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Friday, January 1, 2016

Texas Math Teacher Haeli Noelle Wey Taught Dirty Math to Male Students

Texas Math Teacher Haeli Noelle Wey Taught Dirty Math to Male Students.
Suspected subHuman Pervert and Alleged Adulterer

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas. What is it about the female Teacher brain that makes many so ineffective when it comes to moral values? We need tough new sentencing laws to police the rise of female perversity in the class room. A few 25 to 30 year prison sentences in maximum security penitentiaries would reduce female teacher perversity overnight. Subscribe to this Blog and be ready for my new upcoming book. I expose the methods, processes, and procedures of male and female perverts who teach in the classroom. I also expose how female perverts groom male administrators to throw them off track. I am former teacher and I know ALL of the methods used by corrupt female teachers and male teachers toward students and administrators.

Who Hired Unqualified Haeli Noelle Wey to be a Math Teacher?

According to their police report, Texas law enforcement were made aware of the allegations against the suspected subHuman pervert Haeli Noelle Wey on Oct. 23 2015 when school administrators received word of possible inappropriate text messages between Wey and a 17-year-old male student. What ethical teacher is sending text messages to a student? Where has Haeli Noelle Wey been living at for the past 10 years? How much Helium is in this woman's head? When investigators spoke to the innocent and naive male student, he said he met Wey at summer camp and didn’t realize she was a teacher at his school until he started the new school year in August. The innocent male victim said he started communication with Wey in mid-September about random things despite the apparent fact that she was already married. The question is did airhead Haeli Noelle Wey even know she was married and was she aware of the responsibilities of a married woman? Married does not mean you intend to date several other persons. One of the essential ingredients for any airhead or subHuman is the inability to absorb facts involving moral values. My question to Haeli Noelle Wey would be: "If you are a married person, then why are you pursuing an outside relationship?" My next question to this suspected female pervert would be: "If you are interested in a teenager male, then why didn't you marry a 17 year-old, and have him take care of you also, including buying you a home?"

Based upon the evidence in the police report, it appears that Haeli Noelle Wey is not qualified to be a math teacher, or any sort of teacher, and she does not appear to be qualified to accept employment around "cute, handsome, attractive" teenage males due to her primitive and subHuman urges of acting like a four-legged animal without a brain. Apparently, Haeli Noelle Wey does not know how to keep her dirty legs closed, and to stop harassing our innocent, clean, and pure-thinking, young men with her dirty mind. Texas has plenty of Adult Strip Clubs that may be a better place of employment for Haeli Noelle Wey.

Even animals in the jungle do not pursue their off-spring or the off-spring of other animals. The issue with female perverts is that suspected illicit relationships have nothing to do with personal problems happening at home or in the classroom. It is their subHuman nature. No amount of facts or moral truth can police a pervert. Therefore, we need minimum sentencing provisions that will require at least 25 to 30 years in prison and castration for any male or female pervert that is convicted of child molestation or rape. Castration for females should include sewing up their vagina, removing their clitoris, and preventing any type of penetration. Castration is the only message that these female perverts will understand.

Haeli Noelle Wey: "I can't find the paper or pencils, but I can find a teenage boy's zippers."

Apparently, Haeli Noelle Wey couldn't figure out where the books, pens, paper supplies, scholarship applications, and erasers were but she was real good at locating the zippers and the little pink penis of an under-age high-school boy. What a filthy, dirty, and despicable subHuman. Haeli Noelle Wey knew about the Nursing Texas Scholarships sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars and she also know about the strict Code of Ethics we expect from both teachers and students. Haeli Noelle Wey knew or should have known about my new series attacking the lack of moral values that are associated with subHumans. NO TOUCHING OR TEXTING OR COMMUNICATING WITH ANY STUDENT OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM. ONLY DISTRIBUTE SCHOLARSHIP AND FINANCIAL-AID LITERTATURE!

Adultery + Perversity: Slope of Line (y =mx +b) Haeli Noelle Wey Teaches Slope as Penis=Vagina(x) + S

Adultery is a word that few female perverts and New-Age Feminists want to hear. What they tell you is a thousand excuses to justify their own perversity. Think of Adultery and Abolition of Slavery. Married Female perverts DO NOT want to hear the word "Adultery" like slave-owners in 18th century despised the word Abolitionists. If you mentioned the word "Adultery" to Haeli Noelle Wey in 2014 or before, she most likely had a blank expression on her face. If you mentioned the word "pervert", "whore", "slut", or "tramp", she probably smiled or ignored you altogether depending upon your relationship to her. Most female perverts actually like to be called degrading names like "whore, slut, etc." What they DO NOT like to be called is a subHuman. A subHuman is lower than a human but has all the physical characteristics of a human. subHumans do not have the intellectual, religious, or moral character strength of a normal human.

If you read my new book, you will learn the mathematics and logic behind many female and male perverts. The slope of line along a plane we all know by Algebra is y-mx+b. M is the slope and b is the y-intercept. The sort of mathematics that Haeli Noelle Wey is teaching comes from my book: Penis=Vagina(x) + S. Where the variable "x" is the female teacher interested in Student S. The objective of the adult perverted female teacher is to pursue a 'slope' of the penis.

State-Issued Tatoos Required for Sex Offenders and subHumans. Place in Zoo for Public Display.

State-Issued Tatoos Required for Sex Offenders and subHumans. Place in Zoo for Public Display. How bad do you want to stop this epedemic if female/male teacher perversity? While Texas investigators were questioning the initial male student, a second 17-year-old male student came forward and said he had also sex with Wey several times over the span of two months but he stopped because he found out she was being apparently being a two-timing whore and went on a hike with the other student. My goodness. Hello Haeli Noelle Wey. Did you want "sex" that bad? Why not rent a plastic penis from the nearest Adult Toy Store if you could not control your animal instincts?

Humans need to place all subHumans in a zoo for public display, and charge monies to the public to see these perverts. As a Human, we need better laws controlling the behavior and conduct of the subHumans. We can retire the national debt in a 3 years! Every pervert and subHuman should be forced to wear a state-issued Tatoo that bears their criminal citation# or charge. The second victim told police that Wey’s family was close to his family and the two had met at ministry program in June of last year. He said their relationship escalated because Haeli Noelle Wey could not control herself when she accompanied his family on a trip. Lacking the control that Humans exhibit, the student claimed that Haeli Noelle Wey acted like a two-legged subHuman that could not resist the phyisical features of a "youthful,cute,handsome, boy".

Use my 'Ho-check methods' to Bust Perverted Female Teachers. Students Can Win Scholarships!

It is easy for male students to determine if their female teacher is a tramp. All it takes is a few choice words or phrases. Get my book, and I discuss all the choice words to 'open her up.' Every student, educator, and teacher needs to read my new book.

We thank God these brave male students reported the conduct of Haeli Noelle Wey. The fact that she resigned and forfetited her teaching certificate suggests she is guilty. However, that should not be the end of her punishment. Texas authorities need to follow the lead of the State of Georgia. Georgia death row inmate Kelly Gissendaner was executed in September 2015 for her subHuman role in the killing of her husband. What did Kelly Gissendaner want? She wanted the same thing that subHuman Haeli Noelle Wey wanted: any male penis that was not her husbands. What subHumans do not understand is that "sex" should not be the primary component of marriage. We, as official Humans, need to better the police and control the behavior of our less developed subHumans, and follow the lead of Georgia. Male students are urged to discreetly track the behavior of perverted female perverts, and report their conduct to law enforcement or simply communicate your concerns to myself. I will maintain your privacy, and I will never report the name of student molested or victimized by an adult pervert, and all book sales are confidential.

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