Low-Class Lamar Odom is a perfect match for low-class women. Neither of these persons have donated a dime to the National Scholarship Fund.

Perverted Lamar Odom is a National Disgrace: He used Sexual Performance Drugs and Refused to Discuss Scholarships

Perverted Lamar Odom is a National Disgrace: He used Sexual Performance Drugs and Refused to Discuss even popular NCAA Basketball Scholarships. Now a days, more and lower-level female species are actually attracted to bald-headed male species. Prostitutes continue to disclose the perversions of former NBA player, Lamar Odom. Based upon media reports, it appears that this coke user was unable to maintain an erection over several hours, and that Lamar Odom therefore sought performance-enhancing sex drugs. His inferior masculinity led him to use sexual-related drugs on prostitutes. The use of performance enhancing drugs by Lamar Odom or any male on blonde-haired prostitutes, and his apparent inability to even get a flirtatious and lustful Khloe Kardashian pregnant, suggests that bald-headed Lamar Odom is simply a wuss and sissy when it comes to women. The fact is that: Only Inferior men need performance enhancing drugs and steriods whereas superior men do not need such items. It is true that manhood has nothing to do sexuality or with getting a women pregnant. However, Lamar Odom needs to address why he spent money on performance-enhancing drugs, and not on donating funds to scholarships.

Is this America's First Couple of Perversity?: Freak-Face Khloe Kardashian + Coke-Breath Lamar Odom??

Freak-face Khloe Kardashian can't seem to understand that her coke-breath husband Lamar Odom does not want her. Is Khloe Kardashian perverted for desiring a male like Lamar Odom? After-all, the guy can't even keep hair on his head, but too many women can't figure out that this often translates to erection problems. The lower-level female species is attracted to bald men, thug-type males, that pursue whores and tramps. Mrs. Frankenstein appears to be madly in love with a disgrace. God provided Lamar Odom with one talent: to dribble a basketball. It appears that Lamar Odom knows nothing or little about pleasing or satisfying any women. Mrs. Frankenstein probably hates the fact that her husband Lamar Odom is not articulate, college-educated, well-spoken, attractive, a non-smoker, and non-drug user. Freak-Face Khloe Kardashian is a fool for trying to change Lamar Odom. Get the message Mrs. Frankenstein, Lamar Odom prefers blondes, or prostitutes, and apparently not Frankenstein brunettes. The media suggests that your worthless husband uses drugs, pays thousands of dollars on dirty prostitutes, snorts cocaine, and even uses perverted performance-enhancing drugs. The media reports that your so-called "husband" paid an incredible sum of at least $75,000 to be in the company of two disgusting females who value their entire self-worth with their disgusting, filthy and prostitution-dirty vagina. Prostitutes are some of the most vile, diseased, and most immoral species on Earth. That is how low the husband of Freak-Face Khloe Kardashian apparently has become. Lamar Odom's "manhood" is apparently so inferior that he needs man-made drugs to even maintain an erection. Lamar Odom is an embarrassment to his ethnicity. Freak-Face Khloe Kardashian is attracted to Lamar Odom because she apparently or may have similar sexually-perverted thoughts. After-all, she once wanted Lamar Odom, of all people, to get her pregnant. Her attraction to Lamar Odom is not "love" as the entertainment media reports, but a form of perverted female sickness: an attraction to the lowest scum men on Earth, but dislike of more suitable males. Nevada law enforcement needs to place Lamar Odom, and the prostitutes he was with was under arrest for drug possession; possession of narcotics with intent to distribute; disturbance of the peace; possession of narcotics paraphernalia; and, being a public nuisance.

Challenge to Lamar Odom: Write an Essay Disagreeing with this Article.

Challenge to Lamar Odom: Write an Essay Disagreeing with this Article. We challenge Lamar Odom to follow the standard English conventions and write a rebuttal essay to this story within 15 days of its publication; I will publish the story unedited, and uncensored. The fact of the matter is that Khloe Kardashian, like many of the lower level female species of her type, wants to convince Americans that Lamar Odom is a "great" guy that deserves some sympathy. However, at the same time, we know he lusts for prostitutes that look completely different from his brunette freak-face. His Freak-face wife acts more like a mother than a wife. A legitimate wife will tell Lamar Odom to cease and desist his perversity, and stop chasing blonde-haired prostitutes. A legitimate wife endorses and promotes Scholaships for Moms, and Financial-aid For Women.

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