Sunday, November 6, 2016

Married Blonde-haired Texas Teacher Bobbie Streit Targets Teen for Adultery and Dirty Sex

Married Blonde-haired Texas Teacher Bobbie Streit Targets Teen for Adultery and Dirty Sex

Blonde-haired Texas Teacher Bobbie Shea Streit Admits to Filthy Relationship with Innocent male teen

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Meth Face Texas Teacher Bobbie Streit pretends to be Normal

The truth hurts. Facts are painful. Opinions can be harsh. Blonde-haired Texas Substitute Teacher Bobbie Streit likes to pretend that she is a normal person, a normal female. Perverts use facebook to target male teenagers young enough to be their son, and to create the illusion of being a human. These subHumans desire to mix in with the general human population, but secretly they have dirty thoughts of perversity. subHumans cannot resist temptation or resist perversity. What separates Superior Humans from our subHuman counterparts is the ability to resist evil and to resist physical temptations.

More and more men are seeking Asian females for lots of reasons. Asian women prefer men, while most blonde-haired women and brunettes prefer to molest children or teenagers. The booking photos of Bobbie Streit are certainly not "good-looking." Her sunken cheek bones, hollow-looking demeanor, color-less pale face resemble a female who has tried meth. She has a routine typical of female perverts. The number #1 red-flag of perverted teachers is having a social media page. Bobbie Streit has a facebook page where she talks of her family, boasts of "church activities", and constantly talks about or references "looking good." Typical whore talk. If her family were so important then why did she engage in Adultery? Apparently, the lure of a pink penis was more powerful than the attraction to her family.

It is typical for female perverts to try to lower men to the same standards of subHumans. Intellect, education, character, and the core building blocks of any civilized society are absent from the vocabulary of every female pervert. Men don't have to "look good", only bimbos have to "look good."

Arrest affidavit Exposes Texas Teacher Bobbie Streit As Perverted

Arrest affidavit Exposes Texas Teacher Bobbie Streit As Pervert. She pursued a physical relationship with a male while married to another man. The possibility of spreading or being infected with a sexual disease was apparently not worth the thought to a whore in heat. All the while, she uses Facebook to pretend to be normal. An arrest affidavit by Texas law enforcement, however, exposes her scam. According to the arrest affidavit, she was a substitute teacher for agriculture at Electra High School. Police claim that the married Bobbie Streit pursued or allowed a sexual relationship with a 19 year-old male student, and then tried to blame the boy for her own lust.

Use of Facebook by Female Perverts and subHumans: Bobbie Streit uses Facebook

Social media accounts should be banned for any person convicted of a crime involving indecency with minors or teens. By having a social media account, perverts pretend to be normal. The normal human who is burned once with fire recognizes the danger of fire. An ape or subHuman does not have that quality. Despite the fact that Facebook was an instrumental tool in her perversity, that she was apparently addicted to, and used to pursue the teen boy, Mrs. Bimbo, Bobbie Streit, apparently can't rid herself of social media. She has a facebook account, and even a Pinterest account. It is unclear if she is messaging other teenage boys. Perverts love to post pictures of themselves on social media, and perverts love to use social media for self-promotion, and to target teens.

Aware that this airhead, blonde-haired, female ape has a Facebook page (what a coincidence), the student simply messaged Bobbie Streit on her Facebook page. The student inquired about working for her and her husband on their farm for the summer. Filled with lust in her heart, a married Mrs. Bobbie Streit answered the teen instead of rejecting him. Married (yes, all female adulterers hate that term), Mrs. Bobbie Streit would later claim that the teen initiated the attraction, and that she "did not resist." This is what her passive husband SHOULD HAVE TOLD HER: "Ok. Mrs. Bobbie [using the teen's last name], you defiled your marriage. You engaged in Adultery. Get out of the house immediately before I throw you out head first. I do not want you. You are not the only woman on Earth. I can do better. You can get the 19 year-old boy to buy you a house, a car, and provide for you..." Instead, her pathetic husband even appeared in court with her. Bobbie Streit is attracted to Boys, not men. Superior men REJECT tramps just as Superior Females reject worthless males.

Is Texas Teacher Mrs. Bobbie Streit Getting Prepared to be a Texas Whore?

Is Texas Teacher Mrs. Bobbie Streit Getting Prepared to be a Texas Whore? The answer to that question can be found in her own conduct, and the police report. Read the police report regarding the married Mrs. Bobbie Shea Streit. Study the Facebook posts of this blonde-haired animal that dared to prey on one of our innocent young men. Young men deserve protection from female predators who use their dirty vagina and filthy mind to infect God's male children. Mrs. Bobbie Streit was so intrigued by the idea of having a "good looking teenager" working on her farm that she did not even first consult her own puppy husband. When the teenager contacted Bobbie Shea Streit, she was not a virgin. Bobbie Shea Streit was not even close to being a virgin when she sought to hire this teenage boy.

As if she has never seen a penis before, the arrest affidavit claims she received and requested pictures of the teen. The media does not address if those pictures were nude, but evidence strongly suggests that Bobbie Shea Streit has a dirty mind, and that she thinks dirty thoughts. It is typical for any whore to be attracted to "good-looking" males young enough to be their grandson or son. The Whore plans. The Whore plots. The Whore waits.

Forget about a back-ground check. Forget about character references. Forget about an official employment application. Being a "good-looking" male with a pale color-less -penis is all the requirements needed for an inferior subHuman female to reject the moral requirements of a teaching license. No where on the Facebook page of Bobbie Shea Streit does she directly address issue of adultery. Neither does this female monster publicly denounce the so-called teenager who she claims initiated his sex acts on her. Neither does Bobbie Shea Streit address the clear prohibitions of biblical adultery. Is the married Bobbie Streit Getting Prepared to be a Texas Whore when she texted the teen after hours and in secrecy? You be the judge!

Heroic Teenager Exposes Dirty Relationship with married Electra High School Teacher Bobbie Streit

According to media reports, Mrs. ("Tramps hate being called "Mrs.") Bobbie Streit made the fanciful claim to police that the student initiated a physical relationship. Mrs. Bobbie Streit further claimed that she "did not resist." Wow?! Ok. Let's investigate these claims with common sense. In all reality, Mrs. Bobbie Streit gave unmistakable non-verbal signals to the teen that clearly showed she was interested in him despite her marital pact with Kyle Streit. It is the height of moral hypocrisy to suggest that a clumsy, immature, teenage boy can initiate a romantic relationship with a 30 ear-old married woman, who is also a licensed teacher, and the woman "could not resist." Are Texas teachers that dumb? No! Dear Mrs. Bobbie Streit: stop being a liar! You can fool Kyle Streit 24 by 7, but you cannot fool any Superior Man or common sense person. You WANTED a sexual relationship with a little pink penis, and you pursued it with your dirty underwear!!!

Mrs. Bobbie Streit wants to have it both ways. She wants to excuse her own perversity and enjoy her dirty relationship at the same time without any punishment. She excuses her misconduct with a brainless claim of "not resisting." Every perverted subHuman female pretends to be unable to resist.

The thinking public understands and observes on a daily basis how tramps lure men. Bobbie Streit knows how to reject each and every man that is NOT "good-looking" to her primitive brain. When Mrs. Bobbie Streit wants to demonstrate a lack of interest in any male, she simply turns on her bimbo switch. She turns her head in an opposite direction or do everything to evade even accidental eye-contact. Another technique used by Blonde-haired apes is to smile often at some non-existent object. Thank God this teenager exposed Bobbie Streit before she could go after hundreds or thousands of other innocent males.

Undercover Male Teens Should be Used to Convict Female Predators

I encourage the use of under-age youthful males to test and prosecute female perverts in the classroom. We congratulate this "good-looking" teen victim for exposing the spiritually "ugly" side of Bobbie Streit. We thank this brave young boy for helping God expose another adult female pervert. The teen is completely innocent. All of the blame lies with the adult pervert Bobbie Streit. We need more intelligent, and moral young men who are willing to expose, report, and condemn adult female perverts like Bobbie Streit. Oral sex is perversity. Adultery is perversity. Violation of your teaching license is perversity. We encourage more male students to use their youth to test adult female teachers, and then report them to local authorities if they do anything that suggests they are seeking a physical relationship. If the sentence is at least 20 years or longer, the effort is worth it.

Can Texas Authorities Prosecute a female Blonde-Haired Pervert like Bobbie Streit?

The teenager told the principal at Electra High School that the two started sharing pictures of one another and sometime after spring break they had sex in the Ag building. Unable to control her animal lusts, the police affidavit further claims that when police spoke with the married Bobbie Streit, she "admitted to having oral sex and intercourse with the student."

The question now becomes: Can the Electra City Hall, and local Texas judiciary prosecute a female who probably looks like their wives, sisters, or mothers? Did Electra Police Chief Michael Dozier waste his time and police resources in investigating a blonde-haired, privileged pervert knowing she will never receive a 10 year prison term? Can City prosecutor Brett Hale prosecute a blonde-haired pervert who rapes or assaults teen boys? Can Texas treat Bobbie Streit like a minority male who did the same thing with a "good looking" white female? Can Presiding Judge Dianne Gribble send a message to blonde-haired teachers, and all other female perverts that your perversity will be punished? Can a female judge sentence a female pervert with harsh terms?

With her casual facebook posts, and daily effort of pretending to be a human, Blonde-Haired Pervert Bobbie Streit acts as if her arrests never occurred. She acts if her criminal case will go away, and that her criminal file will disappear without even a sentence or a trial. However, we will be watching!

It may be suitable in Electra to have female teachers rape students, and it may be suitable for the Electra School District to employ subHuman dirt like Bobbie Streit, but Superior Humans need not tolerate this sort of misconduct. Superior Humans should be prepared to make their voices known at the ballot box, or have the law license of the local prosecutor revoked if he/she does not seek severe penalties. Mrs. Bobbie Streit needs to be sent a clear message by Superior Humans that her hypocrisy and perversity will not be tolerated by civilized humans.