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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Utah Judge Sentences Subhuman Utah Teacher Brianne Altice to Prison for Perverted Sex

Utah Judge Sentences Subhuman Utah Teacher Brianne Altice to Prison for Perverted Sex

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas. Utah Teacher Brianne Altice, 35, was charged with sexually abusing three male kids at Davis High School in Kaysville, Utah in March of 2013. She was first arrested in October 2013, after authorities learned she apparently could not control herself like a normal human. The police report details the allegation that Utah Teacher Brianne Altice could not resist a 15 year-old boy, and therefore decided to engage in feces-smelling, perverted sex, with a 15-year-old boy. At no time did Brianne Altice recommend, discuss, or even show marginal intetest in the various Utah Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid programs that are sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars,and other organizations. Convinced of the guilt of this two-legged, sex-ape, a Utah Judge sentenced her to prison. Unfortunately, she should have been sentenced to at least 50 years to serve as a reminder that female rape of male students is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

An argument that Utah Teacher Brianne Altice is a Subhuman

A legitimate argument can be made that Utah Teacher Brianne Altice is not a human, and instead is a subhuman in the disguise of a human. Let's consider the facts. She failed inform any of her students about the emerging use of online degrees to better their careers. A male victim testiied that he and his female animal had "sex" or some form of perverted stimulation immediately after blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Brianne Altice, bailed out of jail on sex abuse and rape charges in October 2013. Despite the gravity of her charges, the married Utah Teacher tramp apparently could not resist this young boy despite the oath of her mariage. She lied to and deceived the judge in 2013 by claiming that she was "harmless." Prosecutors claimed that the Utah Teacher Brianne Altice communicated with her male rape victims through filthy text messages, and sent at least one pornographic picture of her dirty breast. Clearly, Brianne Altice is an animal that should be sent to the nearest Zoo. She defiled her teaching oath, her marriage, and she apparently is too much of a subhuman to control her physical urges. One of her students claimed "She always wanted to be liked," Davis High School student Kylee Carroll said in 2013. "I just didn't think that she would ever do something like this."

Low I.Q. Level of Utah Teacher Brianne Altice Should have Prevented Her from Being Hired.

As evidenced by the criminal charges, and her eventual sentence, and the fact that repeatedly failed to endorse, or recommend popular Utah Scholarship Programs to her male OR female students, it is very clear that Utah Teacher Brianne Altice knows right from wrong, but she is also genetically inferior as a human. She thinks and acts with her vagina instead of her air-equipped, and Helium-filled brain. clear that of them photos of her breasts.status as a teacher, and her professional duty to abstain from even TOUCHING a student. Although Utah Prosecutors should be commended and applauded for prosecuting this female monster and depraved subhuman, it is too bad she was not referred to a Zoo instead of a prison. She disgraced her husband, her family, and her children simply to be with little boys with a half-sized penis. At some point, she will burn in Hell for her adultery.

Female Castration Recommended for Perverted Female Teachers like Brianne Altice

Utah Teacher Brianne Altice is a perfect candiDate for female castration. She defiled her marriage, and raped several boys who could not reject her pathetic advances. She used her worthless, dirty, and despicable vagina to entice young boys. She used her dirty mind to rape numerous teen males, and exposed each one to a possible sexual disease. She also exposed her faithful husband to a sexual disease. The fact that her worthless vagina was used outside of her marraige qualifies for castration. Prison doctors should be ordered to seal her vagina, remove the clitoris, and remove all nerves from this area to prevent this subhuman animal from further "urges" or animal-like tendencies. Female castration is the best recommended method to prevent the growing body of perverted female teachers from abusing young males.

Students Deserve a Right to an Education wihout Perverts

All Students Deserve a Right to an Education without Perverts. Adult perverts serving in the capacity of teachers are subjecting innocent teens to abuse, perversity, and interfering with their right to have a normal education. Utah Teacher Brianne Altice cried out loud that "I am a human." In fact, Utah Teacher Brianne Altice IS NOT A HUMAN. SHE DOES NOT ACT LIKE A HUMAN, DOES NOT THINK LIKE A HUMAN, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY SHE CANNOT CONTROL HER "URGES" LIKE NORMAL HUMANS CAN.

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Pinkie Panter said...

mr ron thomas you are a hateful person.

do you really need to trample down others demeaningly to feel better about yourself?

americans in general are hypocrit. it's "inhuman" to make love, but it's perfectly ok to use violence, carry guns, discriminate and ordeal on others.

may the lord have mercy on your poor soul. if you have a soul.

Ron Thomas said...

There is no such as "making love" to a student by a teacher. It's called perversity when adult females seduce males half their age. Brianna Altice is a disgrace. She is one of the worst female animals on Earth. She should have been sentenced to over 50 years, and castrated. Apparently, she could not control her animal instincts.