Sunday, December 31, 2017

Tramp+ Married Kentucky Lindsey Jarvis Accused of Sodomizing Boy

Married Kentucky teacher Lindsey Jarvis Accused of Sodomizing Boy

Filthy Kentucky Tramp Lindsey Jarvis Accused of Raping Young Boy despite status as a Married Teacher.

By Special Human Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Perverted teachers hate this blog. Blondes, brunettes, redheads, and all non-virgins hate this blog. Why? The free-speech commentary provides a truthful analysis of an ongoing national epidemic.

Statistics verify that an overwhelming majority of the typical persons accused or arrested for child molesting and teenage boy assaults are NOT minority men or minority women.

A criminal complaint alleges that a married Kentucky Teacher named Lindsey Jarvis has exposed herself as underground subHuman pervert. Specifically, a criminal indictment accuses married Kentucky Teacher Lindsey Jarvis of not only raping a young boy, but sodomizing him to fulfill her seemingly perverted, and debased pleasures. If the allegations are true or even partially true, the married Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis is a pervert and subHuman.

What are the facts in this case? Evidence concludes that Lindsey Jarvis is married. The most important evidence against Lindsey Jarvis, though, is that she IS NOT A VIRGIN, and had sexual relations BEFORE she was married. Thus, she is a subHuman and pervert regardless of any criminal allegations.

As a married woman, cell-phone pictures demonstrate a naked woman on the phone of a middle-school aged-boy. I wonder how he would get naked pictures on his phone of a teacher? Of a married woman? The police further claim to have evidence that Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis sodomized the young boy in May 2016 and then lusted after the same young boy like a depraved whore out of control.

Unfortunately, this country does not have the same penalties of punishment for depraved females like in Saudi Arabia or socially-forward thinking countries like India where women accused of or arrested for perverted acts like Adultery or teenage acts are appropriately punished.

Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis was smiling in court for a reason. She is well aware of the pathetic record of impotent male prosecutors and like-minded weak female prosecutors of not prosecuting married or single suburban women who are subHumans. This Blog exposes subHumans and fraudulent so-called prosecutors who REFUSE TO PROSECUTE AND IMPRISON BLONDE-HAIRED CHILD MOLESTERS!

Hello Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis. How would you like to be prosecuted by Ron Thomas? She certainly would not be smiling in court, or out-of-court. Were you really that desperate? Let me get this straight. Lindsey Jarvis was both married, and a teacher! Despite having a marital certificate (which every subHuman female agrees is worthless), and a teaching license (also considered worthless by most blondes and brunettes), Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis still sought to apparently use her dirty, smelling, rotten-egg smelling vagina on a young boy whom she could control and dominate.

Dear Satan: Will you please take your dirty subHumans from this Earth, and sentence them to 1,000 years in Hell where they certainly belongs. It's your choice: car accident, endless nightmare, a 10-year vacation to Saudia Arabia, forced to date a man they hate, fall, slip, dog mauling, etc. Just get your subHumans way from the God-fearing Human race.

The criminal complaint suggest that Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis is a subHuman, a dirty tramp who not only engaged in Adultery, but stands accused of sodomy to satisfy her bestial desires of sodomy. The criminal complaint further suggests that Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis is a disgrace to the Human race, and a very demented female animal. A reader to this Blog questioned me: Where is famed subHuman pick-up artists like handsome Theodore Bundy or John Wayne Gacy when their tremendous personality and human-cleansing services are most needed? We need you guys! Kentucky streets appear to need cleaning. LOL..

Punk Husband Andrew Jarvis Appears in Court with subHuman Trashy Wife. The Lindsey Jarvis family stinks!

The Lindsey Jarvis family stinks! What husband would allow his wife to sodomize or meet middle-school boys after-hours? Any normal teacher wants to teach, and leave the classroom without any further contact with middle-school aged demons.

The public may need a Ventilator Mask when near the Jarvis Family. What normal husband is willing to accept an adulterous wife who not only engages in adultery, but considers under-age minors as attractive boy-friends? As if to under-score her actions, she smiled in court. What does Lindsey Jarvis know that the public does not know? Does she know that Kentucky prosecutors are sissies, perverts, and also molesting children, and that they will not prosecute er?

According to the criminal complaint, Lindsey Jarvis is beyond sick. She should not be referred to as a Human. Instead of tossing her head-first out of his house, or demanding that she also marry the teen boy she allegedly victimized, the husband of Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis appeared at her side in a court proceeding as if he were a little puppy who admired Mama Whore. Yes, Mr. Andrew Jarvis your wife stands accused of raping a young boy was not old enough to teach Lindsey Jarvis a lesson that you apparently are not man enough to do: Put that tramp in her place and tell her to return to her husband!! Who said they would spit in the face of Lindsey Jarvis? Not me. Maybe someone else, though.

If there is any part of these adjectives or this story that Mr. Andrew Jarvis wants repeated to his face and in person, all he needs to do is to email me the time and date we can meet. I will make sure to wear a Ventilator Mask such that I do not and cannot smell any part of the same dirty body his wife may have touched.

Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis, the social sciences teacher pleaded not guilty to two counts of rape. The weird couple even held hands in court. Yuk! Yuk! Hold your noise. Not to mention that Lindsey Jarvis sure is ugly. Her nose looks like a pointed penis, and her smile reeks of perversity that seems to say: I am a Kentucky whore for any man on Earth!

Only a man who is truly desperate accepts a lying, cheating, and adulterous tramp. There are millions of females out there Mr. Lindsey Jarvis. Can't you find at least one half-decent one? .

No federal Charges Against White Female Teacher, but Feds Charge Minority Suspects

Local media reports claim that subHuman Lindsey Jarvis took nude pictures of the teenage boy (apparently she is attracted to small pink penises of little boys). The non-virgin penis-loving tramp Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis shared pornographic pictures of her 'cute' minor friend and/or herself using an electronic device, court documents allege. Why no federal charges? The federal government immediately sought federal charges against Albert Hernandez when did the exact same thing with a white female in Las Vegas, NV.

Ugly Lindsey Jarvis, 27, allegedly had sex with the underage boy when she worked as a social studies teacher at Woodford County Middle School in Kentucky, according to WKYT.

Lindsey Jarvis forced the young boy to be near her dirty body, and to smell her filthy vagina. The victim told police that he slept with the animal, while his cellphone had evidence that he and the female animal were in a romantic relationship.>

Letter to Kentucky Attorney General Demanding 40-year Sentence

I will be writing a letter to the Kentucky Attorney General to demand why animal Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis is receiving preferential treatment, and to determine if she will be facing the maximum charges in this case. The young boy is a victim of the adult perversity of 27 year-old non-virgin/animal Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis. She is a sick monster. Some of my readers even suggested that she be dropped of the San Fransciso Gate Bridge head first!

Capital punishment will deter female apes like Lindsey Jarvis. The prosepect of being sentenced to being dropped off a bridge is very exciting.

Does Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis Have any STDS? AIDS? HERPES? ETC?

The public deserves the right to know if Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis is carrying something other than the perversity and immoral conduct that is already between her dirty legs. Here is what we do know: LINDSEY JARVIS IS NOT A VIRGIN!! Therefore, the vagina of Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis stinks and is filthy dirty! Her marriage is fake in the sense that it is really a convenience platform for personal perversity. Who marries a non-virgin??!!

The public and the young boy need to know how many other teenage victims are out there? 10, 20, 50, 100? If Mr. Jarvis wants to keep his trashy wife then that is fine, but journalists and publishers have the right to inquire.

Ron Thomas book on Solution to subHumans and their False Cries of Sexual Harassment

A new crime bill needs to be developed. It should be a crime for a person of known genetic inferiority to have sexual relations with a human, or require any person desiring such relations to first pass a academic, moral, and religious exam.

Mr. & Mrs. Lindesy Jarvis have the legal ability to engage in mutual perversity with each other, and they have the moral right of desiring each other's dirty body. They need not wash or shower, or even bath. Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis need not use mouth wash to rinse off the semen from last week's sexual encounter. Lindsey Jarvis is free to be a subhuman piece of slime. Fine.

However, when a young boy is abused then I get involved. Keep reading this blog for updates to my upcoming Solution to subHumans and their False Cries of Sexual Harassment. America is in need of serious cleansing. With my new book, I provide tips, resources, and suggestions how we can protect our youth and improve our moral strength.