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Monday, November 17, 2014

Scholarship Zone: Scholarship Lotteries or Scholarships?

An editorial discussion of Scholarship Zone scholarship programs

Financial-aid Advisor

College GrantsAn editorial discussion of Scholarship Zone scholarship programs service. Scholarship lotteries by drawings vs. merit scholarships. Which are better? New article provides for detailed review, analysis, and consumer opinions regarding Scholarship Zone. Should you apply for a Scholarship Zone scholarship? Are Scholarship Zone scholarships merit scholarships or lottery drawings of financial-aid monies. Before you apply for a Scholarship Zone scholarship, and provide your personal information, you will want to first read Scholarship Zone report or call our Education Advisor at Call our Education Advisor: 1-888-504-2922 for similar information.

Scholarship Zone Scholarship Contest:

College GrantsScholarship Zone contests are easy to enter. In a nutshell, Scholarship Zone is a scholarship lottery service. It is very similar to Scholarship Points. According to their own literature, Scholarship Zone awarded their first $10,000 Scholarship in 2005. "We now award a new winner every month. Today, we have awarded over $800,000 in scholarships, and we are still going strong." Where does Scholarship Zone get the money to award their popular scholarships? Read this report before you sharing your personal information with any scholarship lottery operator. *The hours are Mon-Fri : 6:00 am to 7:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time)

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