Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Low I.Q. Bimbo Danielle Ford Targets "Colored" Persons

Low I.Q. Bimbo Danielle Ford Uses Racial Slur from 1950's Era.

By Special Correspondent: Ron Thomas

Nevada has long been associated with accepting mediocrity, hiring criminals and prostitutes, erasing criminal records, hiring females based upon intimate output vs. qualifications, and then electing persons based upon photogenic qualities.

Both Danielle Ford and Kali Fox Miller, ran as candidates for CCSD Board of Trustee District F. The more photogenic sandidate, Danielle Ford, won. Is it any wonder that high-school drop-out Clark County School District Trustee Danielle Ford would later use a racial slur directed at Blacks during a trustee meeting??? It is doubtful that Kali Fox Miller, a black woman, would have done this.

Kali Fox Miller was defeated by Danille Ford because Kali Fox Miller did not address the facts about Danielle Ford. Danielle Ford is a high-school drop out for a reason. Deal with it! Danielle Ford is a classic bimbo: an unqualified woman with blonde-hair, very willng legs, a genetically inferior I.Q. level, and a desire to get ahead at all costs. Apparently, insulting working moms is an option for Danielle Ford to win points.

Nevada residents elected Danielle Ford, and voted this blonde-bimbo into the position of a Clark County School District Trustee. The brain of Danielle Ford is either 80% helium or plain air.

Investigation of Clark County School District Trustee Danielle Ford

The CCSDTalk Mobile app is designed to address bimbo acts by Clark County School District Trustees.

Yet, Danielle Ford did dowload the CCSDTalk Mobile app before she decided to refer to Black students with a racial slur. Apparently, bimbo Danielle Ford got the years confused because there so much air circulating between her ears!

Wake-up Danielle Ford! Thw year is actually 2019, not 1951!

The fact that Nevada residents elected a dumb high-school drop like Danielle Ford, who apparently DOES NOT HAVE THE I.Q. LEVEL to know that certain words are racial slurs, is hypocrticial. Nevada residents want to improve the sorry state of their education system, but chose to elect a blonde-haired bimbo who probably reads 1 book every 5 years!!

Bimbo Danielle Ford Tied to Sexually suggestive photos

In further evidence of her genetic inferiority, Danielle Ford solicited a modeling company, and posted pictures of herself with very little clothing on in 2012. Danielle Ford claimed the following: "I AM A LAS VEGAS NATIVE, SINGLE MOMMY OF 2, MODEL, ONLINE MARKETER AND POKER PLAYER."

In other words, Danielle Ford is no model. She opened up her dirty legs at least twice for a male who was her genetically inferior equal. Only a guy with a limited brain sees anything attractive about Danielle Ford.

Minority and Black Residents Urged to Recall Low I.Q. Danielle Ford

Like many bimbos, and other subHumans, Danielle Ford wishes she could apply make-up to her brain the way she applies make to her face.

Danielle Danielle Ford issued a cheap apology for her actions. The apology of Danielle Ford is as valuable as her dirty tampons. The vagina of Danille Ford smells exactly the same as all other blondes. Yet, she thinks is special.

Danielle Ford is a stinking blonde-bimbo with an inferior brain; only a person of extreme stupidity and dumbness would not know that the racial slur used by Danielle Ford was not offensive.

Black and minority residents SHOULD NOT ACCEPT the phony excuses of this privileged bimbo when there is no record of her having ever dated or married a member of the community she insulted.

Danille Ford really thinks she is special. She is very special: a low I.Q. bimbo with no qualifactions for any legitimate job, who was elected by a populace that does not value intellect. Great job Danielle!!

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