Monday, August 17, 2015

Jason R Lofthouse: Prick-face Rancho High School teacher suspected of perversity; teen Rape, and Kidnapping

Jason R Lofthouse: Prick-face Rancho High School teacher suspected of perversity; teen rape, and Kidnapping

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Another CCSD teacher suspected of perverted acts on an innocent young girl. Rancho High-School teacher Jason R. Lofthouse is the latest in a long string of suspected perverted teachers.Jason R Lofthouse: Pervert or Teacher? Here we go on. Prick-face Jason R Lofthouse was arrested on the last day of school on June 4th 2015. According to the official police report, an innocent Nevada young girl reported to police that one of her female friends was seduced by 32 year-old Jason R Lofthouse. The suspected perverted relationship allegedly blossomed into a sexual encounter of filth, dirt, grime, sin,and fecal-smelling acts. Despite dozens of night-clubs in Las Vegas, Nevada, and hundreds of places and opportunities to meet adult women, and men, more and more perverted teachers with loser personalities are using their employment as a means to seduce naive, young, and immature little children. The consensus at Rancho High School among several students seems to be that Jason R. Lofthouse was a familiar pervert who was interested in teen girls. Often times adult men seek young ten girls because f their relatively small penis, and such men normally have personality flaws that adult women would not accept. Perverted women think the same as perverted men.

Jason R Lofthouse: Minimum Sentence of 50 years Recommended for All Teachers Suspected of Perversity on a Student

Jason R Lofthouse had an opportunity to promote Nevada Scholarships and grants to Rancho High-School students. Instead of using his position as a licensed teacher to discuss and promote legitimate Nevada scholarship opportunities and federal grants for Nevada students, he appeared to have been more interested in lifting up a young girl's skirt and taking her to area Las Vegas, Nevada hotels like a subhuman male pervert. Teen girls need to know about scholarship and grant opportunities in the Nursing and medical field, and not be exposed to potential STDs by a desperate male teacher that few adult women want. Adult teachers who are perverted, depraved, and desperate prey upon teens because they understand that their own personality flaws are not attractive to adults of the opposite gender. Mr. Jason R. Lofthouse remains jailed on $250,000.00 bound, although his bail amount should have been at least $16 million. Prosecutors should always set bail at $1 million per each each age of the victim in years. When he was hired by the School District, Jason R Lofthouse knew the cardinal rule for all teachers: Avoid all touching of students. Avoid friendships with students. Instead, this suspected, low-life, suspected male pervert allegedly went in the opposite direction, and is now suspected of raping an innocent teen girl who was not mature enough to know what a creep this guy probably is.

Nevada Prosecutors Urged to Keep Pressure on Jason R Lofthouse and Seek Federal charges.

Jason R Lofthouse claims he is innocent. If he is innocent, why was he arrested? Let's be honest. Did Jason R Lofthouse have an illicit relationship with a girl young enough to be his daughter? Did Jason R Lofthouse take a teen girl to a hotel? Did Jason R Lofthouse promote Nevada Medical Scholarships? Did Jason R Lofthouse promote Nevada Healthcare scholarships? The teenage girl claims that Jason R Lofthouse even had sex in the school classroom. She NEVER confirmed that Jason R Lofthouse discussed online colleges, online degrees, or even distant learning opportunities despite his requirement that part of his lesson plan include Blended Learning techniques. Surveillance images obtained by police showed Lofthouse kissing the teen in an elevator at the Cannery, according to an arrest report. The young girl was seduced to even skip class to meet this suspected male-trash subhuman pervert.

Nevada prosecutors need to keep the pressure on Jason R Lofthouse because his creative attorneys are trying to argue that the teenage girl consented to the perverted sex acts. Teen girls are innocent and are not capable of consenting to adult perverts. Louis Schneider, one of Lofthouse’s two suspicious attorneys, said the defense plans to ask the Nevada Supreme Court to deem unconstitutional part of the law making it illegal for school teachers, staff or volunteers to have sex with students over the age of consent. Ok. Any teacher employed in any school district that has an improper relationship with a students needs to permanently banned from any job related to students.

Therefore, it appears that Jason R Lofthouse actually admits to the perverted activity with the teen girl but he is arguing that the kid is not a victim, and that she should have known he was a pervert. Federal authorities charged Hispanic teacher Albert Silva Hernandez Jr., a former CCSD teacher, with numerous crimes after he pursued a young blonde girl. Federal prosecutors need to explore what possible charges are available to drop on Jason R Lofthouse since he now is questioning whether or not this kid girl is a victim or not. Clearly, Jason R Lofthouse is a danger to the community, and he should remain jailed until he apologies for attacking the credibility of this young girl. No 17 year-old child is old enough to consent to a perverted act with a 32 year-old male pervert.

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