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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Wisconsin high school teacher Sara Domres admits Filthy Rape of Teen Boy

Wisconsin high school teacher Sara Domres, Admits Filthy Rape of Teen Boy

Wisconsin high school teacher Sara Domres, Admits Filthy Rape of Teen Boy

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Wisconsin high school teacher Sara Domres, Admits Filthy Rape of Teen Boy. subHuman pervert Sara Domres, 28, admitted in Court that she could not control her subHuman desires and outrageous carnal thoughts. The filthy, dirty, stinking, and painfully unattractive New Berlin West High-School teacher was even married at the time. What male teenager would allow her near his body is beyond the ability of this blogger to comprehend. Nonetheless,the main stram media reports that this monstrosity is even married. The dirty and desperate tramp reportedly sent the innocent young boy dirty text messages like "Baby Boo, I love you now & forever! Please be mine forever & ever. Always, your baby girl. P.S. Good luck on your quiz :)" Make no mistake about it, Sara Domres is a rapist, pervert, and disgusitng two-legged animal. She repeatedly failed or was uninterested in promoting Mom and Women Scholarship opportunities

Sara Domres: Should her Male Victim have Attacked her in Self-Defense?

Sara Domres did find the time to promote her dirty vagina to naive young boys who were not adult enough to call her a Stinking Dirty Whore to her face. The question is this: is it acceptable for a teenage male youth to defend himself by attacking a female teacher who seeks to assault him? Teenage boys are being assaulted on a near daily basis by adult perverted female teachers like Sara Domres who use their cheapest asset (their dirty vagina) to appeal to male youth. Teenage boys need to know that self-defense is an option just as females are allowed to use violence against male rape suspects. Putting a brick on the head of a female pervert will certainly get her attention and free the male youth from the domestic violence being caused by the adult female teacher pervert. Imagine the headlines: Teenage Rape victim defends himself by Attakcing Female Teacher Pervert. Such youth deserve recognition, and a full-tuition scholarship. Teenage boys or girls who are being pursued by adult female perverts need to take precaution. Sara Domres and other female perverts may carry viruses or infections like Herpes,chlamydia, genital herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea,hepatitis, syphilis, trichomoniasis or some other venereal diseases.

Wisconsin Judicial System is Corrupt, and Fails to Note Male Victim Claimed 15 Acts of Rape.

Adult female teachers are raping male youth because the judicial system is allowing it to happen. Mant male perverts even believe that this sort of crime is ok. It is not ok! Adult female perverts need to be prosecuted like all other criminsls. The Wisconsin Judicial system is encouraging rape by not taking into account that the male victim claimed at least 15 acts of rape occured. Ape Sara Domres is being charged with only two acts of rape, but the young victim claimed tat this animal assulted him at least 10 to 15 times, including once at a Motel 6 the night of Domres' husband's bachelor party. In other words, Sara Domres decided to rape another male while her husband was a naive idiot who was away having a bachelor party. Apparently, the husband wanted a whore, and that is precisely the type of wife he has. [Get ready for my upcoming e-book on Teacher Perversity, and America's subHuman population Follow this blog!].

Bloggers Asks for Donations to Prosecute Teachers, and for Students and Teachers to share Incidents of Teacher Abuse

Bloggers Asks for Donations to Prosecute Teachers, and for Students and Teachers to share Incidents of Teacher Abuse. Share with this Blogger your incidents of teacher abuse. Your information will not be released to the public. You can also do so anonymously. Please donate money to our Student Victim Fund. If you are featured in one of our stories, we will consider donations of at least $500 or more as counting towards rehabilitation. Your donations will be strongly considered when we update the story, and be considered favorably. All donations are confidential.

We need to donations to prosecute teachers who abuse students. The donation money will be used to write legislators, expand adveritising against lenient sentences, provide monies for scholarship funds for student victims, and to write governors, congressman, and assemblypersons for better laws to protect students. I will demand longer prison sentences, and firm prosecutions of adult female and male perverts. It is clear that the American judicial system is not equipped to students across the country are not being protected against females like Sara Domres.

Self-admitted perverts like Sara Domres will escape any serious punishment. Wisconsin authorities are too weak and pathetic to prosecute a vagina. Her husband is too weak to divorce her. AdulTery and rape are acts of choice. If this Blogger was the local prosecutor, you can rest assured that each and every allegation claimed by innocent young victims would result in criminal charges. There would be no plea bargaining. With your donations, we can work towards eliminating all teacher-rape cases.

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