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Tramp+ Married Kentucky Lindsey Jarvis Accused of Sodomizing Boy

Married Kentucky teacher Lindsey Jarvis Accused of Sodomizing Boy

Filthy Kentucky Tramp Lindsey Jarvis Accused of Raping Young Boy despite status as a Married Teacher.

By Special Human Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Perverted teachers hate this blog. Blondes, brunettes, redheads, and all non-virgins hate this blog. Why? The free-speech commentary provides a truthful analysis of an ongoing national epidemic.

Statistics verify that an overwhelming majority of the typical persons accused or arrested for child molesting and teenage boy assaults are NOT minority men or minority women.

A criminal complaint alleges that a married Kentucky Teacher named Lindsey Jarvis has exposed herself as underground subHuman pervert. Specifically, a criminal indictment accuses married Kentucky Teacher Lindsey Jarvis of not only raping a young boy, but sodomizing him to fulfill her seemingly perverted, and debased pleasures. If the allegations are true or even partially true, the married Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis is a pervert and subHuman.

What are the facts in this case? Evidence concludes that Lindsey Jarvis is married. The most important evidence against Lindsey Jarvis, though, is that she IS NOT A VIRGIN, and had sexual relations BEFORE she was married. Thus, she is a subHuman and pervert regardless of any criminal allegations.

As a married woman, cell-phone pictures demonstrate a naked woman on the phone of a middle-school aged-boy. I wonder how he would get naked pictures on his phone of a teacher? Of a married woman? The police further claim to have evidence that Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis sodomized the young boy in May 2016 and then lusted after the same young boy like a depraved whore out of control.

Unfortunately, this country does not have the same penalties of punishment for depraved females like in Saudi Arabia or socially-forward thinking countries like India where women accused of or arrested for perverted acts like Adultery or teenage acts are appropriately punished.

Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis was smiling in court for a reason. She is well aware of the pathetic record of impotent male prosecutors and like-minded weak female prosecutors of not prosecuting married or single suburban women who are subHumans. This Blog exposes subHumans and fraudulent so-called prosecutors who REFUSE TO PROSECUTE AND IMPRISON BLONDE-HAIRED CHILD MOLESTERS!

Hello Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis. How would you like to be prosecuted by Ron Thomas? She certainly would not be smiling in court, or out-of-court. Were you really that desperate? Let me get this straight. Lindsey Jarvis was both married, and a teacher! Despite having a marital certificate (which every subHuman female agrees is worthless), and a teaching license (also considered worthless by most blondes and brunettes), Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis still sought to apparently use her dirty, smelling, rotten-egg smelling vagina on a young boy whom she could control and dominate.

Dear Satan: Will you please take your dirty subHumans from this Earth, and sentence them to 1,000 years in Hell where they certainly belongs. It's your choice: car accident, endless nightmare, a 10-year vacation to Saudia Arabia, forced to date a man they hate, fall, slip, dog mauling, etc. Just get your subHumans way from the God-fearing Human race.

The criminal complaint suggest that Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis is a subHuman, a dirty tramp who not only engaged in Adultery, but stands accused of sodomy to satisfy her bestial desires of sodomy. The criminal complaint further suggests that Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis is a disgrace to the Human race, and a very demented female animal. A reader to this Blog questioned me: Where is famed subHuman pick-up artists like handsome Theodore Bundy or John Wayne Gacy when their tremendous personality and human-cleansing services are most needed? We need you guys! Kentucky streets appear to need cleaning. LOL..

Punk Husband Andrew Jarvis Appears in Court with subHuman Trashy Wife. The Lindsey Jarvis family stinks!

The Lindsey Jarvis family stinks! What husband would allow his wife to sodomize or meet middle-school boys after-hours? Any normal teacher wants to teach, and leave the classroom without any further contact with middle-school aged demons.

The public may need a Ventilator Mask when near the Jarvis Family. What normal husband is willing to accept an adulterous wife who not only engages in adultery, but considers under-age minors as attractive boy-friends? As if to under-score her actions, she smiled in court. What does Lindsey Jarvis know that the public does not know? Does she know that Kentucky prosecutors are sissies, perverts, and also molesting children, and that they will not prosecute er?

According to the criminal complaint, Lindsey Jarvis is beyond sick. She should not be referred to as a Human. Instead of tossing her head-first out of his house, or demanding that she also marry the teen boy she allegedly victimized, the husband of Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis appeared at her side in a court proceeding as if he were a little puppy who admired Mama Whore. Yes, Mr. Andrew Jarvis your wife stands accused of raping a young boy was not old enough to teach Lindsey Jarvis a lesson that you apparently are not man enough to do: Put that tramp in her place and tell her to return to her husband!! Who said they would spit in the face of Lindsey Jarvis? Not me. Maybe someone else, though.

If there is any part of these adjectives or this story that Mr. Andrew Jarvis wants repeated to his face and in person, all he needs to do is to email me the time and date we can meet. I will make sure to wear a Ventilator Mask such that I do not and cannot smell any part of the same dirty body his wife may have touched.

Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis, the social sciences teacher pleaded not guilty to two counts of rape. The weird couple even held hands in court. Yuk! Yuk! Hold your noise. Not to mention that Lindsey Jarvis sure is ugly. Her nose looks like a pointed penis, and her smile reeks of perversity that seems to say: I am a Kentucky whore for any man on Earth!

Only a man who is truly desperate accepts a lying, cheating, and adulterous tramp. There are millions of females out there Mr. Lindsey Jarvis. Can't you find at least one half-decent one? .

No federal Charges Against White Female Teacher, but Feds Charge Minority Suspects

Local media reports claim that subHuman Lindsey Jarvis took nude pictures of the teenage boy (apparently she is attracted to small pink penises of little boys). The non-virgin penis-loving tramp Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis shared pornographic pictures of her 'cute' minor friend and/or herself using an electronic device, court documents allege. Why no federal charges? The federal government immediately sought federal charges against Albert Hernandez when did the exact same thing with a white female in Las Vegas, NV.

Ugly Lindsey Jarvis, 27, allegedly had sex with the underage boy when she worked as a social studies teacher at Woodford County Middle School in Kentucky, according to WKYT.

Lindsey Jarvis forced the young boy to be near her dirty body, and to smell her filthy vagina. The victim told police that he slept with the animal, while his cellphone had evidence that he and the female animal were in a romantic relationship.>

Letter to Kentucky Attorney General Demanding 40-year Sentence

I will be writing a letter to the Kentucky Attorney General to demand why animal Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis is receiving preferential treatment, and to determine if she will be facing the maximum charges in this case. The young boy is a victim of the adult perversity of 27 year-old non-virgin/animal Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis. She is a sick monster. Some of my readers even suggested that she be dropped of the San Fransciso Gate Bridge head first!

Capital punishment will deter female apes like Lindsey Jarvis. The prosepect of being sentenced to being dropped off a bridge is very exciting.

Does Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis Have any STDS? AIDS? HERPES? ETC?

The public deserves the right to know if Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis is carrying something other than the perversity and immoral conduct that is already between her dirty legs. Here is what we do know: LINDSEY JARVIS IS NOT A VIRGIN!! Therefore, the vagina of Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis stinks and is filthy dirty! Her marriage is fake in the sense that it is really a convenience platform for personal perversity. Who marries a non-virgin??!!

The public and the young boy need to know how many other teenage victims are out there? 10, 20, 50, 100? If Mr. Jarvis wants to keep his trashy wife then that is fine, but journalists and publishers have the right to inquire.

Ron Thomas book on Solution to subHumans and their False Cries of Sexual Harassment

A new crime bill needs to be developed. It should be a crime for a person of known genetic inferiority to have sexual relations with a human, or require any person desiring such relations to first pass a academic, moral, and religious exam.

Mr. & Mrs. Lindesy Jarvis have the legal ability to engage in mutual perversity with each other, and they have the moral right of desiring each other's dirty body. They need not wash or shower, or even bath. Mrs. Lindsey Jarvis need not use mouth wash to rinse off the semen from last week's sexual encounter. Lindsey Jarvis is free to be a subhuman piece of slime. Fine.

However, when a young boy is abused then I get involved. Keep reading this blog for updates to my upcoming Solution to subHumans and their False Cries of Sexual Harassment. America is in need of serious cleansing. With my new book, I provide tips, resources, and suggestions how we can protect our youth and improve our moral strength.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

CCSD Pervert Willie D. Bell Proves Clark County DA is Hypocrite

CCSD Pervert Willie D. Bell Proves Clark County DA is Hypocrite

CCSD Pervert Willie D. Bell Proves Clark County DA is Hypocrite
Probation Awarded to Willie Bell for Impregnating and Raping CCSD Student

By Special Human Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

In July of 2017, this Special Human Publisher correctly predicted that the corrupt and impotent Clark County District Attorney office, and its corrupt male and female employees would seek probation for subHumsn Willie Bell.

According to court documents NOT reported by the Las Vegas Review Journal (the local newspaper refuses to publish facts that shed light on local Nevada corruption, and how select teachers are rewarded with light or non-existent sentences when they rape and abuse students), Willie Bell was awarded probation despite tough talk from the Clark County District Office vowing to seek the maximum punishment for CCSD teachers involved in proven sexual acts with students.

Not only was Willie Bell involved with a young girl at Eldorado High-School, this penis-faced pervert took the extra step of impregnating an innocent high-school student. In other words, subHuman Willie Bell was such a disgraceful, pathetic,genetically inferior, low-life, male ape, that he apparently could not resist a teenage girl whom was simply a high-school student. Think about it.

Willie Bell was desperate! He could not win the affection of a real woman and therefore sought a teenage girl with a half-developed brain. Let's be honest.

This half-woman did not have the experience or knowledge to reject a male pervert like Willie Bell.

In my previous July 2017 article, I predicted the following:

All indications point to no prison-time for Willie Bell, and that the office of Clark County District Attorney Steve Pussycat will again punk-out. Read my first article predicting probation by Willie Bell and cowardice by the local prosecutor to punish the client of an attorney who is also on friendly terms with the Clark County D.A. office.

Re-Cap of SubHuman Willie Bell. Willie Bell was supervised by at least three pockets of blank air (Blonde-Haired Females)

One of his alleged supervisors or co-workers was allegedly blonde-haired female Ms. Deanna McHenry within the Special Education Department. Sources claim that Mr. Willie Bell reportedly worked as a Special Education teacher. Mr. Willie Bell was also supervised to an extent by blonde-haired Assistant Principal Michele Ferriolo. Rumors circulate that the blonde-haired female principal terminates or discontinues the employment of quality, moral, and high-integrity male teachers, but that she approved the long-term employment status of a subHuman rapist like Willie Bell. Call it Karma. Blondes think with their dirty and disgusting vagina, while Humans are guided By God, and think with their brains and spirit.

Willie Bell also substituted on several occasions for blonde-haired female Ms. Shanna Stott in the 200 hall, according to teachers familiar with the school. Shanna Stott is rumored to be attracted to dark-haired and/or dark-skinned Black males despite her being a direct opposite of such males, and despite her apparent marriage to someone completely different.

This opinion is based upon teacher allegations that Mrs. Stott orally expressed or confirmed to another teacher to be a fan of male bimbo Cam Newton; the guy too dumb to outsmart Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, and too much of a coward to take a public position on the ongoing NFL protests by his fellow NFL athletes. Have you ever seen Cam Newton write an essay? No. Pockets of blank air are attracted to Pockets of Blank Air.

subHuman Willie Bell was surrounded by multiple pockets of blank air at Eldorado High School. This subHuman used their vibrations, so to speak, to get the attention of a half-developed teenage female. Blank pockets like Cam Newton, Willie Bell, etc. excel at attracting subHuman females. About the only thing Cam Newton is good at is playing with a football while the only thing typical blonde-haired females excel at is perversity; thus, Willie Bell being supervised by and/or working with pockets of blank air.

What Perverted Acts Did Willie Bell Admit to?

Local media reports claim that subHuman Willie Bell met up with his victim outside of the Eldorado High-School for the first time sometime before the 2016 Christmas break.

Pervert Willie Bell picked her up from her house without her parents’ knowledge, police said. By picking the student up without the parent's consent, law enforcment claims that Mr. Willie Bell engaged in Kidnapping.

However, all it takes is a slick attorney to negotiate with the corrupt Clark County District Office, and all serious charges will evaporate like brain cells missing from a blonde.

After having apparently kidnapped the student from her parent's house. Pervert Willie Bell and the Mexican female student went to pervert Bell’s house. The Mexican female student told police she just slept in the pervert's bed, and nothing took place.

According to CDC statistics, Black and Hispanic females have very high STD rates. The typical American Black male like Wille Bell is a known transmitter of STD diseases; these facts mean nothing to female perverts.

Pervert Willie Bell admitted to police that he and this high-school student had perverted, dirty, and sinful relations the night of Nov. 25 and the next morning.

Neither Willie Bell or the student were married at the time, and neither did Willie Bell make a marriage proposition to the teen student.

The Genetic Inferiority of CCSD Employee and Eldorado Teacher Willie Bell

What we know is that Willie Bell admitted to his genetic DNA inferiority by the fact that he could not resist something as simple as a vagina. To put it even more bluntly, Willie Bell is genetically inferior, and his inability to reject his own impluses is evidence of his animal-like inferiority. The slick attorney of Willie Bell convinced an immoral group of prosecutors to accept the outrageous argument that Willie Bell merely made mistakes.

In fact, inferior subHuman Willie Bell met the teenange victim on several occassions as well. Each meeting waa the same: Willie Bell passed his genetically inferior semen to his victim, and the result will be a genetically defective subHuman.

Probation. No Jail Time for Willie Bell.

A new crime bill needs to be developed. It should be a crime for a person of known genetic inferiority to have sexual relations with a human, or require any person desiring such relations to first pass a academic, moral, and religious exam.

Despite having been charged with Rape, Kidnapping, sexual assault, and an assortment of other felony crimes, in the end, the Clark County District Attorney demonstrated itself to be a paper tiger when it comes to well-connected attorneys who can easily manipulate the employees of the Clark County District Attorney Office and win no jail-time.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Dirty Allegations Against Ugly Texas Teacher Sara Kathryn D'Spain

Ugly Texas Teacher Sara Kathryn D'Spain Seeks Teen Boys. Dares Pathetic Texas Prosecutors to Imprison Her

Texas Prosecutors Approve Rape of Students. Two Female Teachers Awarded Probation and Clean Records

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Ugly Texas Teacher Sara Kathryn D'Spain Suspect in Teen Assault case. Dares Pathetic Texas Prosecutors to Imprison Her.

Alleged Texas prosecutors Margaret Moore and Maureen Shelton have another female subHuman to prosecute. Sara Kathryn D'Spain of Kerrville Tivy High School is the latest female suspect to challenge a weak and pathetic Texas judicial system that is afraid to prosecute a vagina in high-heels no matter how ugly and depraved. Look at Sara Kathryn D'Spain.

This female is beyond ugly. Short-hair, bad-breath, and duck-face, etc. Is it any wonder why this female ugly-duckling may have pursued teenage boys who have no idea of real beauty?

Is Sara Kathryn D'Spain the latest suspected pedophile to use the same playbook employed by Blonde-haired Animal Bobbie Streit. The hope for all female sexual deviants is to have an alleged Texas Prosecutor like Maureen Shelton prosecute to ensure a lenient sentence. If Maureen Shelton is unavailable to protect Sara Kathryn D'Spain and spare her from a lengthy prison term then the next hope is alleged "prosecutor" Stacey Davenport, who sought a weak punishment for married rapist Ashley Leigh Lewis Weber.

Travel Advisory Warning: the State of Texas does NOT prosecute female rapists!

To verify this fact all you need to do is review the non-existent prison terms awarded to female perverts like Ashley Leigh Lewis Weber, Megan Shed, and notorious adulterer and blonde-haired animal Bobbie Streit, and many others! Mrs. Bobbie Streit spread her dirty legs for a teenage boy, opened her filthy mouth to receive his semen, and pursued this teenage boy (while married!).

When investigated and questioned by officers, what did this female Devil say? This aweful and disgusting female animal suggested she could not control this young boy's advances towards her stinking vagina. Liar! Whore! Slut!

Like all female subHumans, when a male simply passes in her direction that she considers unattractive, she is very quick to let each one know of her lack of interest.

By comparison, Bobbie Streit let a teenage boy know she is willing to defile her marriage at all costs all on the basis of his 'cute' face. The female brain.

Bobbie Streit is married to half-man who not immediately toss her out the door or force her to live with her teenage friend. Worse yet, the female prosecutor in the case approved of her conduct by refusing to subject Mrs. Bobbie Streit to a lifetime as a registered sexual predator.

The travel advisory warning we have for families is to think twice before locating your child to the ceasless and unending rape vortex called Texas. Sara Kathryn D'Spain understands the Tecas system. Bimbo Prosecutors like Maureen Shelton and Stacey Davenport help ensure that female rapists are never fully prosecuted like their opposite Negro male suspects. coward female "prosecutor" Stacey Davenport intentionally sought a weak punishment for married rapist Ashley Leigh Lewis Weber. The equally weak judge Margaret Deglau approved this travesty

Texas Teacher Sara Kathryn D'Spain Expoits Weak Texas Judicial System that Favors Female Rapists

Is there any wonder why there is an endless cycle of females teachers raping innocent students?! Texas Prosecutor Maureen Shelton, and her judicial counter-part Margaret Deglau, are responsible for this wide-spread epidemic in Texas of female teacher rapists in Texas being awarded for their crimes.

As demonstrated by the non-punishment of married adulterers like Blonde-haired Animal Bobbie Streit, Ashley Leigh Lewis Weber, and many others, judges like Margaret Deglau and so-called prosecutors like Maureen Shelton and Stacey Davenport are a disgrace to law and order. Why even investigate teacher-student rape cases if the female rapists are not punished like male defedandants. Maureen Shelton should be disbared! So-called judge Margaret Deglau should be removed from the bench by the legislature and told this: Listen airhead! Why are you afraid of and why do you admire female rapists?

Teenage Student Points Finger at Ugly Teacher Sara Kathryn D'Spain

D’Spain’s maiden name was Erfurt (Erflirt). The teenage student pointed the finger at the woman now suspected of abusing him. Great job!! There is no greater feeling when a young boy helps to prosecute an adult female pervert. Such boys should be rewarded!!   Suspected female rapist and alleged pervert Sara Kathryn D'Spain was no doubt aware of the rape and perversion case against Blonde-haired Animal Bobbie Streit, and many other females.

Despite her admission of perversity, public facts that associate her with being a sexual deviant, the non-prosecution of subHuman Animal Bobbie Streit by a pathetic and cowardly female Texas prosecutor has led to a dramatic increase of female Texas teachers abusing, and raping young male students.

Rape-loving female prosecutor Maureen Shelton is a disgrace to the legal profession. Imagine if Blonde-haired Animal Bobbie Streit were in fact a Negro male teacher who sexually abused a so-called 'cute' blonde-haired female student. Sick Maureen Shelton would have wasted no time in applying the full weight of the Texas judicial system against this perceived 'Black Animal'.

Bimbo Prosecutor Maureen Shelton was provided an opportunity to punish Blonde-haired Animal Bobbie Streit, and her colleague Megan Shed, and many other female rapists. Instead, each time Maureen Shelton apparently viewed the male student victim in the same light as the perverted defendants she was supposed to prosecute: Cute, handsome, and attractive. Any wonder why Hillary Clinton was not and cannot be elected? Look at the conduct of females in a position of power.

Sara Kathryn D'Spain Has Nothing to Worry About. Texas does not prosecute female rapists or females!

Sara Kathryn D'Spain has NOTHING to be concerned about. Texas does not prosecute privileged female rapists! Sara Kathryn D'Spain WILL NOT SERVE ANY JAIL TIME, and may not even be prosecuted. No female accused of sexually assaulting a Texas child has ever been punished like a male suspect.

Women want equal rights, but apparently not equal punishment. Prosecutor Maureen Shelton had a public duty to enforce Texas rape laws, and laws that forbid the sort of outrageous conduct engaged in by Megan Shed, and Bobbie Streit.

Wearing high-heel shoes to court, using fake tears, and having your hair tinted with Blonde high-lights, should not affect a sentence.

Arrogant subHuman animal Bobbie Streit promotes her Facebook page in an attempt to make herself look like a human with moral values. She seeks to ignore her adultery, and her abusive acts against a teen boy.

Remove Proescutors Who Refuse to Seek 20-year Prison Sentences Against Female Rapists

In March of 2017, Florida Gov. Rick Scott removed state attorney Aramis Ayala from prosecuting Death Penalty cases because Aramis Ayala did not pursue the ultimate penalty of Death against suspects. In fact, Aramis Ayala was unequivocal about her position against the Death penalty. She remarked in 2016, "What has become abundantly clear through this process is that while I currently do have discretion to pursue death sentences, I have determined that doing so is not in the best interest of this community or the best interest of justice."

Ayala, who represents one of the largest judicial circuits in Florida, said the death penalty is not a deterrent. She cited FBI research showing that the South accounts for 80 percent of executions but still has the highest murder rate. Prosecutor Maureen Shelton HAS NO EVIDENCE whatsoever that giving female rapists a lenient sentence helps deter teacher-student abuse.

In fact, Prosecutor Maureen Shelton is encouraging female perverts like Sara Kathryn D'Spain to rape and abuse students. There is no wonder why Texas has one of the highest rates of Down's Syndrome, and Autism.

Texas is in need of law that authorizes the Attorney General to terminate the employment of any state or district attotney who refuses to pursue a minimum of at least 20 years against male and female sexual deviants.

That's my opinion. What's yours?

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Pink Pervert Brian Theophil: Las Vegas HS Coach Admits to Perverted Acts with Teen Girl

Pink Pervert Brian Theophil: Las Vegas HS Coach Admits to Perverted Acts with Teen Girl

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Pink Pervert Brian Theophil: Las Vegas HS Coach Admits to Perverted Acts with Teen Girl. Pink Silverado Coach Brian Theophil Accused of one count of first-degree kidnapping and one count of sex act with a pupil. An innocent and naive teen girl accused Brian Theophil of having sexual relations with her. Authorities allege that the young girl is 100% innocent and was lured and manipulated by an older pervert attracted to kid girls.

According to media reports, Brian Theophil was a volunteer Volleyball Coach at Silverado High School. He may very well perceive himself as a privleged white male entitled to any girl regardless of age or status. Therefore, it is possible that the concept of rape or child molestation may be foreign terms to Mr. Brian Theophil. In other words, does Brian Theophil routinely rape or molest children believing that he is exempt from such crimes based upon race and gender? Many persons believe that The Clark County District Atorney Office will create, invent, and fabricate an excuse as to not to prosecute him, and thus supporting the thesis that Mr. Brian Theophil is indeed exempt from such crimes.


Pink Pervert Brian Theophil uses Pink Penis Against Teen Girl. Principal Jaime Ditto Should be Terminated.


Pink Pervert Brian Theophil uses Pink Penis Against Teen Girl. Pink Pervert Brian Theophil went trolling for school campuses, scouting for high-schools with young girls. He found Silverado High School. He offered to "Volunteer" to be a girls Volleyball coach. Really? The Principal at Silverado HS is Jaime Ditto, a woman. She considered Mr. Brian Theophil an attractive younng man. Are there any more questions why this male bimbo, with a low I.Q., pink penis,low morals, was hired? Jaime Ditto (Ditto Brain) should be terminated from her position of employment as well as every person involved in the hiring and placement of this apparently dangerous-looking male pervert. If Jaime Ditto does not have the morals or human intelligence to spot a child predator who has 10 red flags then whar is her value? The fact that she may be bi-lingual means nothing.

Will Nevada Prosecutors Prosecute Pink Pervert Brian Theophil?

African-American Willie Bell, who is suspected of engaging in appropriate contact with a female student, understands that he will be prosecuted and that his race and gender will provide motivation to accelerate his prosecution. However, Pink Pervert Brian Theophil has hope that his simple race and gender will spare him punishment. The recent incident with NFL player Michael Bennet is an example of how police can be aggressive with African-American males.

Pink Pervert Brian Theophil understands that he will most likely not be prosecuted, and will likely receive probation because of the general belief that the Clark County District Attorney Office prosecutes based upon race, gender, and social status. Why else would Mr. Brian Theophil engage in criminal acts? He knows that nothing will happen other than his perverted desires are aired in public, and his rejection by older women are now known.

Will Privileged White-male Brian Theophil be prosecutoed or will he receive the Stanford Treatment?

Will Privileged White-male Brian Theophil be prosecutoed or will he receive the Stanford Treatment? Brian Theophil may very well be liked, admired, or even privileged by his subHuman fans, and his legions of subHuman female admirers. However, this Publihser has no respect for perverts regardless of race, class, or gender. It is widely expected that the Clark County District Attorney Office will choke, retreat, and avoid any serious punishment of the youthful, and special pervert Brian Theophil. After all, the Clark County School District delayed the reporting of his arrest for several months while immediately reported the arrest of black-faced Mr. Gregory Beasley.

The much-heralded and outstanding Stanford swimmer Brock Turner was accused of sexually assaulting a drunken tramp who went to a frat party of privileged white guys. Mr. Turner should be congratulated on exposing an unpopular fact: too many Caucasion women are engaging in perverted behavior, and are developing a reputation as foul-mouthed perverts. The alleged rape victim claimed she was raped by Mr. Turner. However, it was disclosed that this same subHuman female consumed alcohol in the prsence of several males, AND she attended the party withoout a boyfriend or husband. She smiled at and even chatted with Mr. Turner, but she ignored the sdvances of all of the African-American males, and non-white guys.

On April 4th, 2017, Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson appeared in public and delivered a strong message warning CCSD school employees that his office would prosecute persons who engage in acts like those of Mr. Brian Theophil. Mr. Wolfosn did not clarify if race or gender or volunteer status was a factor in decidijg to seek stiff punishment.

Self-Hating Latina Women/Dark-skinned black girls Support Pink Pervert Brian Theophil

Next to dark-skinned African-American girls, a substantial percentage of Latina women are actually attracted to males with a pink penis. No style. No swag. Minimal I.Q. etc. Only a young girl with a poor selg-image of herself can possibly view an opaque, bland-looking, coler-less guy like Mr. Brian Theophil as attractive, but all of these lowself girls and women love color in their every day lives. Color smartphones. Color TV. Color cars. Color clothes. Etc. The media can make a monster like Brian Theophil appear attractive, and a dark Jesus look ugly.

In reviewing social meedia commentary, many Latina girls, or girls with Mexican-sounding names, and dark-skinned black girls who hate themselves, appear to support Brian Theophil.

Consider the comment of FaceBook User, Jacqueline Lopez Jones: "He's hot. I would have tryed to get w him in high school too." If your perception of FaceBook User Jacqueline Lopez Jones is a tramp or low-life slut, then I would not disagree with that perception.

Prosecute Pink Pervert Brian Theophil.

Brian Theophil deserves to be prosecuted based upon his actions, admissions, and the facts of the case. He took adavantage of a young girl that he knew had a low self-esteem. His teenage victim was 100% innocent, and she certainly did not know that Brian Theophil would use force his privileged culture upon her.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Dirty Eldorado High School Teacher Willie Bell Pleads Guilty. No Jail time expected!

Dirty Eldorado High School Teacher Willie D. Bell Pleads Guilty. Impotent Clark County Prosecutors Expected to Seek Probation

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Dirty Eldorado High School Teacher Willie Bell Pleads Guilty. Impotent Clark County Prosectors Expected to Seek Probation. Are you a male or female seeking an easy relationship with a teenager? Simply seek a teacher job at the Clark County School District, and join infamous teachers like Tanikka Queen who raped or molested students and served no jail time.

What about 250 lb. Nicole Wilfinger, the obese monster from Molasky Junior High School who smothered a male student, and forced him into a disgusting sexual relationship? The kid is probably having nightmares at this minute. Fat Nicole was sentenced to only 6 years, but she deserved 26 years; six years extra for being obese, and 20 years for violating child rape/molestation laws.

Now, Mr. Willie Bell is awaiting what appears to be a circus sentence. It is widely expected that the Clark County District Attorney Office will choke, retreat, and avoid any serious punishment of the smooth-talking,youthful, and punk-face sissy Willie Bell. If he had impregnated my daughter, the least of his worries would be a criminal prosecution. Willie? Did you know that condoms help prevent pregnancy or were you too stupid to even know that? Did your UNLV degree teach you about Sex Education?

Hypocrite, Liar, or Tough Prosecutor Steve Wolfson?

Will the real Steve Wolfson please step forward, and show yourself in time for the sentencing of Willie Bell. On April 4th, 2017, Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson appeared in public and delivered a strong message about CCSD school employees after recent arrests for sexual misconduct sparked an outcry from MANY parents. Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson made these tough-sounding remarks:

I think what is important is it does not matter whether you are a bus driver, a teacher, a school principal, a coach, or any employee within the Clark County School District, Wolfson said. If you participate in inappropriate behavior, that is when my office steps in. Clark County DA

Ok. Mr. Steve Wolfson, we have heard that story before. What is your office going to do about the Willie Bell case? Are you going follow-up with your April 2017 speech, or roll over for Mr. Willie Bell? Many feel that your prosecutors are cowards, and your failure to slap a 40-year term on teachers is the real problem facing the CCSD school district. STOP BLAMING CCSD ADMINISTRATION FOR THE FAILURE OF AN INCOMPETENT AND COWARDLY PROSECUTION STAFF.

Less than 30 days after your tough-sounding speech, in May of 2017, your office plea-bargained with perverted Willie Bell of Eldorado High-School, and agreed to drop serious charges in return for the apparent inability of your staff to obtain a conviction despite clear and convincing evidence. Willie Bell, is a former Eldorado High School basketball coach and substitute teacher. Almost from day one on this campus, he has acted like an animal. Leering at female students, befriending male students, and gaining the respect of the blonde-haired bimbos that work at Eldorado High-school.

All indications point to no prison-time for Willie Bell, and that the office of Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson will again punk-out. ALL NEVADA PARENTS SHOULD DEMAND THAT WILLIE BELL BE SENTENCED TO AT LEAST 40 YEARS!!! AND THAT 40 YEARS IS THE MINIMUM SENTENCE FOR ANY TEACHER THAT IMPREGNATES A GIRL.

SubHuman Willie Bell Was Supervised by all Blondes.

With his gang-like tatoos, worm-face, ghetto-voice, skinny body, it is unclear why Assistant Principal Michele Ferriolo even agreed to hire him. Willie Bell was indeed well-like by the school staff, and the athletic coaches. He had that perverted look about him. One look at Willie Bell, and listening to him speak, it is clear that Willie Bell DOES NOT SOUND LIKE A TEACHER, AND DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A LEGITIMATE TEACHER. In fact, he had passed no professional courses either that would qualify him to be a teacher.

Willie Bell had at least three supervisors or persons of authority over him at any given time, according to sources. All three were blonde-haired females. One of his supervisors was allegedly blonde-haired Ms. D. McHenry within the Special Education Department. He also substituted on several occasions for ditzy blonde-haired Ms. Stott, according to teachers familiar with the school. Ms. Stott is known to be attracted to dark-haired males. She is reportedly a fan of male bimbo Cam Newton; the guy too dumb to outsmart Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. Assistant Principal Michele Ferriolo also knew about Willie Bell, and appeared to like him well enough to keep him on the payroll as a long-term sub..

Wilie Bell has achieved a miletone for his physical ability at Eldorado High-School. He has managed to impregnate a teen girl while also being supervised by three spheres of blank air. When all of your supervisors are blondes with education degrees from inferior schools like Phoenix University or Devry or other for-profit schools, then who needs a brain? A penis is all that matters. Eldorado terminated the employment of the best teachers, and kept the most perverted teachers, sources claim.

What Willie Bell did was predictable from any moral, half-intelligent, and sane male who has no ties to bimbos.

Worm-Face Pervert Willie Bell Tries to Intimidate Witness. He admits to Perverted Affair.

Worm-Face Pervert Willie Bell Tries to Intimidate Witness. According to an arrest report, Worm-Face Pervert Willie Bell reached out to another student in order to get his alleged victim to stop talking with police, according to Chief Deputy District Attorney Michelle Jobe. Ok. What did this female prosecutor do about this blatant criminal act? Is she the one who plea-bargained away this charge? One of the biggest problems with prosecution departments today is the use of Affirmative Action quotas that are being used to hire based upon gender instead of qualifications.

Worm-Face Pervert Willie Bell and the naive female student met up outside of school for the first time sometime before Christmas break, claims local media reports. Pervert Willie Bell picked her up from her house without her parents’ knowledge, police said. By picking the student up without the parent's consent, Pervert Willie Bell engaged in Kidnapping. The question is whether prosecutors will prosecute this charge or punk-out like a sissy.

After having kidnapped the student from her parent's house. Pervert Willie Bell and the F-student went to pervert Bell’s house. The F-student told police she just slept in the pervert's bed, and nothing took place. The police did not force a rape-kit to be taken. Pervert Willie Bell admitted to police that he and his young F-student tramp had perverted, dirty, and sinful relations the night of Nov. 25 and the next morning. Neither Willie Bell or the F-student were married at the time.

Pervert Willie Bell told police they also had perverted, dirty, and sinful relations in his car on Dec. 31 and again around the second week of January. In other words, purported UNLV graduate Willie Bell clearly could not control his subHuman animal emotions, and he demonstrated his clear genetic and moral inferiority.

Challenge to Clark County District Attorney Office: Punks or Prosecutors?

Many of you have tried to lobby Ron Thomas as a Special Prosecutor. Thank you. However, it is the duty of your local prosecutor to prosecute the subHuman species and protect humans from subHumans. Willie Bell admitted to his acts, could not control even basic human emotions, could not resist a sinful stinking vagina, and is therefore a subHuman. Willie Bell is a pervert. Willie Bell is a creep. Willie Bell is a kidnapper. Willie Bell is a rapist. Willie Bell deserves a 40-year punishment either in a zoo or in a state penal system. Willie Bell could not control his animal emotions. It was clearly more important for Willie Bell to satisfy his subHuman lust for a simple-minded teenage girl than to obey his principal David Wilson.. If you are reading this article Mr. Willie Bell, you are a pathetic and disgusting example of a man. Are you that weak that you cannot even resist a half-grown girl?

The challenge to the Clark County District Attorney Office is simple: Are you Punks or Prosecutors? The public will know when Willie Bell is sentenced or rewarded.

Parents Should be Charged with Contributing to Delinquency of Minor.

According to the media, the parents approved of their 16 year-old daughter seeing a 26 year-old male named Willie Bell. Have you any of you ever seen Willie Bell? Look at Willie Bell for a moment, please. He looks like a complete joke. Worm-face. Skinny. Stripper tattoos like a sissy. Inarticulate. Low I.Q. Where are the standards in Las Vegas, Nevada? Clearly, the girl involved was not a certain race. When Parents approve that their teenage daughters date trash, they should not expect to get gold. The parents of this student should be prosecuted and Child Protective Services needs to be called. However, there are no real District Attorneys in Nevada that prosecute moral crimes. Only educated males are targeted because we expose their hypocrisy.

Willie Bell Allegedly Rejected by Numerous Las Vegas Adult Women. Rejection leads to Teenage Girls.

What legitimate parent approves of a 26 year-old perverted male dating a teengage girl? The fact is that Willie Bell went out to Las Vegas night-clubs. He was rejected by women his own age. Willie Bell tried to pick up women at the Palms, Mandalay Bay, MGM, and many other places. Nearly all of the women laughed at him. The men pushed him aside as if he were a human toy. No man goes from a 25 or 26 year-old woman to a mere teen girl who knows nothing about real sex. The parents should be charged and publicly identified!

If Willie Bell or his genetic parents have any questions about this article, or needs a personal explanation what this article is all about, he needs to contact this Publisher.

Tougher Prosecution Needed to Thwart Clark County School District Teacher Predators

Tougher Prosecution, Not New Legislation, Needed to Thwart Clark County School District Teacher Predators

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

The Nevada Legislature just can't figure out the so-called crisis in teacher-student sexual misconduct. Assembly Bill 362, and Senate Bill 287 expands mandated reporting requirements regarding teacher misconduct by requiring districts to share and check all past employment records of applicants. Two Bimbo Nevada legislators have sponsored yet another series of meaningless bills that they believe will reduce the apparent surge in teacher perversity in the classroom. Assemblywoman Jill Tolles, R-Reno, and female Sen. Heidi Gansert, R-Reno, really believe that these two simple bills will make a meaningful impact on preventing teacher misconduct. These are probably the same two women who believe that the purchasing of make-up, eye-liner, nail manicures, and other feminine products help boost intelliegence.

Assembly Bill 362, and Senate Bill 287 Will Not Solve Teacher-Student Sexual Misconduct in Nevada Schools

As a former teacher with first-hand knowledge of classrooms, and working with teachers, and dealing with many teenagers, I can attest that the Assembly Bills proposed by these two female legislators is as worthless as the make-up they apply to their face everyday. One need only analyze the numerous criminal cases of failed prosecutions involving females, privileged teachers, and blonde-haired or fair-skinned sexual predators.

For example, consuder the case of perverted blonde-haired Texas Teacher Bobbie Shea Streit; creepy brunette-haired Megan Shed; St. Peter-Immanuel School employee Elizabeth Dillett; Wisconsin high school rapist Sara Domres; teacher and adulterer Lyntell Washington; Blonde-Haired,animal, Amanda Caye Dreier; Stinking Brunette-Haired Mary Beth Haglin; Immoral Ankeny High-School teacher Mandy Lynn Davenport; obese elephant CCSD Teacher Nicole S. Wilfinger; and, what about notorious Substitute teacher Tanikka “Bella” Queen of Las Vegas, Nevada?

Nevada Prosecutors Afraid to Prosecute Female Teacher Predators: Case of Tanikka “Bella” Queen.

Sympathy for Black women, and the historical mistreatment of Black women by white males, leads many white male Prosecutors to feel guilt when prosecuting black women sexual perverts. Tanikka “Bella” Queen of Las Vegas, Nevada oncd faced over 30 criminal charges elated to her perverted relationship with a male student. However, weak and impotent Clark County Prosecutores could not stomach the punishment required to send a message to Tanikka “Bella” Queen. One can surmise that Tanikka “Bella” Queen was raised to be a whore. Look at her face. Smell her stinking and dirty body. She is attracted to low I.Q., Special Education males or teens who lack the ability to identify a whore. Nevada whore Tanikka “Bella” Queen ultimatelt served no time once white male prosecutors saw her in person. O.J. Simpson, on the other hand, was sentenced to 33 years in prison for trying to retrieve his own merchandise from thieves. Which crime is more of a threat aainsst society? Rape or simple theft?

Mis-Use of Internet Searches Against Teachers: Case of Teacher Cory Schultz, a/k/a Ms. Schmidt.

Assemblywoman Jill Tolles, R-Reno, and female Sen. Heidi Gansert, R-Reno, need to study the pervasive issue of gender and racial disparity in the judical system before proposing new bills to combat alleged teacher abuses. There is an air of desperation for Clark County School District administrators. The problem DOES NOT LIE with CCSD, or administrators. CCSD is doing a fine job! Great administrators! Great training! Etc. The problem is with the staff of the Clark County Prosecutors.

Since Nevada prosecutors are afraid to prosecute a vagina, and with the rise in teacher-student cases, some administrators are openly considering using the Internet to investigate teachers. What a teacher-applicant does not need are administrators using the Internet searching for background information. Such searches may violate the due process rights of applicants. What better way to illustrate this issue than to implicate current CCSD teachers with the Internet.

Consider the case of a particular Las Vegas High School teacher named Mrs. Cory Shultz. According to sources, some students refer to her as Ms. Schmidt because of her bumblebee German nose and her use of vulgarities. Reliable sources have confirmed that she outfits her room in the weird color Purple. Some fellow teachers and Parents have complained that all of her lessons are not CCSD-compliant and she does not develop lesson-plans each day that meet CCSD requirements. Some students have remarked to their parents that this teacher has jokingly referred to using 'Crack-Cocaine' in front of her students on several occasions in her math class. Further stories claim that she uses less effort to teach struggling black students.

Older, intelligent, and moral Male teachers have noted that it appears Mrs. Cory Shultz favors certain Hispanic male students despite her very senior age, and the fact that most Hispanic male students imitate Black culture, and mimic black male students. Bimbos love copycats like cheaters love plagiarism.

According to teachers, and students, she has referred to certain Hispanic male students with the word 'babe', but has refused to use the same word with the same affection toward female students or black students. Indeed, students claim she disresepects certain teachers she considers physically unattractive while embracing the ones she considers physically suitable for whatever purpose. All Ms. Schmidt needs to do is look in the mirror and realize she is far from a beauty queen, and no woman has won a Ms. Universe with as many facial flaws and wrinkles as she has. Coincidentally, it should be no surprise that teacher Cory Shultz is a graying blonde. Is she qualified to be a teacher? Yes, according to CCSD regulations. Does this article qualify as an Internet article used in the background chack of a teacher? We hope not.

Warning Signs for Perverted Teachers

What Jill Tolles, R-Reno, and female Sen. Heidi Gansert, R-Reno do not seem to understand is that new bills are not the answer. Simply use old-facshioned common sense. All perverted teachers, male or female, think with their genitals, and they treat others likewise. REMOVE ALL TEACHERS FROM ALL SCHOOL DISTRICTS WHO THINK LIKE PERVERTS. ONCE, WE DO THAT, ALL PROBLEMS WILL BE SOLVED. There is no need for new bills.

In speaking with several substitute teachers, and others who have worked with perverted teachers in the CCSD school system, a pattern emerges. Every pervered teacher has a severe personality flaw. Some CCSD female teachers, for example, consider the vulgar word fuck as one their favorites word choices. Woukd a erverted blonde-haired CCSD female teacher refer to Gregory Beasley with the word 'babe' or is he is too black or too unatractive? Should these rumors disqualify teachers or should administrators only look at the fundamental background check?

New bills are not needed, better interview methods are required. Teachers that think with their genital parts should not be teaching in a class-room. A class-room should not be a breeding or dating center for subHumans. A skilled interviewer must know how to identify a subHuman.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Bizarre Arrest of CCSD Teacher Gregory Beasley, and Bad Parenting

Bizarre Arrest of CCSD Teacher Gregory Beasley, Black Female Self-Esteem, and Bad Parenting

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

The Clark County School District, and school districts around the country have an enormous problem. The problem is not what you think. One of the most ignored topics in education today is the issue of Black female self-hatred in both the work place and the classroom, as well as Hispanic racism in schools.

What are the affects of how young black girls react when their Black male fathers abandon them? Black male teachers are not psychiatrists, and are not trained as such. Unattractive young black girls seek out each other in lesbian relationships rather than working to improve their self-esteem and manners. Parents often are not aware of these dirty relationships, and unclean female-to-female bonds.

Too many Black mothers outfit their young black daughters with phony hair, fake weaves, and feed them cheap fast food, but nothing is being done to address the students bad behavior and disrepect for the same colleged-educated, articuluate, and morally-clean Black male role models that were even disregarded by their own mothers. Breeding and mate selection does not require a college degree. The best beauty is always invisible.

Is Gregory Beasley Being Framed by Insubordnate Kids: CCSD Police claim complaints from students feeling uncomfortable led to arrest.

As a former teacher with first-hand knowledge of dealing with many teenage black girls, and their excessive loudness, disrespect, name-calling of teachers, and complete disregard of even the most school rules, black female self-hatred is a growing crisis and needs to be recognized for what it is."I will do anything to get him fired, expelled, or suspended" is what many black girl students say to one another, and many have no problem screaming these accusations to Black male teachers. This same statements are common amongst racist students. This article is not a defense of Mr. Beasley, or an attempt to advocate on his behalf. The facts regarding Mr. Beasley are bizarre for several reasons however, and clearly suggest that the students, and not the administration are running the school.

In the first report, CCSD Police Chief Ken Young claimed that students/victims at Thurman White Middle School, in Henderson, Nevada, felt “terrorized, threatened, intimidated or harassed. " About 48 hours later, that weird announcement was follwed by incredible claims that Gregory Beasley "touched all three students inappropriately while they were working on math problems at the white board." What teacher in their right mind is going to abuse any student in plain view of the entire classroom? Why not rob a police station instrd of the local dry-cleaners? Why not steal the baseball from the pitcher WHILE the game is in progress? Why not steal a NASCAR vehicle during a pit-stop while the race is being televised on TV? What are we talking about? Was a crime really committed or is someone trying to justify student deceit, or lies?

Students are SUPPOSED to feel uncomfortable when they disrespect school rules. The original statement by CCSD police can apply to virtually any insubordinate student when faced with a strict disciplinarian teacher.

A CCSD police report claims that while the alleged student victims were at the white board, Gregory Beasley "would approach from the victims' rear and intentionally place his stomach on their body. Even a serial child molester is intelligent enough not to molest his/her victim in the presense of others.

CCSD administrators need to recognize obvious signs of self-hatred and student disrespect for male authority figures because their fathers abandoned them or because the students are trained to be racists by their parents. A significant number of students atteding CCSD schools were abandoned by their fathers.

Unsubstantiated Allegations vs. Mutual Admission of Perversity. Better Parenting Needed.

Hispanic Parent Doone Fernandez appears to be part of the problem. A local paper claims this mother stated: "I have two daughters myself and if that was happening to my daughters, Don't let me catch this guy alone. Perhaps she should be asking why many accused white male teachers are first offered counseling when such accusations are made, or she should have asked why white male teachers are first reprimanded, but Black teachers are simply arrested as a first response. According to the U.S. Constitution, a person is innocent UNTIL proven guilty.

The suspicious police affidavit also details how Beasley put his hand in the back pocket of another student while she was at the white board. The victim told police "Mr. Beasley was smiling" as he was doing this. How did the alleged victim know that Beasely was smiling if she was in front of him? Why would the Henderson Police Department or the School administration take the mere words of a student versus the 10 year career of a teacher? Are there any texts involving the student, phone calls, video evidence (the same level of evidence used against Jason Lofthouse.)

In Henderson, Nevada, there is an element of racism that cannot be ignored. There is no way on Earth that perverted Jason Lofthouse would have been charged, let alone convicted, if evidence was entirely based upon his student victim(s). Clearly, CCSD Police have a different standard, a much lower standard, when the crime suspect is a Black man. This explains why the arrest of Gregory Beasley was reported immediately, but the arrest of white suspect Brian Theophil was delayed for several months and never even reported to the public until a local newspaper forced the evidence into the public domain.

Bad Youth. Bad Parenting. Clean up the Trash.

Too many 13 year-old and 14 or 15 year-old kids are using vulgar language, and casually using the F-word, the N-word, and the B-word, but when they make accusations against a Black male then they are treated like angels. Far too many Hispanic male students are using the N-word in a pathetic attempt to assimilate into urban black culture, attract the attention of females, and imitate Black male youth. Youth promiscuity is unacceptable!! Message to all Parents: SHINE YOUR DIAMONDS, BUT CLEAN UP YOUR TRASH!

Compare Evidence Against Prick-Faced Jason LoftHouse to Gregory Beasley

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Blonde-Haired Animal Sarah Madden Fowlkes Smiles for Mugshot

Blonde-Haired Animal Sarah Madden Fowlkes Smiles for Mugshot: Lockhart High School Teacher Dares Texas Prosecutors.

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Smiling Lockhart High School Teacher Sarah Madden Fowlkes poses and preps herself for her mugshot. The 26-year-old married anatomy teacher at Lockhart High School in Texas smiled in her booking photo after being arrested on suspicion of having an improper relationship with a 17-year-old student. Why should she not smile? All one needs to do is conduct a cursory examination of the weak and pathetic record of Texas so-called prosecutors when it comes to perverted blonde-haired rapists.

As predicted by this Publisher, Texas female rapists with blonde-hair understand by now that they can count on weak, ineffective, and morally inferior prosecutors like Bimbo Maureen Shelton. Maureen Shelton is the pink female prosecutor accused of approving a no-jail sentence of blonde-haired female monsters like Bobbie Streit. Mrs. Bobbie Streit claimed she was unable to resist a particular teenage male student while at the same time the two-legged animal with the dirty vagina has no trouble resisting other males. Bobbie Streit should have been put in prison along with other male rapists, but the weak blonde-haired female prosecutor gave Bobbie Streit a special deal reserved only for blone-haired perverted animals.

Smiling Sarah Madden Fowlkes Dares Inferior Texas Prosecutors to Put her in Prison

subHuman Sarah Madden Fowlkes has absolutely nothing to be concerned about. The disgraced, but happy Lockhart High School Teacher, knows she will never serve any jail time since all Texas prosecutors are impotent when in comes to prosecuting a vagina. Student and child rape in Texas might as well become a standard law. Impotent male proecutors and Clit-less female prosecutors like Maureen Shelton have no idea how to prosecute a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, female monster.

Sarah Madden Fowlkes not only engaged in Adultery, she defiled her marriage, and is alleged to have engaged in criminal conduct with a student. Texas male and female prosecutors know to act tough with minority male crime suspects, but prosecuting a blonde-haired Texas pervert like Sarah Madden Fowlkes is a challenge for the morally inferior Texas prosecutor. If you are a Texas prosecutor reading this article, there is no need to get upset reading this article: look at your pathetic, sick, and disgusting record of allowing sick female rapists to avoid prison for offenses that men routinely get imprisoned for.

Watch for the new Ron Thomas book on SubHuman Perversity: A guide for Every Parent, Guardian, Student, and Adult interesting in Stopping Adult-Teacher SubHumans

There is nothing unique or different about Sarah Madden Fowlkes that does not follow a predictable pattern. A background check is not as precise as a mathematical analysis of the personality. As a mathematician, I use a series of complex Calculus models and geometric probability sequences to accurately predict if a teacher has a certain probability as a pervert. Names that suggest perversity are simply another compononent of this model, but are not provided the same probability weight of other factors. My secret formula is an accurate predictor of subHuman perversity. My new book will be available in e-book format, and it will detail that accused and arrested teachers all fit a predictable mathetimatical pattern.

Once again, every parent, guardian, student, and teacher in the U.S.A. is being given advance warning of my upcoming e-book which will document in detail ways to address and identify the subHuman species, perverts, and subHumans who have no respect for the student body population or their fellow colleagues. As a former teacher, I am able to identify and classify teachers based upon thousands of hours and years dealing with teachers and studying teacher-student relationships.

High-School Anatomy Teacher Sarah Madden Fowlkes Taught Male Students Where to Place Penis

High-School Anatomy Teacher Sarah Madden Fowlkes Taught Male Students Where to Place Penis. The married Sarah Madden Fowlkes was anamoty teacher. This was no accident. She groomed her male victim and intructed her male students about penis placement. She used her dirty, corrupt, and sick mind to exchange sexally-related text messages that discussed obscene thougts, and adultery. The fact that Sarah Madden Fowlkes was married was immaterial. Sarah Madden Fowlkes had subHiman urges and had subHuman instincts that she clearly could not control. The gentically inferior blue-eyed, blonde-haired, two-legged, subHuman creature lusted for a teengager's pink penis.

Sarah Madden Fowlkes sought to become a high-school teacher for one purpose: to use her bimbo brain to lust after so-called cute high-school boys who would no doubt reject her once they became older and more sophisticated. The trick for older blonde-haired perverts is to pursue young males that are too young to reject perverts like Sarah Madden Fowlkes. The husband of Sarah Madden Fowlkes should be ashamed of himself for not demanding a divorce or forcing his deceitfl wife to live with her teenage object of affection.

Recommeded 40-year Prison Sentence for Lockhart High-School Teacher Sarah Madden Fowlkes

How to wipe the smile off of the face of Sarah Madden Fowlkes? A legitimate and real-life prosecutor prosecutes crimes, and skkes to punish the perpetrators of criminal conduct. Sarah Madden Fowlkes is smiling because she has no respect for the Texass judicial system. Sarah Madden Fowlkes understands that all she has to do is do a little research and find out that Texas is a state that allows blondes, brunettes, and perverted females to run wild.

Sarah Madden Fowlkes would not be smiling if she knew she faced a 40-year prison sentence. Yet, she deserves a lengthy sentence due to the magnitude of her conduct, and use of an arrogant smile. Tired of her weak husband,


Saturday, January 28, 2017

Alien-Faced Perverted Texas Teacher Thao Doan Challenges Weak Texas Prosecutors

Texas Teacher Thao Doan Challenges Weak Texas Prosecutors

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Alien-Faced Perverted Texas Teacher Thao Doan Latest Female Teacher to Challenge Weak Texas Prosecutors

Thao Doan is a stinking animal. Along with numerous other Texas female educators, she has no respect a Texas judicial system that rewards female perversity. Following the non-existent prosecution by bimbo Texas Prosecutor Maureen Shelton in the case of blonde-haired pervert Bobbie Streit and her friend Megan Shed, and many other similar cases, a surging number of female Texas teachers are more confident that Texas prosecutors are toothless cowards who are afraid to prosecute a vagina suspected of student rape. Weird-looking Middle school teacher Thao Doan, who teaches at Raul Quintanilla Sr. Middle School, in the southwest part of Dallas, knew that her involvement with a middle-school student was perverted, criminal, and evil. However, she also knew that Texas prosecutors have a weak record of prosecuting female rapists like her and other female child molesters.

After-all, blonde-haired and pathetic Maureen Shelton melted when she saw the baby-face of the same teen boy that stinking Bobbie Streit and her friend Megan Shed agreed to engage in perverted acts with. Expecting a blonde-haired female prosecutor to prosecute a blonde-haired female pervert is like expecting a KKK Grand Dragon to find innocent a Negro man accused of raping a white woman. Aint gonna happen!

Weak Texas prosecutors can't see past hair-color, skin color, physical appearance, and other superficial characteristics. Therefore, students in Texas should expect more abuse becase Texas prosecturs and judges are as weak as a vagina.

I prayed for the The Dallas Cowboys to lose to Green Bay in the first round of the 2017 NFL play-offs because this team refers to itself as America's team, but they refuse to demand Texas prosecutors get tough on female perverts like Mrs. Bobbie Streit and her friend Megan Shed.

College Board Urged to Put Asterisk on Texas Students' ACT Scores If Texas Prosecutors Continue Non-Prosecution Policy

College Board Urged to Put Asterisk on Texas Students' ACT Scores If Texas Prosecutors Continue Non-Prosecution Policy. There is a violent shooting carnage in Chicago, Il, says U.S. President Donald Trump. There is a teacher-student rape crisis going on in Texas. Texas prosecutors are an embarassment to the notion of protecting the rights of students and parents. No student should be preyed upon by any teacher. Female teachers like Thao Doan want equal pay, but are they willing to accept equal justice under the criminal justice system?

If Texas Prosecutors like Prosecutor Maureen Shelton continue the absurd policy of not prosecuting evil, disgusting, perverted, and demented perverts like Electra School District teacher Bobbie Streit, or Texas Math Teacher Haeli Noelle Wey, the College Board should begin to exercise its options to expose the possible inflated grades.

Texas trash should be required to enroll as a Sex Offender, and force these animals to lengthy prison terms, the College Board should begin to put an asrerisk besides student's Texas grades. The perception is that too many Texas students are benefitting from perverted and illicit relationships with adult perverts like Megan Shed, Thao Doan, and Meth-face Mrs. Bobbie Streit.

The Perverted Female Brain (Thao Doan): Physical Attraction to Baby-Faced Teens

Granted, Thao “Sandy” Doan, 27, is no beauty queen. The Vietnamese teacher has never won a beauty contest in either Vietnam, or any other country. Neither is she physically qualified to win such a contest. However, her lack of physical beauty, is no excuse to engage in perverted lusts for a middle-school boy. The Perverted Female Brain is attracted to "cute", "handsome", "attractive", baby-faced teens to the extent that their professional role as educaters and adults is immaterial.

Unable to control her animal urges, the inferior, low I.Q., and immoral Thao Doan therefore sought comfort in a teen boy who was old enought to reject her stinking vagina, or her inferior morals. To make matters worse, the strange-looking Thao Doan researched pathetic and weak so-called prosecutors like Maureen Shelton, and took notes of which court district she would be prosecuted in if she were ever caught.

Teacher Thao Doan Seeks to Prove that Texas is Safe for Rapists, and Child Molesters.

Texas is fast becoming the laughing stock of criminal prosecution in terms of teacher-student rape cases. Texas judges are punks, sissies, and cowards who are no more effective than a wet firecracker. Teacher Thao Doan Seeks to Prove that Texas Prosecutors are a Laughing Stock when it come to Teacher-to-Student Rape. If you are waiting the criminal sentencing of Thao Doan , you can stop waiting now. Thao Doan will not be punished. Thao Doan will not be required as Sex Offendeor. Thao Doan will not be sent to prison like minority males and poor white males. Thao Doan will be treaded just like perverted animla Mrs. Bobbie Streit and her friend Megan Shed. Even if Thao Doan receives any sort of jail sentence, she will only be required to serve 10% of the sentence due to her gender.

If you are an adult pervert interested in raping or abusing students, Texas is the state for you. Despite multiple acts of sexual intercourse with a young boy, the weak Texas prosecutor charged this female monster with only a single criminal act. In one of the acts, the boy claims the two even went to a public part because Thao Doan was such an extra-terrestrial animinal, that she could not even wait for a car, home, or hotel room.

If Thao “Sandy” Doan were minority male, she would face the full wrath of the criminal justice system.

30 year Prison Sentence Needed for Male/Female Teachers Convicted of Sex Assualts on Students

Giving a 30 year prison sentence to a Negro or Mexican male is pretty easy for most Texas judges. Hwoever, this confidence evaporates when the suspect has a vagina. After her Mickey Mouse criminal trial, and so-called "prosecution" by a weakling coward prosecutors, self-admitted Pervert Mrs. Bobbie Streit boasted on facebook that "life is great." Sure, if you are a blonde-haired rapist or sexual deviant in Texas. Only a privileged criminal can make that type of statement. The State of Texas is area 51 for rapists,molesters, deviants, perverts, adulterers, and pink prosecutors who accept their behavior.

To combat this perversity, this Blogger recommends a prison term of at least 30 years for each criminal count of a asexual natutre involving students. Mrs. Bobbie Streit would have thought twice before she opened up her stinking vagina, and exposed an innocent male youth to a possible sexual desiese.