Friday, March 6, 2015

Teacher Hiring Standards Need Overhauling

Teacher Hiring Standards Need Overhauling

Teacher Hiring Standards Need Overhauling. Teacher abuse of students by female teachers has reached a crisis in the U.S.A. The female species that are employed as secondary teachers in U.S. schools are out of control. The reason is two-fold. Very few male and female criminal prosecutors are tough enough to prosecute professional, white-collar, female teachers. Too many U.S. prosecutors simply can't prosecute a woman that resembles their wives or girl-friends. Female teachers know this implicitly. The failure to prosecute and punish female teachers aggressively leads to more and more female teacher perversity. Until a female teacher is sentenced to at least 30 or 40 years in prison, female teachers will continue to engage in perversity. The female teacher brain operates by a punishment-learning mentality. Only when punished severely, will a female teacher learn. The standards for hiring and retaining female teachers in the U.S.A. MUST change! It is now apparently routine for female teachers to rape male students or lust for these young under-developed males. Too many school officials have hired a female monster and certainly there are others working in U.S. classrooms. Here are a few of the new rules we propose for hiring teachers:

Recommendations for School Districts to Police Female Teacher Perversity

  1. Female teachers should have a Hall Monitor in their classrooms;
  2. Female teachers should be escorted to and from their cars to the classrom;
  3. Female teachers must be asked numerous sexually-related questions BEFORE they are hired.
    1. Do you have a boyfriend or husband?
    2. Are you engaging in sexual activity with your boyfriend or husband?.
    3. Are you a pervert?
    4. Are you willing to take a lie detector test?
    5. How many times a week do you go to church?
    6. Is your Pastor willing to provide a reference on your credibility and integrity?
  4. All teachers should be issued a school cell-phone. They should not be allowed to bring their personal cell-phones to school.
  5. Teachers should be required to register ALL of their cell-phone numbers with school police;
  6. Teachers who coach students should have even more requirements.
  7. Female teachers who are even slightly attractive should receive extra scrutiny
  8. Female teachers should be barred from wearing ANY make-up or perfume at school, and should be required to wear school-issued clothes bought from Target's or some-other retailer not focused on sexuality.

All teachers should be briefed on scholarships, grants, and financial-aid sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars. By concentrating on scholarships vs. illicit physical activity, this helps the students and teachers focus on education. Also, students and adults need to know that a college education is within reach. Nicole Dufault, Laura Whitehurst, and perverted teachers only know that a condom is within reach.

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