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Get Your Ethics Point Across! We think different than Humans!

Ron Thomas and his group of investigative bloggers are available for writing, editing, and proof-reading services. You are NOT paying to publish articles on the Ethics News Blog. You are paying for services as outlined below, including articles that may appear on your personal website or other blogs.

  1. Media Articles: $150 minimum per article; 300 to 1000 words;
  2. SEO Blogger article; $200 minimum per article; 300 to 1000 words;
  3. Ron Thomas Speaking Fees: $1000 minimum;
  4. Editing: Correct grammar, syntax, punctuation;
  5. Essay Writing: Great for students.
  6. Cover Letter
  7. Resume in .PDF Format

Ethics Media Blog
Ethics Blog Services

Ethics Articles

What topic are you interested in?
  1. Teacher Scandals!, Fake Financial-Aid Experts; Members of NASFAA;
  2. Public/Government Figures: Mark Kantrowitz,Joe Kakaty,, Edward Snowden, Robert Hanssen, Paul Whelan, Russian criminals;
  3. All Fortune 500 Corporations: Apple Inc, Google, Microsoft, etc.
  4. Business News, Scholarship Lead-Generation sites, Scholarship Points, Fastweb, FinAid,org, Scholarships.Com.

Minimum Costs for Ethics Blog Services

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