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Overweight Clark County School District Teacher Kristy Kay Yegge Arrested for Dirty Lesbian Sex Acts

Overweight Clark County School District Teacher Kristy Kay Yegge Arrested for Dirty Lesbian Sex Acts

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas. Overweight Clark County School District Teacher Kristy Kay Yegge Arrested for Dirty Lesbian Sex Acts. One of the biggest teachers employed by the Clark County School District, Kristy Kay Yegge, has finally been exposed. Kristy Kay Yegge, who tips the weight scales at over 250lbs., was accused by local Las Vegas Police of having a romantic relationship with a female student despite herself also being a female. How two females have "sex", I do not personally know. The Adult entertainment industry claim that it is possible for two persons of the same gender to have "sex", however the human anatomy is not structured for two persons of the same gender to engage in natural, free-flowing activity. Nonetheless, perverted persons are known to have a creative mind that seeks to subvert the human body to perform acts that it was not desiged to perform. According,y, the arrest report claims that the cake-eating, donut-loving female Ms. Kristy Kay Yegge wanted another treat: a young human female that was young enough to be her daughter. The rise in female teacher perversity is alarming. At the same time, Ms. Ms. Kristy Kay Yegge refused to promote Nevada financial-aid information sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars. Although she is a woman herself, Ms. Yegge has no record of directing women to Women Scholarships and Grants sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars or even requesting that students seek student loan help. In stead of targeting female students, as the arrest report alleges, why didn't Big Kristy invite her female students to visit financial-aid websites that would help them concentrate on their education instead of being smothered by the excess obesity of a sick teacher who apparently can't control her own perversity?

Kristy Kay Yegge vs. Ammar Harris, and Toothless Nevada Male Prosecutors: $5,000 Bail is Nothing!

Sadly, and unfortunately, Nevada students WILL CONTINUE TO BE RAPED, WILL CONTINUE TO BE MOLESTED, AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE ABUSED because Nevada male prosecutors can't get tough on a vagina. It's really that simple. Nevada male and female prosecutors are a disgrace to the legal profession. They have no problem invoking the Death Penalty on a hapless, uneducated, inarticulate, and slang-talking minority guy like Ammar Harris, but they refused to prosecute ANY of his attention-seeking female accomplices (e.g., Yesenia Alfonso was just as culpable in the murder of innocent persons on the Las Vegas strip as her boyfriend and pimp, but she was never charged or prosecuted). The Death Penalty against Ammar Harris was sought despite the fact the motivation of his crime was NOT financial-gain, and neither was he Lying In Wait (these are the two core components to justify a Death Penalty). Being angry at a person and losing your temper in an instant is typically not worthy of a death penalty case. Kenny Wayne Cherry, Michael Boldon and Sandra Sutton-Wasmund were killed and subhuman females Yesenia Alfonso,Courtney Harper, and Ashley Jones all aided, abetted, assisted or somehow participated in these murders either before or after the fact. Not a single Nevada prosecutor charged and prosecuted these attention-seeking, foul-language subhumans. Even at the Death Penalty phase, an African-American female was hired to read the Death Penalty Bill. The Relatives of Kenneth Cherry Jr and the other alleged "murder/accident" victims are a disgrace for not demanding that the subhuman females who participated in his "murder" also be equally prosecuted.

Ashley Jones, another subhuman female, also admitted to being in Harris' Range Rover at the time of the shooting of Kenneth Cherry Jr. Courtney Harper, yet another subhuman female associate of Ammar Harris testified driving Ammar Harris and his subhuman girlfriend Yenesis Alfonso to Los Angeles, where she harbored and assisted a criminal fugitive by deliberately housing the pimp and his girl-friend prostitute (Yenesis Alfonso) at an apartment. However, Nevada male prosecutors were too impressed by the physical features of Yenesis Alfonso, just as they have been with the over-weight vagina of Ms. Kristy Kay Yegge. A $5,000 bail, at 10%, is simply $500.00. Divide $500 over 24 months, which is the estimate time of her relationship with the female student, and you get approximately $21. Therefore, the economic component of student rape and molestation appears to justify why many perverted female teachers would rather opt for molestation. Ms. Kristy Kay Yegge WILL NOT BE PROSECUTED VIGORSOUSLY AND SHE WILL NOT FACE THE TYPE OF SUSTAINED PROSECUTION that Mr. Harris faced. Female teachers in Clark County understand the double standards, and understand how weak and how small the penises are of the male prosecutors. They might as well laugh at any police officer that arrests them. Simply tolerate a few days of having your pucture in the newspaper, and then forget. No female teacher who engages in an act of perversity in Nevada will be seriously prosecuted. No female teacher who engages in an act of perversity in Nevada will be ever be jailed over 1 year. Only disfavored males will be prosecuted.

Kristy Kay Yegge vs. Tannika Queen. Refusal to Prosecute Due to Jungle Fever.

Despite statistics citing their high prevalence for Herpes, and reputation to sleep with virtually any male Caucasion, many Nevada prosecutors are also attracted to African-females like Tannika Queen. Ms. Tanikka Queen, is the 22-year-old former long-term substitute teacher at Hyde Park Middle School, who was originally charged with at least 29 state criminal charges, including Kidnapping. Despite these serious charges, Nevada prosecutors eventually dropped all charges and she avoided jail. It is rumored that she had an affair with one of the male prosecutors or that she simply smiled at one of the male prosecutors. Nevada students WILL CONTINUE TO BE RAPED, WILL CONTINUE TO BE MOLESTED, AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE ABUSED because Nevada male prosecutors can't get tough on a vagina. Local Nevada Detectives were able to recover from a cellphone about 2,400 dirty text messages, 108 phone calls and 38 photographs sent between subhuman Tannika Queen and the boy which showed a sick relationship. Her UNLV degree was too weak to prevent her from engaging in an affair. No federal charges were ever filed. This is the same set of Nevada prosecutors who were "tough" on Ammar Harris, but can't seem to ever prosecute a vagina. Tannika Queen is a perverted SUBHUMAN who should have been sent to prison for at least 40 years, and forced to take a TV-televised Herpes/HIV test.

Kristy Kay Yegge vs. Kelly Gissendaner. State of Georgia and its Prosecutors Are the Role Model to Get Tough on Female Perverts

Kristy Kay Yegge vs. Kelly Gissendaner. Kristy Kay Yegge bears a striking resemblance to Kelly Gissendaner. With the liberalization of workplace rules, and the impetus of gender equality, many female teachers have taken on a new lower level of perversity. Instead of concentrating on the work they are paid to do, they concentrate on which male or female students to seduce. Over 70% of female teachers engage in Adultery at local schools. Most of these events never make the local news. They hug male students in hallways, and flirt with male students behind close doors. They even pursue female students. The husbands are clueless. Register your email address for my upcoming Report that will detail the techniques, ways, and methods why it is easier for a female teacher to engage in perversity with a student than a male, and how perverted female teachers win over the school administration.

We should all appaud Georgia for putting to rest subhuman Kelly Gissendaner. It was Feb. 20, 1997, when they found subhuman Kelly Gissendaner’s husband. He was slouched over his knees in the mud and the leaves. Kelly Gissendaner’s husband, was bludgeoned with a nightstick and stabbed repeatedly in the neck, had been left in the woods to die like an animal. His decaying carcus was picked over by wolves and wild dogs. Two weeks before he was found, Doug Gissendaner had been murdered by his wife’s boyfriend. Wife and female Kelly Gissendaner had engaged in Adultery, and betrayed her marriage. She was more interested in satisfying her sick perversity rather than simply trying to improve her marriage. The state of Georgia arrested subhuman Kelly Gissendaner and sought the Death Penalty for her despicable crimes. Unlike the Ammar Harris case, subhuman Kelly Gissendaner plotted, planned, and waited for the perfect opportunity to use her boyfriend to kill her husband. In addition, she’d reasoned that she’d reap the benefits of an insurance policy and be the outright owner of her house. Therefore, the crucual element of financial gain was a major factor in the seeking the death penalty against this despicable tramp.

Despite phony appeals from the Pope, and religious hypocrite "Reverend" Cathy Zappa, and countless others who have no idea of the wreckage and evil of Adultery, the State of Georgia held firm and EXECUTED this female pervert in October 2015. THOU SHALT NOT COMMITT ADULTERY: What part of this sentence is not understood by "Reverend" Cathy Zappa, perverts and subhumans? If subhuman pervert Kelly Gissendaner wanted a penis that bad, she should have went to the local Adult store and purchased a plastic one or contacted a manufacturer and had the manufacturer create a custom plastic penis to sooth her demented perversity. Or, Kelly Gissendaner should have simply carried a plastic penis around her neck and told everyone she came in contact with her desire for a penis. Not a single woman broadcaster who supported the worthless appeals waged by sick animal Kelly Gissendaner ever denounced Adultery!! We should all applaud the State of Georgia and its brave msle and female prosecutors for refusing to be soft on this pervert. "Reverend" Cathy Zappa does not look like she worships god, and certainly has not offered any words or phrases that clearly, and directly denounces acts of sin.

Get Tough on Kristy Kay Yegge: Bring back the Electric Chair for Executions. Eliminate her Donuts and Cakes, Raise her Bail to $5 Million

Nevada prosecutors must get tough on suspected female teachers like Kristy Kay Yegge. The Electric Chair deterred murderers for decades until weak policy deemd it unconstitutional. Revoke the bail of Kristy Kay Yegge or raise it to $5 Million dollars. While behind bars, eliminate her consumption of donuts, sweets, breads, cakes,pies, and hamburgers. Her diet should be restricted to carrots, apples, and water. She should be denied any female pornography. Her literature should consists of downloading the Scholarship Keys App. No plea baragain. If convicted of her offenses, she should receive at least 25 years. Both male and female perverts need to be deterred, not encouraged. In the case involving another CCSD teacher, Jason Lofthouse, he has used atttorneys to argue that if the acts were consensual, then the perversity is legitimate. In Georgia, they fight back against the perverts by having approved a law that makes it illegal for a person in a supervisory capacity to have relations with a minor, regardless of consent of the minor. Georgia is tough on Sex Offenders, and teachers. In their criminal code,Georgia has the CRIMES AND OFFENSES CHAPTER 6 - SEXUAL OFFENSES; Georgia Criminal Code. § 16-6-5.1 - Sexual assault by persons with supervisory or disciplinary authority. This section targets teachers and supervisors who try to justify their perversity by blaming the student.

In selecting a school district, make sure local prosecutors are tough on perverts. A legitimate wife endorses and promotes Scholarships for Moms, and Financial-aid For Women.

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Dirty Lamar Odom Caught at Nevada Brothel with Multiple Stinking Prostitutes

Dirty Lamar Odom Caught at Nevada Brothel with Multiple Stinking Prostitutes

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas. Dirty Lamar Odom Caught at Nevada Brothel with Multiple Stinking Prostitutes. News reports claim that the former NBA, and Los Angeles Laker star basketball player Lamar Odom was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel following a drug overdose. One of the worst-looking men on Earth, it is not surprising that Mr. Lamar Odom feels compelled to "purchase" affection. Despite his significant character flaws, poor grooming habits, and his history of drug use, and solicitation of prostitutes, T.V. celebrity Khloe Kardashian can't seem to extricate herself from this type of male. It is common for many uneducated women, regardless or their socio-economic status, to be attracted to thuggish-males Lamar Odom has no demonstrated record of directing students to complete scholarship or grant applications sponsored by leading scholarship sponsors or even requesting that students seek Emergency Loan help. The central question for Lamar Odom is this: Why didn't Lamar Odom invite his mother, children, or wife Khloe Kardashian to meet the same prostitutes that he selected?

What Brothel Owner Dennis Hof Said About Dirty Lamar Odom

Dennis Hof, the owner of the Love Ranch in Crystal spoke to the American media, and confirmed what Lamar Odom was doing at this glorified house of prostitution and sin. Dennis Hof confirmed that Lamar Odon sought cheap and filthy sex, much like an animal. Despite being familiar with National Academy of American Scholars in Los Angeles, and its mission of helping youth and adults since September of 1988, Lamar Odom was NOT discussing, distributing, or promoting ANY scholarships, grants, or financial-aid for American youth or adults. Amazing?! What Lamer Odom was willing to discuss, apparently, was something dirty, despicable, and evil with immoral females who sell their filthy bodies to desperate men. Lamar Odom is wealthy, but appears to be desperate for cheap female affection. His is not a scholar by any means. He probably can't even write an articulate response to this article without hiring some professional person or attorney to assist him. Low-Class Lamar Odom is a perfect match for low-class women. Neither of these persons have donated a dime to the National Scholarship Fund.

Perverted Lamar Odom is a National Disgrace: He used Sexual Performance Drugs and Refused to Discuss Scholarships

Perverted Lamar Odom is a National Disgrace: He used Sexual Performance Drugs and Refused to Discuss even popular NCAA Basketball Scholarships. Now a days, more and lower-level female species are actually attracted to bald-headed male species. Prostitutes continue to disclose the perversions of former NBA player, Lamar Odom. Based upon media reports, it appears that this coke user was unable to maintain an erection over several hours, and that Lamar Odom therefore sought performance-enhancing sex drugs. His inferior masculinity led him to use sexual-related drugs on prostitutes. The use of performance enhancing drugs by Lamar Odom or any male on blonde-haired prostitutes, and his apparent inability to even get a flirtatious and lustful Khloe Kardashian pregnant, suggests that bald-headed Lamar Odom is simply a wuss and sissy when it comes to women. The fact is that: Only Inferior men need performance enhancing drugs and steriods whereas superior men do not need such items. It is true that manhood has nothing to do sexuality or with getting a women pregnant. However, Lamar Odom needs to address why he spent money on performance-enhancing drugs, and not on donating funds to scholarships.

Is this America's First Couple of Perversity?: Freak-Face Khloe Kardashian + Coke-Breath Lamar Odom??

Freak-face Khloe Kardashian can't seem to understand that her coke-breath husband Lamar Odom does not want her. Is Khloe Kardashian perverted for desiring a male like Lamar Odom? After-all, the guy can't even keep hair on his head, but too many women can't figure out that this often translates to erection problems. The lower-level female species is attracted to bald men, thug-type males, that pursue whores and tramps. Mrs. Frankenstein appears to be madly in love with a disgrace. God provided Lamar Odom with one talent: to dribble a basketball. It appears that Lamar Odom knows nothing or little about pleasing or satisfying any women. Mrs. Frankenstein probably hates the fact that her husband Lamar Odom is not articulate, college-educated, well-spoken, attractive, a non-smoker, and non-drug user. Freak-Face Khloe Kardashian is a fool for trying to change Lamar Odom. Get the message Mrs. Frankenstein, Lamar Odom prefers blondes, or prostitutes, and apparently not Frankenstein brunettes. The media suggests that your worthless husband uses drugs, pays thousands of dollars on dirty prostitutes, snorts cocaine, and even uses perverted performance-enhancing drugs. The media reports that your so-called "husband" paid an incredible sum of at least $75,000 to be in the company of two disgusting females who value their entire self-worth with their disgusting, filthy and prostitution-dirty vagina. Prostitutes are some of the most vile, diseased, and most immoral species on Earth. That is how low the husband of Freak-Face Khloe Kardashian apparently has become. Lamar Odom's "manhood" is apparently so inferior that he needs man-made drugs to even maintain an erection. Lamar Odom is an embarrassment to his ethnicity. Freak-Face Khloe Kardashian is attracted to Lamar Odom because she apparently or may have similar sexually-perverted thoughts. After-all, she once wanted Lamar Odom, of all people, to get her pregnant. Her attraction to Lamar Odom is not "love" as the entertainment media reports, but a form of perverted female sickness: an attraction to the lowest scum men on Earth, but dislike of more suitable males. Nevada law enforcement needs to place Lamar Odom, and the prostitutes he was with was under arrest for drug possession; possession of narcotics with intent to distribute; disturbance of the peace; possession of narcotics paraphernalia; and, being a public nuisance.

Challenge to Lamar Odom: Write an Essay Disagreeing with this Article.

Challenge to Lamar Odom: Write an Essay Disagreeing with this Article. We challenge Lamar Odom to follow the standard English conventions and write a rebuttal essay to this story within 15 days of its publication; I will publish the story unedited, and uncensored. The fact of the matter is that Khloe Kardashian, like many of the lower level female species of her type, wants to convince Americans that Lamar Odom is a "great" guy that deserves some sympathy. However, at the same time, we know he lusts for prostitutes that look completely different from his brunette freak-face. His Freak-face wife acts more like a mother than a wife. A legitimate wife will tell Lamar Odom to cease and desist his perversity, and stop chasing blonde-haired prostitutes. A legitimate wife endorses and promotes Scholaships for Moms, and Financial-aid For Women.

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Blonde Hair vs. The Evidence: Prosecutors Dismiss Charges Previously Filed Against Teacher Kristen Goodwin Roush

Blonde Hair vs. The Evidence: California Prosecutors Dismiss Charges Previously Filed Against Teacher Kristen Goodwin Roush

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas. Blonde Hair matters! There are those that believe that "Blondes are beautiful. Blondes are smart. Blondes are fun." What we do know is that all women, regardless of hair-color or eye-color deserve scholarships and financial-aid. However, Blondes should not escape prosecution solely based upon hair-color or eye-color. Kristen Goodwin Roush is the latest in a recent long list of blonde female teachers who were once arrested and charged with some form of perversity upon a male student, only to have the charges mysteriously reduced, dropped, or simply dismissed by male prosecutors without an opportunity to present the evidence before a jury. Although countries like Sweden, Norway, Finland, have a much higher percentage of natural blondes, most U.S. blondes are not natural. Most U.S. male prosecutors have never been to such European countries, and therefor there is no distinction of natural vs. formula blondes. What is important to note, however, is that hair-color, eye-color, gender, and unfortunately race are still dominant features in U.S. jurisprudence. Indeed, the decision to charge, indict, or arrest, and to seek a conviction, can be cast aside entirely based upon these superficial characteristics. Statistics from the U.S. Sentencing Commission, and the vast disparity of sentences of men vs. women, and white vs. minority verify these statistics. Blonde hair may matter to California prosecutors, but not in the California Scholarship community. All students, regardless of race, gender, hair-color, and nationality have a fair chance of being awarded many scholarships.

Blonde Kristen Goodwin Roush Gets California Prosecutors to Enter a Plea Deal and Avoid Jail

Kristen Michelle Roush, a 34-year-old eighth grade teacher at La Paz Intermediate School in Mission Viejo was arrested at her Aliso Viejo home in October of 2014 for an alleged inappropriate relationship with a male juvenile student. A month-long investigation preceded the arrest. Evidence collected included interviews with several witnesses and evidence obtained from the cell phones of the blonde-haired teacher and student, says Lt. Jeff Hallock, the sheriff's spokesman. No ethical teacher sends any text messages to a student. California prosecutors knew also that Kristen Goodwin Roush was blonde, married, and a school teacher. Those facts would complicate the "investigation."

However, the parents of the alleged 8th-grade victim believed that blonde-haired Kristen Michelle Roush had an improper relationship with the male student. Most parents are not stupid. What led the parents to believe that Kristen Michelle Roush was interested in their little boy? In fact, this author had previously written that most female perverts engage in perverted acts with male students because they are aware that only a small percentage of such crimes will be seriously prosecuted, and the hallways of most schools provide a convenient cover for perverted female teachers seeking to molest males half or triple their age. Fair-skinned, Blonde female perverts are rarely prosecuted and might as well laugh at the local prosecutors. There is no need for California Blonde female suspects to even hire attorneys. If a blonde female suspect came to my law office and if I were an attorney, I would simply advise all blonde female perverts to ignore all communication from local prosecutors, and they will eventually cave in. The typical weak U.S. male prosecutor will ultimately cave in and use his position to even pursue a romantic relationship with the female he is supposed to be prosecuting. That is why the evidence clearly shows that certain types of female predators are rarely prosecuted, and rarely sent to any prison.

Kristen Roush Claims: "I'm completely innocent of all the charges...It was an innocent hug" Oh really?!

I'm completely innocent of all the charges,, said the blonde female Mission Viejo junior high school teacher outside the courthouse last November, after she pleaded not guilty to committing lewd acts with a 14-year-old male student. What exactly were the "lewd acts?" One of the most common defenses used by perverted and disgusting female perverts when accused of hugging a male student young enough to be their son is that "The hug was only an innocent hug, and didn't mean anything." 99% of all perverted female teachers that use that worn out excuse is a liar and a pervert. They typically embrace the male student as they would a lover or a scene from a romantic movie, but they are quick to avoid any hint of even eye contact with older male teachers their own age. How many men her own age has Kristen Roush performed "innocent hugs" on? If the hug was so "innocent" as she claimed then why didn't she do in the presence of her husband or the school principal? Every lewd act by an upright walking human or subhuman involves use of the legs or their hands.

In the world of education, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN "INNOCENT HUG" by a teacher upon a student. Such acts are lewd, perverted, and disgusting, and any teacher engaging in such conduct should be arrested, and forced to appear before a jury. I previously wrote that "Kristen Roush had no problem distributing her filthy legs to a little eighth-grade boy..."

In response, a perverted and sick-minded defender of Kristen Roush remarked that the article was defamatory, and deliberately false. He also attempted to attribute comments directed towards dirty and filthy Laura Whitehurst as being meant for Kristen Roush. Let me get this straight: Law enforcement agencies in California ARRESTED AND CHARGED Kristen Roush based upon a legal and legitimate investigation that included "interviews with several witnesses and evidence obtained from the cell phones of the teacher and student, says Lt. Jeff Hallock, the sheriff's spokesman. Kristen Roush used her dirty legs and dirty hands to drive the male student to a location not authorized by the student's parents; she used her dirty legs to walk the male student to the car; she used her dirty legs to open the car door for a young male student; she used her dirty legs to put on female clothes knowing that a male student would see the clothes; and, she apparently used her dirty hands to perform an "innocent hug" on a male student. Kristen Roush is neither a virgin nor a Nun. The fact that she has children suggests that has had intercourse with a male. Therefore, she is by definition a "dirty" woman. Only virgin women who never committed a sin are "clean" women. Kristen Roush HAS NO BUSINESS touching any MALE OR FEMALE student for any reason unless she is licensed in CPR, and performing a life-saving duty. Keep your dirty hands and dirty mind away from students! Hug your husband, if he is willing to tolerate you!

Suspicious TV Station KTLA Announces Kristen Roush "Cleared of Lewd Acts"

TV Station KTLA is not the most ethical of California TV stations. What Judge or prosecutor specifically stated that Kristen Roush has been "Cleared of Lewd Acts"? That is what KTLA-5 wants the public to believe. Where is the court transcript or prosecutor memorandum that specifically states in no uncertain terms the arrest and charges of this female suspect was a mistake; that she should have never been charged; and, that no further evidence is being considered in her prosecution? No such record to my knowledge exists. If I pay an Orange County prosecutor to dismiss charges against me or my friend, and the prosecutor agrees then that does not "clear" the charges. This blog author has far superior standards and ethics than the KTLA station or California prosecutors. KTLA-5 is simply demonstrating a preference for a judicial outcome. If the suspect were legally "cleared of all charges" then there is no judicial basis to enter into a plea bargain. Blonde female predators need to be punished just like other law breakers who prey upon young students. Students deserve protection, and this author is one of their few defenders. Blondes are easy targets for ISIS and other terrorist recruiters, and we need to clamp down on Blonde preferences.

Kristen Roush claimed she was "unaware" that the male student had not been provided permission to ride in her car. At the same time, she hypocritcally claimed that "'kids lie all the time." Ok, Ms. Kristen Roush, WHY DID YOU ALLOW A MALE STUDENT IN YOUR CAR THAT YOU NOW CLAIM IS A LIAR? Are you a Blonde predator or just plain brainless? You knew this student, and you were familiar with this student! You can't have it both ways!!! Which are you!?

Only a Jury or Trial Judge Can Exonerate Kristen Roush, not a Toothless Prosecutor

KTLA-5 should retract its misleading statement that Kristen Roush has been "cleared" of all charges. Charges were simply dropped. Only a trial judge, or jury can declare a suspect completely "clear" of all charges. In this case, it is widely suspected that the male prosecutors simply dismissed the case to suit the blonde suspect; this is routine all over the United States, except in the South and in Utah. Blonde suspects want it both ways.

The weakness and impotence of Orange County prosecutors, and their cowardly decision to refuse to allow an impartial jury to decide the evidence, has nothing to do with the "innocence" of the suspect. Dismissing charges merely confirms that Blonde Hair matters. Only a jury can exonerate a suspect once a suspect is formally charged. Furthermore, news media sources report that "based on information obtained from various methods of communication, investigators believe Roush had an inappropriate relationship with the student." Orange County Sheriff's Department officers therefore officers arrested the Kristen Goodwin Roush on lewd and lascivious acts with a child. The fact that California prosecutors are too weak, too impotent, and too impressed with suspect's Blonde hair and blue-eyes is irrelevant to the initial charges. Various charges were dismissed against Kristen Roush probably because male prosecutors were afraid if the case went to trial, a jury could possible convict the suspect. The sentencing and conviction record of blonde female predators is pathetic in the U.S.A. To my knowledge, there has been no judicial determination via a trial judge or jury as to the evidence against the charged suspect. Therefore, I do not share the misrepresented statement that Kristen Roush has been "cleared" of all charges. In truth, the male prosecutors and wek law enforcement of Orange County can't stomach the prosecution of blonde female predators. They REFUSED to present their CASE-IN-CHIEF before a jury and let a jury decide the facts. They REFUSED to stand up to their charges once it became clear that the blonde suspect would not back down. Furthermore, how does a dismissed teacher even afford two quality legal attorneys? If she has very litte funds, what did she pay with?

Did Kristen Roush Violate her Teaching Contract by Using her legs, and Why She Was Arrested!

All licensed teachers in California are required to sign an ethical contract. A teaching contract, and the annual video sessions that all teachers are required to take, evidence that driving a student home in your personal car is prohibited. Kristen Roush also knew that Rule #2 is to NEVER BE ALONE WITH A STUDENT. Ok. Some people will argue that Kristen Roush is only guilty of acting like a "blonde." However, the police charged her with a crime because the police KNOW THE TEACHER RULES, AND POLICE KNOW WHAT TEACHERS ARE TRAINED NOT TO DO, AND POLICE KNOW THAT HUGGING A STUDENT IS NEVER ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR. Is Kristen Roush going to provide the public a copy of the original criminal complaint against her? Not likely. Is Kristen Roush going to provide the public with phone numbers to all of her friends, husband, and other students she has been in contact with? Is she going to share her supposed or alleged text messages from her cell-phone? Is she willing to discuss and detail all aspects of her sex life? Lastly, Kristen Roush is not O.J. Simpson. Mr. Simpson went through a full jury trial, and was aquitted of all charges; Kristen Roush simply had her charges dropped because the male prosecutors are too weak and too pathetic. Her own attorneys sought vigourously to get the charges dismissed instead of simply waiting for a jury trial. Legitimate innocent persons are willing to go through a jury trial and are unwilling to accept any sort of plea deal. She has not been found to be "factually innocent" of the charges by judicial determination.CASE CLOSED!

Yes. I believe that Kristen Roush distributed her legs in an automobile by activating a gas peddle, a braking system, while in the company of a male student that SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN IN HER DAMN PERSONAL AUTOMOBILE IN THE FIRST PLACE. She distributed her legs over a car seat while a young male was in her presence. She used her legs to walk to an automobile. She used her legs to approach and position her body inorder to "hug" a male student. Pervert-minded subhumans interpret the phrase "distributing her filthy legs to a little eighth-grade boy" as meaning something other than what was culturally written. All perverts think about is something dirty like intercourse, while clean humans think non-physical activity Why doesn't Kristen Roush provide hugs and car rides to adult men she finds unattractive? Can she answer that question? Why didn't Orange County prosecutors investigate every detail of the sex life of this suspected female pervert and have her tested for HIV, HERPES, etc. She knew that her contract as a teacher prohibited such contact with a student, and she also knew that that computer system used by all teachers refutes certain other excuses she made. Perhaps she should publish the details of her teaching contract and list of required courses she must take that detail certain conduct is prohibited. IT IS AGAINST A TEACHER'S CONTRACT TO HUG A STUDENT!! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN "INNOCENT HUG." KEEP YOUR DIRTY BODY AWAY FROM OUR STUDENTS!

Attorney for Kristen Roush Admits she Hugged a Male Student

No male student should be forced to endure a so-called "hug" from a perverted teacher. No married woman should be hugging any persons other than her own husband or children. STOP HUGGING STUDENTS! STOP TOUCHING STUDENTS! STUDENTS DO NOT NEED PERVERTED DISPLAYS OF AFFECTION. DIRECT STUDENTS TO SCHOLARSHIPS AND GRANTS! Kristen Roush claims she is completely innocent, but her attorney admits on a video that she "hugged" a student, and even took the student home. Those facts alone are evidence of perversion because such acts VIOLATE a teacher's sworn oath to NEVER TOUCH A STUDENT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, UNLESS THEY ARE PERFORMING CPR. Licensed teachers are required to watch hours of video tapes, and attend professional sessions detailing what conduct is prohibited. Every teacher in the United States of American understand s that HUGGING A STUDENT IS THE #1 RULE TO NOT VIOLATE. To successfully prosecute persons such Kristen Roush requires her teacher contract to be written in a way that ethical violations are admitted as criminal conduct. as HUGE RAD FLAG AND IS PROHIBITED.

Plea Deal for Blonde Kristen Roush. She Resigns Position

From the very beginning, Orange County prosecutors never intended to charge AND prosecute Kristen Roush. No jail time was ever intended. Blonde teachers will never be prosecuted and imprisoned by a California prosecutor for raping or molesting students that are eligible for sholarships and grants. Parent can complain all they want. Your child will be raped, molested, and abused UNTL California prosecutors start acting like the state of Georgia and begin executing or seriously punishing immoral females. With California prosecutors so weak, in the end, charges will be dismissed, just as they were in the Laura Whitehurst case. No matter how strong the evidence, charges will always be dropped or reduced by male California prosecutors who are attracted to the suspect thay are supposed to be prosecuting. The objective of this costly and wasteful circus was only to "scare" Kristen Roush. She took a plea deal, agreeing to admit to one misdemeanor charge of battery on school property. All felony counts of lewd acts were dismissed, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office said. The Orange County District Attorney’s Office is a complete joke, and an embarrassment to the U.S. court process.

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Asian Persuasion or Sick Perversion?: Stinking High school female teacher Michelle Yeh Busted for Perversity

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

28-year-old female Michelle Yeh was on a temporary teaching assignment at San Pedro High School in the Los Angeles area. Her assignment was very simple: distribute the daily lesson plans to the students that had already been completed by the absent teacher of record. Michelle Yeh knew her role to be a substitute guest teacher, and she knew that the students were at San Pedro High School to receive an appropriate education. However, this short-term teaching assignment apparently did not deter her from her long-term objectives. According to Los Angeles police, Michelle Yeh was arrested on suspicion of unzipping the pants of young boys, and allegedly treating them like her personal sex toys. The young boys claimed that the unattractive, odd-looking, Asian female teacher was interested in their half-sized little penises.

Odd-Looking Asian Female Substitute Teacher Michelle Yeh Attracted to Half-Size Penises. Refused to Discuss Financial-Aid with Students

Contrary to the concerns of some parents, Michelle Yeh is not some extraterrestrial creature from another planet. She is a citizen from planet Earth. Substitute Teacher Michelle Yeh repeatedly refused to discuss scholarships and financial-aid, but she had no problem discussing fecal-smelling sex acts. Substitute Teacher Michelle Yeh had no problem using profanity with her male targets, and discussing other filthy and dirty subjects that had nothing to do with the subject area she was assigned to.

According to the official Los Angeles police report, an odd-looking, and desperate Michelle Weh used a portion of the income she had allegedly earned as a substitute teacher and took one young boy on a Disneyland trip, and met another young boy at a hotel. The allegedly desperate and perverted female demon aallegedly bought several boys gifts in order to pursue fecal-smelling sexual acts and/or relationships with them, prosecutors inferred. The suspected perverted relationships allegedly blossomed into a sexual encounter of filth, dirt, grime, sin,and abuse. The young boys were forced or encouraged to accept the perverted advances, the desperate tactics, and the disgusting body odor of Michelle Yeh.

San Pedro High School Teacher Michelle Yeh: Minimum Sentence of 50 years Recommended for All Teachers guilty of Perversity on a Student

Michelle Yeh had an opportunity to promote California Scholarships, post-secondary educational opportunities, and grants to San Pedro High-School students. Instead of using her position as a licensed substitute teacher to discuss and promote legitimate California scholarship opportunities and federal grants for California students, this suspected, two-legged pervert, and suspected subhuman female creature was apparently more interesting in trying to determine which student(s) was attracted to odd-looking females like herself.

Michelle Yeh, despite being an Asian female, appeared to have been more interested in unzipping the pants of young boys at San Pedro High-School than trying to determine why her personality was not a match for an adult male her own age or older. Hollywood often portrays Asian females as subservient characters with model personalities. However, such stereotypes are not accurate. Perversity in Asian culture also exist. Teen boys need to know about scholarships and grant opportunities, not have their self-esteem adversely affected by a perverted adult female, and being subjected to potential STDs. California is not Georgia, unfortunately. Southern States have a glorious history of law and order. The state of Georgia should be applauded since it recently executed a perverted female animal who engaged in Adultery against her husband, and conspired to murder her own husband with the same sick male that participated in the Adultery.

Harsh Sentences Must be Provided to Perverted Female Teachers

Harsh Sentences Must be Provided to Perverted Female Teachers. Any sentence less than 10 years, is not going to deter a perverted female teacher from pursuing naive teenagers who are not old enough to reject a stinking female subhuman. By sentencing perverted female teachers to a long-term prison sentence, society is spared future criminal conduct. Perverted female teachers must only be punished, but should face a life-time of public humiliation for using their dirty vaginas to cast sin on young men. All Substitute teachers and General Education teachers go through a long interview and annual online classes to retain certification. Adult males of another racial hue are the best persons to interview potential female predators because there will bo no perception of any moral obligation to help the person. If one were to review her transcripts, you would find numerous instances where Michelle Yeh was informed and advised by audio, text, and other means that romantic relationships with any student is strongly prohibited.

American Classrooms Must Be Declared a No Perversity Zone to Perverted Female Teachers

Dirty Laura Whitehurst, zzz, and many other American females have now disparaged American women educators. It is now becoming more and more common for American female teachers to be perverted animals at the expense of their students. American female teachers need to be placed on 5 year probation, be subjected to male co-op teacher in their classrooms, and be forbidden to have any contact with ANY male students without an older, educated, male; a person they have no interest in whatsoever. No American classroom should be viewed as a breeding ground for adult female perverts. Therefore, a deterrent sentence of at least 10 years, and with luck, 50 years should be written in the contracts of every male and female teacher. Female teachers should be forced to sign a statement that any teacher accused and convicted of such an offense, agrees to a maximum sentence of 50 years, and not less than 10 years. Female teachers should be required to undergo monthly vaginal swabs and DNA matches made against students finger-prints. We must out-smart the perverted female teachers in U.S. classrooms.

How to Police Desperate Female Teachers in U.S. Classrooms and How Students Can Protect themselves

I am writing a new book about How To Police Desperate Female Teachers. Warning Signs that a Pervert is your Teacher. I encourage each of readers to review this book, as I discuss sure signs that a female teacher is attracted to young male students, and what steps colleagues should take to report her conduct. Young teen males are particularly vulnerable to perverted advances by foul-mouthed, dirty, and disgusting female animal teachers because they are unable to determine a respectable woman vs. a diseased tramp whose only goal is to lower the male to her level. Every substitute teacher is trained and taught to avoid all touching of students. Avoid friendships with students. Responsible educators act like Nuns around students: no profanity, no touching, and avoiding even the slightest suggestion of anything other an interest in education.

New Book Exposes Female and Male Teacher Perversity. Every Parent and Students Needs this Book

My upcoming book exposes the tactics, methods, and techniques that are guaranteed to spot a perverted male/female teacher BEFORE he/she engages in an act of perversity towards a students. Each perverted teacher uses a certain pattern of selection, grooming, and availability. Read my upcoming book for the details. This book is a must for every parent and student in the U.S.A. As a former educator, I am very familiar with the methods used by female teachers and their perverted tactics of targeting male youth. I provide direct contact phone numbers of where students can report inappropriate conduct by teachers, as well as how male students can "test" the integrity of female teachers. If a female teacher fails the "test", she should be reported to law enforcement agencies and/or school administrators. The education of American students is more important that pacifying the perverted interests of subhumans who simply cannot control their emotions. I encourage my readers to sign-up for for email alerts.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Jason R Lofthouse: Prick-face Rancho High School teacher suspected of perversity; teen Rape, and Kidnapping

Jason R Lofthouse: Prick-face Rancho High School teacher suspected of perversity; teen rape, and Kidnapping

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

Another CCSD teacher suspected of perverted acts on an innocent young girl. Rancho High-School teacher Jason R. Lofthouse is the latest in a long string of suspected perverted teachers.Jason R Lofthouse: Pervert or Teacher? Here we go on. Prick-face Jason R Lofthouse was arrested on the last day of school on June 4th 2015. According to the official police report, an innocent Nevada young girl reported to police that one of her female friends was seduced by 32 year-old Jason R Lofthouse. The suspected perverted relationship allegedly blossomed into a sexual encounter of filth, dirt, grime, sin,and fecal-smelling acts. Despite dozens of night-clubs in Las Vegas, Nevada, and hundreds of places and opportunities to meet adult women, and men, more and more perverted teachers with loser personalities are using their employment as a means to seduce naive, young, and immature little children. The consensus at Rancho High School among several students seems to be that Jason R. Lofthouse was a familiar pervert who was interested in teen girls. Often times adult men seek young ten girls because f their relatively small penis, and such men normally have personality flaws that adult women would not accept. Perverted women think the same as perverted men.

Jason R Lofthouse: Minimum Sentence of 50 years Recommended for All Teachers Suspected of Perversity on a Student

Jason R Lofthouse had an opportunity to promote Nevada Scholarships and grants to Rancho High-School students. Instead of using his position as a licensed teacher to discuss and promote legitimate Nevada scholarship opportunities and federal grants for Nevada students, he appeared to have been more interested in lifting up a young girl's skirt and taking her to area Las Vegas, Nevada hotels like a subhuman male pervert. Teen girls need to know about scholarship and grant opportunities in the Nursing and medical field, and not be exposed to potential STDs by a desperate male teacher that few adult women want. Adult teachers who are perverted, depraved, and desperate prey upon teens because they understand that their own personality flaws are not attractive to adults of the opposite gender. Mr. Jason R. Lofthouse remains jailed on $250,000.00 bound, although his bail amount should have been at least $16 million. Prosecutors should always set bail at $1 million per each each age of the victim in years. When he was hired by the School District, Jason R Lofthouse knew the cardinal rule for all teachers: Avoid all touching of students. Avoid friendships with students. Instead, this suspected, low-life, suspected male pervert allegedly went in the opposite direction, and is now suspected of raping an innocent teen girl who was not mature enough to know what a creep this guy probably is.

Nevada Prosecutors Urged to Keep Pressure on Jason R Lofthouse and Seek Federal charges.

Jason R Lofthouse claims he is innocent. If he is innocent, why was he arrested? Let's be honest. Did Jason R Lofthouse have an illicit relationship with a girl young enough to be his daughter? Did Jason R Lofthouse take a teen girl to a hotel? Did Jason R Lofthouse promote Nevada Medical Scholarships? Did Jason R Lofthouse promote Nevada Healthcare scholarships? The teenage girl claims that Jason R Lofthouse even had sex in the school classroom. She NEVER confirmed that Jason R Lofthouse discussed online colleges, online degrees, or even distant learning opportunities despite his requirement that part of his lesson plan include Blended Learning techniques. Surveillance images obtained by police showed Lofthouse kissing the teen in an elevator at the Cannery, according to an arrest report. The young girl was seduced to even skip class to meet this suspected male-trash subhuman pervert.

Nevada prosecutors need to keep the pressure on Jason R Lofthouse because his creative attorneys are trying to argue that the teenage girl consented to the perverted sex acts. Teen girls are innocent and are not capable of consenting to adult perverts. Louis Schneider, one of Lofthouse’s two suspicious attorneys, said the defense plans to ask the Nevada Supreme Court to deem unconstitutional part of the law making it illegal for school teachers, staff or volunteers to have sex with students over the age of consent. Ok. Any teacher employed in any school district that has an improper relationship with a students needs to permanently banned from any job related to students.

Therefore, it appears that Jason R Lofthouse actually admits to the perverted activity with the teen girl but he is arguing that the kid is not a victim, and that she should have known he was a pervert. Federal authorities charged Hispanic teacher Albert Silva Hernandez Jr., a former CCSD teacher, with numerous crimes after he pursued a young blonde girl. Federal prosecutors need to explore what possible charges are available to drop on Jason R Lofthouse since he now is questioning whether or not this kid girl is a victim or not. Clearly, Jason R Lofthouse is a danger to the community, and he should remain jailed until he apologies for attacking the credibility of this young girl. No 17 year-old child is old enough to consent to a perverted act with a 32 year-old male pervert.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Utah Judge Sentences Subhuman Utah Teacher Brianne Altice to Prison for Perverted Sex

Utah Judge Sentences Subhuman Utah Teacher Brianne Altice to Prison for Perverted Sex

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas. Utah Teacher Brianne Altice, 35, was charged with sexually abusing three male kids at Davis High School in Kaysville, Utah in March of 2013. She was first arrested in October 2013, after authorities learned she apparently could not control herself like a normal human. The police report details the allegation that Utah Teacher Brianne Altice could not resist a 15 year-old boy, and therefore decided to engage in feces-smelling, perverted sex, with a 15-year-old boy. At no time did Brianne Altice recommend, discuss, or even show marginal intetest in the various Utah Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid programs that are sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars,and other organizations. Convinced of the guilt of this two-legged, sex-ape, a Utah Judge sentenced her to prison. Unfortunately, she should have been sentenced to at least 50 years to serve as a reminder that female rape of male students is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

An argument that Utah Teacher Brianne Altice is a Subhuman

A legitimate argument can be made that Utah Teacher Brianne Altice is not a human, and instead is a subhuman in the disguise of a human. Let's consider the facts. She failed inform any of her students about the emerging use of online degrees to better their careers. A male victim testiied that he and his female animal had "sex" or some form of perverted stimulation immediately after blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Brianne Altice, bailed out of jail on sex abuse and rape charges in October 2013. Despite the gravity of her charges, the married Utah Teacher tramp apparently could not resist this young boy despite the oath of her mariage. She lied to and deceived the judge in 2013 by claiming that she was "harmless." Prosecutors claimed that the Utah Teacher Brianne Altice communicated with her male rape victims through filthy text messages, and sent at least one pornographic picture of her dirty breast. Clearly, Brianne Altice is an animal that should be sent to the nearest Zoo. She defiled her teaching oath, her marriage, and she apparently is too much of a subhuman to control her physical urges. One of her students claimed "She always wanted to be liked," Davis High School student Kylee Carroll said in 2013. "I just didn't think that she would ever do something like this."

Low I.Q. Level of Utah Teacher Brianne Altice Should have Prevented Her from Being Hired.

As evidenced by the criminal charges, and her eventual sentence, and the fact that repeatedly failed to endorse, or recommend popular Utah Scholarship Programs to her male OR female students, it is very clear that Utah Teacher Brianne Altice knows right from wrong, but she is also genetically inferior as a human. She thinks and acts with her vagina instead of her air-equipped, and Helium-filled brain. clear that of them photos of her breasts.status as a teacher, and her professional duty to abstain from even TOUCHING a student. Although Utah Prosecutors should be commended and applauded for prosecuting this female monster and depraved subhuman, it is too bad she was not referred to a Zoo instead of a prison. She disgraced her husband, her family, and her children simply to be with little boys with a half-sized penis. At some point, she will burn in Hell for her adultery.

Female Castration Recommended for Perverted Female Teachers like Brianne Altice

Utah Teacher Brianne Altice is a perfect candiDate for female castration. She defiled her marriage, and raped several boys who could not reject her pathetic advances. She used her worthless, dirty, and despicable vagina to entice young boys. She used her dirty mind to rape numerous teen males, and exposed each one to a possible sexual disease. She also exposed her faithful husband to a sexual disease. The fact that her worthless vagina was used outside of her marraige qualifies for castration. Prison doctors should be ordered to seal her vagina, remove the clitoris, and remove all nerves from this area to prevent this subhuman animal from further "urges" or animal-like tendencies. Female castration is the best recommended method to prevent the growing body of perverted female teachers from abusing young males.

Students Deserve a Right to an Education wihout Perverts

All Students Deserve a Right to an Education without Perverts. Adult perverts serving in the capacity of teachers are subjecting innocent teens to abuse, perversity, and interfering with their right to have a normal education. Utah Teacher Brianne Altice cried out loud that "I am a human." In fact, Utah Teacher Brianne Altice IS NOT A HUMAN. SHE DOES NOT ACT LIKE A HUMAN, DOES NOT THINK LIKE A HUMAN, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY SHE CANNOT CONTROL HER "URGES" LIKE NORMAL HUMANS CAN.

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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Scholarship Points: Win Scholarships, Earn Points, and Win Prizes

Scholarship Points: Win Scholarships, Earn Points, and Win Prizes

Scholarship Points: Win Scholarships, Earn Points, and Win Prizes. There is a new way to obtain financial-aid, scholarships, and win money for higher-education. Many scholarship sponsors are using a Scholarship Points system to attract a social-media savvy crowd. The system works by earning Scholarship Points by Sharing, Liking, Following, Re-Tweeting popular links. Making phone calls to sponsors is also a way to earn Bonus points. Scholarship applicants and grant seekers build Scholarship Points online and are credited for their actions. When a certain level of points are accumulated, they can 'cash" in the Scholarship Points for a chance to win a Scholarship, or Prize at the end of the month. Sound simple? It is simple.

How to Earn Scholarship Points through popular Scholarship Programs

How to Earn Scholarship Points through popular Scholarship Programs. Pardon the comparison, and we do not condone prison breakouts, however, If David Sweat and Richard Matt can demonstrate enough will-power to break out of a maximum security prison, and work tirelessly for seven months cutting through a 24 inch pipe undetected, we believe it is not asking too much for our scholarship applicants to do simple tasks like Re-tweeting, Sharing, Following, Liking, and Calling at least 3 of our sponsors, and referring friends or family members to do the same. How bad do you want to win $10,000, $1,000, or win $500? Scholarships require effort. Scholarships require meritorious intent, and a demonstration of intent to attend a college or university.

Can you Earn Scholarship Points by Killing a Google Executive?

Can you Earn Scholarship Points by Killing a Google Executive? Google executive Forrest Timothy Hayes was familiar with Scholarship Points. However, he referred to his points system as Whore-Points since he was secretly dating Alix Catherine Tichelman, and he used a significant amount of money on buying the affection of prostitutes. Alix Catherine Tichelman was a high-priced hooker that sold her services through a points system that was based upon wealth, and influence. The more money her 'Trick; made, the more money she would charge. She was accused of killing Mt. Hayes in sex-drug-scandal. Can you earn points for killing a Google executive? Absolutely not!!! We do not advocate, suggest, or imply to any person to engage in any criminal act(s). All it takes is old-fashioned sharing, re-tweeting, liking, following and placing a few phone calls if you have a genuine interest in a particular product or service. Notice the catch word IF. Yes. you can earn scholarship points for expressing an interest in something you are ALREADY interested in.

More ways to earn Scholarship Points: Sharing, Liking, Re-Tweeting, and Following

There are so many more ways to earn Scholarship Points. Participate in our social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google-Plus, Blogger, and Pinterest. The more social media channels you are a subscriber of and/or share then the opportunity to earn more scholarship points will increase. Use popular social-media channels to earn scholarship points. For example, use could like our Scholarships, Grants, and Financial-Aid FaceBook page; Follow our NAAS Scholarships Twitter page; Follow our Top Scholarships Pinterest page; Like our scholarships, grants, and financial-aid links on Facebook, and Pinterest. Please read more about the fascinating history and innovative firsts of National Academy of America Scholars, and how National Academy of American Scholars became synonymous with integrity, reliability, trust, and superior ethics. We encourage readers to review our U.S. Scholarships, International Scholarships, and the many scholarships, grants, and financial-aid that we sponsor.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Nursing is in Demand

Accelerated Nursing Degrees. More Nurses needed. 15-month program. Guaranteed employment. Nursing Scholarships/Grants, and Financial-Aid.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Two-Timing Google Executive Killed by Filthy Prostitute: Failed to index Google Scholarships and Grants

Two-Timing Google Executive Killed by Filthy Prostitute: Failed to index Google Scholarships and Grants

Alix Catherine Tichelman is the young woman at the center of the storm following the death of a married Google executive. She is an alleged high-price prostitute who is accused of injecting a married Google executive with 'Heroin' and then stood over him as he died, smiling, and drinking a glass of wine as her high-profile 'Trick' customer slowly drifted towards his death. —is officially going to prison. Alix Catherine Tichelman is decently attractive, but hardly looks like she is worth of demanding thousands of dollars. What does she have that is so valuable? She is not a sponsor or provider of scholarships and financial-aid. She markets herself to men who apparently have trouble meeting women. Her vagina is not worth thousands of dollars, and is not even worth $12.00. Despite this analysis, a married Google executive spent more time with a cunning, dirty, and filthy prostitute than ensuring all of the Google scholarships and grant pages were ranked on page #1. Alix Catherine Tichelman used her dirty vagina to entice a married Google executive to her wings. Too bad she sdid not also encourager him to rank our Google Scholarships page to a page #1 ranking.

Google Executive Failed to Index/Rank Key Google Scholarships, but had time for Dirty Prostitute

Google executive Forrest Timothy Hayes was married and had children. He also had a moral responsibility to index numerous Google Scholarship pages such that moral and clean men and women could apply for scholarships and grants they were eligible for. Instead of working hard to get these pages ranked higher, what was Forrest Timothy Hayes doing? Apparently, according to police records, he was being out-smarted by a dim-witted, street-smart, brunette prostitute that he was having an affair with. Alix Catherine Tichelman is a whore. A high-priced whore. She understands her role. Alix Catherine Tichelman viewed Forrest Timothy Hayes as just another easy 'Trick' who was snared in her deceit, beauty, and openly-ready vagina. She never respected him as a man, and therefore she had no problem with treating him as the desperate male 'Trick' he apparently was. Rule #1 for all men: Never pay any woman for something that God intended to be for free.

Google Executive Turns to Sugar Daddy Dating Site instead of Google Scholarships Site map to Rank Scholarships and Grants.

Instead of ensuring that millions of men and women locate, for example, our Nursing Scholarship pages, Google executive Forrest Timothy Hayes was browsing for Sugar Daddy-type websites looking for immoral women like Alix Catherine Tichelman who were willing to sell their dirty vagina to any man willing to spend hundreds of dollars. Instead of being a prostitute, Alix Catherine Tichelman can make more being a Nurse. Due to his lust and adultery, and refusal to even rank certain Google Scholarship pages, Google executive Forrest Timothy Hayes ws found dead of an overdose of drugs. He was with Alix Catherine Tichelman on his 50-foot yacht. As her 'Trick' died in front of her, she was drinking a glass. What she needed was not just a good spanking, but a man that would put her in her place. Unfortunately, Mr. Forrest Timothy Hayes was not that man. She could have called the California Persoal Injury Hotline number at 12-213-327-3002.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Louisiana Teacher Plea Deal Leads to Corruption Allegations Against Prosecutor Joel Chaisson

Louisiana Teacher Plea Deal Leads to Corruption Allegations Prosecutor Joel Chaisson II. Fails to Prosecute Blonde Female Perverts Shelley Dufresne, and Rachel Respess.

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas.

The story of two seemingly perverted Louisiana High-School teachers Rachel Respess and Shelley Dufresne having lesbian sex with each other, while also performing perversity with a 16 year-old boy in 2014, made national headlines. The two English teachers, Rachel Respess, 24, and Shelley Dufresne, 32, both from Destrehan High School in Louisiana, were arrested by police and suspended from their teaching jobs without pay after being accused of having a threesome with one of their 16-year-old students, who was also a scholarship applicant for Louisiana High School Senior Scholarships. The teen in question started bragging to other scholarship applicants and friends that he had slept with two tramp teachers, and that one of them was Rachel Respess, and the other was her perverted colleague Shelley Dufresne. Dufresne has already pleaded guilty in Saint Charles Parish to one felony count; the weak Louisiana prosecutors in the case allowed more serious charges to be dropped because they could not stomach the prosecution of a woman whose father is a Louisiana judge, or who may resemble their sister/daughter, wife, or relatives. It takes a strong-minded and dominant-type male who is not impressed with the features or services of a tramp to prosecute women like Rachel Respess and Shelley Dufresne. We know now that Prosecutor Joel Chaisson II is a tail-wagging puppy for young blonde-haired women.

Louisiana Prosecutors Embarrass the United States, and bring Shame to Louisiana

In October 2014, I posed this question: Can local Louisiana prosecutors prosecute two blondes Rachel Respess and Shelley Dufresne? Now, we know the resounding answer is 'NO!' What is the difficulty? Is it her hair-color, her eye-color, her gender, her dirty vagina, or some other feature that should be immaterial to her prosecution? Is Louisiana High-School teacher Shelley Dufresne receiving special treatment because her father is Louisiana Judge Emile St Pierre? Judge Emile St Pierre certainly appears to be pulling some strings for his tramp daughter. St. Charles Parish District Attorney, Joel T. Chaisson, II, who is a friend to Judge Emile St Pierre, authored a plea deal for his friend's daughter that included no jail time; no registration as a sex offender; he authorized his corrupt office to amend Dufresne's original charge to a mere misdemeanor; he authorized allowing an ad hoc judge to accept a fresh new guilty plea over the telephone so that she could avoid the cameras, and spend more time playing on Instagram/social media. District Attorney, Joel T. Chaisson, II routinely prosecutes cases before the corrupt Judge Emile St Pierre. He has disgraced the legal profession by allowing this dangerous,subversive, anti-normal, and perverted female monster to avoid a lengthy prison sentence with other felony convicts.

Louisiana Prosecutors Have not filed Charges against Rachel Respess or Group Sex Encounter

Neither Shelley Dufresne or Rachel Respess have been charged in relationship to a criminal act that allegedly took place in Jefferson Parish related to a three-way sexual encounter with the same 16-year-old student. Police say that encounter took place after a Destrehan High School football game in Jefferson. The two women were booked in Jefferson Parish, but the cowardly and pathetic district attorney's has not determined whether to file formal charges. He is hoping for the public to forget this episode. District Attorney, Joel T. Chaisson, II simply is doing everything possible to avoid prosecuting these two Helium airheads. In another case involving a perverted teacher in Louisiana, Ashley Dowden, the former Baton Rouge teacher who was found guilty of having sexual relationships with two male students, received a plea deal that will keep her out of prison, according to East Baton Rouge Parish court documents. Louisiana do not have the courage to subject these female monsters to prison time, but have no problem in pursuing full-blown jury trials for minority males accused of the same offenses. Tramp Ashley Dowden received seven years of probation and was ordered to register as a sex offender. She should have been ordered to register as an "Animal."

Civil Charges Possible against Louisiana Teachers

Call California Personal Injury Attorneys Hotline Ph# 1-213-437-3002. The California Injury Attorney Hotline deals with legal malpractice cases as well as cases involving teacher misconduct. Both Shelley Dufresne and Rachel Respess can be sued in a Louisiana courtroom by skilled California private attorneys. The Parish School district can also be sued for failing to supervise or properly train Shelley Dufresne or Rachel Respess. Call 1-213-437-3002 for a free consultation. Avoid Louisiana attorneys since it is clear that a Louisiana lawyer or prosecutor can't be trusted. Female Teacher perversity will continue because of the fact that too many weak male prosecutors can't seem to prosecute persons they are also attracted to or having something in common with. This prosecutorial weakness subjects the U.S. Education system to a serious security flaw. Female teachers understand that there is no criminal punishment for their perversity, and they understand that the older Caucasoid male (which they already view as weak), will not get tough on them. All of this is a reason to call 1-213-437-3002. Speak to a California Personal Injury attorney directly and he/she will provide professional advice.

Plea Deal Confirms Corruption by Louisiana Prosecutors and Sissy Louisiana "Law" Enforcement

A smiling and happy Shelley Dufresne posted a happy picture of herself on a social media account when her plea deal was announced. She knew that District Attorney, Joel T. Chaisson, II was her little puppy the whole time. Shelley Dufresne failed to direct students to Lousiana Scholarships and Grants, but she had no problem in directing male students to her dirty vagina.

The Metropolitan Crime Commission has also requested an investigation of the plea change by the state Attorney General. Hopefully, there is at last one honest and ethical law enforcement agency in the state of Louisiana. If not, Federal prosecutors need to pursue federal charges against both Rachel Respess, 24, and Shelley Dufresne, 32.

Louisiana Judge Emile St Pierre is a disgrace to the legal system. He should publicly DEMAND that his daughter receive the MAXIMUM prison term allowable such that there is no dispute where he stands on protecting children. Instead, he has remained silent while his tramp daughter soils the entire Louisiana legal system with the drippings from her dirty, disgusting, and adulterous vagina. She should be required to reveal whether or not she has any sexual diseases, and be subject to 24 hour monitoring, and be prohibited from using any computer devices to contact other potential teen victims. If you are a Louisiana Scholarship applicant or parent and you have been victimized by either Rachel Respess, 24, or Shelley Dufresne, call the California Injury Attorney Hotline. This organization is staffed with California-style litigators who will kick around the dirt present in Louisiana.

For Louisiana general Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid, please see this page:
Louisiana Scholarships

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Louisiana Scholarships

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Louisiana Scholarships