Sunday, December 4, 2016

Cowardly Texas Prosecutor Rewards Perverted Blonde-haired Sexual Predator Bobbie Streit with Probation

Cowardly Texas Prosecutor Rewards Perverted Blonde-haired Sexual Predators Megan Shed, and Bobbie Streit with Probation

Texas Prosecutors Approve Rape of Students. Two Female Teachers Awarded Probation and Clean Records

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Bimbo Prosecutor Maureen Shelton Faces Scrutinty for Allegedly Encouraging rape, and sexual assault of Students

Bimbo Prosecutor Maureen Shelton Faces Scrutinty for Allegedly Encouraging rape, and sexual assault of Students. Female child molestors, female sexual predators, male tanned rapists from Mexico, and all female sexual deviants attracted to "cute", "handsome", "attractive", little boys, or baby-faced teens, you are welcome to the Electra School District. You are welcome in Texas. You are welcome in the corrupt Wichita County, Texas region. The local Texas "Prosecutor" or the District Rape Attorney for Female Rapists, will accept your blonde-hair, cryin' eyes, fake sob stories, and high-heel shoes. Tanned male rapists, not minority ones, are especially welcome. Happy Bobbie Streit, and her friend Megan Shed can attest that life is great for female rapists in Wichita, Texas.

In fact, after her Mickey Mouse criminal trial, self-admitted Pervert Mrs. Bobbie Streit boasted on facebook that "life is great." Sure, if you are a blonde-haired rapist or sexual deviant in Wichita County, TX. Only a privileged criminal can make that type of statement. County, TX is area 51 for rapists,molesters, deviants, perverts, adulteres, and pink prosecutors who accept their behavior.

Suspicious Female Prosecutor Maureen Shelton Arranges Probation for 2 Female Perverts.

Imagine if a Negro male had assaulted the female version of the same male that disgusting, dirty-minded, and perverted Mrs. Bobbie Streit had targeted? Imagine he can up with the same defense: "I could not resist her sexual advances....." Let's be real! He would be facing at least 20 years. However, allegedled "prosecutor" Maureen Shelton was sympethetic to her bimbo female counterpart. Apparently, they were thinking the same thoughts about the same teen male. Women want equal rights, but apparently not equal punishment. Prosecutor Maureen Shelton had a public duty to enforce Texas rape laws, and laws that forbid the sort of outrageous conduct engaged in by Megan Shed, and Bobbie Streit. Wearing high-heel shoes to court, using fake tears, and having your hair tinted with Blonde high-lights, should not affect a sentence. What other conclusion can you draw about Female Prosecutor Maureen Shelton and her toothless staff for not strictly enforcing Texas laws against a blonde-haired privileged sexual predator that makes boasts on social media that her criminal prosecution was meaningless, and something to be ignored?

Blonde-haired, stinking, and perverted two-legged animal Mrs. Bobbie Streit was probably thrilled about the fact that her criminal "prosecution" for rape/improper sexual relations with a male student would be handled by a female who looks like her and shops at the same stores as her. It is rare for Asian women to be involved with this sick mess because the Asian Woman has raised with high morals, and is attracted to actual Men, not little boys or teen boys. Both Maureen Shelton and Mrs. Bobbie Streit more than likely share common friends, share the same hair-dresser, and perhaps share common relatives. Both of these females have stinking vaginas. Both are blondes, and more than likely judge males by the same standards as their little bimbo brain will allow. "Good-looking" is a favorite term that is repeated on the Facebook page of low I.Q. bimbo Bobbie Streit.

Wichita probably has a high incidence of Autism, Down's Syndrome, and other medical issues related to incest, rape, and sharing of males. The local inbreeding has resulted in the same votes and same people voting to elect a prosecutor who is unable and too weak to put a 20-year prison term on a blonde-haired female pervert. Blondes are unable to punish blondes.

Plea Deals for Self-Admitted Female Rapists

A local Texas television station reports that suspicious-looking female prosecutor Maureen Shelton and her rape-loving staff, engaged in a "hastily arranged" and highly unusual plea deal for two females accused of similar sexual-related crimes. When questioned about the unusual sentence, local media reported that the Wichita, TX prosecutor staff "declined to comment on camera, other than saying both defendants expressed remorse and embarrassment over the incidents." In other words, blondes and brunettes are allowed to use false tears, empty remorse, and be subject to mere embarrassment, but others must actually receive a prison sentence, and be prosecuted? There is no provision under Texas law for such defendants to have a prison sentence waived under such excuses.

Self-admitted adulterer, and dirty pervert Mrs. Bobbie Streit, and her Electra School District colleague, Megan Shed, received probation for their perverted, dirty, and stinking sexual interactions with underage males. Megan Shed's plea had been set for November 4th, but the extremely corrupt and/or unethical prosecution staff in Wichita, Texas, arranged for both two-legged perverts to receive probated sentences at the same time. What is the statistical likelihood of two Negro or African-American males, or unattractive Mexican males receiving probation at the same time for raping two white, blonde-haired, underage females in Texas? Maureen Shelton may perceive the actions of Mrs. Bobbie Streit and Megan Shed as being "cute", and harmless.

Brock Allen Turner vs. Bobbie Streit. Female Hypocrisy. Where are the Feminists protesting the sentence of Dirty Texas Teacher Bobbie Streit??

Brock Allen Turner vs. Bobbie Streit. Female Hypocrisy. Where are the Feminists protesting the sentence of Dirty Texas Teacher Bobbie Streit?? Republican Maureen Shelton is certainly free to offer probation to her favorite female perverts, and to female rapists who prey upon our young males. Young males do not have the religious stamina or mental strength to reject and denounce a stinking, foul-smelling, filthy, and dirty vagina. Did her teenage boy-friend ask Bobbie Streit when was the last time she had her dirty vagina tested for Herpes,chlamydia, genital herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea,hepatitis, syphilis, trichomoniasis or some other venereal diseases? No, he did not. Yet, both Megan Shed, and Bobbie Streit lured, tempted, and taunted their male victims with the foul stench of their dirty vagina. Two Female animals. Young innocent males were brainwashed to accept two older female perverts. The teen victim of the Mrs. Bobbie Streit case should not have been forced to perform actions upon Bobbie Striet that apparently the husband could not perform, or was unwilling to perform.

A case can be made that Men are free to applaud, worship, and idolize Brock Allen Turner who was unfairly demonized by millions of females, weak males, and politial activists for merely "20 minutes of action" (claimed the father of Brock Turner). The alleged female victim of Brock Turner was drinking alcolhol (Sin #1), admitted to past sexual relations (Sin #2), used profanity to describe a male body part (Sin #3), admitted to attending a predominantly male party of privileged males without a boyfriend or husband (Sin #4), and most likely she went to the party in provocative clothes that showed her skin or legs (Sin #5). Yet, the female victim of Brock Allen Turner was able to use a sour-grapes story similar to Bobbie Streit. The Brock Turner female, who is too cowardly to reveal her name, claimed she was "raped" when her non-verbal language was screaming "SOMEBODY , PLEASE, RAPE ME. I WANT TO BE RAPED TONIGHT. RAPE ME! RAPE ME!.."

Cowardly Brock Allen Turner Rape "Victim" vs. Arrogant Bobbie Streit Social Media Acounts.

The so-called Brock Turner rape victim does not even have the courage to publish her own photo, or name with the public because she knows very well she acted like dirty female tramp. What decent woman attends a Frat party where privileged male athletes are present drinking beer? What responsible adult woman attends a party with undergraduates? Really.?

Why didn't the so-called Brock Turner victim attend a party of mature and affluent businessmen? She deliberately sought out younger male athletes . She wanted a quick and dirty sexual relationship, but she did not expect Mr. Turner to treat her like the female trash she really is by dumping her behind a trash bin! She even smiled at Brock Turner during the so-called party, and spoke to him. Females who are not attracted to males typically evade all eye contact, and distance themselves from males whom do not have female-looking features.

There are some persons who feel that Mr. Turner was sentenced to a lengthy, and unnecessary 6 months in jail while his female counterpart, the perverted female animal, and adulterer, and filthy Bobbie Streit betrayed her marital oath, betrayed her teaching license ethics requirements, and received probation. At the same time, Brock Turner is not posting "Life is Great" on his social media account.

Arrogant Bobbie Streit uses her Social Media Acounts to broadcast her privileged status and arrogrance, instead of issuing a public apology to the teen victim. This is hypocrisy caused by a perverted proscution staff who apparently does not know what the term "prosecution" means when the hair-color is blonde, and when the eyes are blue. Prosecution means to punish, not reward someone for criminal behavior. Prosecution means to treat a person as if they were a minority male. Maureen Shelton knows very well how to prosecute minority males but she apparently lacks the ethics and moral strength to recommend a 20 year term for a blonde-haired female or brunette who could pass for her sister.

Sinful behavior incites criminal conduct. The student involved with Mrs. Bobbie Streit and Megan Shed was innocent because it was the responsibility of the adult female teachers to turn him away as they no doubt know how to do with males they find physically unattractive.

Why Wichita County Residents Need to Reject Soft-on-Crime, Soft-on-Sin, Republican Maureen Shelton.

The female prosecutor took one look at the teen male who was victimized, and mostly likely had the same perverted thoughts as those females she was charged with prosecuting. Affirmative Action has led to more perverted women in offices that were once the province of males. Why Wichita County Residents Need to Reject Soft-on-Crime, Soft-on-Sin, Republican Maureen Shelton. Acting like a female, Maureen Shelton has alternately colored her hair from brunette to blonde, and then back to blonde. These traits verify her weakness. Traditionally, a prosecutor has always been a male. Adding feminity, hair-care, high-heel shoes, female clothes, lip gloss, perfume, make-up, eye-liner, to this role has weakened the office. Real prosecutors are not supposed to be concerned with their appearance, hair, etc.

Why Report Rape and Sexual Assualt Cases in Wichita County, TX?

Why Report Rape and Sexual Assualt Cases in Wichita County, TX? According to local medial reports, both Bobbie Streit, and Megan Shed are receiving probation. As an extra reward for being attracted to the same males as the female prosecution staff, both of these perverts will have their records wiped clean after a few years. Maureen Shelton and her staff have set a dangerous precedent. Rape against students should not be awarded with probation. The fact that a teen is attractive should not be a justification for a female prosecutor to think with her vagina and dismiss her perverted female co-species of a crime. The false advertising on the website of the Wichita County prosecutor's website claims that: "It is our ethical duty to see that justice is done and not merely to seek a conviction. Our mission is to make Wichita County a safer place to live. Thank you for the opportunity to serve the people of Wichita County." [Translation: this statement does not apply to blonde-haired or brunette-haired females who rape, assault, or who abuse students. If the female prosecutor also lusts after the same male victim, it is guaranteed that the female predators will serve no jail time. ]

Megan Shed and Bobbie Street Deserved 20-year Prison Sentences.

Accrding to indepednent news sources, Texas is on pace for the highest number of teacher-student sex assault cases in the country. When you have a pink prosecutor who can't or who refuses to punish a like-minded female, there is no such thing as a ceiling. Both Bobbie Streit and Megan Shed should have been sentenced to at least 20 years, castrated, and required to register as sex offendors for the rest of their life. Texas is no more serious about ending student rape and abuse than the KKK is serious about admitting Negroes and into their membership. Wichita Texas is a place where Apes are protecting apes. If Texas were serious about wiping out all teacher abuse crime, criminals like Bobbie Streit would know the meaning of a real prosecution. A prosecution under Maureen Shelton, and her impotent male staff, and staff of female perverts, is nothing but a joke. Even Megan Shed could not hide her smiles.

If Kyle Streit were any type of real man, he would divorce his perverted wife, and force her to to be with the 19 year-old she prefers.

On the other hand, Ms. Republican Maureen Shelton may very well be the best prosecutor in the area if the residents are content with their youth being raped, and abused, and sexual deviation becoming the norm. That's my opinion. What's yours?