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Female Football Player Toni Harris Used As Cheap Marketing Gimmick

Toni Harris Football player

Female Football Player Toni Harris Used As Cheap Marketing Gimmick

By Special Correspondent: Ron Thomas Toni Harris is one in a long series of cheap and unqualified marketing gimmicks. Educated, and well-informed Black men rejected the political candidacy of Stacey Abrams for Governor of Atlanta for good reason. Stacey Abrams represents the worst of the Democratic Party racism. She is political quota being selected and groomed by the Democratic Party for the specific purpose to displace and to minimize educated African-American males.

All one needs to do is to read the glowing praise of Stacy Abrams that the Democratic Party is using to describe this fat, over-weight, gap-tooth, cake-eating, pizza-chomping,lettuce-hating, unqualified, and weave-wearing black woman. Black men rejected Stacy Abrams at the polls, and Democratic pollsters even ignored that fact. Hopefully, Kamala Harris will similarly be rejected.

Marketing Gimmick Toni Harris Given Football Scholarship

At every opportunity, perverted businessmen with a fetish for unattractive dark-skinned black girls seek another angle for marketing and theatrics. Toyota and Toni Harris are a great match. Why? Jewish MBA Marketing majors are very clever: Use the dark-skin fetish that many white guys have inorder to increase focus on the automobile driven by Toni Harris. In fact, modern marketing tactics are using dark-skin women like circus oddities, and to even fabricate the notion of beauty.

Toni Harris supposedly plays football at the East Los Angeles College. In reality, there are concerns of some persons that Toni Harris is a Cheap Marketing Gimmick or circus-football player who is being used to sell products and to appeal to the dark-skin fetish of white males.

I have been to the area of East L.A., and seen many of the players on her team. The male football players at East Los Angeles College are sissies, weak, and pathetic. They are the low I.Q. rejects that barely graduated from the worst schools in L.A.

The main-stream media does not want to discuss certain facts. "Toni Harris has shown great resolve in her journey and quest to be a college football player," claims East L.A. coach Bobby Godinez in a statement he made via NBC 4 in Los Angeles. Toni Harris is a close to being a legitimate football player as she is close to being a blonde-haired, fair-skinned, and blue-eyed Scandinavian beauty.

Toni Harris is so caught up in media hype that this simple-minded girl actually believes she is a football player. Before long, Toni Harris will be dreaming she is Barbie and her boy-friend is Ken.

Top Division I Midwest Schools Have No Interest in Gimmick Toni Harris

From her East Los Angeles College, so-called free safety Toni Harris signed recently with Central Methodist, an NAIA school in Missouri. Both of these schools are barely representative of true Division I schools. Both feature players rejected from true Division I schools like Ohio State, Michigan, Purdue, etc.

Wake up Toni Harris! You are nothing more than another clever marketing prop that is now being exposed for what you are truly are. No matter how many Toyota ads that Toni Harris may appear in, no matter how many times Fortune 500 companies are using dark-skin black girls as a marketing fetish, Toni Harris is not a legitimate Division I football player unless she can tackle a Bo Jackson, Emmitt Smith, or Eric Disckerson type player.

Why are there no highlight reels of Toni Harris tackling 235 lbs. running backs? I strongly suspect that Toni Harris is really a cheap media stunt. The question is whether or not Toni Harris is too simple-minded to understand this fact due to suspicions of her having a low I.Q.

East Los Angeles College is NOT Ohio State, The Crimson Tide of Alabama, or the Wolverines of Michigan. It will take 1 hit from a player from one of these schools to break the bones of Toni Harris in so many places that this female football player will know her place. The Kitchen. Office Secretary. Paralegal. Teacher. Etc.

Athletic Stats of Toni Harris Are Probably Embarrassing

What are the athletic stats of Toni Harris?? Why did Toyota not publish this information??

U.S.A. Today reports that Harris is a native of Detroit and has played football for East L.A. for the past two seasons. The newspaper claims that Toni Harris was featured in the Toyota ad, in part, because of her childhood and the odds she’s beaten to become a college football player. Wow?

First, we don't care about your childhood. Second, so what!!

What the article did not discuss is the 40-yard dash speed of Toni Harris. Apparently, Toni Harris is so slow that her sprint times are embarrassing. What about bench press? Can Toni Harris bench 400 lbs.? Of course not. Can Toni Harris squat 250lbs. on 1 leg?? Can Toni Harris curl 75lbs with one arm?? Yet, Toyota is trying to convince half-way intelligent persons that this gimmick is a football player??!!

Hello Toni Harris: Being in a Super Bowl Ad don't make you a football player!

Zion Williamson is a college basketball player. He comes across as humble, and very talented. Toni Harris seems arrogant. It is time to check Toni Harris. You are a low-I.Q., ghetto black girl being groomed as a media prop.

Zion Williamson is real. He has not appeared in any damn Super Bowl ad. He is a superior athlete. He is too good to attend a lowly East L.A. college. To be fair, Toni Harris needs to get to the level of Zion Williamson, or get back to her fake weaves or fake straight-hair!

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