Sunday, October 15, 2017

Dirty Allegations Against Ugly Texas Teacher Sara Kathryn D'Spain

Ugly Texas Teacher Sara Kathryn D'Spain Seeks Teen Boys. Dares Pathetic Texas Prosecutors to Imprison Her

Texas Prosecutors Approve Rape of Students. Two Female Teachers Awarded Probation and Clean Records

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Ugly Texas Teacher Sara Kathryn D'Spain Suspect in Teen Assault case. Dares Pathetic Texas Prosecutors to Imprison Her.

Alleged Texas prosecutors Margaret Moore and Maureen Shelton have another female subHuman to prosecute. Sara Kathryn D'Spain of Kerrville Tivy High School is the latest female suspect to challenge a weak and pathetic Texas judicial system that is afraid to prosecute a vagina in high-heels no matter how ugly and depraved. Look at Sara Kathryn D'Spain.

This female is beyond ugly. Short-hair, bad-breath, and duck-face, etc. Is it any wonder why this female ugly-duckling may have pursued teenage boys who have no idea of real beauty?

Is Sara Kathryn D'Spain the latest suspected pedophile to use the same playbook employed by Blonde-haired Animal Bobbie Streit. The hope for all female sexual deviants is to have an alleged Texas Prosecutor like Maureen Shelton prosecute to ensure a lenient sentence. If Maureen Shelton is unavailable to protect Sara Kathryn D'Spain and spare her from a lengthy prison term then the next hope is alleged "prosecutor" Stacey Davenport, who sought a weak punishment for married rapist Ashley Leigh Lewis Weber.

Travel Advisory Warning: the State of Texas does NOT prosecute female rapists!

To verify this fact all you need to do is review the non-existent prison terms awarded to female perverts like Ashley Leigh Lewis Weber, Megan Shed, and notorious adulterer and blonde-haired animal Bobbie Streit, and many others! Mrs. Bobbie Streit spread her dirty legs for a teenage boy, opened her filthy mouth to receive his semen, and pursued this teenage boy (while married!).

When investigated and questioned by officers, what did this female Devil say? This aweful and disgusting female animal suggested she could not control this young boy's advances towards her stinking vagina. Liar! Whore! Slut!

Like all female subHumans, when a male simply passes in her direction that she considers unattractive, she is very quick to let each one know of her lack of interest.

By comparison, Bobbie Streit let a teenage boy know she is willing to defile her marriage at all costs all on the basis of his 'cute' face. The female brain.

Bobbie Streit is married to half-man who not immediately toss her out the door or force her to live with her teenage friend. Worse yet, the female prosecutor in the case approved of her conduct by refusing to subject Mrs. Bobbie Streit to a lifetime as a registered sexual predator.

The travel advisory warning we have for families is to think twice before locating your child to the ceasless and unending rape vortex called Texas. Sara Kathryn D'Spain understands the Tecas system. Bimbo Prosecutors like Maureen Shelton and Stacey Davenport help ensure that female rapists are never fully prosecuted like their opposite Negro male suspects. coward female "prosecutor" Stacey Davenport intentionally sought a weak punishment for married rapist Ashley Leigh Lewis Weber. The equally weak judge Margaret Deglau approved this travesty

Texas Teacher Sara Kathryn D'Spain Expoits Weak Texas Judicial System that Favors Female Rapists

Is there any wonder why there is an endless cycle of females teachers raping innocent students?! Texas Prosecutor Maureen Shelton, and her judicial counter-part Margaret Deglau, are responsible for this wide-spread epidemic in Texas of female teacher rapists in Texas being awarded for their crimes.

As demonstrated by the non-punishment of married adulterers like Blonde-haired Animal Bobbie Streit, Ashley Leigh Lewis Weber, and many others, judges like Margaret Deglau and so-called prosecutors like Maureen Shelton and Stacey Davenport are a disgrace to law and order. Why even investigate teacher-student rape cases if the female rapists are not punished like male defedandants. Maureen Shelton should be disbared! So-called judge Margaret Deglau should be removed from the bench by the legislature and told this: Listen airhead! Why are you afraid of and why do you admire female rapists?

Teenage Student Points Finger at Ugly Teacher Sara Kathryn D'Spain

D’Spain’s maiden name was Erfurt (Erflirt). The teenage student pointed the finger at the woman now suspected of abusing him. Great job!! There is no greater feeling when a young boy helps to prosecute an adult female pervert. Such boys should be rewarded!!   Suspected female rapist and alleged pervert Sara Kathryn D'Spain was no doubt aware of the rape and perversion case against Blonde-haired Animal Bobbie Streit, and many other females.

Despite her admission of perversity, public facts that associate her with being a sexual deviant, the non-prosecution of subHuman Animal Bobbie Streit by a pathetic and cowardly female Texas prosecutor has led to a dramatic increase of female Texas teachers abusing, and raping young male students.

Rape-loving female prosecutor Maureen Shelton is a disgrace to the legal profession. Imagine if Blonde-haired Animal Bobbie Streit were in fact a Negro male teacher who sexually abused a so-called 'cute' blonde-haired female student. Sick Maureen Shelton would have wasted no time in applying the full weight of the Texas judicial system against this perceived 'Black Animal'.

Bimbo Prosecutor Maureen Shelton was provided an opportunity to punish Blonde-haired Animal Bobbie Streit, and her colleague Megan Shed, and many other female rapists. Instead, each time Maureen Shelton apparently viewed the male student victim in the same light as the perverted defendants she was supposed to prosecute: Cute, handsome, and attractive. Any wonder why Hillary Clinton was not and cannot be elected? Look at the conduct of females in a position of power.

Sara Kathryn D'Spain Has Nothing to Worry About. Texas does not prosecute female rapists or females!

Sara Kathryn D'Spain has NOTHING to be concerned about. Texas does not prosecute privileged female rapists! Sara Kathryn D'Spain WILL NOT SERVE ANY JAIL TIME, and may not even be prosecuted. No female accused of sexually assaulting a Texas child has ever been punished like a male suspect.

Women want equal rights, but apparently not equal punishment. Prosecutor Maureen Shelton had a public duty to enforce Texas rape laws, and laws that forbid the sort of outrageous conduct engaged in by Megan Shed, and Bobbie Streit.

Wearing high-heel shoes to court, using fake tears, and having your hair tinted with Blonde high-lights, should not affect a sentence.

Arrogant subHuman animal Bobbie Streit promotes her Facebook page in an attempt to make herself look like a human with moral values. She seeks to ignore her adultery, and her abusive acts against a teen boy.

Remove Proescutors Who Refuse to Seek 20-year Prison Sentences Against Female Rapists

In March of 2017, Florida Gov. Rick Scott removed state attorney Aramis Ayala from prosecuting Death Penalty cases because Aramis Ayala did not pursue the ultimate penalty of Death against suspects. In fact, Aramis Ayala was unequivocal about her position against the Death penalty. She remarked in 2016, "What has become abundantly clear through this process is that while I currently do have discretion to pursue death sentences, I have determined that doing so is not in the best interest of this community or the best interest of justice."

Ayala, who represents one of the largest judicial circuits in Florida, said the death penalty is not a deterrent. She cited FBI research showing that the South accounts for 80 percent of executions but still has the highest murder rate. Prosecutor Maureen Shelton HAS NO EVIDENCE whatsoever that giving female rapists a lenient sentence helps deter teacher-student abuse.

In fact, Prosecutor Maureen Shelton is encouraging female perverts like Sara Kathryn D'Spain to rape and abuse students. There is no wonder why Texas has one of the highest rates of Down's Syndrome, and Autism.

Texas is in need of law that authorizes the Attorney General to terminate the employment of any state or district attotney who refuses to pursue a minimum of at least 20 years against male and female sexual deviants.

That's my opinion. What's yours?