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Friday, November 5, 2010

Idaho Citizens Re-Elect Unqualified Tom Luna

The business partner of The Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Tom Luna, beat longtime educator Stan Olson to keep Idaho's top elected education post. Despite concerns about his qualifications, weight, integrity, character, and intelligence, and educational experience, Idaho residents, and many Russian transplants voted for Tom Luna.

In fact, a substantial percentage of the vote for Tom Luna can be traced to Russian and immigrant transplants from Eastern Europe. Idaho voters would have voted for Timothy McVeigh as School Superintendent if it were not for his Oklahoma experiment, and eventual execution.

Regardless of the excuses, Idaho voters chose to elect Tom Luna to another four years to mange a public education system that used accreditation schemes to lure students.

Tom Luna has held the top educator position since January 2007 and won re-election despite public reports linking his aspirations and objectives to Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Inc., and a lousy budget for public education in Idaho.

Idaho lawmakers have rightfully cut about $128 million from the schools budget for the current fiscal year although the required amount should have been $250 million. The lawmakers have slashed total spending on public education although many Idaho educators are still feeding off budget fat, pork, and special privileges tied to private companies.

Of the $128 million slashed from the budget, not a penny was slashed on its business accrediation relationship with Northwest Association of Accredited Schools. Why? Russian influence and control.

The Idaho teachers union may have backed Olson and criticized Luna for his lack of experience in the classroom, but the Russian underground backed Tom Luna.

Tom Luna may have won, but Russia is the true victor.