Tuesday, November 28, 2017

CCSD Pervert Willie D. Bell Proves Clark County DA is Hypocrite

CCSD Pervert Willie D. Bell Proves Clark County DA is Hypocrite

CCSD Pervert Willie D. Bell Proves Clark County DA is Hypocrite
Probation Awarded to Willie Bell for Impregnating and Raping CCSD Student

By Special Human Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

In July of 2017, this Special Human Publisher correctly predicted that the corrupt and impotent Clark County District Attorney office, and its corrupt male and female employees would seek probation for subHumsn Willie Bell.

According to court documents NOT reported by the Las Vegas Review Journal (the local newspaper refuses to publish facts that shed light on local Nevada corruption, and how select teachers are rewarded with light or non-existent sentences when they rape and abuse students), Willie Bell was awarded probation despite tough talk from the Clark County District Office vowing to seek the maximum punishment for CCSD teachers involved in proven sexual acts with students.

Not only was Willie Bell involved with a young girl at Eldorado High-School, this penis-faced pervert took the extra step of impregnating an innocent high-school student. In other words, subHuman Willie Bell was such a disgraceful, pathetic,genetically inferior, low-life, male ape, that he apparently could not resist a teenage girl whom was simply a high-school student. Think about it.

Willie Bell was desperate! He could not win the affection of a real woman and therefore sought a teenage girl with a half-developed brain. Let's be honest.

This half-woman did not have the experience or knowledge to reject a male pervert like Willie Bell.

In my previous July 2017 article, I predicted the following:

All indications point to no prison-time for Willie Bell, and that the office of Clark County District Attorney Steve Pussycat will again punk-out. Read my first article predicting probation by Willie Bell and cowardice by the local prosecutor to punish the client of an attorney who is also on friendly terms with the Clark County D.A. office.

Re-Cap of SubHuman Willie Bell. Willie Bell was supervised by at least three pockets of blank air (Blonde-Haired Females)

One of his alleged supervisors or co-workers was allegedly blonde-haired female Ms. Deanna McHenry within the Special Education Department. Sources claim that Mr. Willie Bell reportedly worked as a Special Education teacher. Mr. Willie Bell was also supervised to an extent by blonde-haired Assistant Principal Michele Ferriolo. Rumors circulate that the blonde-haired female principal terminates or discontinues the employment of quality, moral, and high-integrity male teachers, but that she approved the long-term employment status of a subHuman rapist like Willie Bell. Call it Karma. Blondes think with their dirty and disgusting vagina, while Humans are guided By God, and think with their brains and spirit.

Willie Bell also substituted on several occasions for blonde-haired female Ms. Shanna Stott in the 200 hall, according to teachers familiar with the school. Shanna Stott is rumored to be attracted to dark-haired and/or dark-skinned Black males despite her being a direct opposite of such males, and despite her apparent marriage to someone completely different.

This opinion is based upon teacher allegations that Mrs. Stott orally expressed or confirmed to another teacher to be a fan of male bimbo Cam Newton; the guy too dumb to outsmart Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, and too much of a coward to take a public position on the ongoing NFL protests by his fellow NFL athletes. Have you ever seen Cam Newton write an essay? No. Pockets of blank air are attracted to Pockets of Blank Air.

subHuman Willie Bell was surrounded by multiple pockets of blank air at Eldorado High School. This subHuman used their vibrations, so to speak, to get the attention of a half-developed teenage female. Blank pockets like Cam Newton, Willie Bell, etc. excel at attracting subHuman females. About the only thing Cam Newton is good at is playing with a football while the only thing typical blonde-haired females excel at is perversity; thus, Willie Bell being supervised by and/or working with pockets of blank air.

What Perverted Acts Did Willie Bell Admit to?

Local media reports claim that subHuman Willie Bell met up with his victim outside of the Eldorado High-School for the first time sometime before the 2016 Christmas break.

Pervert Willie Bell picked her up from her house without her parents’ knowledge, police said. By picking the student up without the parent's consent, law enforcment claims that Mr. Willie Bell engaged in Kidnapping.

However, all it takes is a slick attorney to negotiate with the corrupt Clark County District Office, and all serious charges will evaporate like brain cells missing from a blonde.

After having apparently kidnapped the student from her parent's house. Pervert Willie Bell and the Mexican female student went to pervert Bell’s house. The Mexican female student told police she just slept in the pervert's bed, and nothing took place.

According to CDC statistics, Black and Hispanic females have very high STD rates. The typical American Black male like Wille Bell is a known transmitter of STD diseases; these facts mean nothing to female perverts.

Pervert Willie Bell admitted to police that he and this high-school student had perverted, dirty, and sinful relations the night of Nov. 25 and the next morning.

Neither Willie Bell or the student were married at the time, and neither did Willie Bell make a marriage proposition to the teen student.

The Genetic Inferiority of CCSD Employee and Eldorado Teacher Willie Bell

What we know is that Willie Bell admitted to his genetic DNA inferiority by the fact that he could not resist something as simple as a vagina. To put it even more bluntly, Willie Bell is genetically inferior, and his inability to reject his own impluses is evidence of his animal-like inferiority. The slick attorney of Willie Bell convinced an immoral group of prosecutors to accept the outrageous argument that Willie Bell merely made mistakes.

In fact, inferior subHuman Willie Bell met the teenange victim on several occassions as well. Each meeting waa the same: Willie Bell passed his genetically inferior semen to his victim, and the result will be a genetically defective subHuman.

Probation. No Jail Time for Willie Bell.

A new crime bill needs to be developed. It should be a crime for a person of known genetic inferiority to have sexual relations with a human, or require any person desiring such relations to first pass a academic, moral, and religious exam.

Despite having been charged with Rape, Kidnapping, sexual assault, and an assortment of other felony crimes, in the end, the Clark County District Attorney demonstrated itself to be a paper tiger when it comes to well-connected attorneys who can easily manipulate the employees of the Clark County District Attorney Office and win no jail-time.