Thursday, June 25, 2015

Nursing is in Demand

Accelerated Nursing Degrees. More Nurses needed. 15-month program. Guaranteed employment. Nursing Scholarships/Grants, and Financial-Aid.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Two-Timing Google Executive Killed by Filthy Prostitute: Failed to index Google Scholarships and Grants

Two-Timing Google Executive Killed by Filthy Prostitute: Failed to index Google Scholarships and Grants

Alix Catherine Tichelman is the young woman at the center of the storm following the death of a married Google executive. She is an alleged high-price prostitute who is accused of injecting a married Google executive with 'Heroin' and then stood over him as he died, smiling, and drinking a glass of wine as her high-profile 'Trick' customer slowly drifted towards his death. —is officially going to prison. Alix Catherine Tichelman is decently attractive, but hardly looks like she is worth of demanding thousands of dollars. What does she have that is so valuable? She is not a sponsor or provider of scholarships and financial-aid. She markets herself to men who apparently have trouble meeting women. Her vagina is not worth thousands of dollars, and is not even worth $12.00. Despite this analysis, a married Google executive spent more time with a cunning, dirty, and filthy prostitute than ensuring all of the Google scholarships and grant pages were ranked on page #1. Alix Catherine Tichelman used her dirty vagina to entice a married Google executive to her wings. Too bad she sdid not also encourager him to rank our Google Scholarships page to a page #1 ranking.

Google Executive Failed to Index/Rank Key Google Scholarships, but had time for Dirty Prostitute

Google executive Forrest Timothy Hayes was married and had children. He also had a moral responsibility to index numerous Google Scholarship pages such that moral and clean men and women could apply for scholarships and grants they were eligible for. Instead of working hard to get these pages ranked higher, what was Forrest Timothy Hayes doing? Apparently, according to police records, he was being out-smarted by a dim-witted, street-smart, brunette prostitute that he was having an affair with. Alix Catherine Tichelman is a whore. A high-priced whore. She understands her role. Alix Catherine Tichelman viewed Forrest Timothy Hayes as just another easy 'Trick' who was snared in her deceit, beauty, and openly-ready vagina. She never respected him as a man, and therefore she had no problem with treating him as the desperate male 'Trick' he apparently was. Rule #1 for all men: Never pay any woman for something that God intended to be for free.

Google Executive Turns to Sugar Daddy Dating Site instead of Google Scholarships Site map to Rank Scholarships and Grants.

Instead of ensuring that millions of men and women locate, for example, our Nursing Scholarship pages, Google executive Forrest Timothy Hayes was browsing for Sugar Daddy-type websites looking for immoral women like Alix Catherine Tichelman who were willing to sell their dirty vagina to any man willing to spend hundreds of dollars. Instead of being a prostitute, Alix Catherine Tichelman can make more being a Nurse. Due to his lust and adultery, and refusal to even rank certain Google Scholarship pages, Google executive Forrest Timothy Hayes ws found dead of an overdose of drugs. He was with Alix Catherine Tichelman on his 50-foot yacht. As her 'Trick' died in front of her, she was drinking a glass. What she needed was not just a good spanking, but a man that would put her in her place. Unfortunately, Mr. Forrest Timothy Hayes was not that man. She could have called the California Persoal Injury Hotline number at 12-213-327-3002.