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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Extra-Curricular Sex Demon: New Jersey teacher Nicole DuFault

A look at Single Mom New Jersey teacher Nicole DuFault, and the low Hiring Standards in New Jersey

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

By now, a substantial number of Americans know that New Jersey teacher Nicole DuFault was apparently videotaped performing oral sex on a student. Nicole DuFault had an opportunity to be sponsoring New Jersey Scholarships for New Jersey students,but instead she was apparently behaving like a thug on sex hormones. Hello Nicole. Did you know that we sponsor Single Mom scholarships and grants? This New Jersey High-School teacher is the latest in a string of outrageous and perverted female animal teachers (e.g., Rachel Respess, Shelley Dufresne, Laura Whitehurst, etc., etc) that have been arrested on suspicion of perversity and having sinful sex with under-age male minors. Nicole DuFault never discussed applying for a single New Jersey High-School award, scholarship, or grant sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars. Nicole DuFault never discussed downloading our Scholarship Keys App on Google Play. Nicole DuFault seemed more interested in performing fecal-smelling sex or oral sex on an under-developed teenage male rather than promoting certain New Jersey scholarship opportunities for New Jew Jersey High-School students and women.

Who Hired Unqualified Nicole DuFault as a New Jersey Teacher?

According to their police report, Nicole DuFault is suspected of being a female demon that has terrorized young males with her dirty, disgusting, horrible, and despicable body. Specifically, this suspected female monster is accused of aggravated rape, and endangering the welfare of not one child but a whole series of male children. Algebraically, she is suspected of engaging in so much perversity that a polynomial equation to the nth degree is necessary to quantify the extent of her perversity. The police report claims that she could not control her animal urges and that she seduced male students like a prowling rapist in her automobile. The State of New Jersey Department of Education details very specific requirements to become a New Jersey Teacher: Pass the Praxis, background check; references; teaching credentials, etc. Despite these basic and fundamental requirements, somehow the unqualified administrators in New Jersey allowed this outrageous, two-legged, sex demon dog to be around naive male minors. Nicole DuFault knew of the famous Scholarship Keys app for New Jersey students, but ignored the app only to focus on her apparently perverted desires for New Jersey High School students.

Recommendations for School Districts to Police Female Teacher Perversity

Teacher abuse of students by female teachers has reached a crisis in the U.S.A. The female species that are employed as secondary teachers in U.S. schools are out of control. New Jersey officials hired a female monster and certainly there are others working in New Jersey classrooms. The standards in New Jersey are apparently not high enough to prevent perverted and lonely female teachers from being hired. Here are a few of the new rules we propose:

  1. Female teachers should have a Hall Monitor in their classrooms;
  2. Female teachers should be escorted to and from their cars to the classrom;
  3. Female teachers must be asked numerous sexually-related questions BEFORE they are hired.

All teachers should be briefed on scholarships, grants, and financial-aid sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars. By concentrating on scholarships vs. illicit physical activity, this helps the students and teachers focus on education. Teachers should use their Smart Boards to refer students to the link. For New Jersey general Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, please see this page:
New Jersey scholarships

For New Jersey Healthcare Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, please see this page:
New Jersey Scholarships

For New Jersey Medical Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, please see this page:
New Jersey Scholarships


Eileen Fernandez-Parker said...

This is an anti-teacher rant. Of the thousands of teachers across the nation, you are stereotyping all of them with your blanket statements.

It's embarrassing. New Jersey has some of the best teachers and some of the best students in the nation. Stop all the hate and propaganda.

I could use your rant for my students to dissect for its propaganda.

This is merely an attempt to get attention. You don't deserve it.

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