Sunday, August 18, 2019

Dirty Prosecutor Kamala Harris: Uncle Tom running for U.S. President Tormented Minorities

Dirty Prosecutor Kamala Harris: Uncle Tom running for U.S. President Tormented Minorities Uncle Tom Kamala Harris

Dirty Prosecutor Kamala Harris: Uncle Tom running for U.S. President Tormented Minorities

By Special Correspondent:Blog Writer Ron Thomas

Dirty Kamala Harris: Hypocrite black girl running for U.S. President. On August 5th, 2019, a dirty and disgusting Kamala Harris remarked: we have to speak the truth that racism is real in this country. Only by speaking this truth can we begin to address and defeat it.

After persecuting racial minorities in the state of California as the California Attorney General, and as a prosecutor in San Francisco, California, Kamala Harris has the audacity to base her 2020 U.S. Presidential campaign on U.S. Civil Rights?

In truth, Kamala Harris has based her entire career as a servant to the extreme elements of the U.S. Democratic Party.

Now that Kamala Harris is running for the U.S. Presidency, she realizes that she needs the Black vote to win. Kamala Harris needs the support of Black men. In other words, Uncle Tom Kamala Harris needs to prostitute the need to win votes vs. her personal desire to distance herself from Black culture.

Kamala Harris has Relied Upon a Bed-to-Bed Relationship with Democratic Liberal White Men.

In that role, Kamala Harris has served Institutional white racism under the Democratic Party flag, and used her position as a prosecutor to persecute racial minorities in general, and to target Black men in particular.

Kamala Harris did not accidentally marry her husband. Kamala Harris intentionally and deliberately married herself a white man to further her career, and to put distance between the interests of the Black community and herself.

Indeed, the career of Kamala Harris has relied upon a bed-to-bed relationship with paternalistic white males. It is unclear of the volume of white boys that Kamala Harris has invited into her dirty bedroom. However, it is clear that Kamala Harris has slept with a sufficient volume to entice at least one to marry her.

Instead of serving the interests of the Black comuunity, Kamala Haris has sought to stimulate her personal immoral lusts.

U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard Exposes black girl Kamala Harris as a Political Con Artist

During the recent U.S. Presidential debate, U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard ( a real woman with real hair) went after Kamala Harris. The intelligent, articulate, and more polished Ms. Gabbard exposed Kamala Harris for what she truly is: An Uncle Tom hypocrite prosecutor working to deprive minorities of their U.S. Civil Rights; working to use Black men as cheap labor to fight dangerous California wildfires; fighting against the rights of black male convicts to seek evidence that might clear their names and prove that their convictions were not legitimate; using techniques and methods consistent with racist white male prosecutors to undermine the judiciary when a black man or racial minority is the defendant; and, Ms. Gabbard exposed facts that had already been known about dirty Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris is an instrument of Institutional Liberal White Racism.

Kamala Harris never faced a free woman like Tulsi Gabbard before. Coward Kamala Harris and her pitiful husband are very used to hand-cuffed and poor defendants of color. When the superior candidate Tulsi Gabbard spoke, Kamala Harris had no response.

Kamala Harris is clearly use to providing scripted responses to questions she knows in advance. U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard threw strikes while Kamala Harris was gasping for air.

Not until long after the debate, did Kamala Harris have an idea how bad Tulsi Gabbard took ker down with a TKO. Kamala Harris wanted to point to the polling numbers of Ms. Gabbard rather use opposition facts.

Kamala Harris sought to use the same cheap and dirty tactics of racist prosecutors by seeking to diminish her adversary.

Dirty Kamala Harris is a Political Prostitute

Kamala Harris is a Political Prostitute willing to say snything for votes. The record of Kamala Harris as a U.S. Attorney General is clear. The record of Kamala Harris as a city prosecutor is on public display. Morevover, the marraige of Kamala Harris is an indictment against her claims to be a supporter of U.S. Civil Rights.

Kamala Harris is hunting for black votes the same way she hunted for a white man to marry. Her goal: The U.S. Prsidency. Did Kamala Harris not know that U.S. Senator Cory Booker is already running? Of course she did. Kamala Harris running for the U.S. Presidency while an able-bodied Black man is also running is the height of disrespect.

Vote No Against Dirty Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris speaks like a snake, and uses two tongues. There are only two possible votes for the minority community: Tulsi Gabbard or Cory Booker. Kamala Harris is not legitimate.

Kamal Harris sold her soul to the Devil for economic fortune and publicity. If Kammla Harris were deciding to prosecute the Emmitt Till Case, she would have freed the white men without a trial.

A vote for Kamala Harris is a vote for corruption, dishonesty, and moral turpitude, and Institutional Racism. Reject tramp Kamala Harris!