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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

California Authorities Arrest California Teacher Kristen Michelle Roush

Dirty California Middle-School Teacher Kristen Goodwin Roush Charged with Perversity/Lewdness

By Special Correspondent:Ron Thomas. Kristen Goodwin Roush is the latest in a recent surge of white female teachers who are have been arrested on suspicion of perversity and/or lewdness with a teen student who is eligible for rprestigious scholarship awards. The surge in female teacher perversity can be directly attributed to the cowardice and immoral conduct of California prosecutors who refused to punish Laura Whitehurst. Ms. Laura Whitehurst became pregnant by a student that she apparently raped like an animal. One of the most infamous subhumans to ever walk the planet, a bizarre species Laura Whitehurst repeatedly refused to distribute simple and plain California scholarships sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars but she was frequently distributing her filthy, dirty, and soiled legs to under-age teen boys.

Without regard to her own body, her own profession, and even her own employment, subhuman Laura Whitehurst wanted a half-sized teenage penis more than anything on Earth; she was that desperate! Despite her enormous acts of perversity, the impotent and disgraceful California prosecutors in the case refused to allow her to be punished. The public is urged to file complaints with State Bar organizations when prosecutors abuse their authority by failing to aggressively prosecute EACH AND EVERY SUSPECTED PERVERT.

Kristen Goodwin Roush Dares California Prosecutors to Prosecute a Blonde Suspect

Kristen Goodwin Roush Dares California Prosecutors to Prosecute a Blonde suspect. California prosecutors have a pathetic record when it comes to prosecuting attractive Blondes accused of assaulting young males. As an adult male writer, I encourage all adult men to be pro-active guarding against women taking advantage of the future leaders of America. In fact, out of more than 100 rape or sexual assault cases by blonde female teachers, less than 1% received more than a year in jail. Kristen Roush probably likes those statistics. The accused adulterer, wife, mother, Kristen Roush knows the odds are very small that her suspected sexual perversity will be punished with significant prison time. Regardless of her beliefs, the local police felt that she engaged in dirty, disgusting, and lewd activity with an under-age boy, and therefore charged with various crimes accordingly. As a married mom, Kristen Goodwin Roush is literally taunting local Prosecutors and saying: "You don't have the guts to prosecute me!!!" Sadly, she may be right. Upon her arrest,the bail amount was only $50,000. Male rape suspects may face a $1M bail. As a maRried mother,teacher, and person in a responsible position, her bail should have been at least $10 Million dollars.

Kristen Roush Refused to Distribute Scholarship Literature, but she agreed to Distrubute her Legs

According to the police report, the accused tramp, and alleged adulterer, Kristen Roush had no problem distributing her filthy legs to a little eighth-grade boy, but she refused to distribute California Scholarship literature sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars. Orange County Sheriff's Department officers arrested the alleged leg-spreading tramp Kristen Goodwin Roush on lewd and lascivious acts with a child charges. I called the Sheriff's Department and asked if she ever discussed, promoted, or even handed out important California Scholarship literature? Not one official offered evidence that Kristen Roush was promoting, discussing, and distributing important California Scholarship literature. However, the married mother was apparently well adept at spreading and distributing her filthy legs around a little boy despite her marital status. It is unclear where the alleged sex acts took place, but it is highly unlikely that any learning material was around, and it is unlikely that any scholarship literature was present. School is a place to learn, teach, educate, and to promote the many scholarships sponsored by NAAS.ORG. Why is this hard to understand? Kristen Roush was an English teacher at La Paz Intermediate School. She is married and has two young daughters who will one day be eligible to apply for our Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze scholarships. Browse the mobile website of Free Scholarships for Californa scholarships that were ignored by Calfornia Middle School teacher Kristen Goodwin Roush

Will Husband Divorce Accused Middle-School Teacher Tramp Kristen Roush?

California Scholarships

Dirty Kristen Roush Never Promoted our best California Scholarships. She never told California students to download the best scholarship smart-phone application (Scholarship Keys) on Google Play, and most likely never told California students to register for our California scholarships and grants. Are these reasons good enoug for Chad Roush to file for Divorce? Is Chad Roush willing to divorce his allegedly tramp wife because of an alleged affair, or because she never promoted important California scholarship literature? Chad Roush + Kristen Roush. When will the husband take control of the marriage and demand that his wife be more aggressive in promoting the scholarships and grants that we sponsor.

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White Knight said...

This teacher was cleared of all the charges levied against her. The student in question lied, and there was no inappropriate conduct or behavior. Your article is misrepresentative of the situation, and is inaccurate on many levels. It is hard to believe that an ethical scholarship group who markets themselves to youth would publish such filth when they know it is not accurate.
See the OC Register article after she was cleared:
and her interview on KTLA:

White Knight said...

Wow, what planet are you from? The police release said nothing of spreading legs, an alleged affair, or adultery. I think you should get some counseling, and quit defaming people and making false statements. What is true is the the 8th grade boy lied when he told the teacher he had permission from his parents to get a ride in the teacher's car, in which her two children were also present. The parents called the police when the teacher was dropping the boy off in FRONT of his house. Whether the boy asked his parent's for permission and they said no, and he lied to the teacher anyway, or never asked his parents at all is unknown, but he did tell the teacher he had permission. This teacher was profiled by the police because she WAS blonde. The charges against her were dismissed when the DA found all of the boys statements unreliable and coerced by the police. See the OC Register article:
and the teacher's interview on KTLA:

Ron Thomas said...

Thank you for your comments. We appreciate the feedback. However, it is a violation of the ethical clause of typical teacher's conduct to engage in the sort of conduct admitted by Ms.Kristen Roush. Perhaps you should review the Bible. Adultery is not always physical. It is very obvious you are not a licensed teacher. I encourage you to review her teaching contract, as well as review the required courses she had to take. My personal opinions are not related to any group or organization or my sponsors or advertisers. I accept your counter-speech, and encourage you to accept my right to freely express my opinions.